soil - staining or soiling; the fact of being soiled or stained

lave - to wash, bathe + lave (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - leave.

highlow - an ankle high laced boot + song My Heart's in the Highlands.

whisk - to travel swiftly, to wipe off lightly

preach - an act of preaching

ranger - a rover, wanderer; a forest officer, a gamekeeper + song The Exile of Erin: 'Sad is my fate, said the heartbroken stranger'.

well - to emanate, to pour out (something) in or as a stream

spite - a strong feeling of hatred or ill-will, rancorous or envious malice

spout - a heavy downpour or pelt (of rain)

bite - a small meal, a mouthful; cash, money + phrase his bark is worse than his bite.

meself - myself

four in hand - a vehicle with four horses driven by one person; quasi-adv. With a four-in-hand.

foot - to strike or thrust with the foot, to kick

bias - to incline to one side; to influence, affect (often unduly or unfairly)

bread - to provide with daily bread

tap - to rob (a till or house), pick (a pocket), to extract money from (a person); to draw (liquor) from a tap.

till - a drawer, money-box, or similar receptacle under and behind the counter of a shop or bank, in which cash for daily transactions is temporarily kept.

homo (l) - man + homo- (gr) - same- + gala (gr) - milk + galantuomo (it) - gentleman.

hemikapnos (gr) - half-smoke + hemikapnoeides (gr) - half-smoke-like.

bum - a lazy and dissolute person; an habitual loafer or tramp

dingo - a contemptuous term for a person: a cheat, scoundrel, traitor, coward; tramp who does no work (Slang).

jack - an impertinent or rude fellow

churl - base fellow, villain

sacer esto (l) - let him be sacred; let him be accursed

semusti sumus (l) - we are half-burned + semusti (l) - half-burned + semis sumus (l) - we are half + semis (l) - half + sumus (l) - we are + se mussumus (l) - we brood over ourselves, we mutter to ourselves + Sem (fr) - Shem.