Anedjib ("safe is his heart") is recorded as a Thinite (from This, near Abydos) King on the Saqqara Kings List. Anedjib was probably the first king to have a nebty (Two Ladies) title and the nesu-bit (He of the sedge and bee) name in his royal titulary, although the nesu-bit title (without a name) had already been introduced in the reign of Den. This title reunited the two divine antagonists of the north and south in the person of the king.

Dynasty One (Thinis, O.C. 3050B.C. to 2890B.C.): Hor-Aha, Djer, Djet, Queen Mereneith, Den, Anedjib, Semerkhet, Qa'a, Sneferka

Dynasty Two (Thinis, O.C. 2890B.C. to 2686B.C.): Hotepsekhemwy, Raneb, Nynetjer, Weneg, Sendji, Neferkare, Neferkasokar, Hudjefa (signifying a missing name), Nubnefer, Sekhemib, Kasekhemwy


Symbol of Cosmic Cycles of Time (Red Dragon Nuit) and Magnificent Body (Sahu) was constellation of Orion. Besides that, Hawk (or Eagle) was symbol of Phoenix (Cosmic Cycles of Time) and symbol of Horus (Initiated King). So, Constellation of Orion and Hawk were symbols of Red Dragon Nuit... During I Dynasty in Thinis was initiated King Narmer... With appearance of II Dynasty, some Kings called themselves Seth instead of Horus... With III Dynasty capital city moves from Thinis to Memphis and some of the concepts began to degenerate...


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