Jim + FDV: Shem is short for Shemus as Jim is jokey for Jacob. A few are found still who say that Originally of respectable connections his back life simply won't stand being written about; The following notes represent Joyce's effort to build up the character of Shem for the opening pages of this chapter. Joyce had a great deal of difficulty evolving this character, as witness the disorganized state of his first draft: Cain - Ham (Shem) - Esau - Jim the Penman / wellknown for violent abuse of self & others. lives at expense of ratepayers in haunted inkbottlehouse infested with the raps [the worst, it is believed, in the western word for pure filth.] boycotted, local publican refuse to supply books, papers, synthetic ink, foolscap, makes his own from dried dung sweetened with spittle (indelible ink) writes universal history on his own body (parchment) hospitality, all drunk & rightly indignant.

shamus - a police officer; a private detective + James + DRAFT TWO: Shem is as short for Shemus as Jim is joky for Jacob. A few toughnecks are still found scattered who say that originally very originally he was of respectable connections (- - -  was among his cousins) but every honest to goodness man in the land of today knows that his back life will not stand being written about. Putting truth and lies together some shot may be made at how this hybrid actually looked.

joky - jocular

Jacobus (Low Latin) - James

roughneck (Slang) - a 'tough'

getatable - approachable, accessible

pretend - to put forward as an assertion or statement, to allege; now esp. to allege or declare falsely or with intent to deceive.

aboriginally - from the very beginning, in the earliest times or conditions known to the history or science.

stemming - originating from (the action of the verb stem - to derive or take origin from).

outlet - issue + lex (l) - law + outlaw - one put outside the law and deprived of its benefits and protection.

Ragnar Lodbrok ("shaggy breeches") - viking, saga hero who, tradition says, died in Ireland.  

Bluebeard - a personage of popular mythology, so called from the colour of his beard. References are frequent in literature to the locked turret-chamber, in which hung the bodies of his murdered wives + blau (ger) - blue + barbe (fr) - beard.

Harald Fair Hair (Haarfager) (850-933) - first king of Norway, annexed Scottish isles. 

warfare + there's hair, like wire! (phrase) - there's a girl with a lot of long and stiff hair! (catch-phrase of the early 20th century).

inlaw - a relative by marriage; One who is within the domain and protection of the law: opp. to outlaw [(notebook 1924): 'an in-law of'].

de trop (fr) - superfluous 

(notebook 1924): 'distant relations'

honest to goodness - real, true, genuine

black and white - simple and direct + in black and white - in writing or in print.

phrase put two and two together

shot - a single photographic exposure, snapshot

get up - general composition or structure, outfit, costume

adze - a carpenter's or cooper's tool, like an axe with the blade set at right angles to the handle and curving inwards towards it + Adzehead - St Patrick was so called by the Irish, probably because of the shape of his tonsure. The Druids had prophesied: "Adzehead will come and build cities." [(notebook 1924): 'adzehead with crookhead staff' Bury: The Life of St. Patrick 79: (quoting a prophecy attributed to the Irish High King's druids, concerning Saint Patrick and his circular tonsure) 'Adze-head will come with a crook-head staff'].  

gull + Tailcenn (talken) (gael) - Adze-head (name for St. Patrick, from tonsure or miter) + FDV: 1 eye halfopen, 1 arm, 42 hairs on his head, 17 on upper lip, 5 on chin, the wrong shoulder high [then the right], 3 teeth, all ears, no feet, 10 5 thumbs, a buttock, & a testicle, - - when is man not a man? A forger, can imitate all styles, some of his own. 1st copies of most original masterpieces even the most venerated impostures were not spared slipped from his plagiarist pen. Sings hymn: lingua Lingua mea calamus scribae, veliciter scribentis. So low was he that he preferred Lazenby's teatime tinned salmon inexpensive while pleasing to the plumpest roeheavy lax or frisky troutlet to be gaffed between Leixlip & Island bridge & many was the time he said no fresh pineapple ever tasted like the chunks in Heinz's cans.

eye + DRAFT TWO: His bodily makeup getup, it seems, included 1 halfopen an of an eye, 1 arm, 42 hairs on to his crown, 18 on from his upper lip, 5 on from his chin, the wrong shoulder higher than the right, all ears, no feet, 5 a handful of thumbs, 2 fifths of a 2 buttocks, a testicle stone & a half, so much so that in the very dawn of history even Shem himself seeing himself, when playing with words in the his garden nursery asked of his brothers brethren & sisters the first riddle of the universe: When is a man not a man?: offering a prize of a crabapple to the winner.

the whole of = all

to have something up one's sleeve - to have something in reserve, or at one's disposal

uncrown - to deprive of a crown, dethrone; to uncover, to display + one crown + Uncrowned king of Ireland - Parnell. 

mock - sham, counterfeit, pretended

trio - a group of three

barbel (OF) - 'little beard'

James Joyce: Ulysses.15.3369: 'THE NANNYGOAT (bleats) Megeggaggegg!'

phrase all ears

not a leg to stand on - with no support whatever; with no chance of getting away with it

handful - a quantity that fills the hand; a small quantity or amount. (Usually depreciative) + phrase handful of thumbs (awkward).

loose - not rigidly or securely attached or fixed in place; freed from an engagement, obligation, etc.; at liberty (obs.)

fifth - one of five equal parts into which a quantity may be divided.

116 + gleet - sticky or greasy filth + steen - an earthenware container for liquids or foods + stone (Slang) - testicle.

avoirdupois - weight, degree of heaviness; the standard system of weights used, in Great Britain, for all goods except the precious metals, precious stones, and medicines.

manroot - an herpaceous california vine with an enormous root + manroot (Slang) - penis + I Timothy 6:10: 'the love of money is the root of all evil' + (notebook 1924): 'manroot ginseng' Perry: The Origin of Magic and Religion 153: (of the initiation rituals of the Ojibwa) 'use is made of ginseng, "man root," which is supposed to be of "divine" origin'.

(notebook 1924): '(salmon) kelts' + kelt - a salmon or sea trout after spawning and before returning to the sea.

(notebook 1924): 'eel's blood - bad'


debouch - to issue from a narrow or confined place, as a defile or a wood, into open country; hence gen. to issue or emerge from a narrower into a wider place or space.

protohistory - time that just antedate the beginning of recorded history

thistlebird - goldfinch (bird) + thistle - čičak.

nursery - a place for young animals

grifo (it) - snout + brefotrofio (it) - foundlings' home, orphanage.

pilling - plundering, robbing; removal of the skin, bark, etc. + pill - trans. To dose with pills + feeling