desh ta trin (Gipsy) - thirteen + tren (sp) - train + tren (Turkish) - railway + tren (Serbian) - moment, jiffy.

patata (it) - potato + papaveri (it) - poppies (Latin papaver: poppy) + Foster, Vere (1819-1900) - English philanthropist who helped Irish emigration in the famine. According to Ulysses (705), he put out a "handwriting copybook".  

fruiterer - a dealer in fruit, a fruit-seller + SDV: Talk about lowness! Any dog's quantity of It visibly oozed out thickly from this dirty black beetle for the very first instant the Kenny Turnbull girl with her kodak saw the as yet unremunerated national apostate who was cowardly gun & camera shy taking what he fondly thought was a short cut [after having buried a friend not long before] by the wrong goods entrance into Patatapapaveri's, fruiterer's & musical florist florists', she knew he was a bad fast man by his walk on the spot.

florist - one who raises flowers for sale, or who deals in flowers + Joyce's note: 'florist' Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin (1929), 1189: (heading under Dublin and Suburbs Trades' Directory, listing twenty establishments) 'Fruiterers and Florists'.

ciao - An informal Italian greeting or farewell (derived from Venetian Italian Dialect sciavo: (your) slave)

chiavi (it) - keys + schiavi (it) - slaves + chavi (Gipsy) - girl, child, daughter.

saor sinn (ser shin) [?] (gael) - free us + sar shin (Gipsy) - how are you?

shillipen (Gipsy) - cold

vice - evil, immoral, or wicked person

bridewell - jail, prison + Bridewell - prison, Dublin.

fast - Of persons: extravagant in habits; devoted to pleasure, dissipated; usually implying a greater or less degree of immorality (a fast woman) + Belfast man.

on the spot - at once

john - guy, fellow, chap; cop, policeman + Shaun + (notebook 1924): 'Abel butcher' Lamy, Commentarium in Librum Geneseos I.248: 'Undoubtedly Abel slaughtered the first-born of his flock in honour of God' (Genesis 4:4).

next time

cattleman - a rearer of cattle on a ranche or run + Wyndham Lewis: Cantleman's Spring-mate (anti-feminine story).

spring - the season of the year when plants begin to vegetate and grow + Spring wheat - any kind of wheat sown in the spring + (time/space, wheat/meat).

divorce - to separate, part

fatten - to feed (animals) for market, make fit to kill

hang - Of flesh: To be suspended or fastened up in the air to dry, mature or become 'high'.

draw - to draw out viscera or intestines of, to disembowel

quarter - to cut into quarters

cheap + John 21:15-17: 'Feed my lambs... Feed my sheep' (Christ's command).

spatiality - spatial character, quality, or property + speciality

communicate - to transmit thoughts or feelings; to receive Communion (in the Catholic church) + excommunicate - (Eccl.) To cut off from communion; to exclude, by an authoritative sentence, from participation in the sacraments and services of the church, or from religious rites in general + Joyces' note: '.(Communicated)(Eol)'.

moreover - besides, in addition + morava (Gipsy) - to kill, to slay + Morava - river in Serbia + Moravia - a Czech country.

luvvo (Gipsy) - money, currency + for love or money - at any price, by any means.

mortician - an undertaker, one who arranges funerals

turn out - to come to be, become ultimately + (notebook 1922-23): 'son turned out badly'.

pulmonary - occurring in or affecting the lungs

T.B. - tuberculosis + Joyce's note: 'suspected pulmonory TB'

do for - to ruin, destroy + do for himself (Slang) - to commit suicide.

dandy - very good, fine

nay - Used to introduce a more correct, precise, or emphatic statement than the one first made.

pelting - raging, furious; insignificant, paltry + pelt - to cast, hurl, or throw repeatedly with some missile; to rain heavily.

blanketed - covered with a blanket + FDV: It was generally hoped when he got into debt heavily locally he wd develop suspected hereditary pulmonary T.B. and one pelting night bedded blanketed folk hearing a coarse song & splash thought all was over but of course not even there was he true to type: Low! Whole continents rang with his lowness.

song & splash (Joyce's note) → Freeman's Journal 20 Dec 1923, 8/5: 'Song's Tragic End. Mystery of the Liffey in the Early Morning': 'two seamen who were on the deck of the steamer Senda lying alongside George's quay heard a man singing a short distance away from the ship along the river side. The singing suddenly ceased, and a moment later a loud splash was heard'.

Eden - paradise + Eden Quay - one of the Dublin quays on the banks of the River Liffey in Dublin. The quay runs the bank between O'Connell Bridge and Butt Bridge.

roll - to turn over; to turn over (a matter) in the mind, consider, meditate upon (something)

all is up - all is over + SDV: About that time it was generally hoped or suspected he would develop hereditary pulmonary T.B. and one pelting [night] blanketed folk hearing a coarse song and splash off Eden Quay thought all was safely over but, though he fell heavily & locally into debt, of course not even then was could he he be true to type but cheated even death.

debit - a debt (obs.) + fall into debt - to fall under obligation to pay something + (notebook 1924): 'got into debt locally' Freeman's Journal 10 Jan 1924, 7/3: '"No Volition of His Own". Novel Defense of Man Charged with Forgery': 'His pay as a clerk was totally inadequate, and he got into debt locally'.

antinomian - one who maintains that, under the gospel dispensation, the moral law is of no use or obligation, but that faith alone is necessary to salvation + antinomianus (l) - believer that faith, not law, is the means of salvation.

true to type - consistent with, exactly agreeing with, 'faithful to'

cerebrum - the brain

explaudo (l) - to clap off (the stage); to drive out, to dissaprove + explode

pneuma (gr) - wind, breath, spirit + pneumatikos (gr) - of wind; inflated; breathing; spiritual + pneumantikos (gr) - prophetic by means of wind or spirit + semantics.

suffocate + In The Book of the Dead ch. XVII, saffron cakes stand for 'Osiris' or 'heaven and earth' + "Shem, down but not out, refuses, much to Shaun's annoyance, to accept saffron-cakes, symbols of death" (Hart, Clive / Structure and motif in Finnegans wake).

sod - a piece or slice of earth together with the grass growing on it + 4 elements (fire, water, air, earth).

leave - permission asked for or granted to do something

fraid - afraid

fraud - one who is not what he appears to be, an impostor, a humbug

diddle - to cheat or swindle 

anzi (it) - on the contrary

cable - to transmit (a message), to send cables, wires, or telegrams

take the words out of one's mouth - to anticipate what another was about to say

guardacoste (it) - coast-guard + quanto costa? (it) - how much? + guarda-costas (Portuguese) - bodyguard.

Leporello - servant to Don Giovanni in Mozart's opera

szazas (Hungarian) - hundred

krajcar (Hungarian) - Kreuzer, an obsolete copper coin + Jesus Christ!

Nea polis (gr) - "New city": Naples (Vico) + Neapolitanus (l) - of Naples: Neapolitan wireless + Neapolitan - of of pertaining to Naples in Italy + near a pub.

Jonathan - (esp. in phrase Brother Jonathan.) A generic name for the people of the United  States, and also for a representative United States citizen + for a jonathan to his brother + REFERENCE

Tokay - a sweet Hungarian wine + here today gone tomorrow - present for only very short time (used to suggest that someone treats people in a very careless manner); someone remaining in a place for a short time.

splice - to unite, as two ropes, or parts of a rope, by a particular manner of interweaving the strands + splash - to cause (something) to scatter fluid in flying masses + (we are broke).

fireless - having no fire; without energy, life, or animation + wireless

inconvinient - not befitting the case or circumstances, inappropriate

trickle - to pass as through pores, and so slowly, gradually, or imperceptibly + Treacle.

freaky - of the nature of a freak, grotesque + Frisky.

the long and the short of it - the sum and the substance + Treacle Tom & Frisky Shorty [039.16-.18]

bardic - rel. to bard and his poetry

low - inferior in station or quality + SDV: You see he was low.

condign - worthily deserved, merited, fitting, appropriate; adequate + (notebook 1922-23): 'condign satisfaction' + FDV: He treasured all unkind words with condign satisfaction. + SDV: All the time he kept on treasuring with condign satisfaction to himself all unkind words

crumb - a very small particle or portion (of something immaterial), a 'scrap' + (Joyce's habit of jotting down overheard conversation).

backtalk - a retort or reply which is regarded as superfluous or impertinent; insulting speech + trek - a long journey or expedition (from Afrikaans) + trek (Dutch) - appetite + Dreck (ger) - dirt, dung + (notebook 1924): 'treasured unkindly words'.

covetous - having an ardent or excessive desire of (or for) anything + Exodus 20:17: 'thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife' (9th Commandment, according to Roman Catholic tradition).

Munda - of or pertaining to the Mundas (pre Aryan people of India); a group of East Indian languages (including Santali) + Munda - Caesar's last and most costly victory + munda cor meum (l) - cleanse my heart (Mass) + Monday.

conversazione - intellectual gathering for discussion of arts or sciences + conversazione (Italian) - conversation, assembly for discussion or recreation + Joyce's note: 'conversazione'.

commote - to put into commotion, disturb + commited + commot - in ancient Wales, a territorial and administrative division (from Welsh cymwd, kymwt, cwmmwd) + (notebook 1924): 'commote' Studies, An Irish Quarterly Review, vol. 13, no. 50, 294n: Irish Land Tenures (W.F. Butler): 'It is to be known that there is a certain progenies of free tenants in this commote which is called the progenies of Rand Vaghan ap Asser'.

tippit - a game of chance, played by two parties of two or three a side; in one of the hands on one side a coin is hidden, and a player on the opposite side has to guess in which hand it is, touching the hand and saying tip it + titbit - a brief and isolated interesting item of news or information + FDV: delicate hints

wellwisher - one who wishes well to another + SDV: and if ever, during a conversazione in the nation's interest delicate hints were put thrown out to him about it, by some wellwisher in vain pleading with him to be a man such as:

scriptural - biblical + (notebook 1924): 'by scriptural arguments'.

opprobrious - conveying opprobrium or injurious reproach, abusive + (notebook 1924): 'opprobrium' Outlook 29 Apr 1922, 339: 'James Joyce's Ulysses' (review by Arnold Bennett): 'Is the staggering indecency justified by the results obtained?... For myself I think that in the main it is not... but I must plainly add, at the risk of opprobrium, that in the finest passages it is'.

papist - an adherent of the pope; esp. an advocate of papal supremacy; a Roman Catholic + Joyce's note: 'papist'.

brace up - to cheer up, enliven, raise the morale of; to pull oneself together for an effort

kudos - glory, fame, renown (Greek kydos: glory, renown) + kígyó (Hungarian) - snake (Pronunciation 'kidoo').

scaly wag - a disreputable fellow, a good-for-nothing

dem - damn

scrounger - one who lives at the expense of others, one who sponges + (notebook 1924): 'scrounger'.

dash it all - damn it all!