souse - a drunkard; to intoxicate thoroughly + sosie (fr) - double, counterpart + scusi (it) - beg your pardon.

to come across - to come upon or meet obliquely, indirectly, or unintentionally + crux (l) - cross.

transpicious - transparent, clearly understood

canaille - a contemptuous name given to the populace; the mob; a member of the canaille + canaille (fr) - rabble, mob; scoundrel (literally 'pack of dogs');                            (notebook 1924): 'How wd you say canaille?' (on a Joyce's notebook page with several entries from Crépieux-Jamin's Les Éléments de l'Écriture des Canailles).

kennel - a gutter in a street; canaille

Gulliver's Travels - a novel by Jonathan Swift (pseudonym ISAAC BICKERSTAFF) + gullible - capable of being gulled or duped; easily cheated, befooled.

troubadour - to act the part of a troubadour

whimper - to complain pulingly; to 'whine'

Crépieux-Jamin: Les Éléments de l'Écriture des Canailles 288: 'his great defects have propelled him and his family into a black misery. He lives on loans, on begging, and he is thirty-five' [(notebook 1924): 'lives on loans & is 35'].

prig - a conceited or self-important and didactic person [Joyce's note: 'prig']

to pull a face - to draw the countenance into a grimace, to distort the features.

landlubber - a sailor's term of contempt for a landsman

pensile - hanging, pendant + pencil

outer - an outer garment or the outer part of a garment + on the outer - penniless; out of favour, excluded.

lauschen (ger) - to eavesdrop + Lauscher (ger) - listener.

prattling parnel - an old name for the plant London Pride (Saxifraga umbrosa). 

to kill time - to consume or spend (time, or any portion of time), so as to bring it to an end + DRAFT TWO:  & then, with what closely approached a lie lisping to kill time, begin to tell all the persons intelligentsia in at the conversazione consciously the whole lifelong story of his entire low existence, giving unsolicited testimony on behalf of others as glib as eaves' water explaining the various senses of all the foreign words he misused and telling every lie imaginable unthinkable about all the other people in the story except the simple word & person they had cornered him about until they were completely undeceived about him.

swat - to sweat, to study hard and constantly

canopy - a covering over a shrine, or over the Host when borne in procession.

ALBION - Oldest name of Britain, rentined as poetical name of England

bin = been

lent - the action of lending; loan

hint - an occasion that can be taken advantage of, opportunity

intelligentsia - the class of society regarded as possessing culture and political initiative; irresponsible middle-class with ideas (term originated in pre-revolutionary Russia) [ (notebook 1923): 'intelligentsia'] + intelligentia (l) - information, news, tidings.

Tommelise (Danish) - 'Thumbelina' (tomme: thumb)

samtale (Danish) - conversation + aisy (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - easy.

conclamation - a loud calling out of many together + conclamazione (it) - acclamation + conversazione (it) - conversation.

physician - one who practises the healing art, including medicine and surgery.

law merchant - a special system of rules for the regulation of trade and commerce, differing in some respects from the Common Law.

belfry - a bell-tower + (notebook 1924): 'belfry politics' + politique de clocher (fr) - petty narrow-minded local politics (literally 'belfry politics').

agricolous - agricultural


philantropy - love to mankind; practical benevolence towards men in general

board - food served at the table; daily meals provided in a lodging or boarding-house

carnal - bodily, fleshly, material + Like Joyce, Shem emigrates to Europe, staying at the Hotel Corneille in Paris + corna (it) - horns (i.e. cuckold).

Joyce's note: 'deceased ancestors'

odds - chances + the odds are - chances are.

blundering - confusion, the making of gross mistakes

poh - an ejaculation of contemptuous rejection

farfamed - widely and favorably known + (notebook 1924): 'reputed father of Jesus' Kinane: St. Patrick 16: (of Jesus) 'St. Joseph, His reputed father, and next to Mary in power and glory'.

poppa (Colloquial) - papa, father

humhum - a coarse cotton cloth imported from India + hum - an inarticulate exclamation uttered with the lips closed, either in a pause of hesitation or embarrassment, or as expressing slight dissatisfaction, dissent, etc. 

sept - a branch of a family esp. one which all members are believed to have descended from a single ancestor.

debt - that which is owed or due + up to date

vice versa - with a reversal or transposition of the main items in the statement just made.

three cheers - three successive cheers in unison, freq. for someone or something + Joyce's note: '3 jeers!'

pah - a natural exclamation of disgust

beg (Anglo-Irish) - little

blighty - affected with blight, blighted, blasted

reeky - reeking

lighty - bright, shining; enlightened, well-informed + light - Characterized by levity, frivolous, unthinking.

scrapy - producing a harsh grating noise + scrappy - inclined to scrap or fight, pugnacious; made up of odds and ends, disjointed, unconnected. quarrelsome.

babbly - chattering

ninny - a simpleton, a fool

bottom sawyer - a worker at a saw pit who stands below the timber

no one

unsolicited - not asked for

testimony - personal or documentary evidence or attestation in support of a fact or statement; hence, any form of evidence or proof.

on behalf of - in the name of, as the agent or representative of, on account of, for, instead of.

glib - Of a speaker or writer, of the tongue, etc.: 'Well-oiled', ready and fluent in utterance.

semantic - (the study or analysis of) the relationships between linguistic symbols and their meanings [(notebook 1924): 'semantic'].

smicker - to smile or smirk

drivel - to flow as saliva from the mouth

fish faces

inkstand - a stand for holding one or more ink-bottles or ink-glasses (often with a tray or rests for pens, etc.); sometimes applied to an inkspot + instance

meticulosity - over-carefulness about minute details

bordering - that borders, on the border + Joyce's note: 'border on insane'

misused - improperly used, violated, abused

cuttlefish - Used allusively in reference to the animal's habit of darkening the water when alarmed (obs.)

unshrinkable - uncapable of being shrunk + unthinkable - incapable of being framed or grasped by thought.