contemptible - a contemptible object (obs.) + DRAFT TWO: Again there was a hope that people treating him with comparative contempt might, after first giving him a roll in the dust pity & forgive him but he was born low and sank lower till he sank out of sight.

delouse - to remove lice from; to free from something unpleasant

pleb - plebeian (one who is not of noble birth)


alow - to lower, bring down, lessen

stank - p. of stink

Belial - worthlessness or wickedness; the spirit of evil personified; used from early times as a name for the Devil or one of the fiends, and by Milton as the name of one of the fallen angels.

nichil - nothing

blood and thunder - bloodshed and violence

emp - abbr. of emperor, empress

arth (Welsh) - bear

Sachsen (ger) - 'Saxons'          

judder - to vibrate with intensity; an instance or state of juddering + Jude (ger) - Jew + Jyder (Danish) - 'Jutlanders'.

witchy - resembling or characteristic of a witch

warre - war

to strike fire - to produce (fire, a spark) by percussion, esp. by the percussion of flint and steel + heather on Howth often on fire (James Joyce: Ulysses.13.1139).


arcobaleno (it) - rainbow (symbol of peace)

forespeak - to foretell, predict; to speak forth or out, to proclaim

cleftfooted - having a cloven foot + leftfooted - awkward, clumsy.

Himmel (ger) - heaven

Tumpel (ger) - pool, puddle

blameful - guilty

bound - to direct one's course

phrase from the egg to the apples (Latin, “ab ovo usque ad mala.”) - From first to last. The Romans began their “dinner” with eggs, and ended with fruits called “mala”; Ab ovo (Latin: "from the beginning,the origin, the egg") is a reference to one of the twin eggs of Leda and Zeus disguised as a swan from which Helen was born. Had Leda not laid the egg, Helen would not have been born, so Paris could not have eloped with her, so there would have been no Trojan War etc.

poursuivre (fr) - to pursue, follow

nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty: 'Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall' + proverb Where there's a will there's a way.

still - a calm, stillness, a still pool (obs.); an aparatus for distillation, a distillery.

millstream - a stream whose flow is utilized to run a mill

lap - to drink greedily up (like an animal)

bier - beer

rill - a small stream; a brook, runnel, rivulet

liff = live + laughs

daft - of unsound mind, crazy, insane, mad

laff = laugh

TORY ISLAND - Island, 7 miles off North coast of County Donegal; ancient haunt of pirates, esp. "Balor of the Baleful Eye," who had one eye whose glance could kill. The island was noted for its various clays, used for heat-resistant pottery.  

douze = douse - to plunge vigorously in water, to throw water over + douze (fr) - twelve.

dumm (ger) - dumb, stupid

hip - an exclamation used (usually repeated thrice) to introduce a united cheer


chirp - to talk in sprightly and lively tones, to give utterance to cheerful feelings

ballat = ballad

perce = perceive; pierce

oreille - a pillow

fortunous - fortuitous, fortunate, successful + O fortuna casualis (l) - O accidental fate + O fortunata causalitas (l) - O lucky causality + O Fortunatus Casus (l) - O Fortunate Fall (continuation of hymn celebrating Adam's fall [O felix culpa] because it elicited the Incarnation).

casualty - a fatal or serious accident or event, a disaster; Mil. Used of the losses sustained by  a body of men in the field or on service, by death, desertion, etc.

lefty - left handed

to take the cake - to carry off the honours, rank first; often used ironically

cloven hoof - ascribed in pagan mythology to the god Pan, and thence in Christian mythology  to the Devil, and often used allusively as the indication of Satan, Satanic agency,or temptation.

darky = darkie - negro + FDV: He never could be got dragged to play rational national flesh & blood games such as hat in the ring, Shiela Harnett & the her cow, here's the fat to grease the priest's boots & it's now notoriously known that how when on that surprisingly bloody Sunday when the grand germogall fight battle all star bout was gaily raging between those fighting men extraordinary & Irish eyes [of blue] were smiling he fled for his bare life corked himself up in his inkbottle much badly the worse for drink and hid under a bedtick with his face enveloped in an overcoat semiparalysed by [all] the shemozzle where under the sacred shield of coward with his face & trousers changing changed colour every time a rifle spoke gat croaked.

tug - to move by pulling forcibly, to drag, haul + DRAFT TWO: No force could tug him out Darkie never done tug that fellow out to play flesh & blood children of nature's rational games like pickanninny hat in the ring, Sheila Harnett & her cow, put the wind up the other fellow, Healy Baba & the 40 Thieves, here's the fat to grease the priest's boots, and it is now notoriously known how on that surprisingly bloody Unity Sunday when the grand germogall all star bout was gaily the rage between our fighting men extraordinary & eyes of Irish blue were smiling up their sleeves rank funk getting the better of him, the scut fled for his bare life, without striking having struck one blow, & corked himself up tight in his inkbottle house badly the worse for drink & when he hid under a bedtick with his face enveloped in an a dead warrior's overcoat moaning feebly that his punishment was more than a nigger man could bear, and hemiparalysed by all the shemozzle, his face cheeks & trousers changing colour every time a gat croaked. How is that for low, ladies and gentlemen laymen? Why, whole continents rang with his lowness!

coon - rakun; negro; a rustic, eccentric or undignified person

excretory - rel. to excretion (the action of casting out of the body that which has been separated by any of the organs; esp. evacuation of the bowels).

misoxene - a hater of strangers

gassy - characterized by 'gas' or empty talk

flash and blood - to be human, have human feelings or weaknesses

nescimus (l) - we do not know + nemo (l) - nobody + nescimus neminem (l) - we do not know nobody (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

piccaninny - a child (in general); The term refers in the West Indies and America to children of Black African ethnic origin.

honey (Slang) - semen + rubber (Slang) - condom + children's game: hornies and robbers (i.e. cops and robbers).

rubbers - In various games of skill or chance, a set of (usually) three games, the last of which is played to decide between the parties when each has gained one.

element - the surroundings in which one feels at home, ordinary range of activity.