zolfo (it) - sulphur

scoppia la mina (it) - the mine blows up + scoppia l'anima (it) - the soul bursts.

QUI SI SANA - In dreaming of owning his own home, Bloom aspires to more than "a terracehouse or semidetached villa, described as Rus in Urbe or Qui si Sana. Apparently an accepted name (Lat, "who would be healthy") for a country on suburban house + quasi sano (it) - nearly healthy + qui si sana (it) - here one is healthy, here we restore you to your health (name of many nursing-homes).

playboy - a selfish pleasure-seeker + Playboy - Christie Mahon of Synge's Playboy of the Western World

Joyce's note: 'the worst, it is believed, in the western world, for filth'

brag - to vaunt, talk boastfully, boast oneself

brass - a yellow-coloured alloy of copper and zinc + In Le Fanu's The House by the Churchyard, which is laid in Chapelizod, central characters live in the Brass Castle, on the north bank of the Liffey, and in the Tiled House in Ballyfermot, across the river from Chapelizod.

tyle = tile + tiled - covered, roofed, lined, or laid with tiles

Ballyfermot - village south of Chapelizod. The Tiled House of Le Fanu's "House by the Churchyard" is in Ballyfermot.

nix - nothing; not possibly

en stank som ingen stank (Danish) - a stink like no other stink + ting som ingen ting (Danish) - thing like no thing.

puzzone (it) - stinker, stinky

to the letter - implicitly, to the fullest extent + rotte (Danish) - rat.

as matter of fact

Edam - a dutch pressed cheese + song Killarney: 'Angels often pausing there Doubt if Eden were more fair'.

reek - to smell strongly and unpleasantly, to stink

my word! - an ejaculation of surprise + wud - insane, mad.

warped - bent, contorted, or twisted out of shape + DRAFT TWO: The warped floor flooring of his lair was persianly carpeted literatured with burst letters loveletters citizens' throwaways, [telltale stories,] stickyback snapshots, cockroaches bullcockroaches, dated postdated doubtful eggshells, you owe mes, fluefallen fluefoul smut, fallen lucifers, vestas which had served, borrowed brogues, cutthroat ties, reversible jackets, blackeyed glasses, neverworn breeches, Godforsaken scapulars, falsehair shirts, twisted goose quills, ejaculated seedy ejaculations, crocodiles' tears, spilt ink, blasphematory spits, stale chestnuts, girls schoolgirls young ladies' peasant maidens' city married wives' merry widows' 3 nuns' womens' workwomens' fat abbess's prudent virgins' wedable impudent whores' silent sisters' Charleys aunts' grandmothers' mothers-in-laws' fostermothers' godmothers' garters, snotworms worms of snot, counterfeit francs good best intentions, new quotatoes, limerick damns, stale once current puns, [unquestionable issue papers, messes of mottage,] princess promises, lees of wine, broken wafers, showered ornaments, unloosed shoe latchets, deoxidised carbons, crushed straight waistcoats, globules of mercury, undeleted glete, toothsome pickings, dam fireproof fireworks, ohs ouis sees gras jas neys thaws ahs yeses and yeses and yeses, tress clippings. To which [if one has the stomach] add [the] breakages, upheavals, inversions, distortions, of [all] this chambermade music & one [stands a fair chance of] actually sees seeing the whirling dervish, exiled in upon his ego, [noonday terrorized by an ineluctable shadow,] writing the history of himself in furniture.

flooring = floor

lair - a place for animals to lie down in

thereof - of that, of it

upright - a vertical piece of timber in a building

impost - the hanging stile of a door or gate; hence, the leaf of a door or gate (obs.) + imposte (it) - shutters.

persiana (it) - shutter

literature - literary work or production; the activity or profession of a man of letters.

burst - exploded, torn open

telltale - informing, revealing, betraying + phrase every picture tells a story.

stickyback - a small photograph or poster with a gummed back; also attrib. or as adj. + James Joyce: Ulysses.4.67: 'Stamps: stickyback pictures'.

snap - snap shot (an instantaneous photograph, esp. one taken with a hand-camera).

eggshell - a relatively rough paper (rougher than vellum); the shell covering of an egg.

boucher - a treasurer, cashier; butcher + butcher's - short for butcher's hook, rhyming slang for 'look'.

flint - a kind of hard stone, most commonly of a steely gray colour, found in roundish nodules of varying size, usually covered with a white incrustation; An avaricious person, a miser, skin-flint. rare.

borer - one who bores or pierces

puffer - one who puffs; a tobacco-smoker; a person employed by the vendor to bid at an auction for the purpose of 'inflating' or running up the price and inciting others to buy.

amygdaloid - almond shaped

rindless - without rind or bark

verbage = verbiage - excessive wordiness, verbal expression

vivifical - life-giving, enlivening, vivifying + Biblical - of, relating to, or contained in, the Bible.

via - a road or way + bias - an inclination, leaning, tendency, bent; a preponderating disposition or propensity; predisposition towards; predilection; prejudice.

obiter dictum - an expression of opinion on a matter of law, given by a judge in court in the course of either argument or judgement, but not forming an essential part of the reasons determining the decision, and therefore not of binding authority; hence gen. Anything said by the way, an incidental statement or remark.

visus (l) - sight + visus undique (l) - seen from all sides, seen completely + visus ambigue (l) - seen doubtfully.

ahem - an exclamation to attract attention to the speaker

ineffable - that cannot be expressed or described in language

unsyllabled - not formed into, not expressed in, syllables

mes = mass; mess + me

Henrik Ibsen: "Little Eyolf"

fluefull - full to the flue, brimful + flue - chimney; a smoke-duct in a chimney + James Joyce: A Portrait III: 'The sootcoated packet of pictures which he had hidden in the flue of the fireplace'. 

smut - soot or sooty matter

Lucifer - the rebel archangel whose fall from heaven was supposed to be referred to in Isa. xiv. 12; Satan, the Devil.

vesta - a kind of wax match [James Joyce: Ulysses.10.403: 'The vesta in the clergyman's uplifted hand consumed itself in a long soft flame and was let fall'].

shower - to wet with rain showers; to bestow lavishly; to weep, to shead tears

ornament - a decoration, embellishment

brogue - a rude kind of shoe, generally made of untanned hide, worn by the inhabitants of the wilder parts of Ireland and the Scotch Highlands [James Joyce: Ulysses.2.253: 'I never borrowed a shilling in my life. Can you feel that? I owe nothing. Can you? Mulligan, nine pounds, three pairs of socks, one pair brogues'].

reversible - a cloth which is faced on both sides, so as to allow of its being turned.

godforsaken - neglected in appearence, miserable, wretched

scapular - Eccl. A short cloak covering the shoulders

cutthroat - murderous, merciless

counterfeit - spurious, sham, forged

frank - a mark or stamp on a piece of mail indicating postage paid

curry - to employ flattery or blandishment, so as to cajole or win favour

note - a short letter or written communication of an informal kind

latten - iron tinned over, tin-plate + Latin

tintack - a tack, or short light iron nail, coated with tin + syntax + Joyce's note: 'upset tintacks,'

millstone - one of a pair of circular stones used for grinding corn in a mill [Joyce's note: 'millstones']

stepping stone - a stone for stepping upon; a stone placed in the bed of a stream or on muddy  or swampy ground, to facilitate crossing on foot.

quill - the feather of a large bird (usually a goose) formed into a pen by pointing and slitting the lower end of the barrel.

magnifying glass - a glass lens, or combination of lenses, used to increase the apparent size of any object seen through it + wineglass - a small drinking-glass for wine + Joyce's note: 'magnifying wineglasses'.

goblin - a mischievous and ugly demon

current - genuine, prevalent, in general circulation, in general use, in vougue

pun - the use of a word in such a way as to suggest two or more meanings or different associations, or the use of two or more words of the same or nearly the same sound with different meanings, so as to produce a humorous effect; a play on words.

mashed potatoes - potatoes beaten or crushed to a mash + quash - to break or dash in pieces.

a mess of pottage - proverbially current in allusions to the story of Esau's sale of his birthright 'for a mess of pottage' + pottage - a thick soup, oatmeal porridge + mots (fr) - words.

unquestionable - indisputable, certain; not liable to question

issue - denoting a distinct form, planned and put on sale by the publishers, of the edition (or impression) sheets; (so issue paper ?)

seedy - abounding in seeds; lacking in vitality or strength

Limerick - town and county in Ireland

damn - the utterance of the word 'damn' as a profane imprecation

crocodile tears - false or affected tears

to cry over the spilt milk - to cry because of a loss that cannot be put right

blasphematory - blasphemous

spit - the act of spitting; an instance of this; saliva, spittle

chestnut - a story that has been told before, a 'venerable' joke. Hence, in extended use,  anything trite, stale, or too often repeated. 

young lady - a female shop assistant or clerk of good appearance and manners.

milkmaid - a woman employed on a dairy farm or in a diary

shopkeeper - one who carries on business in a shop

merry widow - an amorous or designing widow

(notebook 1924): 'a couple of ex-nuns'

vice - - With personal designations, especially titles of office, indicating that the person so called acts temporarily or regularly in place of, in the absence of, or as assistant to, another  who properly holds the office or bears the title or name, as vice-abbot.

abbess - the female superior of a nunnery or convent of women, having the same authority over nuns that an abbot has over monks + abbess (Slang) - bawd, procuress.

pro - - prior to, taking the place of

Charley - night watchman + Charley's Aunt - play by Brandon Thomas, a transvestite comedy. To the Elizabethans, "aunt" meant "whore."  

fostermother - a woman who nurses and brings up another's child

godmother - a female sponsor considered in relation to her god-child

garter - a band worn round the leg, either above or below the knee, to keep the stocking from falling down.

tress - a plait or braid of the hair of the head, usually of a woman + press

clipping - a press cutting (a paragraph or short article cut out of a newspaper, etc.) + (notebook 1922-23): 'clip - haircut' Leader 28 Oct 1922, 277/2: 'Our Ladies' Letter': 'he went into a new barber's (Mickey I'm saying), and he had to pay 1/6 for the clip'.

word of god - the divine wisdom; gospel + snot - the mucus of the nose.

toothsome - pleasant to the taste, savoury, palatable + toothpick

picking - something that is picked up, eatable fragments esp. form refuse, scrap

Swiss - rel. to Switzerland

bilk - a person who bilks or cheats; statement devoid of truth or sense; a hoax, a deception (obs.) + milk

highbrow - a person of superior intellectual attainments or interests: occas. with derisive implication of conscious superiority to ordinary human standards.

lotion - a liquid preparation used externally for healing wounds, relieving pain, beautifying the skin, etc; alcoholic drink (slang.) 

antipode - the exact opposite of a person or thing

borrowed plumes - fine clothes, social advantages, a reputation etc. that person has no right to possess + plume (fr) - pen.

relaxable - admitting of remission

handgirps - close and usu. critical or desperate struggle + handgrip - grasp, seize with the hand.

lees - basest part, 'dregs', 'refuse'

whine - a low somewhat shrill protracted cry, usually expressive of pain or distress + wine

CO2 + deoxidize - to remove the oxygen from (an oxide or other compound).

convertible - capable of being turned or applied to a particular use or purpose.

divil (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - devil

doffer - in a carding machine, a comb or revolving cylinder which 'doffs' or strips off cotton or wool from the 'cards'.

wafer - a very light thin crisp cake

unloose - to moderate or relax the strain of, to loosen the ties of

latchet - a thong used to fasten a shoe; a (shoe-)lace + John 1:27: 'whose shoes' lachet I am not worthy to unloose'.

crooked - the reverse of 'straight' in figurative senses (esp. with reference to moral character and conduct); perverse, perverted, out of order, awry;                        Isaiah 40:4: 'the crooked shall be made straight'.

strait waistcoat - a garment for the upper part of the body, made of strong material and  admitting of being tightly laced, used for the restraint of violent lunatics or prisoners, and sometimes as a means of punishment.

Hades - the lower world, the abode of departed spirits or shades

globule - a spherical body of small size; a round drop (of water, etc.)

glete = gleit (v.) - to glitter, shine + gleet - slimy matter, sticky or greasy filth; a morbid discharge of thin liquid from a wound, ulcer, etc. (now rare.)

(notebook 1924): '*C* glass eyes'

gloss - superficial lustre + Exodus 21:24: 'Eye for eye, tooth for tooth' (also Deutoronomy 19:21) + Joyce's note: 'false teeth for a tooth'.