longsuffering - patient endurance of provocation or trial; longanimity.

longstanding - continuance for a long time in a settled and recognized position, rank, etc.; Chiefly in phr. of long standing.

oui (fr) - yes

si (it) - yes

ja (ger) - yes

jo (Swedish) - yes

già (it) - yes

ney (gr) - yes

(Irish) - yes

breakage - the action or fact of breaking; the results of breaking; loss or damage caused by breaking; Mus.The change in the quality of the voice in passing from one 'register' to another.

upheaval - a strong agitation or convulsion of society, etc.; a sudden or violent alteration.

distortion - the action of distorting; the twisting or perversion of words so as to give to them a different sense; perversion of opinions, facts, history, so as to misapply them.

inversion - a turning upside down; reversal of the order of words; Mus. The action of inverting an interval, chord, phrase, or subject.

chamber music - that class of music specially fitted for performance in a private room, as distinguished from a concert-room, church, etc.

to stand a fair chance - to be likely to meet with some (specified or implied) piece of fortune, some danger, some good or ill luck.

grain - the smallest possible quantity

There is one outstanding example of pure dance: that of the whirling dervishes, an art that has been practiced for more than seven centuries. The procedure is part of a Muslim ceremony called the dhikr, the purpose of which is to glorify God and seek spiritual perfection. Not all dervish orders dance; some simply stand on one foot and move the other foot to music. Those who dance or, rather, whirl are the Mawlawi dervishes, an order that was founded by the Persian poet and mystic Jalal ad-Din ar-Rumi at Konya, in Anatolia, in the 13th century. The performance, for which all of the participants don tall, brown, conical hats and black mantles, takes place in a large hall in the tekke, the building in which the dervishes live. The dervishes sit in a circle listening to music. Then, rising slowly, they move to greet the shaykh, or master, and cast off the black coat to emerge in white shirts and waistcoats. They keep their individual places with respect to one another and begin to revolve rhythmically. They throw back their heads and raise the palms of their right hands, keeping their left hands down, a symbol of giving and taking. The rhythm accelerates, and they whirl faster and faster. In this way they enter a trance in an attempt to lose their personal identities and to attain union with the Almighty. Later they may sit, pray, and begin all over again. The dhikr ceremony always ends with a prayer and a procession.

tumult - great disturbance or agitation of mind or feeling; confused and violent emotion + Christ called James and John Boanerges ('sons of thunder', Mark 3:17).

selfexiled - exiled by one’s own wish or decision + Joyce's note: 'self exiled'

nightlong - through the whole night

red + redd (Norwegian) - afraid.

noonday - the middle of the day; mid-day + Psalms 91:5-6: 'Thou shalt not be afraid... for the destruction that wasteth at noonday'.

skin and bone - denoting extreme emaciation or leanness + to the bone - to the inmost point + Joyce's note: 'bone & shadow'.

ineluctable - from which one cannot escape by struggling; not to be escaped from [Joyce's note: 'ineluctable'].

shaper - the Creator or Maker (of the universe) (obs.)

mercery - the wares sold by a mercer (one who deals in textile fabrics, esp. a dealer in silks, velvets, and other costly materials) + mercy



valet - a manservant performing duties chiefly relating to the person of his master; to wait upon, to attend or serve, as a valet + proverb No man is a hero to his valet (a valet of a famous person or celebrity will not have the same high views of their boss as the general public) + FDV: Furthermore the low creature was a selfvaletter, having got up a kitchenette & fowlhouse for the sake of the eggs in what was meant for a closet + DRAFT TWO: Of course the our low creature hero was & had to be a selfvaleter so he got up what whatever is meant by a kitchenette & fowlhouse for the sake of eggs in what was meant for a closet.

get up - to prepare, make ready, organize, work up, generate, bring into existence.

STOURBRIDGE - Town, West of Birmingham, England; known for fire-clay and fire-brick works.

kitchenette - a small room or alcove in a house, flat, etc., combining kitchen and pantry.

lithargyros (gr) - monoxide of lead + galena (gr) - lead ore; dross left after smelting lead + Galen, Chaudius (b.130) - cebebrated ancient medical writer + gallina (it) - hen + galeno (sp) - doctor. 

fowlhouse - henroost, henhouse

for the sake of - on account of one's interest in; out of desire for, in order to attain.


apple + proverb The apple does not fall far from the tree.

dumper - one who 'dumps' or deposits rubbish, etc. + appletree + nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.

moro- (gr) - foolish-, silly- + melodos (gr) - musical + moromelodos (gr) - foolishly musical + moro (it) - black + Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies.

jokesmith - a manufacturer of jokes + jig - a lively, rapid, springy kind of dance; a rapid lively dance-tune; a joke, a sportive trick or cheat. 

in defiance of - with daring disregard of, setting at nought

preservation - the action of preserving or keeping from injury or destruction.

game - wild animals or birds such as are pursued, caught or killed in the chase.

poultry - domestic fowls collectively

Lalla Rookh - title, heroine of Thomas Moore's poem

cookerybook - a book of receipts and instructions in cookery

dodginess - evasivenes, artfulness

lantern - a transparent case, e.g. of glass, horn, talc, containing and protecting a light; magic lantern (an optical instrument by means of which a magnified image of a picture on glass is thrown upon a white screen or wall in a darkened room). 

brool - a low roar, a murmur + broil - to grill + brûler (fr) - to burn.

cock - to strut, swagger, to turn up + cooked

potch = poach - to cook in a liquid kept just below the boiling point

athanor - a digesting furnace used by the alchemists, in which a constant heat was maintained by means of a tower which provided a self-feeding supply of charcoal. 

white - the translucent viscous fluid surrounding the yolk of an egg

whote = wit (v.)

Fruhling (ger) - spring + frullino (it) - egg whisk.

freddon - to hum, warble, quaver + fredonner (fr) - to hum (tune).

mas blanca que la blanca hermana (Spanish) - whiter than the white sister + Meyerbeer: Les Huguenots (opera): song Plus blanche que la blanche hermine (French 'Whiter than the white ermine').

amarilla (Spanish) - yellow; a gold coin + Giulio Caccini: song Amarilli, mia Bella (his most famous madrigal).

muy bien (Spanish) - very good, very well

cinnamon - the inner bark of an East Indian tree, dried in the sun, and used as a spice. 

locust - grasshopper + Matthew 3:4: 'his meat was locusts and wild honey'.

beeswax - the wax secreted by bees as the material of their combs

liquorice - the rhizome (also called liquorice-root) of the plant Glycyrrhiza glabra. Also, a preparation (used medicinally and as a sweetmeat) made from the evaporated juice of this rhizome, and commonly sold in black cylindrical sticks.

carrageen - a kind of seaweed, also called Irish moss, common on the British coasts, of a cartilaginous texture and a purplish colour, becoming yellowish-white when dried. It yields on boiling a nutritive demulcent jelly, used for food and in medicine.

blaster - one who blows; one who blights or ruins + plaster

mixture + micturio (l) - to make water.

embrocation - a liquid used for bathing or moistening any diseased part

patty - a little pie or pasty

stardust - innumerable minute stars, likened, as seen in the telescope, to particles of dust; that which is illusory or insubstantial.

accordant to - agreeing, consonant, conformable + akures (gr) - unfortunate + cure-dent (fr) - toothpick.

Sheridan, Thomas (1687-1738) - R.B. Sheridan's grandfather, "a punster, a quibbler, a fiddler and a wit," author of The Art of Punning

panning - cooking in a pan

regale - a choice or sumptuous repast, feast

song The Girl I Left behind Me

leven (Dutch) - life; to live

cantrap - a witch’s trick, spell

abracadabra - a cabalistic word, formerly used as a charm, and believed to have the power, when written in a triangular arrangement, and worn round the neck, to cure agues, etc. Now often used in the general sense of a spell, or pretended conjuring word.

kaluptra (gr) - veil, head-dress, bride's veil + colubra (l) - snake

culorum (l) - of the posteriors

oeufs à la (fr) - eggs in the style of

Auge (ger) - eye + avga (Modern Greek) - eggs.

mein (ger) - my + Felde (ger) - field.

Eier (German) = eiers (Dutch) - eggs

usque ad mala (l) - until the apples (dessert at meals) + ab ovo usque ad mala (l) - from the egg to the apples: from the beginning to the end (of a Roman feast) + usque ad mala (l) - even as far as evils (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

pomme de terre (fr) - potato + ciel (fr) - sky.

oves (l) - sheep (pl.) + ovum, pl. ova (l) - egg, pl. eggs

uova (it) - eggs + uova sode (it) - hard-boiled eggs

Sade, Marquis de (1740-1814) - French author of Juliette, Justine, etc. + sulphate de soude (fr) - sodium sulphate (a.k.a. Glauber's salt) + soude (fr) - soda.

ochiuri (Rumanian ) - poached eggs + occhio (it) - eye.

sauté (fr) - tossed in the pan

saumon (fr) - salmon

oog (Dutch ) - eye + eggs

sonka (Hungarian) - ham

tojas (Hungarian) - egg 

POULARD, MERE - Hotel and 1-star restaurant, at Mont-Saint-Michel, North-West France; its specialty is Omelette "Mere Poulard."  

Carême - French gastronome; French: "Lent"  

closet - a room for privacy or retirement, esp. such a room as the place of private devotion; 'water-closet'.

infant - to give birth to (also fig.)

Mathew, Father Theobald (1790-1856) - Irish temperance advocate. He always doubles with Matt Gregory (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake). 

le père (fr) - the father

Pastor Lucas (l) - the Shepherd Luke

padre (it) - father, priest

águila (sp) - eagle (emblem of the evangelist John)

Baldwin - ass in the Reynard cycle 

costive - 'bound' or confined in the bowels, constipated; slow or reluctant in action.

antimonian - containing antimony in combination

manganese - the metallic element (symbol Mn)

limo - - 'clayey and ...' + limus (l) - mud + litmus - a blue colouring matter, obtained from various lichens + limo- (gr) - hunger- + litos (gr) - simple + limolitos (gr) - hungrily frugal.