integument -  hard outer covering; the skin as the natural covering of the body [Joyce's note: 'integument'].

Marivaux, Pierre Carbet de Chamblain de (1688-1763) - French writer who created a fantastic style, introduced to each other "words which have never made acquaintance, and which think they will not get on together." He also translated Homer.

cycle - to move or revolve in cycles + wheel - to move like a point in the circumference of a wheel + Vico's cycles of history.

reflect - to turn one's thoughts (back) on, to ponder, meditate on

unlivable - unfit to live in, that can not be lived + SDV: till one integument slowly unfolded universal history the [varied progressive] reflection from his [individual] person of lived life unlivable

transaccidentation - theological doctrine that the eucharistic bread and wine are changed into body and blood of Jesus Christ at the moment of their consecration; a transmutation of the accidents of the bread and wine in the Eucharist, as distinguished from transubstantiation, in which the substance alone is changed.

dividual - capable of being divided into parts, divisible; divided into parts, fragmentary

perilous - fraught with danger

potent - powerful, possessed of great power

squid - a cuttlefish

squirt - a small quantity of liquid that is squirted, a small jet or spray + screen - to hide from view as with a screen, to shelter from observation or recognition.

crystalline - clear and transparent like crystal + "The stone triangle, so unexpected, so arresting, set down on the yellow carpet of the desert, blazed out with light like gigantic mirror, and therefore was visible at enormous distance under the strong Oriental sun. And even as late as the end of twelfth century these white stones were still in place, bearing upon their surfaces hieroglyphs that drew the pen of Abdul Latif the following quaint descriptions: "The stones were inscribed with ancient characters, now unintelligible. I never met with a person in all Egypt who understood them. The inscriptions were so numerous that copies of those alone which may be seen upon the surface of the two Pyramids would occupy above six thousand pages"." (Paul Brunton: A search in secret Egypt)

wane - to become gradually less in degree, to decline in intensity

chagrin - strong feelings of embarrassment + (notebook 1924): '(peau de) Chagrin *C*' → chagrin, peau de chagrin (French): shagreen (a species of rough leather, made from horse, ass, shark, seal, etc., skin, frequently dyed green; Balzac's novel Le Peau de Chagrin (1831), tells of a wish-granting piece of shagreen, shrinking and shortening the owner's life with each wish, which gave idea to Oscar Wilde for The Picture of Dorian Gray).

dud - an event that fails badly or is totally ineffectual + ddhud (Danish) - dead skin + hud (Welsh) - magic, illusion, charm + deadhand + SDV: & that self which he hid from the world grew darker & darker in its outlook.

Meillet & Cohen: Les Langues du Monde 358: (an example of a Dravidian sentence) 'maram und eNDu kangiReN: "a tree exists having said I see"'.

devil take Dublin!

dal (Santali - East Indian language) - to strike

dapal (Santali) - to strike each other; to cover

danapal (Santali) - covering

agglomerative - tending to agglomerate or collect together + Meillet & Cohen: Les Langues du Monde 403: (of Munda languages, such as Santali) 'the Munda languages... resemble the so-called agglutinating languages, such as Turkish'.

arklas (Lithuanian) - plough

arklys (Lithuanian) - horse + Arglist (ger) - deceit, artifice + putting the cart before the horse (phrase).

misappearence - failure to appear, not appearence; appearence in a perverted form

opposite of 'squaring the circle'

fte - the festival of the saint after whom a person is named; in Roman Catholic countries observed as the birthday is in England + Joyce's note: 'death day' → Kinane: St. Patrick 177: 'extraordinary, heavenly signs and prodigies are recorded to have taken place at the death of our Saint. On the 17th of March, in the year 493, at the age of 120, amid the sweet songs of the Angels, and a supernatural light from heaven, St. Patrick, the Apostle of Ireland, breathed forth his pure soul into the hands of his Creator.'

ingnis (l) - fire + Saint Ignatius Loyola (1491-1556) - founder of the Society of Jesus. 

poisonivy - climbing plant with ternate leaves and greenish flowers followed by white berries; yields an irritating oil that causes a rash on contact + 'Ivy Day in the Committee Room' + Joyce's note (notebook 1923): 'poison ivy' The Four Million, 'An Adjustment of Nature' 105: "Caesar had his Brutus the cotton has its bollworm, the chorus girl has her Pittsburger, the summer boarder has his poison ivy [...]" (MS 47474-78v, PrMT: for the deathfe^te of Saint Ignaceous Poisonivy | JJA 47:477 | probably Aug-Sep 1928 | ) (Note: In the proofs for Transition 7 we find the marginal note in Joyce's hand: "imprimez ici entre l'e et la 't' un accent circonflexe au niveau de la ligne: ^^. Insert here between the "e" and the "t" an accent circumflex on a level with the line.)

fickle - marked by erratic changeableness in affections or attachments + 'A Little Cloud'.

sixth day of October - Ivy Day [.13], anniversary of the death of Parnell in 1891 + REFERENCE

kilim (Aramaic) - pig

lay low - to bring to the ground; to lay in the ground, to bury; to abase

brandish - to flourish, wave about (a sword, spear, etc.) by way of threat or display, or in preparation for action

ball bearing - a low-friction bearing type, with rotating parts, that has an inner and an outer race which are separated by steel spheres or balls, which give it its name + Joyce's note: 'SP bell' → Fleming: The Life of St. Patrick 171: 'St. Patrick's bell, 'Clog-Phadruig,' is now preserved in the museum of the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin'.

stylo - a pen with a fine tube with a wire inside instead of a conventional nib, similar to a modern drafting pen + stylo bille (fr) - ballpoint pen + {brandishing his pen [or bottle?], the blond policeman who thought it contained ink was out of his depth, but right in the main}

keyman - a person doing a work of vital importance + (notebook 1924): 'shining keyman of door'.

winds of change - force of changes

zasis (Lithuanian) - goose + what is sauce for the goose is the sauce for the gander - what is acceptable or pleasing for one person is acceptable or pleasing to another or others; In the United States, "What's sauce for the goose . . . gander" has traditionally been used to mean that whatever applies to a woman should apply to a man as well. The saying goes back long before the women's movement. Its literal meaning comes from cooking poultry: male and female geese would be served with the same sauce.

souse - various parts of a pig or other animal, esp. the feet and ears, prepared or preserved for food by means of pickling

zasinas (Lithuanian) - gander + Zosimos of Panopolis - Egyptian or Greek alchemist and Gnostic mystic from the end of the 3rd and beginning of the 4th century AD. He was born in Panopolis, present day Akhmim in the south of Egypt, ca. 300. He wrote the oldest known books on alchemy.

cop - a policeman + SDV: So perhaps when he last at his last public disappearance the blond cop, who thought it was ink, was out. Petty constable Sigurdsen, it was, who had been detailed to save him from the effects of lynch law & mob mauling that greeted him the tenderfoot just as he was butting in with a hideful through his door, saying as usual: Where ladies have they that a dogmean herring sortherring? Search me, the other incapable said & in he shot skittled.

out of one’s depth - beyond the limit of one’s mental capability, in situation that one cannot control or understand because of not having enough knowledge, skill, etc.

bright - displaying great intelligence; quick-witted, clever. (In standard English used chiefly in speaking of children or one's inferiors.) + right.

in the main - for the most part, in all essential points

FDV: And hear this more. At the time of his last disappearance in public petty constable Sigurdsen, who had been detailed to save him from lynch law & mob mauling, ran after greeted him just as he was butting in through the door with a hideful saying as usual: Wherefore have they that a dog here mean herring? All Shem said was: Search me.

Petty Constable - an officer of the peace having power as a conservator of the public peace, and bound to execute the warrants of judicial officers + (notebook 1924): 'petty constable - treason' Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 86 (sec. 84): 'most of the terms pertaining to the law are of French origin... Petty (Fr. petit) was, I suspect, introduced by the jurists in such combinations as... petty constable... petty treason'.

Sickerson ('S) + The Sisters: 'And what do you think but there he was, sitting up by himself in the dark in his confession-box, wide-awake and laughing-like softly to himself?' → "Dear sister, are you ready to begin your confession?" (REFERENCE).

Ku Klux Klan + kruis (Dutch) - cross + kroon (Dutch) - crown + kroon - the basic monetary unit of Estonia + kraal - a village of Southern or Central African native peoples (from Afrikaans) + (religion, sovereign, and home).

parochial - of, belonging, or pertaining to a parish

watch - one who watches for purposes of guarding and protecting life and property; esp. a watchman who patrolled and guarded the streets of a town, proclaimed the hour, etc.

detail - to appoint or tell off for a particular duty + (notebook 1922-23): 'bailiff specially detailed'.

pollute - defiled, rendered impure or unclean; intoxicated, drunk

stotis (Lithuanian) - station + duties + police station + Sopdet ("skilled woman", also known as Sothis) represented by star Sirius.

quemquem (l) - whoever, whatsoever

quum (old latin) = cum (l) - when, as, while

ligature - to bind with a ligature or bandage; anything used in binding or tying; a band, bandage, tie. Writing and Printing. Two or more letters joined together and forming one character or type; a monogram + liable - subject to the operation of (any agency), likely to undergo (a change of any kind).

foul play - unfair conduct in a game; transf. unfair or treacherous dealing, often with the additional notion of roughness or violence + 'Clay'.

clot - a hardened lump of earth + 'A Little Cloud' + SDV: detailed to save him from the effects of lynch law & mob mauling

encountered + 'An Encounter' + FDV: ran after greeted him

evening + 'Eveline'.

omnium gatherum - gathering of all sorts + 'Ivy Day in the Committee Room'.

County Mayo + Anyone searching the map of Ireland for "Knockmaree, Comty Mea" [186.25] seeks in vain; the direction is to the "Blessed" Issy, pregnant ("knocked up"), a successor to the "Cunty Kate" of the Circe scene in Ulysses (Benstock, Bernard / Joyce-again's wake: an analysis of Finnegans wake).

tenderfoot - a name given, originally in the ranching and mining regions of the western U.S., to a newly arrived immigrant, unused to the hardships of pioneer life; a greenhorn; hence, a raw, inexperienced person. 

reel - to move unsteadily or with a weaving or rolling motion

lurch - to move abruptly

proto- - first in time, original; first in rank or importance, chief, principal

stp - abbr. of stop

arch - chief, principal, prime

arcus (l) - bow, rainbow; arch + Iris (l) - goddess of the rainbow; rainbow + arco-ris (Portuguese) - rainbow.

smecknamn (Swedish) - nickname

mergyte or, more precisely, mergytė (Lithuanian) - little girl + Maggy.

butt in - to burst in, to thrust oneself unceremoniously and uninvited into (an affair, discussion, etc.)

rand - a border, margin or brink + go or come round the corner - to pass round a corner into another road, street, etc.; to pass round the corner of a race-course, esp. the last corner before the finish; fig. to pass a critical point or stage, to start recovering from an illness.

have a hideful (Slang) - be drunk + SDV: that greeted him the tenderfoot just as he was butting in with a hideful through his door,

bethel - house of worship, temple, church + bordel - a house of prostitution + Bethel - a place mentioned repeatedly in the Bible (e.g. Genesis 28:19; from Hebrew Beth El: House of God).

bordel house - a house of prostitution, bordel + 'The Boarding House'

Fenster (ger) - window + {as he was coming round the corner drunk after climbing from the brothel window}

grazioso (it) - gracious, graceful + grazus or, more precisely, graus (Lithuanian) - beautiful.

ora (l) - border, brim, edge; sea-coast + ora (l) - pray! + hora (l) - hour + oras (Lithuanian) - weather, air + gracious whores.

Hvorledes har De det i dag, min sorte herre? (Danish) - How are you today, my dark sir? + FDV: Wherefore have they that a dog here mean herring? + SDV: Where ladies have they that a dogmean herring sortherring? 

sir + sergot (fr. slang) - policeman.

search me - Used (chiefly in response to a question) to imply that the speaker has no knowledge of some fact or no idea what course to take + Joyce's note: 'search me' Leader 4 Nov 1922, 305/1: 'As Others See Us': 'What they're striking about - well, search me, but I expect it don't matter a row of pills'.

incapable - lacking the necessary skill or knowledge etc. + SDV: Search me, the other incapable said & in he shot skittled.  

repartee - to make witty or smart replies [Joyce's note: 'repartee']

self evident - evident without proof or argument + evite - to shun, avoid + evitans (l) - shunning, avoiding.

subtlety - craftiness, cunning, esp. of a treacherous kind; a refinement or nicety of thought, speculation, or argument

spurious - plausible but false; intended to deceive

grace - an instance or manifestation of favour + 'After the Race' + 'Grace'.

christmas - evergreens used for decorations at christmas

Portia - heroine of The Merchant of Venice

prance - the act of prancing (Of a horse: To rise by springing from the hind legs) + prince.