wet bed = bed wetter - one who urinates in bed + (notebook 1924): 'deathbed confession SP' ('SP' not clear).

conceal - to hide

nightlong - during the whole night

homely - such as belongs to home or is produced or practised at home, plain, commonplace.

confiteor - a form of prayer, or confession of sins (Confiteor Deo Omnipotenti, I confess to Almighty God, etc.) used in the Latin Church at the beginning of the mass, in the sacrament of penance, and on other occasions.

avick (Anglo-Irish) = a mhic (avik) (gael) - son, my boy

bill of attainder - a bill or statute introduced or passed in the English Parliament (first in 1459) for attainting any one without a judicial trial + attaint - to condemn (one convicted of treason or felony) to death, corruption of blood, and extinction of all civil rights and capacities + attender - one who gives heed or attention; an observer.

to boot - in addition

let us see - indicating that the speaker is trying to recall something to memory, or finds it necessary to reflect before answering a question + pry - to spy. 

cur (l) - why

quicquid (l) - whoever

ubi (l) - where, how

quomodo (l) - in what manner, how

quoties (l) - how often, how many times

quibus auxiliis (l) - with whose helps, with the helps of what persons + Cur, quicquid, ubi, quomodo, quoties, quibus auxiliis? - standard questions to be answered in Confession to establish the circumstances and the gravity of each sin.

fatten - to grow or become fat

(notebook 1923): 'two Easters in Irel (R.C & ortho Greek)'

in the view of - in the sight of, within the sight of + piejaw (Slang) - admonition, moral advice.

hilarious - cheerful, cheery, gladsome; boisterously joyous or merry, rollicking.

blunder - a gross mistake; an error due to stupidity or carelessness + Alfred Lord Tennyson: The Charge of the Light Brigade iii: 'Cannon to right of them, Cannon to left of them'.

catch as catch can - the Lancashire style of wrestling; utilizing any available means.

forsooth - in truth, truly [Joyce's note: 'forsooth']

blanc (fr) - white + blankards (Slang) - bastards + blanke (Afrikaans) - white man.

dastard - characterized by mean shrinking from danger, showing base cowardice + Joyce's note: 'a dastard century'.

twosome - a group of two persons or things, couple

twi - - two, double, twice + twiminded - having two minds or thoughts (about something) + be in two minds (phrase) - vacillate between two options, be in doubt.

fornenst - (ready) against; right opposite to, over against; facing

condemned - pronounced guilty, wrong, etc.

anarch - rebel, anarchist + Joyce's note: 'Anarch Egoist' Nation and Athenĉum 22 Apr 1922, 124/2: 'Mr. Joyce's Ulysses' (review of 'Ulysses' by John M. Murry): 'He is the egocentric rebel in excelsis, the arch-esoteric... His intention, as so far as he has any social intention, is completely anarchic' (Deming: The Critical Heritage 196).

egoarches (gr) - I-leader, self-leader, ego-leader + (notebook 1924): 'Anarch Egoist'.

heresiarch - a leader or founder of a heresy

rear - to build up, create, bring into existence

disunite - divide, separate, to alienate in spirit

a dog in the manger - a person who stops others from doing or enjoying something that he does not want or does not use himself + Luke 2:11-12: 'Christ the Lord... Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger'.

phrase pay the piper + phrase by the by.

nerve - to imbue with courage, to embolden

equip - to supply with the pecuniary resources needful for any undertaking

to slough off - to cast off, throw off, to get rid of

tremor - a nervous thrill caused by emotion or excitement; a tremble or quaver in the voice.

Sodom - a place notorious for vice or corruption

covered - of concealed or ambiguous meaning (obs.)

solemnity - a formal or ceremonial observance of an occasion or event

So great was Bathsheba's beauty that it drove David, the Lord's anointed king, to adultery and murder. While Bathsheba's husband, Uriah the Hittite, was away in battle, David saw her bathing and summoned her to his quarters. Without apparent protest, she joined the king in adultery and married him after he arranged for Uriah to be killed in battle. Though her first son died, she made David promise that her second son, Solomon, would succeed him. When David was near death, she used this promise to block the elevation of his eldest surviving son, Adonijah. In 1 Chronicles 3:5, Solomon's mother is called Bath-shua. 

inharmonious - not harmonious in relation, action, or sentiment; conflicting; not in accordance.

caldor (l) - warmth, heat

gee - exp. of enthusiasm or surprise + gee (Dublin Slang) - vulva.

apropos - with regard to, in respect of, as suggested by + opprobrium - the disgrace or evil reputation attached to conduct considered shameful + approbro (l) - I reproach, I upbraid.

underslung - having the principal bulk below the point of support (understrung bowl of a pipe).

pipe (Slang) - penis

puerile - merely boyish or childish, juvenile

tubsuit - a suit of washing material

(notebook 1924): 'selfraising'

feeder - an instrument, organ, or appliance for feeding + Joyce's note: 'twin feeders'

monsieur - mister

Abgott (ger) - idol

in one’s heart of hearts - in the deepest part of one’s mind or feelings

to one’s cost - to one’s disadvantage or loss

penal law - criminal law

to poke fun at - to assail with jest, banter, or ridicule, esp. in a sly or indirect manner

wheeze - a joke or comic gag introduced into the performance of a piece by a clown or comedian, esp. a comic phrase or saying introduced repeatedly; hence, (gen. slang or colloq.) a catch phrase constantly repeated; more widely, a trick or dodge frequently used; also, a piece  of special information, a 'tip'.

bould (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - bold

stroke - an act of striking; a blow given or received; an act of copulation (slang. rare.); a vigorous attempt to attain some object; a movement of the pen.

christen - to admit or initiate into the Christian Church by baptism; to give a name to (a person) at baptism + (notebook 1924): 'May you be as fine as the P.P. baptised you' + Sauvé: Proverbes et Dictons de la Basse-Bretagne no. 478: 'May God make thee, dear child, grow as big As the priest who baptised thee'.

sonny - a young boy

douth - virtue, excellence; good deed, manhood

to count up - to find the whole sum of by counting, to reckon up

progeny - the offspring

hungered - oppressed with hunger, very hungry

angered - provoked to wrath, irritated, inflamed

thwart - to oppose successfully; to prevent (a person, etc.) from accomplishing a purpose.