squander - to spend (money, goods, etc.) recklessly, prodigally, or lavishly; to disperse in various directions, to scatter.

underling - a branch, plant, etc., growing under, or less strongly than, another; a small or weakly plant, animal, or child. 

overload - an excessive load

Hottentot - a person of inferior intellect or culture + Aramis - pen-name of the writer who, in the Sporting Times ("The Pink ' Un") of April 1, 1922, said Ulysses would make a Hottentot sick [(notebook 1924): 'hottentot sick'].


craw (Slang) - stomach + crawsick (Anglo-Irish) - sick and thirsty after night's drinking, hungover + Sporting Times 1 Apr 1922, 4: 'The Scandal of Ulysses' (review of Ulysses by Aramis): 'The main contents of the book are enough to make a Hottentot sick' (Deming: The Critical Heritage 193).

crumb - a small particle of bread (or other friable food)

Joyce's note: 'Readers, am I right'

leon = lion + Matthew 6:28: 'lilies of the field'.

loanshark - one who lends money to individuals at extortionate (excessive) interest rates.

Old Sooty - the Devil [Joyce's note: 'old sooty (devil)']

mux - a state of disorder, mess + muxa (gr) - discharge from the nose, snot + me

Joyce's note: 'take his medicine silently'

mull - to grind to powder

repasture - food, a repast

powder - to sprinkle powder upon, to treat with powder

worm - a grief or passion that preys stealthily on a man's heart or torments his conscience.

Judas - the name of the disciple who betrayed Jesus Christ; hence allusively: One who treacherously betrays under the semblance of friendship; a traitor of the worst kind.

tonic - an invigorating or bracing influence; the principal key of a musical composition or passage.

(notebook 1924): 'gem of all jokes'

gazer - one who gazes or looks steadily, esp. from motives of curiosity + William Shakespeare: Othello III.3.165-166: 'jealousy! It is the green-eyed monster'.



silence is golden + silence gives consent + (notebook 1924): 'Again remember that silence is guilt, Mr Haverly'.

Joyce's note: 'anklegazer' Daily Mail 30 Nov 1922, 8/5: 'Long-Skirt Menace by Dorothy Richardson': 'Those funny poor dears, the ankle-gazers, who shriek out against current immodesties... will remain themselves whatever the fashion'. 

nay - no + Isaiah 1:16-17: 'cease to do evil; Learn to do well'.

whisht - An exclamation enjoining silence: Hush!

Studiosus, Herr - Mrs Christiani says, "a derogatory nickname of Ibsen's" 

a word in your ear - a brief message for you in confidence

barishnya (Russian World War I Slang) - unmarried girl (from Russian barushnya) (Hargrave: Origins and Meanings of Popular Phrases & Names 354: 'BARISHNYA. Strictly an unmarried lady. To Tommy, any "bird"') + baryshnya (Russian) - landowner's daughter (19th century).

twitter - a shred, a fragment + to get the better of - to obtain a position of superiority or advantage over another person.

to proclaim, declare or cry on or from the housetop(s) - to make public, to proclaim so that everyone knows.

Canterbury tale or story - a long tedious story, a 'friar's tale', a fable, a cock-and-bull story + Cadbury - Enghish chocolate and cocoa. 

crackers - crazy, mad; infatuated + James Joyce: Ulysses.1.146: 'cracked lookingglass of a servant'.

dial - a sun-dial; a timepiece or chronometer of any kind (obs.); the human face + (notebook 1924): 'You look in the mirror'.

stigma (gr) - tattoo-mark, mark + stigmę (Modern Greek) - moment.

iggri - hurry up!

booziliers (Slang) - fusiliers

lamppost - a post, usually of iron, used to support a street-lamp + lamppost (Slang) - tall thin person.

mullah - a learned teacher of the religious law and doctrines of Islam + mullach (mulokh) (gael) - top, summit.

mull (mul) (gael) - heap, eminence + mull (Slang) - simpleton.

bluecoat school - English charity school whose students wear long blue coats.

schooler = scholar + shooler (Anglo-Irish) - wanderer, vagrant, beggar.

Boylan in 'Ulysses' wears socks with sky-blue clocks

jot - to write briefly or hurriedly

Potiphar's wife - tempted Joseph and falsely accused him (Genesis, 39) + pot-au-feu - beef stew (typically French). 

rantipole - a wild reckless person

to tip the wink - to give a hint, suggestion or signal by or as by wink

catholicus (l) - universal, relating to all

as for - as it regards, so far as it concerns


defecate - to clear from dregs or impurities; to purify, clarify, refine

flimsy - frail, 'delicate' (obs.)

folletto - goblin, fairy + follette (fr) - merry, gay, wild.

beside oneself - out of one's wits, out of one's senses

up in arms - aroused and ready to undertake hostilities

neighbour - to come near to, to approach

I Corinthians 13:13: 'faith, hope, charity'

sh - hush!

deathbone - Austral., a bone pointed at a person and intended to cause his death.

quick - pl. (Without article or -s.) Living persons. (Chiefly in echoes of Acts x. 42 or the Apostles' Creed, in phr. quick and dead).

insomnia - inability to sleep, sleeplessness + insomnia, somnia somniorum (l) - sleepnessness, dreams of dreams + (notebook 1930): 'insomnia, somnia somniorum' + per omnia saecula saeculorum, amen (l) - for ever and ever, amen (liturgy).

of oneself - spontaneously, without the instigation or aid of another + hisself - himself.

Domine (l) - O Lord + vopiscus (l) - survivor of a pair of twins when other has been aborted + Vopiscus, Flavius - One of the six authors of Augustan History (AD. 117 - 284) + Dominus vobiscum (l) - the Lord [be] with you.

kingship - the dominion or territory of a king + William Shakespeare: King Richard III V.5.7: 'A horse! a horse! my kingdom for a horse!'

pariah - any person (or animal) of a degraded or despised class, a social outcast.

Cain - The proper name of the first fratricide and murderer + Joyce's note: 'cannibal Cain'.

forswear - to abandon or renounce on oath or in a manner deemed irrevocable.

pap - a teat or nipple + Luke 11:27: 'Blessed is the womb that bore thee, and the paps that gave thee suck'.

ever since - throughout all the time before or after a specified date

Joyce's note: 'one mass of'

jig - a piece of sport, a joke, a sportive trick or cheat + jigs (Slang) - delirium tremens.

jimjams - delirium tremens, a markedly nervous condition; fantastic ways, peculiarities.

convulsionary - rel. to convulsion (an affection marked by involuntary contractions or spasms  of the muscles, alternating with relaxation, and producing violent irregular motion and agitation of a limb or of the whole body).