(Latin translation): First of all the Master Maker, the Exalted Seedsower, who positioned himself close to the life-giving and all-powerful earth with buttocks as bare as the day they merged from the womb, lifted up his raincoat and unfastened his underpants, weeping and groaning but without any shame or anyone's by-my-leave, and loosened his bowels into his hand (highly prosy, crap in his hand, sorry!); next, after he had been relieved of this dark blast and was trumpeting a call to action, he deposited his own shit (that is what he terms his droppings) into a receptacle which once was the respectable urn of grief; then, into that same urn, with an invocation to the twin brothers Medardus and Godardus, he joyfully and mellifluously pissed, while chanting in a loud voice the Psalm which begins "My Tongue is the Pen of a Scribe who Writes Speedily" (did a piss, says he was dejected, asks to be exonerated); finally, from the foul crap that had been mixed with the sweet essence of godlike Orion, and baked and exposed to the cold, he created for himself indelible ink (faked O'Ryan's, the indelible ink).


James Joyce: Gas from a Burner 86-98:
'I'll burn that book, so help me devil.
I'll sing a psalm as I watch it burn
And the ashes I'll keep in a one-handled urn.
I'll penance do with farts and groans
Kneeling upon my marrowbones.
This very next lent I will unbare
My penitent buttocks to the air
And sobbing beside my printing press
My awful sin I will confess.
My Irish foreman from Bannockburn
Shall dip his right hand in the urn
And sign crisscross with reverent thumb
Memento homo upon my bum'

(1912 poem written immediately after and bitterly dealing with the failed negotiations with Roberts)