"Our of primal Chaos, Gods have taken a shape. Their shape is evil to those who are evil, and clean to those who are clean."

"From the beginning of Time, as Objective Universe, after Nyrlathotep manifested Great Cthulhu and Unspeakable Hastur. Great Cthulhu claimed Ursa Major and Mighty Hastur dwelled in Fire Star which is in Orion."

"Cthulhu took the shape of Seven-headed Dragon as were his Stars. And every Star was one Race, Seven Races of Infinite Space, since Seven changes into Eight only to become One and Seven again. And cycle goes on."

"Hastur manifested as Eagle with Sunny Head and Crown above the Sun gripping in his left claw Fire Sword."

"Than came reversal and all Gods dwelled together on one lone Planet, Typhon. They were divided only by Fire Barrier. And there they lived last billions of years waiting for fulfillment of Destiny. And that happened."

"Naryxs, angered by the War of their Sons, destroyed the World where they dwelled."

"Roaming in the Space, they took their shelter in farthest Abysses of Deepest Dream. But that didn't help. Naryx found them and uttered Dreadful Judgment. They were banished across the Abyss and separated so that One become two. They found shelter on some primitive land."

"At first they inhabited Yuggoth and than on Planet called Sharhah. On that young Planet they established their Civilization. But because of Judgment they couldn't go back to the Stars to which they belonged."

"So Seven stations of Great Star Shanir fell upon Earth. Sharhah was still a mass of molten lava, and there were no conditions for any kind of beings. But not for Them. And they were not alone. The Primal Gods had already descended upon Typhon with other Gods, such as Nodens, Ichtonh, Dagon, Mithra and others. So they realized the futility of their Brotherly War. And they renewed in peace."

"For billions of years they dwelt on the mountain They built and later called Arunachala by men. On the Summit they built the city called by men Eldorado or, in another symbolism, the City of Pyramids."

"Billions of years passed before they created other Civilizations. To those Civilizations belonged Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu and Hyperborea. Agartha was the underground kingdom under Sharhah's surface. And they were worshipped as Gods, even though they were Gods no more.'

"And other races dwelt on Sharhah. There were Khulls, race of giants, destructive race only dimly remembered by men. On this race which dared to attack Lemuria fell wrath of Gods. They were exterminated from the face of the Planet and but a few survived, eternally fearful of being found."

"There were race of the Zogs, hairy monsters of gigantic stature, fiery eyes and lateral mouths who came down from Levath madly bent on destroying the Gods. The Gods answered most destructively: race was totally exterminated and land of Satellite who orbits around Sharhah was devastated. His other Moons were also thrown to the Deepest Spaces, prey of evil Yog-Sothoth. At the beginning Sharhah had four Satellites: Levat, Saranah, Yoghorth and Dhashyf.'

"Beside man there were other races on land of men, Sharhah. The Bathorh, very little creatures, who also arrogantly defied the gods and were destroyed. And the Bhahlix, strange race of winged men, who thought they can trick the Gods. They also met with the same fate."

"Meanwhile, the Gods were still subjected to process of involution, and their Power over Yog-Sothoth was getting weaker all the time; but They were still across the Abyss. In order to maintain their Power  they built enormous Pyramids with complex crystalline structures to draw and store Cosmic Energy from Deepest Interstellar Spaces."

"But Naxyr still had to say last part of the Judgment. By means of a Knight from the Space she destroyed their Civilization. He made the seven stars of the Great Star fall into the Catastrophe, and sank the Continents into the depths. From the Catastrophe only four survived. Four, because they were in the last stage of fulfillment saved themselves. But in fact those Four were Eight. They separated and in pairs they carried the Ancient Science."

"Cthulhu and Hastur went to land which men one day will call Egypt. Ichtonh and Mithra went to the lands of the Incas and than in the land which men will later call China This is the Story of the Gods which came from Nothing. Now they do not exist in Interstellar Spaces, but between the Spaces and one day they will return to take what Once was Theirs."

Frank G. Ripel:  The Magick of Atlantis: Sauthenerom, the Source of the Necronomicon.