reeve - a bailiff, steward, a local official of minor rank, an overseer of a parish.

LEFT AND RIGHT BANK, PARIS - The quarters on opposite banks of the Seine in central Paris have long had distinctive atmospheres. The Rive Gauche (left bank), with the Sorbonne and the Latin quarter, is bohemian and Shemlike. The Rive Droit (right bank) is commercial, fashionable, conservative, Shaunlike.  

sinistrous - sinister, malicious, dishonest; rel. to left handed side

cut - design characterising a garment, haircut

strut - a stiff self important gait

Joyce's note: 'Howeth'

eld - Occas. used in poetry for old 

duke - In Great Britain and some other countries: A hereditary title of nobility, ranking next below that of prince.

grandeur - greatness of power or rank, eminence, lofty dignity

Wiesel (ger) - weasel + Wiese (ger) - meadow.

Derry - Londonderry

drawl - a slow, indolent utterance

blather - voluble talk void of sense

doubling - an evasion, a shift; deceitful or tricky action + Dublin

stutter - an act or a habit of stuttering


swank - ostentatious or pretentious behaviour or talk

lictor - an officer whose functions were to attend upon a magistrate, bearing the fasces before him, and to execute sentence of judgement upon offenders.

lector - a reader; Eccl. An ecclesiastic belonging to one of the minor orders, whose duty originally consisted in reading the 'lessons'.

Garda (garde) (gael) - Policeman (since independance)

billyclub - a heavy usu. wooden weapon for delivering blows

que s'appelle (fr) - what's called

caput (l) - head + kaputt (ger) - broken.

ur- (German) = ur- (Danish) - original-, primeval-, ancient-

tvist (Danish) - discord (Contrast with Concord on the next line)

CATTEGAT (KATTEGAT) - The strait connecting North and Baltic Seas between Sweden and Denmark. Dan, "cat's throat."    

blacksmith - a smith who works in iron or black metal + block (Slang) - fuck.

saft = soft + Saft (ger) = saft (Danish) - juice.

anvil - the block (usually of iron) on which the smith hammers the metal which he is working.

pail - a vessel, usually of cylindrical or truncated obconical shape, made of wooden staves hooped with iron, or of sheet-metal, etc., and provided with a bail or hooped handle; used for carrying milk, water, etc.

banns - proclamation or public notice given in church of an intended marriage, in order that those who know of any impediment thereto may have opportunity of lodging objections + BANN RIVER. The Upper Bann River, 25 miles long, rises in County Down and flows North-West into Lough Neagh; the Lower Bann, 33 miles long, flows North out of Lough Neagh into the Atlantic. At its mouth is Tonn Tuaithe, "The Wave of the North".

Joyce's note: 'Were *E* & *A* married'

captain - chief, principal, leading; intimate, friendly

splice - to join in matrimony, to marry + spliced (Slang) - married + (notebook 1922-23): 'spliced (sposà)'.

ether - the clear sky, heaven + dear + Ederfugl (Danish) - eider duck.


wild goose - any wild bird of the goose kind + Wildganse (ger) - Wild geese + vildgæs (Danish) - wild goose.

on the brink of - on the very verge of some state, time, event or action

Christmas + isthmos (gr) - strip of land between two seas.

line - Fashion: The outline or dominant features of composition of a dress or suit.

remarry - to unite again in marriage

hook and eye - a two part fastening device; fig. To connect, link + hook and eye (Slang) - arm in arm.

kiss + Oxos (gr) - river in Asia flowing into the Aral sea (now the Amu Darya).

Dom (Portuguese) - Sir + dom (Dutch) - foolish, stupid.

domb (Hungarian) - hill

filly - a young lively girl + folium (l) - a leaf + folyo (Hungarian) - river.

help - source of aid; assistent, ally + half

inshore - to put on or bring to shore + insured

PELICAN LIFE INSURANCE CO. - A British company established 1797, its Dublin offices were at 53 Dame Street.  

burgler - one who is guilty of burglary (a felonious breaking into a house)

flu - influenza

third party - a person other than the principals; Used attrib. to designate insurance arranged against injury to persons other than the insured.

tin - money, cash + (notebook 1924): 'get some money with her'.

doll - a very beautiful or attractive woman; a mistress

delvo (l) - I wash

to romp home - to win a race or prize with the greatest ease + rape - to carry off (a person  esp. a woman) by force (obs.)

Sabine - member of an ancient Italic tribe located in the mountainous country east of the Tiber River. The conflict between the Romans and the Sabines began when Romulus invited the Sabines to a festival and abducted their women (rape of the Sabine women). Titus Tatius then seized Rome's Capitoline Hill by bribing Tarpeia, daughter of the commander of the Roman guard. In the ensuing battle, fought in the valley between the Capitoline and Palatine hills, the Sabine women rushed into the fray and stopped the fighting + Sabrina (l) - river in Britain, now the Severn. 

asthore - treasure (a term of endearment)

parakeet - a bird of the parrot kind; now spec. applied to the smaller birds included in the  order, esp. those having long tails + Joyce's note: 'dwarf in birdcage'.

dredge - to remove silt, etc. from the bottom of a river, etc., by means of a dredge + trecherous

devious - lying out of the way; remote, distant

delta (gr) - letter D; anything in the shape of the letter delta, e.g., a rivermouth, the female pudenda.

play cat and mouse with - to confuse (someone) intentionally

gleam - a bright or vivid manifestation, a faint, transient or intermittent appearence.

shadda - In Arabic, a sign written or printed above a consonant to indicate that it is doubled + shadda (arab.) - strengthening + shadda (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - shadow.

flic - a French policeman + flick (fr. slang) - policeman.

pop (up) - to come promptly, suddenly, or unexpectedly

pepper - to beat thoroughly with rapid blows

old man house - a hospital for old men + min (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - men + min (Chinese) - the people + manse - the residence of a member of the clergy.

maison - a house. Now usu. in the sense of a business (esp. a fashion) house or firm + maison-dieu (fr) - hospital + fou (fr) - mad + fu (Chinese) - father.

incurable - that cannot be cured; a person suffering from an incurable disease. Usually in pl.

immure - to shut in, confine; to imprison

quaggy - Of ground: That shakes under the foot; full of quags; boggy, soft. Also of streams: Flowing through boggy soil + song The Rocky Road to Dublin.

way + Waage (ger) - scale.

Jack a lantern - a night watchman; a lantern made of the rind of a large turnip or a pumpkin, in which holes are cut to represent eyes, nose, and mouth; something misleading or elusive.

pemmican - a preparation made by certain North American Indians, consisting of lean meat, dried, pounded, and mixed with melted fat, so as to form a paste, and pressed into cakes; extremely condensed thought, or literary matter containing much information in few words.

pasty - like or resembling paste; of the consistence, appearance, or colour of paste

pie - a dish composed of meat, fowl, fish, fruit, or vegetables, etc., enclosed in or covered with a layer of paste and baked; a disintegrated and confused mass; a jumble, medley, confusion.

ring - to place round something in form of ring

ore - Seaweed, esp. such as is cast on the shore and gathered for manure; A native mineral containing a precious or useful metal in such quantity and in such chemical combination as to make its extraction profitable.

gabbard - a small ship used in inland navigation in Scotland, a sailing barge

barque - a small ship

harbourless - houseless, homeless; without harbours or havens for ships

Ivernian Ocean - Irish Sea (sea between Ireland and Britain) as depicted on Ptolemy's map of Ireland.

spy - to catch sight of, to descry or discover

loom - A seaman's term for the indistinct and exaggerated appearance or outline of an object when it first comes into view, as the outline of land on the horizon, an object seen through the mist or darkness, etc.

landfall - the first sight of land after a voyage at sea

croaker - an animal that croaks

tilt - an awning over a boat

PHOENICIA - Ancient country on East shore of Mediterranean; flourished especially 1200-1000 BC. Its capital was Tyre. Phoenicians were lending traders, sailors, navigators of ancient world; Phoenician manuals for navigators were, according to Victor Bernard, Homer's source for the travels of Odysseus. The alphabet was introduced into Europe by the Phoenicians; Joyce thought Ulysses, was a Phoenician rover.

small + phrase sweat of his brow (after Genesis 3:19).

kelp - A collective name for large seaweeds which are burnt for the sake of the substances found in the ashes + help

pigeonhouse - a building or structure in which pigeons are kept; a columbarium, dovecote. 

like fun - energetically, very quickly

himself (Anglo-Irish) - man of the house, householder, manager

timoneer - one who steers a ship, a steersman

marchant = merchantman - merchant (arch.)

suivre (fr) - to follow + swive (obs) - to copulate.

scutty - A name applied locally to the wren + cities + scut - A short erect tail, esp. that of a hare, rabbit, or deer; A short garment + scut (Slang) - vulva.

wash - a tract of shallow water, a lagoon + Neptune's salt wash - A bombastic periphrasis for 'the sea'.

cameleer - a driver and tender of a camel

burnous - a mantle or cloak with a hood, an upper garment extensively worn by Arabs.

to breeze up - (Naut.): (of a wind) to freshen, to become stronger; also impers. Of a noise: to rise on the breeze.

runagate - a person who leaves one religious faith for another, traitor; fugitive, wanderer.

bowpres - a fabric, apparently linen (used for flags) + Baum (ger) - tree + bow (Slang) - penis.

to burst a door - to force it open by a violent thrust, so as to break the door or its fastenings + borst (Dutch) - breast + bar (Dutch) - barren, cold + bar - a straight, strong rod of iron or wood fixed across any way of ingress or egress, or forming part of a fence, gate, grating, or the like.

grayling - a freshwater fish of the genus Thymallus + Burns: song: The Deil's Awa' wi' the Excise Man.