maudlin - characterized by tearful sentimentality; mawkishly emotional; weakly sentimental + Maul (ger) - mouth, muzzle + drin (ger) - inside.

rabble - a tumultuous crowd or array of people, a disorderly assemblage, a mob

aeropagus - the supreme tribunal of Athens; any tribunal whose judgements are decisive.

fracas - a noisy quarell, a disturbance, uproar

timpan - drum

crowder - one that crowds; one who plays a crowd (an ancient Celtic musical instrument of the viol class).

King Kong - Name of the ape-like monster featured in the film King Kong (1933) + hing - hang + hong - a commercial establishment in China; p. and pple. of hang.

Jove - Jupiter (highest deity of the ancient Romans)

agnomen - In Rom. Antiq. A second cognomen or fourth name, occasionally assumed by Romans. Hence loosely, A 'to-name' or additional name subsequently acquired.

lilt - to sing cheerfully or merrily; to move with a lively action + song 'Lillibullero, bullen a law' (17th century anti-Irish song).

bolero - a lively Spanish dance; also the air to which it is danced

bull - to make a fool of, to mock

nyne = nine + There are nine rivers in the classical Underworld.

windabout - mark of length, or contraction or of a particular variety of a long vowel (^) + wynd - a very narrow street.

on a level with - in a same horizontal plane as + to hold its level with - to be on an equality with (obs.)

snag - obstacle, impediment, disadvantage + snags (Anglo-Irish) - gangs.

par - 'through', 'by'

venerable + vulnerable (Anglo-Irish) - pregnant.

frame - to devise, invent, fabricate, compose

fake - to feign or simulate

shine - a brilliant display, a 'dash' (phr. to make a shine - to make a fine show) + to take the shine of - to cause (som.) to appear less impressive, important etc. than before, to outshine, surpass.

mischiefmaker - one who makes mischief, one who excites quarrels

bergen (ger) - recover, conceal + borgen (German, Dutch) - to borrow.

zipbag + zak (Dutch) - sack, bag, pocket.

shammy - a kind of soft, pliable leather; a chamois bag

mail sack - a canvas bag used for the conveyance of the mail

lampion - a small lamp; a pot or cup, often of coloured glass, containing oil or grease with a wick, used in illuminations.

stepson - a son of one’s spouse by a former marriage + swap - to strike (a bargain); to exchange [(notebook 1924): 'swapson (Miliuc)' Riguet: Saint Patrice 87: 'There existed in Ireland a custom whereby the important families exchanged their children. Milcho had no doubt in this way confided his son to Patrick's master. In this supposition, Mr Bury thinks to find the key to the mystery of the invention of Patrick's captivity to Milcho'.

post - a letter carrier, a postman

chapbook - a small book containing ballads, tales or tracts

mot - a witty saying

Moore - Designating an almanac, the first edition of which, compiled by Francis Moore was issued in 1700 under the title of Vox Stellarum, and which was later known as Old Moore's Almanac. Also ellipt. Hence (nonce-wd.) Old Moore's Almanac; v. absol., to engage in predictions of the future.

Euclid - a mathematician of Alexandria

tidal - of, pertaining to, or affected by tides; periodic, intermittent

masquerade - a masked ball + mascaret - tidal wave in estuary.

gig - joke, whim

goggle - to turn the eyes to one side or other + giggle

screaming - tending to excite screams of laughter; violent or startling in effect.

riso (it) - laugh + rizo (sp) - curl.

rabbit - A meaningless word used as an imprecation = drat, etc. + rabbit it! (Slang) - confound it!

Minnehaha - Hiawatha's girl, whose name means "laughing water" + Minne (ger) - love + Ehe (ger) - marriage. 

gurgle - to flow in a broken irregular current, with intermittent low noises, as water from a bottle, or a stream among stones, to utter intermittent guttural sounds.

gargle - to wash (the throat or mouth) with a liquid held suspended in the throat.

dusky - somewhat dark or deficient in light; dim, obscure

holy well - a well venerated often from pagan times for reputed healing properties.

MULHADDART - Village North-West of Dublin, 2 miles North-West of Blanchardstown; ½ mile North-East is Our Lady's Well + (notebook 1924): 'holy well of Mulhuddart' Freeman's Journal 25 Jan 1924, 10/2: 'At the Holy Well': 'This venerable holy well at a lonely spot on the wayside of Mulhuddart, Co. Dublin, is visited by many pilgrims, some of whom travel long distances to partake of the cool, clear waters'. 

pledge - to deliver, deposit, or assign as security for the repayment of a loan or the performance of some action, to pawn.


Terry and Kelly - Letters, II, 314: "... change name of pawnbroker Terry Kelly to Micky Grundy."  

impiety - irreligion, ungodliness, unrighteousness, wickedness + mont-de-piété (fr) - pawnshop.


faculty - general executive ability + Joyce's note: 'my faculties'

a while - for a (short or moderate) time

punt - a flat-bottomed shallow boat, broad and square at both ends [(notebook 1924): 'if you don't like it get out of the boat'] + punt (Dutch) - point, full stop.

to have, bear, carry, strike the stroke - to prevail, rule, have authority

the bend of one’s bow - one's intentions, inclination, disposition, 'calibre' + to bend (a preson) to one's bow - i.e. to one's will, inclination or control + I have the bent of his bow (phrase) - I understand him.

forward on! - Mil. as a word of command + forward - to advance, hasten, urge on.

avoirdupois - weight + to pull one's weight - to row with effect in proportion to one's weight; also fig., to perform one's share of work, to take one's share of responsibility.

lisp - to utter with a lisp or lispingly

crisp - to curl into short, stiff, wavy folds

deel = deal

longsome - long, lengthy, long lasting, esp. tediously long

tongue - to use the toungue, speak, esp. to talk volubly + to take (one's) time - to allow oneself sufficient time (to do something).

fairway - a navigable part of a river, bay or harbour, a path or line of travel.

hâtez-vous lentement (French proverb) - hasten slowly (i.e. more haste, less speed) + (notebook 1924): 'hurry up - goes slow'.

here you go

Joyce's note: 'holy ashes'

underpants - an under-garment covering the lower part of the body (and part of the legs).

evermore - forever, ever again + ower = over.

polipoli (Kiswahili) - slowly, softly + pooly (Dublin Slang) - urine.

(notebook 1930): 'R Fal'

fluss = flush - a rush of water coming down suddenly, a sudden plentiful increase of anything + FDV: She first let her hair loose fall and down to her heels it flowed and then mothernaked she washed herself from crown to sole with bogwater and mudsoap and greased her keel with butterscotch and [painted beautyspots multiplied moles on all her skin all over little mary,] and then she wove a garland for her hair and pleated it and plaited it of meadowgrass & riverflags and bulrushes & waterweeds & leaves of weeping willow and then she made her bracelets and her anklets and her armlets and her necklet amulet of cobblestones cobbles and pebbles and rich gems & rare gems ones & rhinestones & watermarbles. And then she sent her boudoir maid to Humphrey with a request that she might leave him for a moment & said she wouldn't be any length and then with her bag mealiebag upon her shoulder, Anna Livia oysterface, out at last she came. 

devious - deviating or swerving from the straight way

coil - a disposition of women's hair

mothernaked - naked as at birth, stark naked

shampoo - to subject (the scalp) to washing and rubbing with some cleansing agent, as soap and water, shampoo powder, etc.

gala dress - fine or showy dress; so gala attire, clothes, coat, habit, suit, uniform, and the like.


upper and lower + Joyce's note: 'Upper Nile made Lower Nile Lower Nile made history' Metchnikoff: La Civilisation et les Grands Fleuves Historiques 207: 'downstream, the flooding Nile that created Egypt and, as a result, the shared Western civilisation; upstream, the enormous portion that, year after year for so many centuries, created and still creates only the lower Nile and its floods'.

crown - the head, the top part of the skull

sole - the under surface of the foot

grees = grease - to smear or anoint with grease

groove - a channel or furrow of natural formation; something excellent or very satisfying. 

keel - the part of anything which corresponds in position, form or otherwise to a ship's keel + keel (Slang) - backside + keel (Dutch) - throat.

wart - a small, round, dry, tough excrescence on the skin; a nipple (obs.)

wear - the process or condition of being worn or gradually reduced in bulk or impaired in quality by continued use, friction, attrition, exposure to atmospheric or other natural destructive agencies; loss or diminution of substance or deterioration of quality due to these causes; weir.

mole - a spot on the human skin; a massive structure, esp. of stone, serving as a pier.

itch - an uneasy or restless desire or hankering after something + itcher (Slang) - vulva.

antifouling - intended to prevent fouling of underwater structures

butterscotch - a kind of toffee, chiefly composed of sugar and butter; a dark orange yellow color.

turpentine - a volatile oil, contained in the wood, bark, leaves, and other parts of coniferous trees + turfen - made of turf, covered with turf.

serpentine - a name for certain plants reputed to contain an antidote to the poison of serpents, a light green + thyme - a plant of the genus Thymus, comprising shrubby herbs with fragrant aromatic leaves, found chiefly in the Mediterranean region + proverb Time and tide wait for no man.

leafmould - mould having a large proportion of decayed leaves mixed with it

usher - to conduct, attend or introduce with ceremony from (a place) + (notebook 1923): 'Usher's Isl' Usher's Island - a quay on the south side of the Liffey river, near Phoenix Park (home of the Misses Morkan in 'The Dead').

prunella - a small genus of herbs, a genus of birds + prunelle (fr) - pupil of the eye.

quincunx (l) - five-twelfths; the arrangement of the five spots on dice + cunnus (l) - cunt + cunt (Slang) - vulva.

Little Mary - the stomach

waxwork - work executed in wax

jellybelly - a fat person + jelly - good, worthy, excellent.