grain - a small, hard, usually roundish particle

incense - any pleasant perfume or fragrance, as of flowers

anguille (fr) - eel

bronze - a brown colour like that of bronze

pleat - to plait (hair, a garland, etc.)

plait - to interweave, to braid

meadow grass - any one of the grasses of the genus Poa

flag - one of various plants, with a bladed or ensiform leaf, mostly growing in moist places. 

bulrush - a tall rush growing in or near water

water weed - any of several floating or submerged aquatic plants

weeping willow - an American plant, Dianthera americana, with narrow leaves and purplish flowers, found growing on the borders of streams and ponds; Applied to Salix aquatica and other species.

anklet - an ornament for the ankle; an ankle-ring

armlet - an ornament or band worn round the arm. (Sometimes distinguished from bracelet, which is worn only at the wrist.)

jetty - jet black [Joyce's note: 'jetty']

amulet - anything worn about the person as a charm or preventive against evil, mischief, disease, witchcraft, etc.

necklace - an ornament of precious stones or precious metal, beads, etc. worn round the neck.

click - to make the thin, dry, hard sound + Joyce's note: 'clicking pebble'

cobble - a water worn rounded stone

patter - to make a rapid succession of pats, taps, or slight sounding strokes, such as those of rain-drops against a window-pane; often referring mainly to the sound produced.

pebble - a stone worn and rolled to a rounded form by the action of water; usually applied to one of small or moderate size, less than a boulder or cobble.

rumble - to move or travel with a continuous murmuring, or low, rolling sound. Const. up, down, round, back, by, etc.

rubble - waterworn stones [Joyces' note: 'rubble']

Thomas Moore: song Rich and Rare Were the Gems She Wore [(notebook 1924): 'Rich & rare'].

rhinestone - a variety of rock crystal

bangle - armlet, bracelet, a ring-bracelet or anklet [Joyce's note: 'bangles']

dawk - tenacious black clay in a lead vein; a depression, furrow

smut - a black mark or stain

airy - light in movement or manner, delicate and graceful as air

ey = ay - eye

Lutetian - Parisian

Pavlova, Anna (1882-1931) - Russian dancer

lily pad - the broad flat leaf of a water-lily as it lies on the water

-een (Anglo-Irish) - (diminutive)

paint box - a box of solid paints or pigments, usually water-colours

pommettes (fr) - cheekbones

extra violet - Optics, said of rays outside the visible spectrum at its violet extremity.

sendre - to purify + sended + (notebook 1930): 'R. Sendre'.

boudoir - a small elegantly-furnished room, where a lady may retire to be alone, or to receive her intimate friends. 

affluence - a pletntiful flow (of tears, words, feelings, and fig. fortune's gifts)

ciliegia grande (it) - big cherry

kirsch - a dry colorless brandy + Kirsch (ger) - cherry + Persse.

ROYAL CANAL - A financial disaster from the start, the Royal Canal was begun in 1789 to run North of the Liffey, roughly paralleling the course of the rival Grand Canal to the South + real (Portuguese) - royal.

chersinos (l) - living on dry land + cherries (Slang) - young girls.

missus - wife + Mississippi

Seepy land is land under cultivation that is not well drained + (notebook 1924): 'Mrs Seepy'.

sewery - characteristic of sewers + (notebook 1924): 'Miss Sewery'.

to pass of - to leave, abandon + passe - pass; In roulette, the section of the cloth covering the numbers 19 to 36 + passe (Danish) - wait on, serve + passe (French Slang) - a fuck.

manque - In roulette, the name of one section of the cloth covering the numbers 1 to 18 + minnekin, minnikin (Anglo-Irish) - very small pin.

pay a call - to go to the toilet, to urinate

taper - Originally, A wax candle, in early times used chiefly for devotional or penitential purposes; now spec. a long wick coated with wax for temporary use as a spill, etc.

Brian a' Rosa (brian a ruse) (gael) - Little Hillside of the Wood + arroser (fr) - to water.

spritz- (ger) - squirt, spray + sprizzare (it) - sprinkle.



stall - one of a series of urinals separated by divisions, in a men's lavatory; a bench, table, board or the like, esp. one in front of a shop, upon which goods are exposed for sale. 

bridely - nuptial, bridal

somebody + song Somebody's Waiting for Me.

lump - 'mass', 'bulk'

mailbag - a large bag in which the mail is carried + mealie - a tall cereal indian grass + (notebook 1923): 'mealie bags'.

slang (Dutch) - snake, serpent

shulder = shoulder

oysterfaced (Slang) - needing a shave

basin - part of a river or canal widened and furnished with wharfs for the lading and unlading of barges.

Joyce's note: 'What for? What for? Where? who was there Describe How? Describe slowly'

hustle - to work busily, push one's way actively + FDV: Describe her! I must hear that. What had she on? What did she carry? Here she is comes. What has she got? A loin of jubilee mutton. I'll tell you know now but you must sit still. Will you [hold your peace] listen [well] to what I am going to say? The door of the ugly igloo opened outward & out came stepped a fairy woman the height of your knee. Go away! No more? The height of your knee. She wore a pair of plowman's broadbottom nailstudded boots, a sugarloaf hat with a sunrise peak of & a band of gorse & with a golden pin through it, owlglasses screening screened her eyes, a pair of potato rings in her buckled the loose ends of her ears: nude cuba stockings were salmon spot speckled: and her bloodorange knickers fancy fastened with showed natural nigger bockers: her blackstriped tan joseph was teddybearlined with a swansdown border: a couple of gaspers stuck in her hayrope garters; her civvy coat was belted with zoned by a twobar belting. She had a tight clothespeg astride of her nose so as she & something in her mouth as well & the tail of her old brown snuffbrown skirt trailed 50 miles behind her on the road.

strike while iron is hot - take advantage of favorable conditions + (notebook 1924): 'spit on the iron while it's hot' + spitz - a medium sized white dog + spitz (ger) - pointed, sharp + Ierna (l) - Ireland.

(notebook 1924): 'won't miss for worlds'

lucre - gain, profit, pecuniary advantage. Now only with unfavourable implication: Gain  viewed as a low motive for action.

lombard (fr) - banker, money lender, pawnbroker + Lombard Street - In the center of the City of London, it was the highquarters of the Lombard bankers before the 17th century, and still stands for high finance.

gaud - a plaything, toy. Also (now always), something gaudy; a showy ornament + gaudium (l) - joy.

mosel = muzzle + The Moselle (French: Moselle, German: Mosel, Luxembourgish: Musel) is a river flowing through France, Luxembourg and Germany. It is a left tributary of the Rhine river, joining it at Koblenz. 

presto (it) - quick, nimble

lesto (it) - quick

karatimania (gr) - head-madness, face-madness (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

duodecimo - person or thing of minute or diminutive size + duodecimo (l) - for the twelfth time.

Bonaventura (l) (1221-1274) - "Good Event": Franciscan cardinal and ascetic, called "The Seraphic Doctor"; wrote Biblia Pauperum, "The Poor Man's Bible"; canonized 1482. + buona ventura (it) - good luck.

Malagasy - Of or pertaining to Madagascar, its inhabitants, language, etc.

Henry George Liddel (1811-1898) - co-compiler of A Greek Lexicon, standard English-Greek dictionary; father of Lewis Carroll's Alice + little

oud - a form of lute or mandolin played principally in Arab countries + odd + oud (Dutch) - old.

oddity - an odd or peculiar person

scallop - to ornament or trim with scallops, to gather scallops + scale - to weigh, have weight of (so much).

harness - ware, gear

amnesty - forgetfulness, oblivion + amnis (l) - river.

calamity - a grievous disaster, an event or circumstance causing loss or misery.

electrify - to charge with electricity, thrill; to startle, excite

electress - the wife of a German Elector of the Empire; a female elector, a woman having a vote + Joyce's note: 'electress'.

necessity - an unavoidable compulsion or obligation of doing something + proverb Necessity is the mother of invention.

angin - a beginning (Middle English) + angin (Malay) - air, wind, breeze.

Injun - Indian

flip - a sudden jerk or movement + flap - 'anything that hangs broad and loose, fastened only by one side'. 

hoog (Dutch) - high

igloo - an Eskimo dome-shaped hut; esp. one built of blocks of compact snow

flapper - to move like a flapper, i.e. with a loose flapping motion

toetip - the extremity of a toe + to tiptoe it - to go or walk on tiptoe.

Bushman - a member of an aboriginal people of Southern Africa

em - "m"

embarras - embarrassment

aues, aves (l) - birds + Aue (ger) - meadow.

(notebook 1924): 'entre 2 ages'

beauty queen - winner of a beauty contest + judy - girl + Quiney, Judith Shakespeare (1585-1661) - Shakespeare's younger daughter, whom he disinherited.