flap - to beat the wings, of a bird: To make way by flapping the wings.

kraai (Dutch) - crow + kraak (Dutch) - crash, crack + croaking.

debacle - a sudden breaking up or downfall; a confused rush or rout

quarter - boundary or limit towards one of the cardinal points + kvarter (Danish) - district.


treisbous (gr) - three oxen + tribes.

niver - never

thon - the one yonder, that + Thonar or Thon - god worshipped in England and on the Continent, maybe a form of Thor because his name is that of the Teutonic word for "thunder".

nixie - a female water elf

FDV: She never comes out when Thon's there or on show shower or when Thon's a on flash with Thon's the tindergiris or when Thon's blowing thonders on Thon's gaelaboys gaelieboys down the gaels of Thon.

Nebo - Babybonian god whose name means "proclaimer," son of Merodach, introduced writing and general wisdom to the people + nebo (Serbian) - sky + nubo (l) - to cover, to veil, to marry + nubes (l) - cloud.

nebla (Rhaeto-Romanic) fog + nebula (l) - mist, vapor, fog.

liv (Danish) - life + not on your life - by no means, not on any account.

FDV: [Her is be too moochy afeerd [I do veer. [Now she comes, a peacefugle, picking here, pecking there - - -] Pussypussy plunderbussy plunderpussy, it all goes into her nabsack & she borrowed burrowed the coach coacher's lamp to see. Cartridges & ratlin buttins & nappy boots & flags flasks of all nations & clavicurds & scampulars & piles of pennies & [moonlit] brooches with [bloodstaned] breeks in em & maps & keys & the last sigh that came from the heart & the first sin the sun saw. She brings us her We know all men by these her presents from the goneaway past how there'll be eggs for the brekkers come to mourning. For where there's a there's wherever the gale find seek guess find [the] gall & wherethen whenthere's a hind seek hunt seek the hun.]]

mooch - to pretend poverty, sneak, steal + muchly - much, exceedingly.

afreet - a powerful jinn or demon (in Arabian and Muslim mythology) + afraid

dead in the world

In the English folktale Jack and the Beanstalk, when the giant smells Jack, he declares: "Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman. Be he alive or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make my bread." The giant then tells his wife, "I smell an English man. I am sure I am right this time. Cook him for my supper" + fè (Rhaeto-Romanic) - faith + fö (Rhaeto-Romanic) - fire + fom (Rhaeto-Romanic) - hunger + William Shakespeare: King Lear III.4.174: 'Fie, foh, and fum'.

jist - just

hope - to expect with desire, or to desire with expectation; to look forward to

boys will be boys - an expression of resignation towards childish ways + let bygones be bygones (phrase).

Dear, and it goes on to... (The Letter)

peaceful + fugle - leader + fugl (Danish) - bird.

paradise bird = bird-of-paradise + Most versions of the myth of Osiris relate that Isis took the form of a bird when she sought Osiris, and that she was accompanied by their shadowy sister, also a bird + Thomas Moore: Lalla Rookh: Paradise and the Peri.

peri - in Persian Mythology, one of a race of superhuman beings, originally represented as of evil or malevolent character, but subsequently as good genii, fairies, or angels, endowed with grace and beauty + very - possessing the true character of the person or thing named + perí (Czech) - feather + peri (Hebrew) - fruit.

godmother - a female sponsor considered in relation to her god-child + peri potmon (gr) - concerning fate, about death + Fairy Godmother (in pantomime Cinderella) + 'Mother of Pots' - epithet of Osiris's grave, so called from the broken pot fragments littering the area, the remnants of ancient offerings.

Pringle, Sin John (1707-82) - according to Mr Knuth, a Scottish doctor, author of Observations on the Diseases of the Army in Camp and Garrison. His biographer was Andrew Kippis + pinglopiki (Esperanto) - pinprick + pik (Dutch) - penis; peck.

i land (Danish) - on land + i skip (Danish) - on board ship + kip (Dutch) - hen + landscape

peewee - a lapwing, the thin wailing cry of this bird; applied to a small child; spec. A small marble.

powwow - the working of cures; 'medicine'

piggyback + bag on her back.

flick - any sudden movement, a jerk

flask - a bottle, usually of glass, of spheroidal or bulbous shape, with a long narrow neck

fleck - to flutter about, to jerk, to move with quick vibrations + fling - to throw, cast, toss, hurl.

pixilated - mentally somewhat unbalanced, confused, inchanted, bewitched; drunk

pack - a package, parcel, esp. one of considerable size or weight + pax (l) - peace.

euhemerema (gr) - success, good luck + marama (Serbian) - kerchief + rainbows (pact of peace, Genesis 9:16).

peck - Of birds: To take (food) with the beak.

plunder - robbery, pillage

armistice - a cessation from arms; a short truce + (notebook 1922-23): 'armitise'.


milito (l) - to be a soldier + milito (Esperanto) - war + paco (Esperanto) - peace + pucas, or more properly, pucaš (Serbian) - (you) shoot.


merry Christmas

minutia - very small in size, extent, amount, or degree + (notebook 1922-23): 'minutiae' + munition.


truce - a suspension of hostilities for a specified period between armies at war, peace

childer - children

nebo (Serbian) - sky + above.


burrow - to construct by burrowing, to excavate + borrowed

coacher - the driver of a coach + FDV: Pussypussy plunderbussy plunderpussy, it all goes into her nabsack & she borrowed burrowed the coach coacher's lamp to see.

headlights - two powerful lamps carried on the front of a motor vehicle

pry - to look esp. to look closely or curiously

aroon (Anglo-Irish) - beloved (from Irish a rún) + Siul, siul, siul a run, Siul go socair Agus siul go ciuin (shul shul shul/arun/shul go sukir/ogus shul gu kyun) (gael) - Go, go, go my dear, Go securely And go calmly (Irish song).

knapsack - a bag or case of stout canvas or leather, worn by soldiers, strapped to the back and used for carrying necessaries; any similar receptacle used by travellers for carrying light articles.

cartridge - the case in which the exact charge of powder for fire-arms is made up + FDV: Cartridges & ratlin buttins

ratlins (notebook 1923) → O. Henry: The Four Million 168: 'From the Cabby's Seat': 'Like a sailor shinning up the ratlins during a squall Jerry mounted to his professional seat' + ratlins (Nautical) - a series of small ropes fastened across a sailing ship's shrouds like the rungs of a ladder, used for climbing the rigging + rattling buttons.

nappy - having a nap, shaggy, fuzzy + nap - a special surface given to cloth of various kinds by artificial raising of the short fibres, with subsequent cutting and smoothing.

spattee - formerly, an outer stocking or legging worn by women for protection against wet and cold + FDV: & nappy boots

flask - a bottle, usually of glass, of spheroidal or bulbous shape, with a long narrow neck, applied esp. to the bottles of this form, protected by a covering of wicker-work or plaited grass, etc. in which wines and olive oil are exported from Italy + FDV: & flags flasks of all nations

clavichord - a musical instrument with strings and keys + claviculer - a key keeper, turnkey + clavicula (l) - small key + FDV: & clavicurds & scampulars

scapular - a short cloak covering the shoulders; prescribed by the Rule of St. Benedict to be worn by monks when engaged in manual labour + clavicles and scapulas (bones).

woodpile - a pile of wood (as firewood) + FDV: & piles of pennies

hapenny - half penny + In 1724, copper coinage for Ireland was produced by William Wood, a swindle; Swift wrote tirades against 'Wood's halfpence' in The Drapier's Letters.

moonlet - a little moon + FDV: & [moonlit] brooches with [bloodstaned] breeks in em

brooch - an ornamental fastening, consisting of a safety pin, with the clasping part fashioned into a ring, boss, shield, or other device of precious metal or other material, artistically wrought, set with jewels, etc.

bloodstone - a green variety of jasper or quartz, with small spots of red jasper looking like drops of blood, supposed in former times to have the power of staunching bleeding, when worn as amulets + stane - stone + bloodstained.

breeks - breeches + break - something abruptly breaking the line, or level; an irregularity, roughness, knot, etc.

boaston = boston - a card game + BOSTON - Seaport city, capital of Mass, US, home of the former Boston Evening Transcript + Boston nightletters.

chaussettes (fr) - socks

nickel - a hard silvery-white lustrous mineral + knick knack - a light dainty article of furniture, dress or food; a trinket.

nack - a toy, a plaything, a knickknack

cate - an article of food, choice food; cat + poor Father Michael & lovely present of cakes (The Letter).

howitzer - a short piece of ordnance, usually of light weight, specially designed for the horizontal firing of shells with small charges, and adapted for use in a mountainous country + how are you (The Letter).

midge - a popular name loosely applied to many small gnat-like insects; an artificial fly for fishing; a diminutive person

magget = maggot + well Maggy/Majesty (The Letter)

il (fr) - he + ill, well.

ell - a measuring rod + elle (fr) - she + l's → a lone a last a loved a long.

loff - laugh; loaf; love; luff

toff - a person of superior social status and often fashionable [Werner: Barnum 87: (Barnum) 'believed that when in London he must do as the toffs did'] + lots of love.

pleura (gr) - rib + pleur (fr) - tear + Plurabelle.

boek (Dutch) - book + lied (Dutch) - song + Buckley + the

sin (Serbian) - son + Bédier: Le Roman de Tristan et Iseut 3: (Tristan's mother immediately after giving birth to him, while mourning for her recently-slain husband): '"Son, she said to him, I have long wished to see you; and I see the fairest thing that ever a woman bore... And as you came into the world through sadness, your name shall be Tristan." When she had said these words, she kissed him, and, as soon as she had kissed him, she died' + FDV: & the last sigh that came from the heart & the first sin the sun saw.

cearc (kark) (gael) - hen, chicken + ceart (kart) (gael) - correct.

four crosskisses (The Letter)

unto life's end (The Letter)

slain - p. p. od slay; smut in grain + slainte (slant'i) (gael) - Health! + slán (Irish) - farewell, goodbye + stain (The Letter).

beautiful + (notebook 1924): 'booty & beauty' → Gwynn: The History of Ireland 9: 'The rulers of Ireland, whose wars with one another for land and for booty are described in the romances, were Gaelic by blood'.

true to - consistent with, exactly agreeing with

strongly + streng verboden (Dutch) - strictly forbidden + In Irish mythology Sreng (often misinterpreted as Streng) was a champion of the Fir Bolg or Men of Bolg. In the first Battle of Magh Tuiredh he faced Nuada, king of the Tuatha Dé Danann, and with one great blow he cut off half his shield and severed Nuada's arm at the shoulder. Although nearing defeat, Sreng and the three hundred surviving Fir Bolg vowed to fight to the last man. The Tuatha Dé Danann invaders, however, considered them so noble that they offered them one fifth of Ireland. They agreed, and stood down from the conflict. The Fir Bolg chose Connacht, where men traced their descent from Sreng until the 17th century.

historic present (tense) - grammarians' term for Latin historians' use of present tense to vivify narrative of past actions + FDV: She brings us her We know all men by these her presents from the goneaway past how there'll be eggs for the brekkers come to mourning.

post prophesy - to prophesy after the event

lordy - exp. of surprise or astonishment + heir - inheritor + Lord Mayors.

lady's maid - a woman servant whose special duty it is to attend to the toilet of a lady + Lady Mayoresses.

a nice or pretty kettle of fish - an awkward state of things, a 'muddle'

In the midst of life we are in death (from the 'Order for the Burial of the Dead').

laff - laugh

plore - to weep, wail

mirth + birth control.

naperon - apron

sabots (fr) - wooden shoes + Sabeans.

aria - a connected succession of musical sounds in expressive rhythmical arrangement + airs

sair - sore + sa sær (Danish) - so odd.

solly - solely; strange, marvellous, wonderful + sorry

sage (ger) - (I) say, tell + Isaac [and Sarah, mother of Isaac (in previous line)]

Grick - Greek

Trojan - an inhabitant or native of Troy

two sides to every (story)