petit (fr) - small

holos (Greek) - whole

alphabet + all for a bit → synecdoche - a figure of speech in which a part is used for the whole or the whole for a part. Giordano Bruno held that every tiny particle embodies the entire universe within itself + FDV: When a piece does duty for the whole we soon get used to an allforabit allphorabit.

several + silver + FDV: Here are selveram cued little petty petteet peas of quite a pecuniar interest inaslittle as they are the pellets that make the tomtums tomtummy's payroll.

cue - the letter q; to make an indicatory mark on; to drive (a ball in Billiards & Snooker) with a cue; to form a line or queue + cute.

peteet - small; of little importance or value + petits pois cuits (French) - cooked peas.

pea - the round seed of Pisum sativum, a well-known article of food; something small and round like the seed

pecuniar = pecuniary - of, belonging to, or having relation to money + peculiar.

inasmuch as - in so far as, in view of the fact that, seeing that

pellet - any globe, ball, or spherical body, usually one of small size

tom tommy - a double breasted plough + tom (Danish) - empty + tummy - belly, stomach + FDV: that make the tomtums tomtummy's payroll.

roll - a quantity of bills or notes rolled together; hence, the money a person possesses + payroll - a employer's list of those entitled to receive compenstion at a given time and of the amounts due to each.

rank - to form a rank or ranks, to stand in rank + FDV: Right are rocks and with these rocks rogues orangotangoes rangled rough & rightgoring rightgorong.

Ragnar Lodbrok - a 9th century Danish warlord, said by some to have fathered Ivar the Boneless, who was a prominent Norse king of Dublin + ragnarok - in Scandinavian mythology, the destruction of the gods or the twilight of the gods; spec. the last battle of this world, in which gods and men will be defeated by monsters and the sun will grow dark (often mistranslated as 'twilight of the gods').

rox - to decay + rocks

orangutan - an anthropoid ape + orangotangos (Portuguese) - orang-utans (from Malay for 'forest dweller').

rangle - to argue noisily or vehemently; to range about in an irregular manner

wisha - Used as an intensive or exp. of surprise: indeed, well

tha (Þa) (Old English) - then, when + FDV: Wisha, wisha, whydidthe whydidtha?

thik - that same, this, that + FDV: This Thik is for thorn that's tuck in its toil like tom tomfool's anger traitor thrust for vengeance.

thorn (Old English, Old Norse) - the letter Þ, pronounced th ([θ] or [ð])

thrust - a forcible push or pushing + thirst

midnight + midden + FDV: What a [mnice old mness it mnakes,] middenhide's mniddenhide's hoard of abjects! olives, bats, kimmels, dollies, alfrids, ____, pethers gormons daltons [&]

hoard - a secret store of valuables or money

beet - a plant or genus of plants (N.O. Chenopodiacea), having, in cultivation, a succulent root much used for food, and also for yielding sugar + FDV: olives, bats, kimmels, dollies, alfrids, ____, pethers gormons daltons [&]

kimmel - a tub used for brewing, kneading, salting meat, and other household purposes + Kümmel (ger) - caraway + kamila (Serbian) - camel.

dolly - a pet name for a child's doll; a wooden implement for stirring clothes in a washtub; a small piece of wood or metal placed on the head of a pile to prevent damage to the pile while it is being driven + Alef, bet, gimel, dalet - the first four letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

owlet - an owl; a young owl or little owl

eggs + x.

bleakish - rather pale (obs.) + creak - to make or cause to make a harsh squeaking sound + Greekish.

fromage (fr) - cheese

quite - rather, to a moderate degree

y + epsilon (uppercase Ε, lowercase ε) is the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet, corresponding phonetically to a close-mid front unrounded vowel /e/. In the system of Greek numerals it has a value of 5. It was derived from the Phoenician letter He + epsilaine (gr) - was growing thin.

wobble - an unsteady rocking motion or movement + old world w's.

haud (l) - not + FDV: Oiolets' eegs creakish with ____ the hoopoocough age [& now] quite epsilene [waweldy's oldwoldy & wobblewers] not hand worth a wipe of a grass.

keep of the grass - do not take liberites

worm - to move or progress sinuously like a worm + wurm (obs) - snake, worm + Wurra-Wurra - a druidic idol destroyed by Saint Patrick + FDV: Sss! See the snake worms wurrums everywhere our durst durl bin is sworming with sneaks!

Dublin + dustbin.

swarm in - to be crowded with

sneak - a sneaking person + snakes

toucher terre (French) - to land + Angleterre (French) - England + (notebook 1923): 'triangular Spain' → Flood: Ireland, Its Saints and Scholars 27: (Adamnan on the spread of Saint Columcille's influence) 'his name not only became illustrious throughout the whole of our own Ireland and Britain, but reached even to triangular Spain and Gaul and Italy, and also to the city of Rome itself'.

prairie - a tract of level or undulating grass-land, without trees, and usually of great extent

rare = rear - to erect by building, construct, elevate, raise

caldron - a large kettle, a natural formation suggesting a cauldron + cargo - a ship-load + (notebook 1924): 'S came in a cargo of fruit' (it is unclear whether the initial S is an *S* siglum or simply an abbreviation for 'snakes') → Freeman's Journal 22 Feb 1924, 8/4: 'By the Way': 'The ss. Reventazon was landing a cargo of bananas from Jamaica when a strange little creature was discovered hiding among the fruit... its precise genus seems to have baffled everyone... Now, what is it?'

prohibitive - that forbids or restrains from some course of action + forbidden fruit + Genesis 3:3: 'the tree which is in the midst of the garden'.

pome - a fruit of the apple kind or resembling an apple + pomme (fr) - apple + pome fruit - a plant that bears pomes + fruct = fruit.

paddy - rice; Irishman; policeman, cop

Wippingham, Paddy - (1) St Patrick; (2) Dick Whittingtom; (3) The Wippingham Papers by Swinburne.

cotch - catch + William Shakespeare: Macbeth III.2.13: 'We have scotch'd the snake, not kill'd it'.

prick - erect and pointed + quicker + prick (Slang) - penis.

Genesis 2:23: 'she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man'.

pick up her (drawers)

tally - any tangible means of recording a payment or amount + FDV: Subdivide and sumdolot and but the tale comes out the same balifusion.

balofuseni balifusion (Joyce's note) → Clodd: The Story of the Alphabet 203: (of the Ogam alphabet) 'The alphabet is divided into four aicmes or groups, each containing five letters: the first aicme, B, L, F, S, N... the fourth aicme, comprising the vowels A, O, U, E, I'.

racketeer - one who extorts money

bootlegger - one who carries liquor in his boot-legs; hence, an illicit trader in liquor

axe - the axle of a wheel; an edge tool with a heavy bladed head mounted across a handle + ace.

thwack - bang, whack, to strike with something heavy + two.

thrack - to pack full, fill, to load + three & tracks + FDV: Axe plays on axe thwacks on axe acks thracks axewise.

one by one - one after another, one at a time

plus + FDV: One by one please place one be three and one before.

ditto - the aforesaid, the same; Used, in accounts and lists to avoid repetition of a word or phrase appearing above.

minus + two nurses (*IJ*) + FDV: Two nursus one make free tree free and idem behind.

plausible - worthy of being applauded, agreeable, popular

idem (l) - the same + jedan (Serbian) - one.

start off - to set out, to begin a journey; to begin to move, to leave the point of departure in any kind of progression

boa - a genus of serpents native to the tropical parts of S. America

threelegged - having three legs + Crow: Master Kung: The Story of Confucius p. 49: 'Three-legged calves, big snakes, the discovery of rocks of strange appearance' [examples of omens] + three-legged - the siglum Joyce uses in his notes and drafts for the combined Shem-Shaun character has three legs.

calver - a pregnant cow + kalvers (Dutch) - calves.

Igraine - mother of King Arthur + evergreen.

jade - a contemptuous name for a horse; a horse of inferior breed, e.g. a cart- or draught-horse as opposed to a riding horse + Crow: The Story of Confucius, Master Kung 45: (before Confucius's birth) '...a fabulous animal known as a chi lin appeared before the prospective mother, bearing in its mouth a jade tablet inscribed with a message prophesying future greatness for the son then about to be born. The young girl tied a silken scarf around the single horn of the animal and it disappeared the same night, only (according to the story) to reappear more than seventy years later, just after the death of Master Kung.'

Crow: The Story of Confucius, Master Kung 43: (in ancient China) 'Most of the writing done was laboriously inscribed with a stylus on slips of bamboo... a book the size of the volume now in the reader's hands would fill a small truck. It was said of one industrious scholar that he read 'a hundredweight daily'.' + 111.

liberorumque (Latin) - and of children + librorumque (Latin) - and of books + liber (l) - book + queue (fr) - penis.

con - to get to know; to study or learn, esp. by repetition + con (fr) - vulva.

All Hallows Day - All Saints' Day; the first of November + All Hallows' Eve (Archaic) - Halloween.

meander - a winding course or movement (from the Meander river in Greece, noted for its winding course) + Neanderthal.

unfurl - to make or become spread out from a rolled or folded state, esp. in order to be open to the wind + FDV: What a tale to unfurl & with what an end in view of squattor autosquattor auntisquattor & postprone . . . .squattor postproneauntisquattor!

larry - confusion, excitement, noise; a long handled hoe + Tom, Dick and Harry - any man taken at random.

the (old) sod - one's native district or country; spec., Ireland

little son - a grandson

lea - land 'laid down' for pasture, pasture-land, grass-land + FDV: And to say that we us to be are all every tim mick & larry of us, sons of the sod, sons littlesons, yea & weelittlesons leastlittlesons when we are usses not to be every sue, ciss & sally of us, dugters of Jor Nan. Accusative ahnsire! Dam to infinities!

(plural of us)

siss - a hissing noise + sis - sister.

sally - the european house wren

daughters + duga (Serbian) - rainbow.

accusative - marking direct object (gram.); accusing

answer + Ahn (ger) - ancestor.

nullus - no one, nobody + in illis diebus (l) - 'in those days', Latin formula used in the Mass to introduce Lesson + in nullis diebus (l) - in no days + Nile - Egyptian river, associated with papyrus reeds, from which Egyptian "paper" was made and from which the word 'paper' is derived.

as yet - up to this time, hitherto

Lumpenpapier (German) - rag paper (paper made from cotton) + FDV: True there was no lumpend paper papeer as yet in the waste and the mountain pen still groaned for the micies to deliver him.

penn = pen (obs.) + parturiunt montes, nascetur ridiculus mus (l) - the mountains are in labor, a laughable little mouse is born (when much is promised, little performed) + fountain pen.

groan - to utter a low deep sound expressive of grief or pain

ancientry - ancient times, antiquity

give (I) the boot - to dismiss (someone from his job) or end a relationship with (someone), kick out, dismiss + FDV: You gave me a boot (signs on it!) and I ate the wind.

signs on it (Anglo-Irish) - consequently, therefore, as a result (from Irish: tá a shliocht air or Irish: tá a rian air)

eat the air - to have vain hopes

quiz - to question, interrogate; to find out (a thing) by questioning + quis (l) - who + FDV: I tipped quizzed you a quid (with for what?) and you went to quod.

quid - a sovereign; one pound sterling; a piece of something (usu. of tobacco), suitable to be held in the mouth and chewed + quid (l) - what.

quid pro quo (Latin) - an exchange (literally: "what for what")

quod - a quadrangle or court, as of a prison; hence, a prison + quod (l) - 1) because; 2) that (conjunction) + 'Nemo dat quod non habet', literally meaning "no one [can] give what they don't have" is a legal rule + god.

anima mundi (Latin) - the World Soul, believed by ancient philosophers to be the soul of the Universe + FDV: But the world, mind, is, was & will be writing its own runes wrunes for ever, man, on all matters that fall under the ban of our senses.