pipe - the voice, esp. as used in singing; the song or note of a bird, etc. Formerly also in pl. to set up one's pipes, to cry aloud, shout, yell (obs.); to tune one's pipes, to begin to cry, i.e. weep (Sc.) + Doran's Ass (song): 'So he tuned his pipes and fell a-humming'.

eejit (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - idiot + Egypt.

Ptolemy - a celebrated astronomer who lived at Alexandria in the second century a.d., produced (c.a.d. 150) atlas of maps with earliest known identification of Dublin (Eblana) + Ptolemy Soter - founded the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt. Cleopatra was last of the line + tell me soon.

curb - to bend, bow, curve; to restrain, check, keep in check

Eskimo - a member of a widely spread people inhabiting the Arctic from Greenland to Eastern Siberia; any of the several languages of this people + escuma (Portuguese) - froth.

shoot - to go swiftly and suddenly + (intravaginal ejaculation).

sheba - an attractive and flirtious young woman + REFERENCE + Solomon and Queen of Sheba (I Kings 10).

sheath - a case or covering into which a blade is thrust when not in use + vagina (l) - sheath.

Salomon (exact spelling) was the name of Sir John Hawkins' boat which was the first English boat to carry slaves to the New World + ''Here you are back on your hawkins, from Blasil the Brast to our povotogesus portocall, the furt on the turn of the hurdies, slave to trade,... [FW 316.28-29]

BULLS, NORTH AND SOUTH - The "Bulls" were the great sandbanks North and South of the channel in inner Dublin Bay, so-called "from the roaring of the surf against them when uncovered at low water" (Haliday, 234). Since the building of the South and Bull Walls, the South Bull is under water at all tides and the North Bull is an island, connected with the mainland by a bridge (no longer wooden as in A Portrait), and paralleling the shore from Clontarf almost to Howth. Clontarf, "meadow of the bull," may have been named from the North Bull.

ruhig (ger) - energetic, busy + ruhren (ger) - to stir, move + Ruhr - medium-size river in western Germany, a right tributary of the Rhine + roaring

surf - to swell, break or otherwise behave like surf

spree - a lively or boisterous frolic, prolonged drinking + Spree - river that flows through Germany and Czech Republic.

boyar - a member of a peculiar order of the old Russian aristocracy, next in rank to a knyaz + boyarka (Russian) - wife of a boyar.

buadh (bue) (gael) - victory + Buëch - river in southeastern France, right tributary to the Durance.

Bojana - a 41 km long river in Albania and Montenegro which flows into the Adriatic Sea

ern - to run. Of water, a river: To flow + erne - An eagle; in mod. use chiefly the golden eagle or the sea-eagle + Erne - river in the northwest of Ireland + earned

lille - to quiver; of the city Lille, France + lille (Danish) - little.

BATH - City and spa (Ger, Bad) in Somerset, England, on the Avon River. "Bath buns" are more edible than they sound + Banba (Irish) - Ireland (poetic).

daily + stale (hard) + astal = sto (Serbian) - table.

bred = bread

the sweat of (one's) brow - toil, hard work + 'earning his bread by the sweat of his brow' (phrase after Genesis 3:19).

kaldt (Danish) - called + FDV: Don't you know he was born at he's a bairn of the sea, Waterhouse the waterbaby?

bairn - a child; a son or daughter + Joyce's note: 'bairn born at sea blue in his e'e b. 47' 22" by 22' 18" *E* water baby' ('by' not clear; only first eight and last three words crayoned) [.07-.09].

brine - the water of the sea; the sea

water borne - floating upon the water, conveyed by water + winterbourne - stream or river that is dry through the summer months. A winterbourne is sometimes simply called a bourne, from the Anglo-Saxon for a stream flowing from a spring, although this term can also be used for all-year water courses.

Ave Maria + hav (Danish) - sea.

codfish - a well-known sea fish, which inhabits the North Atlantic and its connected seas + fisk (Danish) - fish.

ee = eye + FDV: O, I know, so he was. HCE has blue in his ee.

sure + Syr Darya - river in Central Asia.

bodhar (Irish) - deaf + Bhadra - river in southern India. + FDV: Sure, she's nearly as bad herself.

ay - indicating assent to a previous statement, yes; Ah! O! + FDV: Who? Anna Livia? Yes, Anna Livia.

banquet - a feast, a sumptuous entertainment of food and drink + bak (Norwegian) - back + vande (Norwegian) - water, tide.

sal = salt - that which gives liveliness, freshness, or piquancy to a person's character, life, etc. + sal (l) - salt + Salso is a river of Sicily + gals

nyumba (Kiswahili) - house, room, hut

noo - now + noo (Kiswahili) - large whetstone.

chamba (Kiswahili) - hiding place; (of a woman) to wash her private parts + chamber + Because of the alliteration and parallel construction, and the nonsense nature of the sequence, I think it is reasonable (among reasonable men) to say that in this case Joyce used the words with little or no consideration for their sense, though the meanings are significant, if not particularly so in the case of "nyumba". (Karl Reisman)

choo (Kiswahili) - privy, lavatory + Chu - river in northern Kyrgyzstan and southern Kazakhstan + number one, number two (euphemisms for bodily functions).

till = to + FDV: Do you know that she was calling girls into him?

cheefe = chief (obs.) + (notebook 1924): 'erring man' + Morley's Life of Gladstone, calls Parnell Ireland's "erring chief."

tickle - to excite, to give pleasure or amusement to

pontiff - a chief or high priest (of any religion)

aisy (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - easy + Oise river is a right tributary of the Seine River.

Gota - river in Romania + FDV: She was? Ah, go to God? O, tell me all I want to hear. Letting on she didn't care.

Yssel - river, flows from Westervoort, east of the city of Arnhem, until it discharges into the IJsselmeer. River Yssel is one of the three major distributary branches into which the Rhine divides itself shortly after crossing the German-Dutch border, the other two being the rivers Nederrijn and Waal.

Limmat - a river in Switzerland + isn't that the limit?

Rio Negro (English: Black River) - largest left tributary of the Amazon and the largest blackwater river in the world

wince - to draw back, as with fear or pain; to make a face indicating disgust or dislike

was + wonce = once + (as the nigger winced when he looked in the glass).

La Plata (English: Silver) - capital city of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina + Río de la Plata (River of Silver), sometimes rendered River Plate or [La] Plata River - river and estuary formed by the confluence of the Uruguay River and the Paraná River on the border between Argentina and Uruguay. The Río de la Plata widens from about 2 kilometres at the inner part to about 220 kilometres at its mouth. It forms part of the border between Argentina and Uruguay, with the major ports and capital cities of Buenos Aires and Montevideo on its southwest and northeast shores.


laddery - resembling a ladder

dextro- - '(turning or turned) to the right' + a latere dextro (l) - on the right side, on the right flank.

eyewink - the time it takes to wink the eye, an instant + coney - a rabbit + Conewango Creek is a tributary of the Allegheny River in the United States.

bunting - a loosely woven fabric used for flags + {HCE fell (lost erection) a wink after ALP lifted her legs}

let on - to pretend

sina feza (Kiswahili) - I have no money

absentee - one who is absent, or away, on any occasion + me absente (l) - in my absence + absanthe (Kiswahili) - thanks + The Ashanti slave has been carried to Jamaica and complains he is an absentee (Karl Reisman).

man in possession - a duly authorized person who is placed in charge of chattels (furniture or the like) upon which there is a warrant for distress

proxenete - a person who negotiates on another’s behalf, match maker + proxénète (fr. slang) - pimp, bawd + (notebook 1924): '*C* proxenete' + REFERENCE

phwat = what

emme = eme (uncle) + (notebook 1930): 'R. Emme' → Emme is a river in Switzerland.

Russ - the Russian language + reussi - fine, excellent + russischer (ger) - Russian + (notebook 1930): 'R. Reuss' → Reuss is a river in Switzerland + (Madame Blavatsky [.21] was Russian and her theosophy was largely based on ancient Indian beliefs).

Hindu - an Aryan of Northern India (Hindustan), who retains the native religion (Hinduism), as distinguished from those who have embraced Islam + (notebook 1930): 'Honddu R' → The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. XXVIII, 'Wales', 259d: 'the confluence of the Usk and Honddu'.

jargon - a characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves) + Yarkon - river in central Israel + jerk off - masturbate + (notebook 1930): 'R jarkon' → Jabotinsky: Samson the Nazarite 52: 'The plain of Sharon is more fruitful than the hill of Benjamin, the waters of Jarkon richer than the canals of Sichem!'

lingua franca - (It. 'Frankish tongue') a mixed language or jargon used in the Levant, consisting largely of Italian words deprived of their inflexions. Also transf. any mixed jargon formed as a medium of intercourse between people speaking different languages.

spate - a flood or inundation + call a spade a spade - to speak plainly and directly. It derives from an ancient Greek expression: 'ta syka syka, te:n skaphe:n de skaphe:n onomasein' = "to call a fig a fig, a trough a trough".

share + show + Shari - river in central Africa.

Hebrew + Ebro - Spain's most voluminous river.

skol - a health in drinking, a toast + scoil (skul) - school + skole (Danish) - school.

abecedarian - one that is learning the rudiments of something (as the alphabet)

par exemple - for example, for instance + exemplum - an example, an illustrative story + per exemplum (l) - through an example.

conservancy - a commission or court having jurisdiction over a port or river, to regulate the fisheries, navigation, etc.; the official preservation of trees, forests

cause - ground of action; reason for action, motive; the matter about which a person goes to law

telekinesis - the power to move something by thinking about it without the application of physical force + Blavatsky's 'Mahatma Letters' came from Tibet by telekinesis (movement produced by medium, at a distance).

impersonate (approximate)

God's + coxa (l) - the hip + Cocytus, Hades (river of wailing).

Botletle River is a natural watercourse in Botswana + but little.

loa - a filarial worm of the monotypic genus + In Haiti Loa is the term for the God who 'possesses' a dancer during a Vodun ceremony, whose role the possessed dancer then proceeds to "act" + Loa - river in Chile + low

spot - to catch sight of, to recognize or detect

window + Venta (German: Windau) - river in north-western Lithuania and western Latvia + Joyce's note: 'windeye' →> Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 74 (sec. 75): 'Window is borrowed from vindauga ('wind-eye')' (Old Norse).

wobble - to move unsteadily from side to side or backwards and forwards + (notebook 1924): 'dwarf W stands on chair' → Caufeynon: Les Monstres Humains 112: 'in 1883 Louise Bichat died... her height never exceeded 0.80 metres... She frequently quarreled with her husband. It is even said that to get the better of the latter, when both of them were drunk, she would stand on a chair, and better believe that it was not the husband who had the upper hand'.

osiery - articles made of osiers + easychair + "The hieroglyphic sign for Isis (Middle Egyptian IST, AST or ESET') is the throne. As she is sister-wife of Osiris, scribes reasoned that she is her husband's seat or throne (Osiris, II, 272). In FW, her sign is included as a sort of "osiery chair"." (Mark L. Troy.)

music + Meuse - a major European river.

cuneiform - Applied to the characters of the ancient inscriptions of Persia, Assyria, etc., composed of wedge-shaped or arrow-headed elements + cunnus (l) - vulva.

ribble - system of fallowing (done by turning a furrow to the unploughed land, and, in returning, to turn over this furrow and the earth upon which the first furrow was laid) + rabble - to utter (words or speech) in a rapid confused manner + Ribble - river in the North of England + fiddle

reedy - resembling a reed in being upright and slender; having a tone resembling that produced by a musical reed + Reedy - river in South Carolina, United States.

dirge + Lough Derg (from Irish: Loch Deirgeirt meaning "loch of the red eye") - third-largest lake (or lough) in Ireland.

on the fiddle - doing something dishonest in order to get money

begins + Bogan - an inland river in the central west of New South Wales, Australia.

abandon + Joyce's note: 'bottomless violin' (only first word crayoned).

dee = die, "d", damned + fiddle-de-dee + Dee - river in Scotland + FDV: Didn't you see her at the her window windeye playing pretending to play the grand piano a fiddle she has without a bottom? Sure, she can't play the piano fiddle. Of course she can't, bottom or not, it was all a blind. Well, I never heard the like of that.

ist a' Sach' (ger. dial.) - It's as follows! What an affair! + Tista is said to be the lifeline of the Indian state of Sikkim.

suck - Used as an expression of contempt, chiefly by children + Suck - river in Ireland.

moher - the hair of the Angora goat + Cliff of Moher, County Clare + FDV: Tell me more. Tell me all.

FDV: Well the old chap was as glum as anything could be sitting moping all by himself [on his benk] his hair combed over his eyes, [staring [dreeing his weired ] keeking on loft up at the sternes, ] & there was Anna Livia running about as if she was ten a girl in a short summer skirt and painted cheeks & a powdery nose cooking meddering [& an odd time she] medden him all sorts up blooms of fisk and eyes to plaise him & as quick as she'd bring run with them up on the her tray the old chap'd cast them from him [if he didn't peg the tea at her] trying to whistle the rakes Rakes of Mallow and not a budge mag out of him no more than the wall. Is that a fact? That's a fact.

humber = hummer; umber (the grayling) + Humber - legendary king of the fabled Huns who invaded Britain in 1000 B.c. He was defeated by Lochrine and his body was cast in the river Abus, henceforth called the Humber + Humber - large tidal estuary on the east coast of Northern England. It is formed by the confluence of the tidal River Ouse and the tidal River Trent.

glooming - depressingly dark + gloumben (Middle English) - look sullen + Glomma - longest and largest river in Norway.

grampus - predatory black-and-white toothed whale with large dorsal fin + (notebook 1924): 'Killer (grampus)'.

tare - a weed that grows among wheat and other grain


buboes = pl. of bubo - an inflamed swelling or abscess in glandular parts of the body, esp. the groin or arm-pits → bubo is a plague symptom: Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Dublin Annals section 1575: 'A dreadful plague, by which the city was so depopulated that grass grew in the streets and at the church doors'.

bowman - a man who shoots with a bow + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Dublin Annals section 1578: 'Kilmainham Dublin prevented from going to Cullenswood on Black Monday by a storm of wind and rain, so violent that neither bowmen nor shot could go abroad'.

bale - a great consuming fire, a bonfire; a funeral pile or pyre

all but - almost, very nearly + brant - lofty, steep; stright + Alprand (ger) - edge of mountains + all burnt

crest - the head, summit, or top of anything

ROCKY MOUNTAINS - The mountain range running North-South in Western Canada and US. The allusion is partly to the Baalfires (Balefires; no connection with the Canaanite Baal) which in Celtic custom were lit on hilltops on ceremonial occasions, e.g. on Midsummer Eve + on the rocks - quite destitute of means; also (esp. of marriage, etc.), on the point of dissolution; finished.

nere - never + nary a, ne'er a (Dialect) - not a + ner (Hebrew) - lamp, candle + Nera - river in Romania and Serbia.

causeway - a raised road across a low or wet place, or piece of water + Giant's causeway - a natural formation in county Antrim, Ireland, consisting of a collection of basaltic columns extending like a mole or pier into the sea + Grafton Street, Dublin.

deathcup - a very poisonous mushroom

fungus - a mushroom, toadstool, or one of the allied plants + Finglas - district of Dublin (means 'clear streamlet') + Fingal's Cave, Hebrides.

tribune - a protector of the rights of the people, a popular leader + The Great Tribune - an epithet of Daniel O'Connell (whose grave is in Glasnevin).

barrow - a grave mound, a tumulus

darnel - a deleterious grass, Lolium temulentum

occumulo (l) - to heap up towards, to heap up in front of + Daniel O'Connell.

sitting + Sittaung - river in south central Myanmar.

sambre = sambur - either of two large deer, native to southern Asia + Sambre - river in northern France + sombre

sett = set (n.) + Sett - river in north western England + seat

Dramen (ger) - plays + Drammenselva - river in southeastern Norway + dreaming.

Drommet (ger) - trumpet + Drôme - river in southeastern France + drømmende (Danish) - dreaming + droomen (Dutch) - to dream.

asking + Usk - river in Wales.

queasy - full of doubt; causing nausea, feeling about to vomit

quizzer - a quiz game, program or show; one who quizzes + teaser - something that teases, or causes annoyance; something difficult to deal with.

rueful - doleful, dismal + Don Quixote - Cervante's knight of the rueful countenance.

continence - self restraint in the matter of sexual appetite + countenance

obsequies - funeral rites or ceremonies; a funeral + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Dublin Annals section 1729: 'Linen scarfs worn at funerals to encourage the linen manufacture'.