Mormon - 4th-century prophet

Thames - The name of the river on which London is situated + (cheking their deaths in morning Times).

be = by

quest - to go about in search of something; to search or seek + bequest - (law) a gift of personal property by will.

handsel - a sale, gift, or delivery into the hand of another; Especially: a sale, gift, delivery, or using which is the first of a series, and regarded as on omen for the rest + Handzettel (ger) - handbill + by question and answer.

deep end - the end of a swimming-pool at which the water is deepest; so in colloq. fig. phr. 'to go (in) off the deep end': to give way to emotion or anger, to 'let oneself go' + hop, step and jump - the action of making these three movements in succession.

berth = birth - product, creation; that which is born, offspring, child + births in the Daily Mail (Daily Mail).

moil - toil, labour, drudgery + toil and moil - toil, labour, drudgery; to work hard, to work in wet and mire.

swallower - one who or that which swallows + (mouth).

zwolf (ger) - twelve + (twelve to four).

gutter snipe - the common snipe, Gallinago cælestis; a gatherer of refuse from street gutters; a child brought up 'in the gutter', one of the lowest class

peck - Of birds: To take (food) with the beak.

croc - crocodile + crocs (fr. slang) - teeth + crops

hungerstrike - the action of a person, esp. a prisoner, who refuses food in order to induce someone to yield to his demands + (notebook 1922-23): 'hunger strike (Irish-Uncle W)'.

doomsday - the judgement day, a day of final dissolution, as at the end of the world + Henrik Ibsen, Et Vers (A Verse): 'At digte, - det er at holde Dommedag over sig selv': 'To write, - that is to hold Doomsday over oneself' (Norwegian).

hunselv (Dutch, Danish) - she herself

dree one's weird - to endure one's fate

with (one's) dander up - to become very angry

fringe - a portion of the front hair brushed forward and cut short + (notebook 1924): 'hariblinded eye (Dane)' → Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 62 (sec. 59): (quoting from an Old English private letter) ''it is a shame for all of you to give up the English customs of your fathers... when you dress shamefully in Danish wise with bared neck and blinded eyes' (with hair falling over the eyes?)'.

eyes + (notebook 1924): 'battle of eye & egg' → Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 68 (sec. 69): 'Caxton... gives us a graphic description of the struggle between the native ey and the Scandinavian egg'.

drom = drum - Of birds and insects: to make a loud hollow reverberating sound + droomen (Dutch) - to dream. Therefore droming = dreaming + FDV: sitting moping all by himself [on his benk] his hair combed over his eyes, [staring [dreeing his weired] keeking on loft up at the sternes,]

on loft - aloft; in a high voice, loudly + Joyce's note: 'on loft' → Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 69 (sec. 70): 'on lofte, now aloft' (Middle English).

Stern (ger) = stjerne (Danish) - star + Joyce's note: 'sterne' → Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 67 (sec. 68): 'one of the forms has in course of time been completely crowded out by the other. The surviving form is often the native form, as in the following instances:... star - sterne'.

swarthy - being of a dark hue or dusky complexion + zwarte kousen en wijde broek (Dutch) - black stockings and baggy trousers + zwarte kousen en witte broek (Dutch) - black stockings and white trousers + Zwarte Water ("Black Water") - river in the Dutch province of Overijssel. It is formed just south of the city of Zwolle.

kowse = couse - chat, gossip + house + cows.

weedy - resembling a weed, noticeably lean, lanky + wind break - something that breaks the force of the wind (row of trees) + Willebroek Canal, is a canal in Belgium linking Brussels with the river Scheldt.

tits - a woman's breasts

buddy - companion, friend; freq. as form a of address

pest - any deadly epidemic disease + BUDAPEST - City, capital of Hungary, on the Danube, which separates Buda on Right bank from Pest on Left.

peer - to search out, to pry out + Henrik Ibsen: Peer Gynt.

Henri IV: 'Paris vaut bien une messe': 'Paris is worth a mass' (Henri IV converted from Protestantism to Catholicism in 1593 to secure his position) + Jacob's mess of pottage (Genesis 25:29-34).

dodo (fr) - sleep + Here "dodo" is not only French but Caribbean and Haitian - which ties it with Vodu (Karl Reisman) + dodo - a large extinct bird; a person hopelessly behind the times + (notebook 1924): 'think all was dead belonging to him' + Marsham Adams proposed in 1895 that the Great Pyramid of Giza is the Egyptian "Book of the Dead" symbolized in stone. He said that the Egyptian Book of the Dead refers to an "ideal structure and to the passages and chambers therein, and that these passages and chambers followed precisely the order and description of those of the Great Pyramid."

Durme - river in Flanders, Belgium + 'I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls' (song).

in a trance ~ atrance + {You would think he was extinct, how he was a trance in durance wall}

durance - forced confinement, imprisonment; constraint. Now esp. in phr. 'in durance vile' + Durance River is a tributary of the Rhone River and flows into the Rhone near Avignon.

wall + Vaal River is the largest tributary of the Orange River in South Africa.

seven year's itch - Used to designate conditions supposed to last for, appear, or recur after, seven years; freq. applied joc. to an urge towards infidelity after seven years of marriage + Severn is the longest river in Great Britain + (notebook 1924): 'I have been belching for over a year'.

daren't + Darent - a Kentish tributary of the River Thames in England.

winkle - periwinkle; the penis (of a young boy) + a wink of sleep - a short spell of sleep, a nap + (notebook 1924): '*A* never sleeps'.

purl - Of water, a brook, etc.: To flow with whirling motion of its particles, or twisting round small obstacles: often with reference to the murmuring sound of a rill.

chit - a person considered as no better than a child + FDV: & there was Anna Livia running about as if she was ten a girl

wanda (Kiswahili) - finger's breadth or thickness (smallest unit of measurement) + vand (Danish) - water.

Lapland has a short summer (i.e. short skirt) + FDV: in a short summer skirt and painted cheeks

Amazon River of South America is the largest river in the world with a total discharge greater than the next ten largest rivers combined + ALP is wearing, as the Lapp women did in summer, and as the Chamba/Sama women did, a skirt of leaves.

wish him + Ishim - a river running through Kazakhstan and Russia. Its length is 2,450 km. It is a left tributary of the Irtysh River.

bonjour (fr) - good day

dubber - a renovator of old clothes + dobar dan (Serbian) - good day, good afternoon (formal greeting).

Dan - An honourable title = Master, Sir + dan (Serbian) - day + Dear Dirty Dublin.

pratie - potato + Euphrates - longest and historically one of the most important rivers of Southwest Asia.

sault - salt + with Nephthys and Iseult (Isis) → The Queen‘s chamber had an inch of salt encrustation on the walls and ceiling possibly due to a chemical reactions within the room.

maggie - a girl; a kind of potato; margarine + magija (Serbian) - magick + Maggia - a river in southern Switzerland + "well how are you, Maggy" + "Lying on don Juan’s bed I felt secure and fulfilled. An unequaled peace swept through my body. I had had a similar feeling once before when don Juan had made a bed for me on top of a hill in the desert in northern Mexico. I fell asleep. I woke up in the early evening. Lidia and Rosa were nearly on top of me, sound asleep. I stayed motionless for one or two seconds, then both of them woke up at once. Lidia yawned and said that they had had to sleep next to me in order to protect me and make me rest." (Carlos Castaneda: The Second Ring of Power)

odd - differing in character from what is ordinary, usual, or normal + (notebook 1924): 'wd cook only an odd time' → Irish Times 31 Jan 1924, 3/4: 'Wife's Petition for Divorce. Allegations of Cruelty': 'Asked what work his wife did, he replied: "No work, and she would cook only an odd time"'.

cook up - to prepare or make ready (food); concoct

(notebook 1924): 'bloom (lump of)' → Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 69 (sec. 71): 'In some words the old native form has survived, but has adopted the signification attached in Scandinavian to the corresponding word... bloom (OE. bloma 'mass of metal')' + Molly Bloom preparing the famous breakfast in bed.

fisk - any royal or state treasury + fisk (Danish) - fish + Joyce's note: 'fisk naken' → Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 67 (sec. 68): 'one of the forms has in course of time been completely crowded out by the other. The surviving form is often the native form, as in the following instances:... fish - fisk | naked - naken'.

lay to heart - to take into one's serious consideration, as a thing to be kept carefully in mind; to think seriously about; to be deeply affected by or concerned about (a thing); rarely, to impress it seriously upon another [(notebook 1924): 'lay to heart'].

maddery - resembling the colour of madder (a herbaceous climbing plant, bearing panicles of small yellowish flowers)

eggs + FDV: & a powdery nose cooking meddering [& an odd time she] medden him all sorts up blooms of fisk and eyes to plaise him

jaja (Serbian) - eggs + yayi (Kiswahili) - egg.

on toast - served up on a slice of toast

København (Danish) - Copenhagen + {Danish bacon on toast and a cup and a half of insipid Greenland tea}

wishywashy - Of drink (or liquid food): Weak and insipid, sloppy + weeshy - tiny, weeny + washy - watery.

tay = tea

soupcon - a little bit, "drop", a small quantity + soup-can.

Kaffee (ger) - coffee + Kafue River sustains one of the world's great wildlife environments. It is a major tributary of the Zambezi + The Coffer, located in the King’s Chamber, is the only artifact known to be found in the Great Pyramid... 1618, M. de Villamont observed that the sarcophagus was made of "black marble".

milk + Mokau River is located in the North Island of New Zealand.

sable - a very dark black + sable (fr) - sand + Au Sable - river in Michigan.

Si Kiang (lit. "West River") - western tributary of the Pearl River in China

sucré (fr) - sugared, sweetened, candied + sugar + Sukri river flows through Rajasthan, India.

pewter - pewter ware + Matthew 16:18: 'thou art Peter and upon this rock'.

stinko - of a very low standard, very bad + Schinkenbrot (ger) - ham sandwich + shunka (Serbian) - ham + Shingo River enters India from Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

hujambo, bana? (Kiswahili) - (a greeting) are you not unwell, master?, how are you, sir? + jambon (fr) - ham.

plaise - please + Joyce's note: 'plaise' → Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 68 (sec. 69): (quoting Caxton) 'what sholde a man in thyse dayes now wryte, egges or eyren. Certaynly it is harde to playse every man, by cause of dyversite & chaunge of langage' (Middle English).

og (Danish) - and

stay - to sustain with strength, to satisfy in part or for the time + 'stay his stomach' (notebook 1924).

stomach + stomacher - kind of waistcoat + 'that man stomicker' (notebook 1924).

pyrro- - red, tawny + Pyrrha - "Red": wife of Deucalion + Pyrenees + pair of knees.

nutmeg grater - an instrument with a rough indented surface used for grating or rasping; esp. a kitchen utensil, having a rasping surface formed by punching holes which raise protuberances, and used for grating ginger, nutmegs, etc.

toggle joint - a joint consisting of two pieces hinged endwise, operated by applying pressure at the elbow

shuck - to shrink back, recoil + shook.

goyt = gote - a watercourse, a stream, a sluice + Goyt - river in North West England + gout

Russ - a Russian + Russ (ger) - soot + Joyces' note: 'rush'

peakload - the maximum load carried during a given period

vivers - food, provisions, victuals, eatables + (rivers up her sleeve) + Joyce's note: 'vivers'.

Sieve - a river in Italy + up one's sleeve - held secretly in reserve, to have at one's disposal or ready for some need or emergency + sieve - a utensil consisting of a circular frame with a finely meshed or perforated bottom + FDV: & as quick as she'd bring run with them up on the her tray the old chap'd cast them from him

meteor - resembling a meteor in brilliance, rapidity or short duration + Metaurus (l) - river in Umbria (now Meturo), site of defeat of Hannibal's brother Hasdrubal (207 B.C.)

swale - to move with a swaying motion; to consume with fire, burn + Swale - river in Yorkshire, England + (swells and rises).

hardy - resolute and without fear; having rugged physical strength; able to survive under unfavorable conditions + Hardey - river in Western Australia.

hek = heck - a swaggering fellow, a braggart, bully

kaste (Danish) - throw + (notebook 1924): 'cast from him (breakfast)'.

frome = frumenty - a dish made of hulled wheat boiled in milk, and seasoned with cinnamon, sugar, etc. + from + Frome - name of several rivers in England.

stour - tumult, uproar; a storm + Stour - name of several rivers in England + Joyce's note: 'scowl' → Lamy: Commentarium in Librum Geneseos I.256: (of Cain's mark) 'Some say, which is more likely, that his face was both grim and ferocious, which frightened everybody' (Genesis 4:15).

River Sow is a tributary of the River Trent in Staffordshire, England.

Sozh - river in Belarus and Russia, a left tributary of the Dnieper river + so and so - Used instead of more impolite word.

peg - to aim with, or as with, a weapon at (or for); to drive at, to 'pitch' into + (notebook 1924): 'pegged a cup of hot tea at her' → Irish Times 31 Jan 1924, 3/4: 'Wife's Petition for Divorce. Allegations of Cruelty': 'She also "pegged" a cup of hot tea across the table at him'.

platter - a large shallow dish used for serving food + Platte - river in the Western United States + FDV: [if he didn't peg the tea at her]

Tawe - river in South Wales + toe.

Esk - name of several rivers in New Zealand + ask.

Vistula - the longest and one of the most important rivers in Poland + whistle.

bow - to crush with or as if with a heavy burden, to submit + Balfe: The Heart Bowed Down (song).

rake - a way, path, esp a rough path over a hill; pasture ground

MALLOW - Town, County Cork. Its former eminence as a spa is commemorated in the popular song "The Rakes of Mallow" + FDV: trying to whistle the rakes Rakes of Mallow

Kelly, Michael (1762-1826) - Dubliner, actor, singer, composer. A friend of Mozart's, he sang in the first performance of The Marriage of Figaro.

Rossini: Il Barbiere di Siviglia (The Barber of Seville): 'La Calumnia è un venticello' (song): 'Calumny is like a breeze'.

vermicelli pasta (literally 'little worms')

Balfe, Michael (1808-70) - Irish composer, best known for The Bohemian Girl and The Rose of Castille.

such + sucho (Czech) = susha (Serbian) - drought + Sobek (also called Sebek, Sochet, Sobk, Sobki, Soknopais, and in Greek, Suchos) was the ancient god of crocodiles.

fuff - to puff and blow

fife - to play (a tune) upon or as upon a fife

bate - to beat down or away, to leave out of consideration, to humble, depress

turris (l) - a tower + terrace.

Babel - the city and tower, of which the attempted construction is described in Genesis xi, where the confusion of languages is said to have taken place; a confused turbulent medley of sounds + In 1833, Thomas Yeates said, "The Great Pyramid soon followed the Tower of Babel, and had the same common origin."

cockle - to contract or pucker, to wobble + to cock the ears, nose, eye - to set up assertively or obtrusively, to stick stiffly up or out.

mag - talk, chatter; halfpenny + not a meg (Anglo-Irish) - not a sound + Joyce's note: 'not a mag / out of him' > MS 47471b-74, LMS: and not a budge ^+mag+^ out of him | JJA 48:003 | Feb 1924 |

mangle - a machine for rolling and pressing laundry after washing + The roof of King's Chamber is formed of enormous granite beams and one of the largest weighs about 70 tons + Joyce's note: 'mangle' + FDV: and not a budge mag out of him no more than the wall. Is that a fact? That's a fact.

reading + writing + {'riding' HCE (Osiris) after he's 'entranced' (killed)}

Roya - a 59 km river of France and Italy + Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: Rich and Rare Were the Gems She Wore (song).

Romanche - a 78 km long mountain river in southeastern France + romance - a novel dealing with idealized events remote from everyday life + (rich and royal romance).

annona - a large genus of trees and shrubs + Annona (l) - Roman corn-goddess.

geboren (German, Dutch) - born + Ebro - river in Spain.

Aroostook - river in Canada + aristocrat.

nivea (l) - snowy + Nive - river that flows through the French Basque Country.

dochter - daughter + dochter (Dutch) - daughter.

science + Sense is a right tributary of the river Saane in Switzerland.

Arta - river in Greece

Sparkes, Isaac - according to Fitzpatrick, "the greatest favourite that even trod the Irish boards." Foote was an 18th-century actor + sparks (of fire) → King‘s chamber has been expanded and the granite ceiling beams are fractured due to some type of massive internal explosion; granite coffer has changed from pink to brown due to high temperatures.

Pyriphlegethon (gr) - "Fiery-burning": river in the Infernal Regions (from Greek pyr: fire and phlegeton: burning, blazing, sparkling) + paraphilic - rel. to perverted sexual desires.

funkeln (ger) - to sparkle + Funke (ger) - spark.

fanny - external female genitalia

ANNER - River, County Cork. Charles J Kickham's poem about the peasant girl who "lived beside the Anner, at the foot of Slievenamon," describes her as "a snowdrift 'neath the beechen bough,/ Her neck and nutbrown hair" + her.

vying - present participle of vie (to display, advance, practise, etc., in competition or rivalry with another person or thing) + (and her frostifying).

tress - a plait or braid of the hair of the head, usually of a woman

Dasht - river in Pakistan + dasht - a name in Iran and some other parts of Asia for a desert, esp. a stony desert + dash - to splash, splatter, mix.

fireflies + vlies (Dutch) - fleece, membrane, film.