more (Serbian) - sea + 'the more the merrier' (proverb) - it is more fun with more people.

twill - a woven fabric characterized by parallel diagonal ridges + twillinger (Danish) - twins + twins

trill - a tremulous utterance of a note or notes, as a 'grace' or ornament + trillinger (Danish) - triplets.

spoil five - a card game

Nord (fr) - North

Sud (fr) - South + sever (Serbian) - North.

aye - yes, an affirmative vote + 8.

nein (ger) - no + 9.

to the letter - to the minutest detail, to the fullest extent

Nap or Napoleon is a straightforward trick taking game in which players receive five cards each; whoever bids the highest number of tricks chooses trumps and tries to win at least that many. It is a simplified relative of Euchre.

messa (it) - Mass + Missouri river + (Queen).

knave - In playing-cards: The lowest court card of each suit, bearing the representation of a soldier or servant.

joker - an odd card in a pack, either left blank or ornamented with some design, used in some games, counting always as a trump and sometimes as the highest trump.

heehaw - a loud rude laugh, guffaw

gadabout - a restless seeker after amusement or social companionship + FDV: She must have been a gadabout in her day, so she must. So she was, you bet.

Joyce's note: 'more than most'.

shoal - a place where the water is of little depth; a large number of fish, porpoises, seals, whales, etc. swimming together + sure

gid Gud (Danish) - God willing + egad!

flumen (l) - river, stream, flood + plamen (Serbian) - flame + few men.

owen (Anglo-Irish) - river (from Irish: abhainn) + own + oven.

thanatos (gr) - death + Töss - river of the Canton of Zürich.

Nare - river of northern Colombia + koshmar (Serbian) = cauchemar (fr) - nightmare.

zoe mou, sas agapo (gr) - my life, I love thee (last line of 'Maid of Athens' by Lord Byron) + moe - more.

agape (gr) - love

cam - dial p. of come + Cam - river in England + how come? - how did it come about that?

camlin = camlet - beutiful and costy eastern fabric + Cam-line (koumlini) (gael) - Crooked Line; name of several rivers + The Battle of Camlann (Welsh: Cad Camlan) is best known as the final battle of King Arthur, where he either died in battle, or was fatally wounded fighting his enemy and relative Mordred + come through - to succeed, attain an end, to succeed in giving a favourable impression.

necker - one who indulges in caresses and fondling + Neckar - 367 km long river in Germany.

divelination - divination by aid of the devil + Diveline - a name for Dublin used by inhabitants of Fingal (north of Dublin).

swain - a country gallant or lover, a man of low degree + cast pearls before swine - to offer or give a good thing to one who is incapable of appreciating it, but may defile or abuse it + Matthew 7:6: 'pearls before swine'.

fons in monte (l) - the spring on the mountain: 'Hippokrene', fountain near Mt. Helikon, sacred to the Muses + fonte in monte (it) - the spring on the mountain.

tiding - event, happening, message, news, a tidal flow or ebb + Thames is tidal to Teddington.

til havet (Danish) - to the sea

link - to pass (one's arm) through or in another's, to go arm in arm or hand in hand

knock - to make a strong impression on

Tapti - river in central India

flank - the fleshy or muscular part of the side of a man between the ribs and the hip

jutty - a pier, breakwater, or embankment + jetty - jet black, a very dark black + Jutai - river of Amazonas state in north-western Brazil.

pall - to fight (one's way) through + pal - to become or be a 'pal' of another, to keep company, associate (with); Often with in, on, up + pulling in.

peter - (orig. U.S. Mining colloq.) To diminish gradually and cease, to run out and disappear (as a stream, a vein of ore), to die out; Hence, petering-out + Paul/Peter.

gliding + Clyde - major river in Scotland.

Waihou River is located in the northern North Island of New Zealand.

Thur - river in Alsace, France + to ever + Samuel Taylor Coleridge: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner II.23: 'We were the first that ever burst / Into that silent sea' + FDV: Tell me, tell me how did she come through [all] her fellows, who was the 1st that ever burst? [That's a thing I always wish to know.]

(burst her virginity)

whoever - whatever person or persons; any one who, or any who + huebra (sp) - day's work + Huebra - river in Spain + (notebook 1924): 'Somebody, whoever you are,'.

tactic - of or pertaining to (military or naval) tactics

single combat - an encounter or fight between two armed persons, a duel

tinker - a craftsman (usually itinerant) who mends pots, kettles, and other metal household utensils + 'Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief' (nursery rhyme).

tiler - one who covers the roofs of buildings with tiles, a tile-layer + tailor.

pieman - a baker or cook who specializes in making pies, a pie vendor + Pieman - river on the West Coast of Tasmania, Australia.

policeman + postman + Polist River - river in Novgorod Oblast, Russia, a left tributary of the Lovat River + (notebook 1922-23): 'polishman (DMP)'.

always + (notebook 1930): 'Elwy R' → The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. XXVIII, 'Wales', 259d: 'the banks of the Elwy'.

ask + Esk - river in New Zealand.

harder + further + Vardar - longest river in Macedonia.

uphill - situated on high ground, elevated

Battle of Waterloo (1815)

Grattan, Henry (1746-1820) - Anglo-Irishman who worked for a separate parliament and moderate reforms

Flood, Henry (1732-91) - Irish politician, associate of Grattan. W. H. Grattan Flood wrote A History of Irish Music.

host - to serve as a host, to receive (any one) into one's house and entertain as a guest + hosting - raising of army + Hosty.

'Fidelis' is a Latin term meaning "faithful" + fides (l) - faith + Fidaris or Evinos - river in Greece.

niemand (ger) - nobody + Niemen - a major Eastern European river rising in Belarus and flowing through Lithuania before draining into the Baltic Sea.

nirgends (ger) - nowhere + Wagner: The Flying Dutchman, act I: 'Nirgens ein Grab! Niemals der Tod!'

nihil (l) - nothing + Nile (search for its source [.20]).

why are

foh - exp. of contempt + for

ALBERT NYANZA - Lake (nyanza) in central Africa; receives the Victoria Nile from Lake Victoria (Victoria Nyanza) and is the source of the Albert Nile + albern (ger) - silly, foolish.

anser (l) - goose + ní h-annsa (Irish) - not hard + answer.

untie - to undo, unfasten (a cord, knot, etc.)

gemman - Vulgar pronunc. of gentleman + gemma - bud + gemin (Irish) - fetter.

fistnote - in Printing, matter of particular importance signalled by a symbol in the shape of a hand with the index finger extended + mystic knots - entanglements in a bride's nightdress made by bridesmaids + unde gentium festines? (l) - "Where the dickens are you hurrying from? (Joyce's translation in letter to H.S. Weaver).

nuance - a subtle quality, nicety + nice + VICTORIA NYANZA - Lake (nyanza) Victoria, in central Africa, the source (through the Albert Nynaza) of the White Nile.

put (one's) hand on - to lay hands on; to get hold of, seize (also fig.)

Thelon River stretches 900 kilometres across northern Canada + Tipperary (song): 'It's a long long way to Tipperary, It's a long way to go'.

loon - a person with confused ideas and incapable of serious thought

Wabash - 764 km-long river in the Midwestern United States + way backwards.

row - an array or set of persons (or things) of a certain kind + "The first name is completely broken away, and only a piece of the second name shows on the Palermo Stone (far right). The first complete name (the third king) seems to read "Ska". Egyptian spellings being as fluid as they are with the passage of time, this could later have become the Shu or Su of the Turin Canon."

said + Sid - a minor river in East Devon.

who in + Huon - the fourth largest river in Tasmania, Australia.

annals - a narrative of events written year by year, historical records generally + 'Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Dublin Annals section' [.24]

gravel - to confound, perplex, puzzle; to bury in gravel or sand, to run (a ship) aground on the gravel or beach, mud, etc. + (who laid her first upon the gravel) + Joyce's note: 'gravelled him'.

dynast - a hereditary ruler; a ruler, chief, lord + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Dublin Annals section 1431: 'McMorogh, dynast of Leinster, makes an incursion into the English pale, and defeats the forces sent against him, but is finally defeated with great loss'.

wolf - a sexually aggressive male, a would be seducer of women + a wolf of the sea ~ Murchadh (murukhu) (gael) - Sea-warrior; patronymic of Diarmaid Mac Murchada, Leinster king who invited Anglo-Norman invasion.

Blythe - river in the English Midlands + blithe - carefree and happy and lighthearted.

how often

jump (Slang) - fuck + Jumna - largest tributary river of the Ganges in northern India + FDV: She says herself she never hardly knew who he was or what he did or when he crossed her.

give away - an inadvertent betrayal or revelation of oneself, of plans, the truth, etc.

slip - a young and slender person, a long narrow strip of material

sauntering - strolling about + Joyce's note: 'S'aunter (aventurer)' → Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 103 (sec. 104): 'saunter, where the French reflective pronoun has become fixed as an inseparable element of the word, from s'auntrer, another form for s'aventurer 'to adventure oneself''.

silver moon light + silva (l) - forest.

trudge - to walk heavily and firmly, as when weary or through mud + Joyce's note: 'dredge trudge'.

lurching - walking unsteadily

lie abroad - to lodge out of one's house or abode; to reside in a foreign country

curragh - marshy waste ground; spec. the proper name of the level stretch of open ground in Co. Kildare, famous for its racecourse and military camp + Joyce's note: 'curragh: barony' + churchman - a clergyman + currach (Anglo-Irish) = curach (Irish) - coracle, a small wickerwork boat.

make hay while the sun shines - to lose no time, to seize or profit by opportunities

oaktree - oak + FDV: She was a young thin pale slip of a thing then & he was a heavy lurching Carraghman as strong as an oak the oaks down there used to be that time in [killing] Kildare that first fell across her.

peat - vegetable matter decomposed by water and partially carbonized by chemical change, often forming bogs or 'mosses' of large extent + peace

rustle - to act or move with great energy, to hustle, push one's way

dyke - a barrier constructed to contain the flow of water or to keep out the sea + Joyce's note: 'dyke' → Metchnikoff: La Civilisation et les Grands Fleuves Historiques xxvi: (of early riverbank communities) 'struggle together against floods, raise dykes and counter-dykes'.

Forst (ger) - forest + first + Fell (ger) - skin, hide + fossefald (Danish) - waterfall + -foss (Norwegian) - (denotes waterfall) + (first cascade created by fallen tree across the stream).

plash - the noise made when any body strikes the surface of water so as to break it up; to bend and interlace stems, branches and twigs to form an obstruction + (notebook 1924): 'plashed woods' ('shed' not clear).

sunk + Sankh - river in India.

neath - beneath + (notebook 1924): 'goes underground' → Metchnikoff: La Civilisation et les Grands Fleuves Historiques 204: 'Land in the making, the layer of debris ends by becoming solid... over a hidden river, that slowly pursues its course deep down'.

nymphet - a young nymph, a sexually precocious girl

tigris (l) - tiger + tiger's eye - a yellowish brown quartz with brilliant lustre, used as a gem + Joyce's note, Proteus: 'Tigris, Euphrates, Geon (Nile), Physon (Ganges): 4 rivers of Paradise' → Tigris - river in Mesopotamia.

wish (Dublin Slang) - vulva

horribly + Corrib - river in the west of Ireland, flows from Lough Corrib through Galway to Galway Bay + FDV: You're wrong there. You're all wrong.

anachronism - an error in computing time, or fixing dates; the erroneous reference of an event, circumstance, or custom to a wrong date + Acheron - "The stream of woe": a river in the Underworld.

nullah - a watercourse that is often dry; gully, ravine, river bed + nulla (l) - none.