grain - a small, hard, usually roundish particle

incense - any pleasant perfume or fragrance, as of flowers

anguille (fr) - eel

bronze - a brown colour like that of bronze; an alloy of copper and tin, to which small proportions of other metals, especially zinc, are sometimes added

pleat - to plait (hair, a garland, etc.)

plait - to interweave, to braid + Iliad XIV: (of Hera preparing to beguile Zeus) 'and with her hands plaited her shining tresses'.

meadow grass - any one of the grasses of the genus Poa

flag - one of various plants, with sword-shaped leaves and erect stalks bearing bright-colored flowers

bulrush - a tall rush growing in or near water

water weed - any of several floating or submerged aquatic plants + FDV: and then she wove a garland for her hair and pleated it and plaited it of meadowgrass & riverflags and bulrushes & waterweeds & leaves of weeping willow

weeping willow - an American plant, Dianthera americana, with narrow leaves and purplish flowers, found growing on the borders of streams and ponds; Applied to Salix aquatica and other species.

anklet - an ornament for the ankle; an ankle-ring

armlet - an ornament or band worn round the arm (sometimes distinguished from bracelet, which is worn only at the wrist)

jetty - jet black [Joyce's note: 'jetty']

amulet - anything worn about the person as a charm or preventive against evil, mischief, disease, witchcraft, etc. + FDV: and then she made her bracelets and her anklets and her armlets and her necklet amulet

necklace - an ornament of precious stones or precious metal, beads, etc. worn round the neck

click - to make the thin, dry, hard sound + Joyce's note: 'clicking pebble'

cobble - a water-worn rounded stone

patter - to make a rapid succession of pats, taps, or slight sounding strokes, such as those of rain-drops against a window-pane; often referring mainly to the sound produced.

pebble - a stone worn and rolled to a rounded form by the action of water; usually applied to one of small or moderate size, less than a boulder or cobble

rumble - to move or travel with a continuous murmuring, or low, rolling sound. Const. up, down, round, back, by, etc.

rubble - waterworn stones [Joyces' note: 'rubble']

Thomas Moore: Rich and Rare Were the Gems She Wore (song) + (notebook 1924): 'Rich & rare' + Richmond - river in the north-eastern corner of New South Wales, Australia.

rare + Ruhr - medium-size river in western Germany.

rhinestone - a variety of rock crystal + Rhine - one of the longest and most important rivers in Europe + FDV: of cobblestones cobbles and pebbles and rich gems & rare gems ones & rhinestones & watermarbles.

bangle - an ornamental circlet, of glass, gold, silver, or other material, worn by women in India and Africa, and in some other countries, upon the wrist or ankle [Joyce's note: 'bangles']

dawk - tenacious black clay in a lead vein; a depression, furrow

smut - a black mark or stain

airy - light in movement or manner, delicate and graceful as air

ey = ay - eye

Lutetian - Parisian

Pavlova, Anna (1882-1931) - Russian dancer

lily pad - the broad flat leaf of a water-lily as it lies on the water + Lilliput.

-een (Anglo-Irish) - (diminutive)

paint box - a box of solid paints or pigments, usually water-colours

pommettes (fr) - cheekbones

strawberry + The Strawberry Beds, Chapelizod + Birrie - river of the state of New South Wales in Australia.

extra violet - Optics. Said of rays outside the visible spectrum at its violet extremity.

sendre - to purify + sended + (notebook 1930): 'R. Sendre'.

boudoir - a small elegantly-furnished room, where a lady may retire to be alone, or to receive her intimate friends + Baudelaire - French poet + Loire is the longest river in France + FDV: And then she sent her boudoir maid to Humphrey with a request that she might leave him for a moment

affluence - a pletntiful flow (of tears, words, feelings, and fig. fortune's gifts)

ciliegia grande (it) - big cherry

kirsch - a dry colorless brandy + Kirsch (ger) - cherry + Persse.

real (Portuguese) - royal + Grand Canal and Royal Canal, Dublin. A financial disaster from the start, the Royal Canal was begun in 1789 to run North of the Liffey, roughly paralleling the course of the rival Grand Canal to the South.

chersinos (l) - living on dry land + cherries (Slang) - young girls + The Letter: Christine + cousins (*IJ*).

missus - wife + Mississippi River is the largest river system in North America.

Seepy - land under cultivation that is not well drained + (notebook 1924): 'Mrs Seepy'.

sewery - characteristic of sewers + (notebook 1924): 'Miss Sewery' + Missouri River is the longest river in the United States of America and is a tributary of the Mississippi River.

pass of - to leave, abandon + passe - pass; In roulette, the section of the cloth covering the numbers 19 to 36 + passe (Danish) - wait on, serve + passe (French Slang) - a fuck + pourrait-elle se passer de lui (French, literally 'might she pass of him') - could she manage without him.

manque - In roulette, the name of one section of the cloth covering the numbers 1 to 18 + minnekin, minnikin (Anglo-Irish) - very small pin + Manneken-Pis - statue in Brussels of a child urinating + mannequin - a woman who wears clothes to display fashions.

pay a call - to go to the toilet, to urinate

taper - a small wax candle

Brian a' Rosa (brian a ruse) (gael) - Little Hillside of the Wood + arroser (fr) - to water + {She said she was going to light a taper in a church and would be back in a moment}

spritz- (ger) - squirt, spray + sprizzare (it) - sprinkle.

clock striking nine

stall - one of a series of urinals separated by divisions, in a men's lavatory; a bench, table, board or the like, esp. one in front of a shop, upon which goods are exposed for sale.

bridely - nuptial, bridal + (The clock striking nine, stars brightly shine)

somebody + Somebody's Waiting for Me (song) + Zambezi is the fourth-longest river in Africa, and the largest flowing into the Indian Ocean from Africa.

(the source of the Liffey river is less than half its length from Dublin) + FDV: & said she wouldn't be any length

lump - 'mass', 'bulk' + hump

mailbag - a large bag in which the mail is carried + mealie - South African word for corn + (notebook 1923): 'mealie bags' → O. Henry: The Four Million 254: 'The Brief Début of Tildy': 'Tildy with the blunt nose, the hay-coloured hair, the freckled skin, the bag-o'-meal figure, had never had an admirer'.

slang (Dutch) - snake, serpent + slung.

shulder = shoulder + FDV: and then with her bag mealiebag upon her shoulder, Anna Livia oysterface, out at last she came.

basin - a natural depression in the surface of the land often with a lake at the bottom of it + Bassein - river in Burma + The basin (of the HCE's room: 'bookshrine without, facetowel upon'; facetowel is a clue for water basin is a sink-and-faucet affair, set into the wall. It is mentioned explicitly in I/5, where we hear that HCE 'takes a szumbath for his weekend and a wassernap [German, 'water basin'] for his refreskment' (129.29), a practice recommended on 525.02-3. At 207.19-20 it joins with Bassein River as the source of the riverine ALP - naturally enough, since what comes out of the faucet is, after all, a stream... (John Gordon: Finnegans Wake: a plot summary).

Joyce's note: 'What for? What for? Where? who was there Describe How? Describe slowly'.

hustle - to work busily, push one's way actively + FDV: Describe her! I must hear that. What had she on? What did she carry? Here she is comes . What has she got? A loin of jubilee mutton. I'll tell you know now but you must sit still. Will you [hold your peace] listen [well] to what I am going to say? The door of the ugly igloo opened outward & out came stepped a fairy woman the height of your knee. Go away! No more? The height of your knee. She wore a pair of plowman's broadbottom nailstudded boots, a sugarloaf hat with a sunrise peak of & a band of gorse & with a golden pin through it, owlglasses screening screened her eyes, a pair of potato rings in her buckled the loose ends of her ears: nude cuba stockings were salmon spot speckled: and her bloodorange knickers fancy fastened with showed natural nigger bockers: her blackstriped tan joseph was teddybearlined with a swansdown border: a couple of gaspers stuck in her hayrope garters; her civvy coat was belted with zoned by a twobar belting. She had a tight clothespeg astride of her nose so as she & something in her mouth as well & the tail of her old brown snuffbrown skirt trailed 50 miles behind her on the road.

spitz - a medium sized white dog + spitz (ger) - pointed, sharp + strike while iron is hot - take advantage of favorable conditions + (notebook 1924): 'spit on the iron while it's hot'.

Irthing - river in Cumbria, England and a major tributary of the River Eden + nothing on earth + 'won't miss for worlds' (notebook 1924).

lucre - gain, profit, pecuniary advantage. Now only with unfavourable implication: Gain viewed as a low motive for action.

lombard (fr) - banker, money lender, pawnbroker + Lombard Street - In the center of the City of London, it was the highquarters of the Lombard bankers before the 17th century, and still stands for high finance + Lomba - river in South Africa.

gaud - a plaything, toy. Also (now always), something gaudy; a showy ornament + gaudium (l) - joy.

mosel = muzzle + Moselle (German: Mosel) - river flowing through France, Luxembourg and Germany. It is a left tributary of the Rhine river + must

o go + Ogowe - principal river of Gabon in west central Africa.

presto (it) - quick, nimble + Joyce's note, Eoulus: 'his day was a month [170.6-7] (crebbe presta)'.

lesto (it) - quick

Julia - river in eastern Switzerland + Julius Caesar.

Ishikari - river in Hokkaidō, Japan + FDV: What did she carry? Here she is comes . What has she got? A loin of jubilee mutton.

Washimeska - river in Quebec, Canada + was she masked.

carissima (Italian) - very dear (feminine) + Arish - river in Egypt.

karatimania (gr) - head-madness, face-madness + Catrimani - river of Roraima state in northern Brazil.

duodecimo - person or thing of minute or diminutive size + duodecimo (l) - for the twelfth time + duodecimoroon - person with one twelfth negro blood + Decameron.

Bonaventura (l) (1221-1274) - "Good Event": Franciscan cardinal and ascetic, called "The Seraphic Doctor"; wrote Biblia Pauperum, "The Poor Man's Bible"; canonized 1482. + buona ventura (it) - good luck + Bonaventure - river in the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec, Canada.

Malagasy - Of or pertaining to Madagascar, its inhabitants, language, etc. + Malagarasi - Tanzania's second longest river.

Liddel, Henry George (1811-1898) - co-compiler of A Greek Lexicon, standard English-Greek dictionary; father of Lewis Carroll's Alice + Liddel Water - river running through southern Scotland and northern England + little

oud - a form of lute or mandolin played principally in Arab countries + oud (Dutch) - old + Oudon - river in western France + odd

oddity - an odd or peculiar person

scallop - to ornament or trim with scallops, to gather scallops + scale - to weigh, have weight of (so much).

harness - Originally, the complete dress, especially in a military sense, of a man or a horse

amnesty - forgetfulness, oblivion + amnis (l) - river.

calamity - a grievous disaster, an event or circumstance causing loss or misery

electrify - to charge with electricity, thrill; to startle, excite

electress - the wife of a German Elector of the Empire; a female elector, a woman having a vote + Joyce's note: 'electress' → Caufeynon: Les Monstres Humains 105: 'Catherine de Medici repeatedly tried to marry male and female dwarves, but she could never succeed in having them procreate. The Electress of Brandenburg, who devoted herself to the same task, was equally unsuccessful in her attempts' (Electress: the wife of a German Elector of the Empire).

necessity - an unavoidable compulsion or obligation of doing something + Necessity is the mother of invention (proverb) → in this case, 'electricity'.

angin - a beginning (Middle English) + angin (Malay) - air, wind, breeze + engine + aging.

Injun - Indian + inghean (Irish) - daughter; virgin, girl


flip - a sudden jerk or movement + flap - 'anything that hangs broad and loose, fastened only by one side'.

hoog (Dutch) - high + Hooghly - river in West Bengal, India + FDV: I'll tell you know now but you must sit still. Will you [hold your peace] listen [well] to what I am going to say? The door of the ugly igloo opened outward & out came stepped a fairy woman the height of your knee.

igloo - an Eskimo dome-shaped hut; esp. one built of blocks of compact snow

flapper - to move like a flapper, i.e. with a loose flapping motion

toetip - the extremity of a toe + to tiptoe it - to go or walk on tiptoe.

Bushman - a member of an aboriginal people of Southern Africa

em - "m" + Ems - river in northwestern Germany and the northeastern Netherlands.

embarras - embarrassment + Embarras - short river in west-central Alberta, Canada.

aues, aves (l) - birds + Aue (ger) - meadow + Aue - river in northern Germany.

(notebook 1924): 'entre 2 ages'.

beauty queen - winner of a beauty contest + judy - girl + Punch and Judy.