POOLBEG - Deep anchorage (Irish, "the little hole") in Dublin Bay beyond the Pigeonhouse. The Poolbeg lighthouse is at the end of the South Wall. Before the lighthouse, a Poolbeg lightship marked the anchorage.

flasher - a light that flashes on and off

beyant (Ulster Pronunciation) - beyond

far, far + pharos (gr) - island, lighthouse + Pharpar - less important of the two rivers of Damascus, Syria, mentioned in the Book of Kings.

coast - to travel by the sea coast

near + Niraj - river in Transylvania, Romania. Its name originates from the Hungarian word Nyár meaning Poplar.

Krishna - 8th incarnation of Vishnu, god of fire and storm + Kish - shallow sand bank off shore of Dublin Bay + Krishna - one of the longest rivers in central-southern India.

Indies - term that has been used to describe the lands of South and Southeast Asia + Indus - major river which flows through the northern Indian Subcontinent.

honey - to sweeten with honey + (honey colour of the moon) + (notebook 1924): 'rising of moon'.

lune = luna - the moon + Lune - river in Cumbria and Lancashire, England.

die (Gipsy) - mother + die (ger) - the + Die die little dog die (children's game) [Ulysses.11.1019]

eve (Archaic) - evening + She's dead, little Eve, little Eve, she's dead (children's game).

"Today, however, you must solve a little riddle for Genaro. He's gone ahead of us and he'll be waiting somewhere in the chaparral. No one knows the spot where he'll he, nor the specific time to go to him. If you're capable of determining the right time to leave the house, you will also be capable of guiding yourself to where he is." I told don Juan that I could not imagine anyone being able to solve such a riddle. (Carlos Castaneda: Tales of Power)

chart - a map

upset - overturned, capsized + (Milky Way).

bye bye + Bubye - river in Zimbabwe.

pluck - to pull off (a flower, fruit, leaf, hair, etc.) from where it grows

watch - a small portable timepiece

forget me not - a plant which flourishes in damp or wet soil, having bright blue flowers with a yellow eye

even (Archaic) - evening + lode - leading, guidance (obs.); a metallic vein + lodestar - guiding star + Evenlode - river in England.

journey + Juruá - southern tributary of the Amazon River.

sight - a thing seen, a spectacle, a display of something + FDV: My sight is getting thick now with shadows about me.

Sow - river in England + FDV: I'll go home slowly my way. So will I too by mine.

Moyvally is on the Royal Canal, and Rathmines just south of the Grand Canal + (notebook 1924): 'Talweg deepest line along valley' → The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. XI, 'Geography', 634c: 'talweg, a word introduced from the German into French and English, and meaning the deepest line along the valley, which is necessarily occupied by a stream unless the valley is dry'.

towy - like or of the nature of tow + tooraloo - goodbye + Towy - longest river flowing entirely within Wales + so will I too.

RATHMINES - District, South Dublin

squaw - a North American Indian woman or wife + old skeowsha (Anglo-Irish) - old friend, old darling + FDV: But She was the queer old one skeowska anyhow, Anna Livia twinkletoes.

trinket - a small ornament, as a jewel, ring, or the like + (notebook 1924): '*A* twinkletoes'.

quare (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - queer + FDV: And sure he was a queer old hunks buntz too Furry Humphrey dear Dirty Dumpling, father of [each &] all of us.

(notebook 1924): 'buntz = pal'.

dumpling - dessert made by baking fruit wrapped in pastry + Dublin

fosterfather - one who performs the duty of a father to another's child + fooster (Anglo-Irish) - bungler; confusion; flurry, great fuss.

Fingal - Finn's name in Macpherson's Ossian poems. Fingal is a Scottish hero who comes to Ireland and fights the Danes. The Irish called certain Norse invaders, fingal or fingall, meaning "fair stranger."


gammer - A rustic title for an old woman, corresponding to gaffer for a man.

gangster - a member of a gang of criminals + (notebook 1924): 'gaffer robs gangster'.

dam - dame (a girl, woman, etc.) + Joyce's note: '7 dams to wive him'

wive - to marry, wed + FDV: Hadn't he the seven wives.

crutch - a prop, a support + Was ("power") sceptre - a long straight staff with two prongs at the bottom and a canine head at the top. It symbolised power or dominion and was associated with the gods as well as with the pharaoh. The earliest examples date to the First Dynasty.

hue and cry - loud and persistent outcry from many people + Joyce's note: '7 wives (S Ives)' → nursery rhyme: 'As I was going to Saint Ives, I met a man with seven wives, Each wife had seven sacks, Each sack had seven cats, Each cat had seven kits: Kits, cats, sacks and wives, How many were there going to Saint Ives?' (answer: 'one' or 'none').

Sudd - a vast swamp in southern Sudan, formed by the White Nile. The word "sudd" is derived from the Arabic word "sadd", meaning "block." The term has come to refer to any large solid floating vegetation island or mat + suds - soapy water + suds (Slang) - ale.

Joyce's note: 'John Joe'.

Margarets [260.16-261.03] + make one's market - to do one's bargaining or dealing.

cheek by jowl - side by side; in the closest intimacy

pinky - small, tiny + pink

lemony + Lim - river flowing through Montenegro, Albania, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

creamy - cream-coloured

birnie = byrnie - a long (usually sleeveless) tunic of chain mail formerly worn as defensive armor + McBirney's - draper's store on Aston Quay, Dublin + Birnen (ger) - pears (light green).

turquoise - a precious stone found in Persia, much prized as a gem, of a sky-blue to apple-green colour + turkis (Danish) - turquoise (light blue).


mauve - a bright but delicate purple dye + (colours of the colour-band seen by moonlight, so that all their dresses are in their light shades).

Michaelmas - the feast of St. Michael (29 September)

spouse - a wife; a bride

tys (Danish) - hush! + 'tis.

elven - Originally, a female elf, but in later use applied to both sexes + elve (Danish) - small river + elvenland (Dutch) - fairyland.

teem - a 'pour'

Many Happy Returns is a greeting which is used by some on birthdays, and by others in response to "Happy New Year".

seim = seem - to think, deem, imagine + Seim - river in Russia and Ukraine + same

anew - over again, once more

Ordovices (l) - a people of Roman Britain + Ordovician rocks near Dublin + Vico's order + ricorsi storici of Vico.

vi ricordo (it) - I remember you; I remind you of something + Teems of times and happy returns, the seim anew, ordovico or viricordo (motif).

Northman - an inhabitant or native of Norway or of Scandinavia; a native or inhabitant of the north, or of the northern part of any country + {the high place on which the Norwegian Thing (parliament) held its meetings in Dublin has now become the site of Saint Andrew's on Suffolk Street}

quam multi (l) - how many + quam multi pluratores (l) - how many multipliers + 'What number of places will make things into persons?' (play on the statement that a 'substantive' is the name of a person, a place or a thing)

Latin - to render or turn into Latin

scholar - one engaged in the pursuits of learning + Trinity College, Dublin.

eure - destiny, fate, whatever good or evil + Eure - river in northern France + your + pure.

Sanscrit - the ancient and sacred language of India, the oldest known member of the Indo-European family, in which the extensive Hindu literature from the Vedas downward is composed + screed - a gossiping letter or piece of writing.

oure = our

Aryan + (Erin's language, i.e. Irish).

hircus (l) - goat + civis (l) - citizen + hircus civis Eblanensis (l) - the goat citizen of Dublin (goat: thing, citizen: person, Dublin: place).

Ellmann: James Joyce 464n: 'Joyce remarked that he liked women to have breasts like a she-goat's' + (notebook 1924): '*E* has paps' + primitive adoption ceremony of sucking male paps or nipples (Saint Patrick refused to submit to it).

ho - excl. of surprise or to attract attention + ho (Chinese) - river + FDV: He had paps too, big & large soft ones. The Lord save us and bless us! and The O Ho Lord.

"What all men" refers to the fact that all men have nipples, which are one referent of "Twins of his bosom." The washers use the nursing image to realize that HCE is feminine.

tittering - giggling, laughing with suppressed mirth + FDV: Twins of his chest. The O Ho Lord save us! And what all men have. His tittering Daughters of him. Amen. Bawk.

chitter - Of birds: To utter a short series of sharp thin sounds + chittering (Anglo-Irish) - constantly complaining + FDV: I can't Can't hear with the waters of. The Them chittering waters of.

flitter - Of birds, etc.: To flit about, to fly with low or short flights; to flutter [(notebook 1922-23): 'a bat flitters'].

back talk - a retort or reply which is regarded as superfluous or impertinent + FDV: Flittering bats and mice all bawking bawk talk.

Malone, Tom - Thomas Malone Chandler is the protagonist of A Little Cloud (Dubliners). In one recension of Finnegan's Wake, Tim Malone is the mourner at whose head the bucket of whisky is thrown + FDV: Are you not gone home goneahome? Is that That Mrs Malone What wrong Malone?

thim (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - them + FDV: Can't hear the bawk of bats, all the liffeying waters of.

Liffey river

Fuss (ger) - foot

moos = moss + Moos (ger) - moss + Moose - river in the U. S. + FDV: Old talk save us! My feet won't move. I feel as old as yonder elm. A tale told of Shaun and or Shem? All Livia's daughtersons.

William Shakespeare: Macbeth V.5.25-26: 'Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player / That struts and frets his hour upon the stage / And then is heard no more: it is a tale / Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, / Signifying nothing.'

hawk - any diurnal bird of prey used in falconry + ''Bawk of bats'' blends into ''hawks'' (the situation is confused by the fact that there were many Hawk gods in ancient Egypt and a number of them shared the name Horus, or more specifically Har, Heru or Hor). Sons Shaun and Shem change into daughters (*IJ*). HCE becomes ALP, with hircus tits ('When other lips and other hearts / Their tales of love shall tell,... / And you'll remember me!' → he'll resemble she!). What was the purpose of that pyramid delineated at the top of this chapter? Transgendering? Just kidding. Primordial distortion of words and effacement of meaning? Likely it was return to pre-Atum state of ur-chaos and creation of the new universe, like Atum did, who was, by the way, both he and she. Why there are no hierlogliphs on the walls of Great Pyramid? Have mismanagement of that ritual caused flood of Byblical proportions? Did the priests took aparatus asunder? (S.S.)

hall- (ger) - to resound, echo + FDV: Dark hawks hear us. Night night. My old head falls. I feel as heavy as yonder stone. Tell me of John or Shaun? Who were Shem or and Shaun the living sons or daughters of? Night now? Tell me, tell me, elm. Nighty night!

rivering - flowing in river form

hither and thiter - to go to and fro, to move about in various directions + FDV: Tell me a tale of stone. Beside the rivering waters of, hither & thither waters of. Night!