like a thief in the night (phrase)

shawl - to cover with a shawl, put a shawl on (a person)

lief - beloved, dear, agreeable, precious + Carl Böhm: 'Still wie die Nacht, tief wie das Meer, soll deine Liebe sein!' (song): 'Still as the night, deep as the sea, should thy love be!' (part of John McCormack's repertoire).

Iseult of Ireland (also Iseult the Fair, La Bella Iseult)

hearer - one who hears, listener; a judge; a disciple

brave - a brave man, warrior; excellent, bravo! (int.) + None but the brave deserves the fair (Dryden: Alexander's Feast) + Here is Isolde the fair, and Tristan brave. 

4-stage Viconian cycle: thunder, auspices, burial, ricorso + {The cycle of love begins with their lightning glances, to the cries of their love-making, to the solemnity of their graves, where the waters flow on for evermore}

Feuer (German) - fire + agus (Irish) - and + aria (Italian) - air.

jorden (Danish) - the earth + (a mixture of 4 elements: fire, air, earth, water).

godson - a boy whom one has sponsored at baptism + Genesis 6:2: 'the sons of God saw the daughters of men'.

manday - the labor of one man in one normal working day

clap - noisy talk, chatter; the loud explosive noise of thunder + (thunder like a smack on the backside) + chap.

fore - before, former + fair + 4-stage Viconian cycle (thunder, marriage, death, ricorso).

lot - that which is given to a person by fate or divine providence esp. one's destiny

grün (ger) - green

whiskers - the hair that grows on an adult man's face; now usu. restricted to that on the cheeks or sides of the face + 'There was an old man called Michael Finnegan, / He grew whiskers on his chin again / The wind came up and blew them in again / Poor old Michael Finnegan. Begin again...' (song).

yunesse - youth + Henri Estienne: Les Prémices, épigramme cxci: 'Si jeunesse savoit; si vieillesse pouvoit': 'If youth but knew; if age but could' + June (summer).

Jule (winter)

stolo (l) - branch, twig + stola (gr) - long upper garment worn by women + stolion (gr) - small garment + Tell Me the Old, Old Story (song).

qui (fr) - who + quiqui (fr. dialect) - chicken + (stuttering).

quinet - a wedge + Quinet, Edgar (1803-75) - French historian, translator of Vico, associate of Michelet "A beautiful sentence from Edgar Quinet" (Letters, I, 295)

Michelet, Jules (1798-1874) - French historian, friend and collaborator of Quinet, translator of some of Vico + Motif: mishe/tauf [.18] 

Giambattista (Vico)+ jambe (fr) - leg.

Bruno, Giordano + brûler (fr) - to burn (Bruno was burned at the stake).

ut (l) - in order that + in order that.

so as to

Universal - an artificial language


idiom - a form of expression, grammatical construction, phrase, etc., peculiar to a language + Idiom Neutral - an artificial language.

sordo (l) - quiet, dumb + sordo (sp) = surdus (l) - deaf + mutus (l) - dumb + (deaf-and-dumb language).

florilingua (l) - flower language

Sheltafocal (Shelta) - word of Shelta + Shelta - a secret jargon of the tinkers still spoken in G.B. and Ireland (deformed Gaelic).

flay - to strip the skin off

concubine - a woman who cohabits with a man without being his wife; a kept mistress + con (French slang) - vulva + cuba (Spanish slang) - vulva

prostitute + tutu - a ballet skirt + the pros and cons.

street arab - a homeless vagrant (usually a child) living in the streets + Strasse (ger) - street.

Persse O'Reilly


nozze (it) - wedding + naughty + No, No, Nanette (musical comedy of 1920s).

trip - to tread or step lightly or nimbly; to fall in to an error, to make a mistake or false step

palmy - bearing or worthy to 'bear the palm', triumphant, flourishing + palmy days (Shaksperian phrase).

spurt - sudden burst (of activity), spout + spitfire - that spits fire, a slight eruption or explosion.

kindle - to begin to burn, catch fire, burst into flame

oft - often

souffle (French) - draught + tauf [.11]

peat - partially carbonized vegetable matter saturated with water, used as a fuel when dried + petti(coat)s.

thee (Dutch) - tea + the tea is wet (Anglo-Irish phrase) - the tea is ready (also euphemism for sexual intercourse) + (the 'teapot' is kept wet for him).

sitos (gr) - grain, bread, food

talk + Tolka river, Dublin

tib - girl, lass, prostitute + till Tibbs his eve (Anglo-Irish phrase) - forever (from Anglo-Irish: Tibb's Eve: never) + "Boald Tib does be yawning and smirking cat's hours on the Pollockses' woolly round tabouretcushion" [028.05-06]

revelous - given to or marked by revelling (riotous or disorderly merry-making or festivity)

aye - always, continually; yes, certainly

Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais I.425: 'mourut de la mort Roland... C'est-à-dire de soif' (French 'died the death of Roland... namely of thirst').

buck - to oppose, fight against + kick the bucket - to die + "Unum. (Adar.) A bulbenboss surmounted upon an alderman. Ay, ay! Duum. (Nizam.) A shoe on a puir old
wobban. Ah, ho! Triom. (Tamuz.) An auburn mayde, o'brine a'bride, to be desarted. Adear, adear! Quodlibus. (Marchessvan.) A penn no weightier nor a polepost. And so. And all. (Succoth.)." [13.22-27]


millium (l) - (backformed pseudo-sing of millia) a thousand; a Roman mile

millenion (l) - (backformed fake-G sing of millenia) a thousand years

hoot - a loud raucous cry as of an awl + not give two hoots - not give a damn, not to care at all + *IJ* and *VYC*

jeer - sneer + three cheers - three successive cheers in unison + (notebook 1924): '3 cheers for the green, white & gold (3 blotches)' → O'Conor: Battles and Enchantments 35: 'Within a few weeks' time there appeared on the face of Bres a red blotch, followed soon after by one of white, and then by one of green — he was a blemished king, and forthwith his doom would be upon him'.

brew - the action, process, or result, of brewing; the beverage, etc. brewed + Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue (song).

Pieter (Dutch) - Peter + Peter Stuyvesant (1592-1672) - Dutch governor of New Amsterdam + rob Peter to pay Paul - to take away from one person, cause, etc. in order to pay, or confer something on, another; to discharge one debt by incurring another.

NEW YORK CITY - First colonized by the Dutch West India Co in 1624; in 1626 Peter Minuit bought Manhattan Island from the Indians. The tiny settlement was called Fort Amsterdam, later New Amsterdam + Amstel river (in Amsterdam, which is named after the river).

Sankt Pauli - brothel district of Hamburg

poule - a promiscuous girl or young woman; prostitute

Rome spelt his end

dine off - to take dinner

sooth - truth, verity + died off South America.

frier - a chicken suitable for frying; obs. form of friar + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais I.313: 'donner le moine, complétant les verbes antérieurs tromper et décevoir, y a le sens d'attraper' (French 'to give the friar, alongside the earlier verbs to cheat and to deceive, has the meaning of to entrap').

kettle (Slang) - vulva + Catholic.

old world - rel. to the Old World or continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa, as opposed to the New World or America; rel. to the old world or ancient order of things; belonging to, or characteristic of, early or bygone times.

epistola (l) - letter

weathering - the action of the atmospheric agencies or elements on substances exposed to its influence; the discoloration, disintegration, etc. resulting from this action; stormy weather, a storm +  4-stage Viconian cycle: thunder, marriage, burial, providence.

comble - culuminating point, acme; to load, overload + F. comble in same sense = L. cumulus - heap, pile, heap above the full measure, crown + combler (fr) - heap up, fill up.

versch (Dutch) - fresh

all hours - unusual hours

tay (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - tea + cupan te (kupan te) (gael) - cup of tea.

hotting - pres. part. of hot (to warm, heat)

me - my

souser - a thorough drenching or soaking + saucer - a dish or deep plate.

caldo (it) - hot + scalding + (making cold).

Dutchy - Dutchman, German; characteristically Dutch + Dutch oven - a large pot heated by surrounding it with fuel, and placing hot coals on the lid; also slang, a person's mouth.

hovel - an open shed; a rude or miserable dwelling-place; a wretched cabin

heehee (girl) hoho (boy) (Joyce's note) → Jespersen: Language, its Nature, Development and Origin 156n (VIII.8): 'Manchu... haha 'man', hehe 'woman''.

tole = told

tail = tale + a tale of a tub - an apocryphal tale; a 'cock and bull' story (obs.)

toon = town; tune + toon (Dutch) - toe + told the tale of the town.

kapnomancy - prophesy by looking into smoke

infusionism - the doctrine that the soul is preexistent to the body and is infused into it at conception or birth 

right as trivet - quite all right esp. when compared with what might be expected or an earlier condition + trivet - a three-footed stand or support = tripod.

wee - extremely small, tiny

Irish Free State (1920s)

charter - a legal document written (usually) upon a single sheet of paper, parchment, or other material, by which grants, contracts, and other transactions are confirmed and ratified.

lot - a number of persons or things of the same kind, or associated in some way + FDV: While we may [have our irremovable] doubt doubts as to the whole sense of the text, the meaning of any phrase in it, the meaning of every word deciphered and interpreted we can must not have any doubts as to its authorship and authoritativeness.