lioness (Slang) - prostitute

humdrum - dullness, monotony + Lom-drom (Loumdrum) (gael) - Bare-ridge + London + drum (Slang) - brothel.

up against - against

lapsus linguæ - a slip of the tongue + linquo (l) - I leave + lapsi (Finnish) - child.

rovidebb (Hungarian) - shorter

-empa (Finnish) - (comparative; e.g. Finnish vanhempa: older) + short temper

Meillet & Cohen: Les Langues du Monde 328: (of East Caucasian languages, such as Chechen) 'all the nouns are divided among several "classes" or grammatical genders, of which the number sometimes reaches up to six... Each gender is characterised by a consonant' + Algernon Charles Swinburne: A Ballad of Francis Villon: 'Villon our sad bad glad mad brother's name'.

Vanity Fair - a place or scene where all is frivolity and empty show; the world or a section of it as a scene of idle amusement and unsubstantial display;                        vanha (Finnish) - old + vanhat (Finnish) - the old ones.

casuality - chance; the state of being 'casual'; a chance or casual occurrence, contingency; esp. an unfortunate occurrence, accident, casualty.

pester - to annoy, trouble, plague; to entangle, embarrass, obstruct the movements of (obs.)

crossword - a puzzle in which a pattern of chequered squares has to be filled in from numbered clues with words which are written usu. horizontally and vertically.

post postition - placing (as a particle) after a gram. related word (as ward in cityward) + Meillet & Cohen: Les Langues du Monde 164: (of Finnish) 'most postpositions are formed with the genitive'.

scruff - the nape of the neck; to seize (a person) by the nape of the neck; Applied to what is worthless or contemptible; refuse, litter; spec. base money;                        Meillet & Cohen: Les Langues du Monde 167: (of Finnish) 'this comparative can also be applied to a noun: Finnish ranta "shore, bank", rannempana "closer to the shore"'.

ream - Used to denote a large quantity of paper; in pl. A large quantity + phrase without rhyme or reason.

it stands to reason (that) - it is quite clear (that), it is reasonable, it is natural or evident (that).

lanka (Finnish) - thread

wipe - to put all to death, destroy completely, exterminate

spook - to inhabit or visit as a spook, scare, frighten + Ally Sloper - grotesque, disreputable figure in a late-19th-century comic paper.  

metaphorically - in a metaphorical sense; by the use of metaphor + multa (l) - much, many things + phonetikos (gr) - vocal, endowed with speech + phone (gr) - sound, voice.

the face of the earth - the surface of the earth + Erse - Irish.

FDV: After bloody Sunday, though every door in muchtried Lucalizod was smeared with generous gore and the every cobbleway slippery with the blood of heroes, the low waster never had the pluck to venture out while everyone else [of the city throng,] slashers and sliced alike, waded about on their usual avocations for the only once he took a peep through his keyhole to find out whether conciliation was forging ahead or falling back and why he found himself looking into the barrel of an irregular revolver at point blank range at point blank range of an irregular revolver [of the bulldog pattern] of some unknown quarreler [who supposedly had been told off to shade Shem should he come stir out [awhile] to be creased] + DRAFT TWO: After the thorough fright he got that bloody Sunday, though every doorpost in muchtried Lucalizod was smeared with generous gore & every cobbleway free for all slippery with the blood of heroes, the low waster never had the common baa lamb's pluck to stir out & about while everyone else of the city throng, slashers & sliced alike, waded around on their daily bonafide avocations or some others stonestepped stonestepping across the human bridge on their usual quest for after higher things, across the human bridge set up over the slop by Messrs the charitable government, for the only once he took a tompeep through a 3 draw telescope through his westernmost keyhole with an eachway hope in his [shivering] soul to find out whether conciliation was forging ahead or falling back & why he found himself at point blank range blinking into the barrel of an irregular revolver of the true bulldog pattern handled by and unknown quarreler who supposedly had been told off to shade & shoot shy Shem should the shit show his shiny nose out awhile to look facts in the face before he got hosed & creased by 1 or 2 of the playboys.

thorough - applied to or affecting every part or detail, complete + (notebook 1923): 'thoroughly afraid'

Whitsunday - the seventh Sunday after Easter, observed as a festival of the Christian Church in commemoration of the descent of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.

doorpost - the post on each side of a door-way, on one of which the door is hung + Exodus 12:7: 'and they shall take of the blood, and strike it on the two side posts and on the upper door post of the houses' (Passover).

tried - proved or tested by experience or examination

erst (ger) - first + eerstgeboren (Dutch) - firstborn (Passover).

gore - blood in the thickened state that follows effusion. In poetical language often: Blood shed in carnage (blood and gore, bloody gore) + Joyce's note: 'stepping stones slippery with blood of heroes'.

free for all - unrestricted as to entries, participants or users

cobble - a water-worn rounded stone, esp. of the size suitable for paving

welkin - firmament, sky, the heavens + to the welkin - 'to the skies' + (notebook 1924): 'blood calls for blood cry to heaven' Lamy: Commentarium in Librum Geneseos I.253: 'The voice of thy brother's blood crieth, a personification to indicate the atrocity of the crime. Crieth unto me, desiring heavenly vindication' (Genesis 4:10)).

cul vert (fr) - green arse + (notebook 1924): 'noah = culvert'.

agush - in a gushing state, gushing

waster - one who lives in idleness and extravagance; one who wastefully dissipates or consumes his resources, an extravagant spender, a squanderer, spendthrift.

baalamb - Nursery equivalent of 'lamb'

pluck - the heart as the seat of courage; courage, boldness, spirit

stir - to pass from rest to motion, to begin to move, to move or walk about

compound - a union, combination, or mixture of elements; the enclosure within which a residence or factory (of Europeans) stands.

throng - a crowded mass of persons actually (or in idea) assembled together; a crowd.

slasher - one that slashes (to cut or wound with a stroke of a sharp weapon or instrument).

sliced - cut into slices

massa - master (southern negro speech) + en masse (fr) - as one body, overwhelmingly + massa (it) - crowd, mob.

waden (Dutch) - to wade (stem 'waad')

baad (Danish) - boat + baden (Dutch) - to bathe (stem 'baad') + (notebook 1924): 'march head up'.

yam (Hebrew) - sea + yam (Mon Khmer) - to die + p-yam (Mon Khmer) - to kill.

pan-p-yam (Mon Khmer) - killing, execution

Kinane: St. Patrick 10: (quoting a letter of approbation from the Bishop of Elphin) 'Very sincerely yours... L. GILLOOLY, Bishop of Elphin' [(notebook 1924): 'Gillooly'].

patriotic poetry

pia et pura bella (l) - pious and pure wars (Vico) + O pura e pia bella (it) - O pure and pious fair one.

junk - a name for the common type of native sailing vessel in the Chinese seas + nunc et semper (l) - 'now, and always'.

sampan - a Chinese word meaning 'boat', applied by Europeans in the China seas to any small boat of Chinese pattern.

sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper; et in saecula saeculorum (l) - As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be; world without end. 

bona fide - acting in good faith

avocation - the calling away or withdrawal (of a person) from an employment; the condition of being called away, or having one's attention diverted.

treat - an entertainment of any kind given gratuitously, esp. to children

stray - Of a person or thing: Separated from the main body; occurring away from the regular course or habitat; isolated.

whizzer - something or someone extraordinary or wonderful; a 'stunner'

sing out - to make a cry, call

intermediately - between things or times, not immediately, indirectly

vying = pres p. of vie - to enter into, or carry on, rivalry; to contend or compete for superiority in some respect.

avenge - to take vengeance, inflict retributive punishment, or retaliate on account of, or to exact satisfaction for.

jobber - wholesaler, one on job or work + Majuba and Ladysmith - as Mrs Yoder says, battles in the Boer War. 

Isaac Bickerstaff - pseudonym of  Jonathan Swift; pretend author of Swift's Predictions for the Year 1708. Hewson, a cobbler, came to London, called himself Partridge, turned astrologer and almanack-maker and was much favored by William III because of vile denunciations of popery. Swift assumed the persona of a rival almanack-maker and predicted Partridge's death - "murdered a man by way of prophecy," as Hosty does in "The Ballad of Persse O'Reilly".

plink - a sharp metallic or ringing noise + plinkity plonk (World War I Slang) - white wine (Hargrave: Origins and Meanings of Popular Phrases & Names 370: 'PLINKITY-PLONK. Vin blanc').

plonk - hollow, metallic or harsh sound

span - the distance from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the little finger; the space equivalent to this taken as a measure of length, averaging nine inches.

ponte (it) - bridge + ponte dei colori (it) - bridge of colours.

dei colori (l) - to the color of a god

slop - a mud puddle, slush, soft mud; refuse liquid of any kind

war to end war (phrase) - World War I

Leader 11 Nov 1922, 325/1: 'A Candid Critic on the Government': 'I have done something over the years towards making it possible for Messrs the Provisional Government Ministry to occupy their present exalted position' [Joyce's note: 'MM the govt'].

dia dos finados (Portuguese) - All Souls' Day, 2 November + dose (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - those.

Tom Piper - a nursery bugbear, a bogy

pipistrello (it) - bat + estrela (Portuguese) - star + Pip and Estella - characters in 'Great Expectations' by Charles Dickens.

Ulysses has three books and eighteen chapters + (notebook 1923): '3 draw telescope'.

hawk - any diurnal bird of prey used in falconry; any bird of the family Falconidæ

dur (fr) - hard, tough + dicky - of inferior quality, sorry, poor + dur-dicki mengri (Gipsy) - telescope (literally 'far-seeing thing').

luminous - full of light; emitting or casting light; Of a room: Well lighted

larboard - the side of a ship which is to the left hand of a person looking from the stern towards the bows; humorously used for: Left + Valery Larbaud assisted in the French translation of Ulysses.

spit - to eject saliva (at or on a person or thing) as a means of expressing hatred or contempt.

impenetrable - that can not be penetrated, pierced or entered [(notebook 1924): 'impenetrable weather'].

wetter - dial. form of water + Wetter (ger) - weather.

porco (it) - pig; (fig.) dirty man

rules + cul (kul) (gael) - goal (in ball games) + kula (Serbian) - tower + kule (Selkup Samoyed) - crow + kuleag (Selkup Samoyed) - the two crows.

parka (Finnish) - poor

owing + ovum (l) - egg

code - a system or collection of rules or regulations on any subject = codex (obs.)

kala (Finnish) - fish + tavala (Finnish) - in a way.

conciliation - conversion from a state of hostility or distrust

forge - to progress, advance

celestious - of or pertaining to the sky or material heavens; of or pertaining to heaven, as the abode of God (or of the heathen gods), of angels, and of glorified spirits.

intemperance - intemperateness, inclemency, severity of the air, weather, or climate (obs.)

Devil sake + Duvvel (Gipsy) - God + duvel (Dutch) - devil + Sache (ger) - thing, cause.

I have seen my see - I have seen what I wished to see + 'see me', 'my see' and 'my seeing' are literal translations of Selkup Samoyed constructions for 'I see' and 'what I see' [Meillet & Cohen: Les Langues du Monde 168: (of Selkup Samoyed) 'If it involves a concept that we express by the use of a verb... I see... he still says:... see-me... I can say: I see a horse... the Samoyed... says: see-my, that is: my act of seeing'].

corvo maggiore (it) - raven + korva (Finnish) - ear.