alcove - an arched recess or niche in the wall of any building or apartment, of a cave, etc. + DRAFT TWO: Naturally he never needed such an alcove alcohove for his purpose and when George W Robber, the paper stat paper king, boycotted him of all stationery & muttonsuet candles for any purpose he went away & made synthetic ink for & unruled foolscap parchment for it himself with out of his wits' ends. How? Let [the manner & the matter of] it [for these [our] sporting times] be veiled cloaked up in the language of blushing blushfed cardinals lest that [the] Anglican cardinals cardinal, [not] reading his own words rude speech, [may always] behold the scarlet [brand] on the brown of the her of Babylon yet feel not the pink one in his [own damned] cheek Primum ...

MAUNSELL AND CO - Printing firm in Parliament Street, publisher of the Daily Express and other newspapers. George Roberts, the managing director, had bitter disputes with Joyce over deletions after the sheets of Dubliners were printed, and in September 1912 the sheets were destroyed by the printer, John Falconer; Joyce said by burning, Roberts said by "guillotining and pulping."  

nudge - to touch or push (one) slightly with the elbow for the purpose of attracting attention.

codex - a system or collection of rules or regulations on any subject + codex (Slang) - blockhead.

podex - the fundament, the rump, posterior, arse (Slang)

benefaction - a doing good, beneficence, kindly or generous action; a benefit or blessing.

pastor - a shepherd of souls, bishop, priest

flammeus (l) - flaming, fiery

falconer - one who hunts with falcons; a keeper and trainer of hawks + John Falconer - Dublin printer. 

boycott - to combine in refusing to hold relations of any kind, social or commercial, public or private, with (a neighbour), on account of political or other differences, so as to punish him for the position he has taken up, or coerce him into abandoning it. 

muttonfat candle - a candle made of mutton-fat

stationery - materials for writing (paper, pens, ink, ...)

wing - to use one's wings, fly; to sail

wild goose chase - a pursuit after something unattainable, a futile chase

kathartic = cathartic - cleansing, purifying, purging + "katharsis" (James Joyce: The Holy Office).

Joyce's note: 'synthetic sugar'

sensitive paper - paper prepared for photographic purposes

waste - refuse matter; unserviceable material remaining over from any process of manufacture.

Sam Hill - a euphemism for hell; used especially in expressions of impatience or irritation preceded by in or the with an interrogative word + where in Sam Hill (United States phrase) - 'where in the world' (popular 19th century expression).

sporting - characterized by sport or sportsmanlike conduct + SPORTING TIMES - The weekly "chronicle of racing, literature, art, and the drama," known as "The Pink 'un," published in London 1865-1931; had a hostile review of James Joyce's Ulysses in April 1922.

cloak - hide, disguise

porporate - clad in purple + corporates (P/K split).

Anglican - English; of or peculiar to the English ecclesiastically

ordinal - a book containing directions for roman catholic services every day in the year.

Dönsk tunga (Icelandic) - Danish tongue + teanga (t'one) (gael) - tongue, language.

scarlet - a brilliant vivid red colour, inclining to orange + Revelation 17:4-5: 'the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour... and upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS' (Puritans applied this to the Roman Catholic Church).

the whore of Babylon - the Church of Rome

cheek - insolence in speaking to any one + Luke 6:41: 'and why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but perceivest not the beam that is in thine own eye?'

prosy - commonplace, matter-of-fact; but usually with emphasis rather on the tiresome effect than on the intrinsic quality: commonplace and tedious; dull and wearisome.

crap - excrement, defecation

piss - to urinate; the action or an act of urinating

exonerate - to free from blame, to exculpate; also, to relieve from the blame or burden of.

fake - to plunder, steal; to feign or simulate + DRAFT TWO: (made O'Ryan the devil's own ink).

indelible ink - ink that cannot be deleted, blotted out, or effaced

pius Aeneas (l) - dutiful Aeneas (frequent formula in Vergil's Aeneid)

conformant - conforming, conformable, accordant

fulminant - flashing forth like lightning; rel. to formal issuing of condemnations or censures by the pope or other ecclesiastical authority; issuing censures or condemnations (against).

firman - an edict or order issued by an Oriental sovereign, esp. the Sultan of Turkey; a grant, licence, passport, permit.

enjoin - In early use: To impose (a penalty, task, duty, or obligation); said esp. of a spiritual director (to enjoin penance, etc.). Hence in mod. use: To prescribe authoritatively and with emphasis (an action, a course of conduct, state of feeling, etc.). 

tremolous - characterized by trembling; also fig. tremblingly sensitive or responsive.

nychtemeros (gr) - lasting a night and a day + nychtemeresios (gr) - nightly and daily + nightmare + nychthemeron - period of twenty-four hours ('Ulysses' spans one day and one night).

unheavenly - not heavenly, sinful

uncertain - about which one cannot be certain or assured; subject to doubt

obscene - disgusting, repulsive, filthy; expressing or suggesting unchaste or lustful ideas; impure, indecent, lewd. 

kopros (gr) - dung + copyright ['Ulysses' was not protected by copyright in the United States and pirated editions appeared].

Ouranian - of or pertaining to heaven or the upper regions + Urania - muse of astronomy, planet, Aphrodite as spiritual love + ouron (gr) - urine.

dood (Dutch) - dead; death

bethank - to thank

bedung - to befoul with dung

double dye - to dye twice; fig. to imbue or stain deeply + DRAFT TWO: With the double dye he wrote minutely, appropriately over every part of the only foolscap available, his own body, till one integument slowly unfolded universal history the [varied progressive] reflection from his [individual] person of lived life unlivable transaccidentated in the slow fire of consciousness into a dividual chaos, perilous, potent, common to all flesh, mortal only, & that self which he hid from the world grew darker & darker in its outlook.   

blood heat - the ordinary heat of blood in the healthy human body

gallic acid - a white crystalline acid. With iron salts it gives a deep blue-black colour, the basis of writing ink. 

iron ore - the ore of iron; any crude form in which iron is found in the earth

misery - distress caused by privation or poverty; a condition characterized by a feeling of extreme unhappiness; miserable or wretched state of mind + (notebook 1924): 'thro' bowels of Thy Mercy' Kinane: St. Patrick 134: 'O God, through the bowels of Thy mercy... grant me a love of prayer'.

flashly - in a flash manner, handsomely, elegantly

faithly - with fidelity, faithfully, steadfastly; certainly, surely

nastily - in a nasty manner or state; filthily; disagreeably, unpleasantly

appropriately - in a manner properly suited; fittingly

Menshevik - a member of the political group or party forming the smaller part of the Russian Social-Democratic Party after the split with the Bolsheviks in 1903 and denounced as counter-revolutionaries after the 'October' Revolution of 1917 + chovek (Serbian) - man + mensch (Dutch) - man + havik (Dutch) - hawk. 

foolscap - a long folio writing- or printing-paper, varying in size

corrosive sublimate - mercury(II) chloride, an odourless, colourless, water-soluble, poisonous compound of mercury + corrosive - having the quality of eating away or consuming by chemical action: said of acids, etc.; fig. Destructive, consuming, wasting.