James Joyce


Book I

chapter 5

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          In the name of Annah the Allmaziful, the Everliving, the
Bringer of Plurabilities, haloed be her eve, her singtime sung, her
rill be run, unhemmed as it is uneven!
    Her untitled mamafesta memorialising the Mosthighest has
gone by many names at disjointed times. Thus we hear of, The
Augusta Angustissimost for Old Seabeastius' Salvation, Rockabill
Booby in the Wave Trough, Here's to the Relicts of All Decencies,
Anna Stessa's Rise to Notice, Knickle Down Duddy Gunne and
Arishe Sir Cannon, My Golden One and My Selver Wedding,
Amoury Treestam and Icy Siseule, Saith a Sawyer til a Strame, Ik
dik dopedope et tu mihimihi, Buy Birthplate for a Bite, Which of
your Hesterdays Mean Ye to Morra? Hoebegunne the Hebrewer
Hit Waterman the Brayned, Arcs in His Ceiling Flee Chinx on the
Flur, Rebus de Hibernicis, The Crazier Letters, Groans of a Briton-
ess, Peter Peopler Picked a Plot to Pitch his Poppolin, An Apology
for a Big
(some such nonoun as Husband or husboat or hose-
bound is probably understood for we have also the plutherple-
thoric My Hoonsbood Hansbaad's a Journey to Porthergill gone
and He Never Has the Hour), Ought We To Visit Him? For Ark
see Zoo, Cleopater's Nedlework Ficturing Aldborougham on the
Sahara with the Coombing of the Cammmels and the Parlourmaids
of Aegypt, Cock in the Pot for Father, Placeat Vestrae, A New
Cure for an Old Clap, Where Portentos they'd Grow Gonder how
I'd Wish I Woose a Geese; Gettle Nettie, Thrust him not, When the

Myrtles of Venice Played to Bloccus's Line, To Plenge Me High
He Waives Chiltern on Friends, Oremunds Queue Visits Amen
Mart, E'en Tho' I Granny a-be He would Fain Me Cuddle, Twenty
of Chambers, Weighty Ten Beds and a Wan Ceteroom, I Led the
Life, Through the Boxer Coxer Rising in the House with the Golden
Stairs, The Following Fork, He's my O'Jerusalem and I'm his
Po, The Best in the West, By the Stream of Zemzem under Zig-
zag Hill, The Man That Made His Mother in the Marlborry
Train, Try Our Taal on a Taub, The Log of Anny to the Base
All, Nopper Tipped a Nappiwenk to his Notylytl Dantsigirls, Prszss
Orel Orel the King of Orlbrdsz, Intimier Minnelisp of an Extor-
reor Monolothe, Drink to Him, My Juckey, and Dhoult Bemine
Thy Winnowing Sheet, I Ask You to Believe I was his Mistress,
He Can Explain, From Victrolia Nuancee to Allbart Noahnsy,
Da's a Daisy so Guimea your Handsel too, What Barbaras Done
to a Barrel Organ Before the Rank, Tank and Bonnbtail, Huskvy
Admortal, What Jumbo made to Jalice and what Anisette to Him,
Ophelia's Culpreints, Hear Hubty Hublin, My Old Dansh, I am
Older northe Rogues among Whisht I Slips and He Calls Me his
Dual of Ayessha, Suppotes a Ventriliquorst Merries a Corpse,
Lapps for Finns This Funnycoon's Week, How the Buckling Shut
at Rush in January, Look to the Lady, From the Rise of the
Dudge Pupublick to the Fall of the Potstille, Of the Two Ways
of Opening the Mouth, I have not Stopped Water Where It Should
Flow and I Know the Twentynine Names of Attraente, The Tortor
of Tory Island Traits Galasia like his Milchcow, From Abbeygate
to Crowalley Through a Lift in the Lude, Smocks for Their Graces
and Me Aunt for Them Clodshoppers, How to Pull a Good Horus-
coup even when Oldsire is Dead to the World, Inn the Gleam of
Waherlow, Fathe He's Sukceded to My Esperations, Thee Steps
Forward, Two Stops Back, My Skin Appeals to Three Senses and
My Curly Lips Demand Columbkisses; Gage Street on a Crany's
Savings, Them Lads made a Trion of Battlewatschers and They
Totties a Doeit of Deers, In My Lord's Bed by One Whore Went
Through It, Mum It is All Over, Cowpoyride by Twelve Acre Ter-
riss in the Unique Estates of Amessican, He Gave me a Thou so I

serve Him with Thee, Of all the Wide Torsos in all the Wild Glen,
O'Donogh, White Donogh, He's Hue to Me Cry, I'm the Stitch
in his Baskside You'd be Nought Without Mom, To Keep the
Huskies off the Hustings and Picture Pets from Lifting Shops, Nor-
sker Torsker Find the Poddle, He Perssed Me Here with the Ardour
of a Tonnoburkes, A Boob Was Weeping This Mower was Reaping,
O'Loughlin, Up from the Pit of my Stomach I Swish you the White
of the Mourning, Inglo-Andeen Medoleys from Tommany Moohr,
The Great Polynesional Entertrainer Exhibits Ballantine Braut-
chers with the Link of Natures, The Mimic of Meg Neg end
the Mackeys, Entered as the Lastest Pigtarial and My Pooridiocal
at Stitchioner's Hall, Siegfield Follies and or a Gentlehomme's Faut
Pas, See the First Book of Jealesies Pessim, The Suspended Sen-
tence, A Pretty Brick Story for Childsize Heroes, As Lo Our Sleep,
I Knew I'd Got it in Me so Thit settles That, Thonderbalt Captain
Smeth and La Belle Sauvage Pocahonteuse, Way for Wet Week
Welikin's Douchka Marianne, The Last of the Fingallians, It Was
Me Egged Him on to the Stork Exchange and Lent my Dutiful
Face to His Customs, Chee Chee Cheels on their China Miction,
Pickedmeup Peters, Lumptytumtumpty had a Big Fall, Pimpimp
Pimpimp, Measly Ventures of Two Lice and the Fall of Fruit,
The Fokes Family Interior, If my Spreadeagles Wasn't so Tight
I'd Loosen my Cursits on that Bunch of Maggiestraps, Allolosha
Popofetts and Howke Cotchme Eye, Seen Aples and Thin Dyed,
i big U to Beleaves from Love and Mother, Fine's Fault was no
Felon, Exat Delvin Renter Life, The Flash that Flies from Vuggy's
Eyes has Set Me Hair On Fire, His is the House that Malt Made,
Divine Views from Back to the Front, Abe to Sare Stood Icyk
Neuter till Brahm Taulked Him Common Sex, A Nibble at Eve
Will That Bowal Relieve, Allfor Guineas, Sounds and Compliments
Libidous, Seven Wives Awake Aweek, Airy Ann and Berber Blut,
Amy Licks Porter While Huffy Chops Eads, Abbrace of Umbellas
or a Tripple of Caines, Buttbutterbust, From the Manorlord Hoved
to the Misses O'Mollies and from the Dames to their Sames, Many-
festoons for the Colleagues on the Green, An Outstanding Back and
an Excellent Halfcentre if Called on, As Tree is Quick and Stone is

White So is My Washing Done by Night, First and Last Only
True Account all about the Honorary Mirsu Earwicker, L.S.D.,
and the Snake (Nuggets!) by a Woman of the World who only can
Tell Naked Truths about a Dear Man and all his Conspirators how
they all Tried to Fall him Putting it all around Lucalizod about
Privates Earwicker and a Pair of Sloppy Sluts plainly Showing all
the Unmentionability falsely Accusing about the Raincoats
    The proteiform graph itself is a polyhedron of scripture.
There was a time when naif alphabetters would have written it
down the tracing of a purely deliquescent recidivist, possibly
ambidextrous, snubnosed probably and presenting a strangely
profound rainbowl in his (or her) occiput. To the hardily curio-
sing entomophilust then it has shown a very sexmosaic of nym-
phosis in which the eternal chimerahunter Oriolopos, now frond
of sugars, then lief of saults, the sensory crowd in his belly
coupled with an eye for the goods trooth bewilderblissed by
their night effluvia with guns like drums and fondlers like forceps
persequestellates his vanessas from flore to flore. Somehows this
sounds like the purest kidooleyoon wherein our madernacerution
of lour lore is rich. All's so herou from us him in a kitchernott
darkness, by hasard and worn rolls arered, we must grope on till
Zerogh hour like pou owl giaours as we are would we salve aught
of moments for our aysore today. Amousin though not but. Closer
inspection of the bordereau would reveal a multiplicity of person-
alities inflicted on the documents or document and some prevision
of virtual crime or crimes might be made by anyone unwary
enough before any suitable occasion for it or them had so far
managed to happen along. In fact, under the closed eyes of the in-
spectors the traits featuring the chiaroscuro coalesce, their con-
trarieties eliminated, in one stable somebody similarly as by the
providential warring of heartshaker with housebreaker and of
dramdrinker against freethinker our social something bowls along
bumpily, experiencing a jolting series of prearranged disappoint-
ments, down the long lane of (it's as semper as oxhousehumper!)
generations, more generations and still more generations.
    Say, baroun lousadoor, who in hallhagal wrote the durn thing

anyhow? Erect, beseated, mountback, against a partywall, below
freezigrade, by the use of quill or style, with turbid or pellucid
mind, accompanied or the reverse by mastication, interrupted
by visit of seer to scribe or of scribe to site, atwixt two showers
or atosst of a trike, rained upon or blown around, by a right-
down regular racer from the soil or by a too pained whittlewit
laden with the loot of learning?
    Now, patience; and remember patience is the great thing, and
above all things else we must avoid anything like being or be-
coming out of patience. A good plan used by worried business
folk who may not have had many momentums to master Kung's
doctrine of the meang or the propriety codestruces of Carpri-
mustimus is just to think of all the sinking fund of patience pos-
sessed in their conjoint names by both brothers Bruce with whom
are incorporated their Scotch spider and Elberfeld's Calculating
Horses. If after years upon years of delving in ditches dark one
tubthumper more than others, Kinihoun or Kahanan, giardarner
or mear measenmanonger, has got up for the darnall same pur-
pose of reassuring us with all the barbar of the Carrageehouse
that our great ascendant was properly speaking three syllables
less than his own surname (yes, yes, less!), that the ear of Fionn
Earwicker aforetime was the trademark of a broadcaster with
wicker local jargon for an ace's patent (Hear! Calls! Everywhair!)
then as to this radiooscillating epiepistle to which, cotton, silk or
samite, kohol, gall or brickdust, we must ceaselessly return, where-
abouts exactly at present in Siam, Hell or Tophet under that
glorisol which plays touraloup with us in this Aludin's Cove of
our cagacity is that bright soandsuch to slip us the dinkum oil?
    Naysayers we know. To conclude purely negatively from the
positive absence of political odia and monetary requests that its
page cannot ever have been a penproduct of a man or woman of
that period or those parts is only one more unlookedfor conclu-
sion leaped at, being tantamount to inferring from the nonpre-
sence of inverted commas (sometimes called quotation marks)
on any page that its author was always constitutionally incapable
of misappropriating the spoken words of others.

    Luckily there is another cant to the questy. Has any fellow, of
the dime a dozen type, it might with some profit some dull even-
ing quietly be hinted — has any usual sort of ornery josser, flat-
chested fortyish, faintly flatulent and given to ratiocination by
syncopation in the elucidation of complications, of his greatest
Fung Yang dynasdescendanced, only another the son of, in fact,
ever looked sufficiently longly at a quite everydaylooking stamped
addressed envelope? Admittedly it is an outer husk: its face, in
all its featureful perfection of imperfection, is its fortune: it ex-
hibits only the civil or military clothing of whatever passion-
pallid nudity or plaguepurple nakedness may happen to tuck it-
self under its flap. Yet to concentrate solely on the literal sense or
even the psychological content of any document to the sore
neglect of the enveloping facts themselves circumstantiating it is
just as hurtful to sound sense (and let it be added to the truest
taste) as were some fellow in the act of perhaps getting an intro
from another fellow turning out to be a friend in need of his, say,
to a lady of the latter's acquaintance, engaged in performing the
elaborative antecistral ceremony of upstheres, straightaway to run
off and vision her plump and plain in her natural altogether, pre-
ferring to close his blinkhard's eyes to the ethiquethical fact that
she was, after all, wearing for the space of the time being some
definite articles of evolutionary clothing, inharmonious creations,
a captious critic might describe them as, or not strictly necessary
or a trifle irritating here and there, but for all that suddenly full
of local colour and personal perfume and suggestive, too, of so
very much more and capable of being stretched, filled out, if need
or wish were, of having their surprisingly like coincidental parts
separated don't they now, for better survey by the deft hand of
an expert, don't you know? Who in his heart doubts either that
the facts of feminine clothiering are there all the time or that the
feminine fiction, stranger than the facts, is there also at the same
time, only a little to the rere? Or that one may be separated from
the other? Or that both may then be contemplated simultaneously?
Or that each may be taken up and considered in turn apart from
the other?

    Here let a few artifacts fend in their own favour. The river felt
she wanted salt. That was just where Brien came in. The country
asked for bearspaw for dindin! And boundin aboundin it got it
surly. We who live under heaven, we of the clovery kingdom,
we middlesins people have often watched the sky overreaching
the land. We suddenly have. Our isle is Sainge. The place. That
stern chuckler Mayhappy Mayhapnot, once said to repeation
in that lutran conservatory way of his that Isitachapel-Asitalukin
was the one place, ult aut nult, in this madh vaal of tares (whose
verdhure's yellowed therever Phaiton parks his car while its
tamelised tay is the drame of Drainophilias) where the possible
was the improbable and the improbable the inevitable. If the pro-
verbial bishop of our holy and undivided with this me ken or no
me ken Zot is the Quiztune havvermashed had his twoe nails
on the head we are in for a sequentiality of improbable possibles
though possibly nobody after having grubbed up a lock of cwold
cworn aboove his subject probably in Harrystotalies or the vivle
will go out of his way to applaud him on the onboiassed back of
his remark for utterly impossible as are all these events they are
probably as like those which may have taken place as any others
which never took person at all are ever likely to be. Ahahn!
    About that original hen. Midwinter (fruur or kuur?) was in the
offing and Premver a promise of a pril when, as kischabrigies sang
life's old sahatsong, an iceclad shiverer, merest of bantlings ob-
served a cold fowl behaviourising strangely on that fatal midden
or chip factory or comicalbottomed copsjute (dump for short)
afterwards changed into the orangery when in the course of
deeper demolition unexpectedly one bushman's holiday its limon
threw up a few spontaneous fragments of orangepeel, the last
remains of an outdoor meal by some unknown sunseeker or place-
hider illico way back in his mistridden past. What child of a strand-
looper but keepy little Kevin in the despondful surrounding of
such sneezing cold would ever have trouved up on a strate that
was called strete a motive for future saintity by euchring the
finding of the Ardagh chalice by another heily innocent and
beachwalker whilst trying with pious clamour to wheedle Tip-

peraw raw raw reeraw puteters out of Now Sealand in spignt
of the patchpurple of the massacre, a dual a duel to die to
day, goddam and biggod, sticks and stanks, of most of the
    The bird in the case was Belinda of the Dorans, a more than
quinquegintarian (Terziis prize with Serni medal, Cheepalizzy's
Hane Exposition) and what she was scratching at the hour of
klokking twelve looked for all this zogzag world like a goodish-
sized sheet of letterpaper originating by transhipt from Boston
(Mass.) of the last of the first to Dear whom it proceded to
mention Maggy well & allathome's health well only the hate
turned the mild on the van Houtens and the general's elections
with a lovely face of some born gentleman with a beautiful present
of wedding cakes for dear thankyou Chriesty and with grand
funferall of poor Father Michael don't forget unto life's & Muggy
well how are you Maggy & hopes soon to hear well & must now
close it with fondest to the twoinns with four crosskisses for holy
paul holey comer holipoli whollyisland pee ess from (locust may
eat all but this sign shall they never) affectionate largelooking
tache of tch. The stain, and that a teastain (the overcautelousness
of the masterbilker here, as usual, signing the page away), marked
it off on the spout of the moment as a genuine relique of ancient
Irish pleasant pottery of that lydialike languishing class known as
a hurry-me-o'er-the-hazy.
    Why then how?
    Well, almost any photoist worth his chemicots will tip anyone
asking him the teaser that if a negative of a horse happens to melt
enough while drying, well, what you do get is, well, a positively
grotesquely distorted macromass of all sorts of horsehappy values
and masses of meltwhile horse. Tip. Well, this freely is what
must have occurred to our missive (there's a sod of a turb for
you! please wisp off the grass!) unfilthed from the boucher by
the sagacity of a lookmelittle likemelong hen. Heated residence
in the heart of the orangeflavoured mudmound had partly ob-
literated the negative to start with, causing some features pal-
pably nearer your pecker to be swollen up most grossly while

the farther back we manage to wiggle the more we need the loan
of a lens to see as much as the hen saw. Tip.
    You is feeling like you was lost in the bush, boy? You says:
It is a puling sample jungle of woods. You most shouts out:
Bethicket me for a stump of a beech if I have the poultriest no-
tions what the farest he all means. Gee up, girly! The quad gos-
pellers may own the targum but any of the Zingari shoolerim
may pick a peck of kindlings yet from the sack of auld hensyne.
    Lead, kindly fowl! They always did: ask the ages. What bird
has done yesterday man may do next year, be it fly, be it moult,
be it hatch, be it agreement in the nest. For her socioscientific
sense is sound as a bell, sir, her volucrine automutativeness right
on normalcy: she knows, she just feels she was kind of born to
lay and love eggs (trust her to propagate the species and hoosh
her fluffballs safe through din and danger!); lastly but mostly, in
her genesic field it is all game and no gammon; she is ladylike in
everything she does and plays the gentleman's part every time.
Let us auspice it! Yes, before all this has time to end the golden
age must return with its vengeance. Man will become dirigible,
Ague will be rejuvenated, woman with her ridiculous white bur-
den will reach by one step sublime incubation, the manewanting
human lioness with her dishorned discipular manram will lie
down together publicly flank upon fleece. No, assuredly, they are
not justified, those gloompourers who grouse that letters have
never been quite their old selves again since that weird weekday
in bleak Janiveer (yet how palmy date in a waste's oasis!) when
to the shock of both, Biddy Doran looked at literature.
    And. She may be a mere marcella, this midget madgetcy,
Misthress of Arths. But. It is not a hear or say of some anomo-
rous letter, signed Toga Girilis, (teasy dear). We have a cop of
her fist right against our nosibos. We note the paper with her
jotty young watermark: Notre Dame du Bon Marché. And she
has a heart of Arin! What lumililts as she fols with her falli-
mineers and her nadianods. As a strow will shaw she does the
wind blague, recting to show the rudess of a robur curling and
shewing the fansaties of a frizette. But how many of her readers

realise that she is not out to dizzledazzle with a graith uncouthre-
ment of postmantuam glasseries from the lapins and the grigs.
Nuttings on her wilelife! Grabar gooden grandy for old almea-
nium adamologists like Dariaumaurius and Zovotrimaserov-
meravmerouvian; (dmzn!); she feel plain plate one flat fact thing
and if, lastways firdstwise, a man alones sine anyon anyons
utharas has no rates to done a kik at with anyon anakars about
tutus milking fores and the rereres on the outerrand asikin the
tutus to be forrarder. Thingcrooklyexineverypasturesixdix-
lookingated. Mesdaims, Marmouselles, Mescerfs! Silvapais! All
schwants (schwrites) ischt tell the cock's trootabout him. Ka-
pak kapuk. No minzies matter. He had to see life foully the
plak and the smut, (schwrites). There were three men in him
(schwrites). Dancings (schwrites) was his only ttoo feebles.
With apple harlottes. And a little mollvogels. Spissially (schwrites)
when they peaches. Honeys wore camelia paints. Yours very
truthful. Add dapple inn. Yet is it but an old story, the tale of
a Treestone with one Ysold, of a Mons held by tentpegs and his
pal whatholoosed on the run, what Cadman could but Badman
wouldn't, any Genoaman against any Venis, and why Kate takes
charge of the waxworks.
    Let us now, weather, health, dangers, public orders and other
circumstances permitting, of perfectly convenient, if you police,
after you, policepolice, pardoning mein, ich beam so fresch, bey?
drop this jiggerypokery and talk straight turkey meet to mate, for
while the ear, be we mikealls or nicholists, may sometimes be in-
clined to believe others the eye, whether browned or nolensed,
find it devilish hard now and again even to believe itself. Habes
aures et num videbis? Habes oculos ac mannepalpabuat?
Tip! Draw-
ing nearer to take our slant at it (since after all it has met with
misfortune while all underground), let us see all there may remain
to be seen.
    I am a worker, a tombstone mason, anxious to pleace avery-
buries and jully glad when Christmas comes his once ayear. You
are a poorjoist, unctuous to polise nopebobbies and tunnibelly

soully when 'tis thime took o'er home, gin. We cannot say aye
to aye. We cannot smile noes from noes. Still. One cannot help
noticing that rather more than half of the lines run north-south
in the Nemzes and Bukarahast directions while the others go
west-east in search from Maliziies with Bulgarad for, tiny tot
though it looks when schtschupnistling alongside other incuna-
bula, it has its cardinal points for all that. These ruled barriers
along which the traced words, run, march, halt, walk, stumble
at doubtful points, stumble up again in comparative safety seem
to have been drawn first of all in a pretty checker with lamp-
black and blackthorn. Such crossing is antechristian of course,
but the use of the homeborn shillelagh as an aid to calligraphy
shows a distinct advance from savagery to barbarism. It is
seriously believed by some that the intention may have been
geodetic, or, in the view of the cannier, domestic economical.
But by writing thithaways end to end and turning, turning and
end to end hithaways writing and with lines of litters slittering
up and louds of latters slettering down, the old semetomyplace
and jupetbackagain from tham Let Rise till Hum Lit. Sleep,
where in the waste is the wisdom?
    Another point, in addition to the original sand, pounce pow-
der, drunkard paper or soft rag used (any vet or inhanger in
ous sot's social can see the seen for seemself, a wee ftofty od
room, the cheery spluttered on the one karrig, a darka disheen
of voos from Dalbania, any gotsquantity of racky, a portogal
and some buk setting out on the sofer, you remember the
sort of softball sucker motru used to tell us when we were all
biribiyas or nippies and messas) it has acquired accretions of
terricious matter whilst loitering in the past. The teatimestained
terminal (say not the tag, mummer, or our show's a failure!) is a
cosy little brown study all to oneself and, whether it be thumb-
print, mademark or just a poor trait of the artless, its importance
in establishing the identities in the writer complexus (for if the
hand was one, the minds of active and agitated were more than
so) will be best appreciated by never forgetting that both before
and after the battle of the Boyne it was a habit not to sign letters

always. Tip. And it is surely a lesser ignorance to write a word
with every consonant too few than to add all too many. The
end? Say it with missiles then and thus arabesque the page. You
have your cup of scalding Souchong, your taper's waxen drop,
your cat's paw, the clove or coffinnail you chewed or champed
as you worded it, your lark in clear air. So why, pray, sign any-
thing as long as every word, letter, penstroke, paperspace is a
perfect signature of its own? A true friend is known much more
easily, and better into the bargain, by his personal touch, habits
of full or undress, movements, response to appeals for charity
than by his footwear, say. And, speaking anent Tiberias and other
incestuish salacities among gerontophils, a word of warning
about the tenderloined passion hinted at. Some softnosed per-
user might mayhem take it up erogenously as the usual case of
spoons, prostituta in herba plus dinky pinks deliberatively summer-
saulting off her bisexycle, at the main entrance of curate's per-
petual soutane suit with her one to see and awoh! who picks her
up as gingerly as any balmbearer would to feel whereupon the
virgin was most hurt and nicely asking: whyre have you been so
grace a mauling and where were you chaste me child? Be who,
farther potential? and so wider but we grisly old Sykos who have
done our unsmiling bit on 'alices, when they were yung and
easily freudened, in the penumbra of the procuring room and
what oracular comepression we have had apply to them! could
(did we care to sell our feebought silence in camera) tell our very
moistnostrilled one that father in such virgated contexts is not
always that undemonstrative relative (often held up to our con-
tumacy) who settles our hashbill for us and what an innocent all-
abroad's adverb such as Michaelly looks like can be suggestive
of under the pudendascope and, finally, what a neurasthene nym-
pholept, endocrine-pineal typus, of inverted parentage with a
prepossessing drauma present in her past and a priapic urge for
congress with agnates before cognates fundamentally is feeling
for under her lubricitous meiosis when she refers with liking to
some feeler she fancie's face. And Mm. We could. Yet what need
to say? 'Tis as human a little story as paper could well carry, in

affect, as singsing so Salaman susuing to swittvitles while as un-
bluffingly blurtubruskblunt as an Esra, the cat, the cat's meeter,
the meeter's cat's wife, the meeter's cat's wife's half better, the
meeter's cat's wife's half better's meeter, and so back to our
horses, for we also know, what we have perused from the pages
of I Was A Gemral, that Showting up of Bulsklivism by 'Schot-
tenboum', that Father Michael about this red time of the white
terror equals the old regime and Margaret is the social revolution
while cakes mean the party funds and dear thank you signifies
national gratitude. In fine, we have heard, as it happened, of
Spartacus intercellular. We are not corknered yet, dead hand!
We can recall, with voluntears, the froggy jew, and sweeter far
'twere now westhinks in Dumbil's fair city ere one more year is
o'er. We tourned our coasts to the good gay tunes. When from
down swords the sea merged the oldowth guns and answer made
the bold O' Dwyer. But. Est modest in verbos. Let a prostitute
be whoso stands before a door and winks or parks herself in the
fornix near a makeussin wall (sinsin! sinsin!) and the curate one
who brings strong waters (gingin! gingin!), but also, and dinna
forget, that there is many asleeps between someathome's first
and moreinausland's last and that the beautiful presence of wait-
ing kates will until life's (!) be more than enough to make any
milkmike in the language of sweet tarts punch hell's hate into his
twin nicky and that Maggy's tea, or your majesty, if heard as a
boost from a born gentleman is (?). For if the lingo gasped between
kicksheets, however basically English, were to be preached from
the mouths of wickerchurchwardens and metaphysicians in the
row and advokaatoes, allvoyous, demivoyelles, languoaths, les-
biels, dentelles, gutterhowls and furtz, where would their prac-
tice be or where the human race itself were the Pythagorean ses-
quipedalia of the panepistemion, however apically Volapucky,
grunted and gromwelled, ichabod, habakuk, opanoff, uggamyg,
hapaxle, gomenon, ppppfff, over country stiles, behind slated
dwellinghouses, down blind lanes, or, when all fruit fails, under
some sacking left on a coarse cart?
    So hath been, love: tis tis: and will be: till wears and tears and

ages. Thief us the night, steal we the air, shawl thiner liefest,
mine! Here, Ohere, insult the fair! Traitor, bad hearer, brave!
The lightning look, the birding cry, awe from the grave, ever-
flowing on the times. Feueragusaria iordenwater; now godsun
shine on menday's daughter; a good clap, a fore marriage, a bad
wake, tell hell's well; such is manowife's lot of lose and win again,
like he's gruen quhiskers on who's chin again, she plucketed them
out but they grown in again. So what are you going to do about
it? O dear!
    If juness she saved! Ah ho! And if yulone he pouved! The ol-
old stoliolum! From quiqui quinet to michemiche chelet and a
jambebatiste to a brulobrulo! It is told in sounds in utter that, in
signs so adds to, in universal, in polygluttural, in each auxiliary
neutral idiom, sordomutics, florilingua, sheltafocal, flayflutter, a
con's cubane, a pro's tutute, strassarab, ereperse and anythongue
athall. Since nozzy Nanette tripped palmyways with Highho
Harry there's a spurtfire turf a'kind o'kindling when oft as the
souffsouff blows her peaties up and a claypot wet for thee, my
Sitys, and talkatalka tell Tibbs has eve: and whathough (revilous
life proving aye the death of ronaldses when winpower wine has
bucked the kick on poor won man) billiousness has been billious-
ness during milliums of millenions and our mixed racings have
been giving two hoots or three jeers for the grape, vine and brew
and Pieter's in Nieuw Amsteldam and Paoli's where the poules
go and rum smelt his end for him and he dined off sooth ameri-
can (it would give one the frier even were one a normal Kettle-
licker) this oldworld epistola of their weatherings and their
marryings and their buryings and their natural selections has
combled tumbled down to us fersch and made-at-all-hours like
an ould cup on tay. As I was hottin me souser. Haha! And as
you was caldin your dutchy hovel. Hoho! She tole the tail or
her toon. Huhu!
    Now, kapnimancy and infusionism may both fit as tight as
two trivets but while we in our wee free state, holding to that
prestatute in our charter, may have our irremovable doubts as
to the whole sense of the lot, the interpretation of any phrase in

the whole, the meaning of every word of a phrase so far de-
ciphered out of it, however unfettered our Irish daily indepen-
dence, we must vaunt no idle dubiosity as to its genuine author-
ship and holusbolus authoritativeness. And let us bringtheecease
to beakerings on that clink, olmond bottler! On the face of it,
to volt back to our desultory horses, and for your roughshod
mind, bafflelost bull, the affair is a thing once for all done and
there you are somewhere and finished in a certain time, be it a
day or a year or even supposing, it should eventually turn out
to be a serial number of goodness gracious alone knows how
many days or years. Anyhow, somehow and somewhere, before
the bookflood or after her ebb, somebody mentioned by name in
his telephone directory, Coccolanius or Gallotaurus, wrote it,
wrote it all, wrote it all down, and there you are, full stop. O,
undoubtedly yes, and very potably so, but one who deeper thinks
will always bear in the baccbuccus of his mind that this down-
right there you are and there it is is only all in his eye. Why?
    Because, Soferim Bebel, if it goes to that, (and dormerwindow
gossip will cry it from the housetops no surelier than the writing
on the wall will hue it to the mod of men that mote in the main
street) every person, place and thing in the chaosmos of Alle
anyway connected with the gobblydumped turkery was moving
and changing every part of the time: the travelling inkhorn
(possibly pot), the hare and turtle pen and paper, the continually
more and less intermisunderstanding minds of the anticollabora-
tors, the as time went on as it will variously inflected, differently
pronounced, otherwise spelled, changeably meaning vocable
scriptsigns. No, so holp me Petault, it is not a miseffectual why-
acinthinous riot of blots and blurs and bars and balls and hoops
and wriggles and juxtaposed jottings linked by spurts of speed:
it only looks as like it as damn it; and, sure, we ought really to
rest thankful that at this deleteful hour of dungflies dawning we
have even a written on with dried ink scrap of paper at all to show
for ourselves, tare it or leaf it, (and we are lufted to ourselves as
the soulfisher when he led the cat out of the bout) after all that
we lost and plundered of it even to the hidmost coignings of the

earth and all it has gone through and by all means, after a good
ground kiss to Terracussa and for wars luck our lefftoff's flung
over our home homoplate, cling to it as with drowning hands,
hoping against hope all the while that, by the light of philo-
phosy, (and may she never folsage us!) things will begin to clear
up a bit one way or another within the next quarrel of an hour
and be hanged to them as ten to one they will too, please the pigs,
as they ought to categorically, as, stricly between ourselves, there
is a limit to all things so this will never do.
    For, with that farmfrow's foul flair for that flayfell foxfetor,
(the calamite's columitas calling for calamitous calamitance) who
that scrutinising marvels at those indignant whiplooplashes; those
so prudently bolted or blocked rounds; the touching reminiscence
of an incompletet trail or dropped final; a round thousand whirli-
gig glorioles, prefaced by (alas!) now illegible airy plumeflights,
all tiberiously ambiembellishing the initials majuscule of Ear-
wicker: the meant to be baffling chrismon trilithon sign wpe7.jpg (778 bytes) , finally
called after some his hes hecitency Hec, which, moved contra-
watchwise, represents his title in sigla as the smaller wpe10.jpg (836 bytes) , fontly
called following a certain change of state of grace of nature alp
or delta, when single, stands for or tautologically stands beside
the consort: (though for that matter, since we have heard from
Cathay cyrcles how the hen is not mirely a tick or two after the
first fifth fourth of the second eighth twelfth — siangchang
hongkong sansheneul — but yirely the other and thirtieth of the
ninth from the twentieth, our own vulgar 432 and 1132 irre-
spectively, why not take the former for a village inn, the latter
for an upsidown bridge, a multiplication marking for crossroads
ahead, which you like pothook for the family gibbet, their old
fourwheedler for the bucker's field, a tea anyway for a tryst
someday, and his onesidemissing for an allblind alley leading to
an Irish plot in the Champ de Mors, not?) the steady monologuy
of the interiors; the pardonable confusion for which some blame
the cudgel and more blame the soot but unthanks to which
the pees with their caps awry are quite as often as not taken
for kews with their tails in their or are quite as often as not

taken for pews with their tails in their mouths, thence your
pristopher polombos, hence our Kat Kresbyterians; the curt
witty wotty dashes never quite just right at the trim trite
truth letter; the sudden spluttered petulance of some capItalIsed
mIddle; a word as cunningly hidden in its maze of confused
drapery as a fieldmouse in a nest of coloured ribbons: that ab-
surdly bullsfooted bee declaring with an even plainer dummp-
show than does the mute commoner with us how hard a thing it
is to mpe mporn a gentlerman: and look at this prepronominal
funferal, engraved and retouched and edgewiped and pudden-
padded, very like a whale's egg farced with pemmican, as were it
sentenced to be nuzzled over a full trillion times for ever and a
night till his noddle sink or swim by that ideal reader suffering
from an ideal insomnia: all those red raddled obeli cayennepep-
percast over the text, calling unnecessary attention to errors,
omissions, repetitions and misalignments: that (probably local or
personal) variant maggers for the more generally accepted ma-
jesty which is but a trifle and yet may quietly amuse: those super-
ciliouslooking crisscrossed Greek ees awkwardlike perched there
and here out of date like sick owls hawked back to Athens: and
the geegees too, jesuistically formed at first but afterwards genu-
flected aggrily toewards the occident: the Ostrogothic kako-
graphy affected for certain phrases of Etruscan stabletalk and, in
short, the learning betrayed at almost every line's end: the head-
strength (at least eleven men of thirtytwo palfrycraft) revealed
by a constant labour to make a ghimel pass through the eye of an
iota: this, for instance, utterly unexpected sinistrogyric return to
one peculiar sore point in the past; those throne open doubleyous
(of an early muddy terranean origin whether man chooses to
damn them agglutinatively loo — too — blue — face — ache or
illvoodawpeehole or, kants koorts, topplefouls) seated with such
floprightdown determination and reminding uus ineluctably of
nature at her naturalest while that fretful fidget eff, the hornful
digamma of your bornabarbar, rarely heard now save when falling
from the unfashionable lipsus of some hetarosexual (used always
in two boldfaced print types — one of them as wrongheaded as

his Claudian brother, is it worth while interrupting to say? —    
throughout the papyrus as the revise mark) stalks all over the
page, broods wpe5.jpg (762 bytes) sensationseeking an idea, amid the verbiage,
gaunt, stands dejectedly in the diapered window margin, with
its basque of bayleaves all aflutter about its forksfrogs, paces
with a frown, jerking to and fro, flinging phrases here, there, or
returns inhibited, with some half-halted suggestion, wpe4.jpg (760 bytes), dragging
its shoestring; the curious warning sign before our protoparent's
ipsissima verba (a very pure nondescript, by the way, sometimes
a palmtailed otter, more often the arbutus fruitflowerleaf of the
cainapple) which paleographers call a leak in the thatch or the
aranman ingperwhis through the hole of his hat
, indicating that the
words which follow may be taken in any order desired, hole of
Aran man the hat through the whispering his ho (here keen
again and begin again to make soundsense and sensesound kin
again); those haughtypitched disdotted aiches easily of the rariest
inasdroll as most of the jaywalking eyes we do plough into halve,
unconnected, principial, medial or final, always jims in the jam,
sahib, as pipless as threadworms: the innocent exhibitionism of
those frank yet capricious underlinings: that strange exotic serpen-
tine, since so properly banished from our scripture, about as freak-
wing a wetterhand now as to see a rightheaded ladywhite don a
corkhorse, which, in its invincible insolence ever longer more and
of more morosity, seems to uncoil spirally and swell lacertinelazily
before our eyes under pressure of the writer's hand; the ungainly
musicianlessness so painted in sculpting selfsounder ah ha as
blackartful as a podatus and dumbfounder oh ho oaproariose as
ten canons in skelterfugue: the studious omission of year number
and era name from the date, the one and only time when our
copyist seems at least to have grasped the beauty of restraint; the
lubricitous conjugation of the last with the first: the gipsy mat-
ing of a grand stylish gravedigging with secondbest buns (an in-
terpolation: these munchables occur only in the Bootherbrowth
family of MSS., Bb — Cod IV, Pap II, Brek XI, Lun III, Dinn
XVII, Sup XXX, Fullup M D C X C: the scholiast has hungrily
misheard a deadman's toller as a muffinbell): the four shortened

ampersands under which we can glypse at and feel for ourselves
across all those rushyears the warm soft short pants of the quick-
scribbler: the vocative lapse from which it begins and the accu-
sative hole in which it ends itself; the aphasia of that heroic agony
of recalling a once loved number leading slip by slipper to a
general amnesia of misnomering one's own: next those ars, rrrr!
those ars all bellical, the highpriest's hieroglyph of kettletom and
oddsbones, wrasted redhandedly from our hallowed rubric prayer
for truce with booty, O'Remus pro Romulo, and rudely from the
fane's pinnacle tossed down by porter to within an aim's ace of
their quatrain of rubyjets among Those Who arse without the
Temple nor since Roe's Distillery burn'd have quaff'd Night's
firefill'd Cup But jig jog jug as Day the Dicebox Throws, whang,
loyal six I lead, out wi'yer heart's bluid, blast ye, and there she's
for you, sir, whang her, the fine ooman, rouge to her lobster
locks, the rossy, whang, God and O'Mara has it with his ruddy
old Villain Rufus, wait, whang, God and you're another he
hasn't for there's my spoil five of spuds's trumps, whang, whack
on his pigsking's Kisser for him, K.M. O'Mara where are you?;
then (coming over to the left aisle corner down) the cruciform
postscript from which three basia or shorter and smaller oscula
have been overcarefully scraped away, plainly inspiring the tene-
brous Tunc page of the Book of Kells (and then it need not be
lost sight of that there are exactly three squads of candidates for
the crucian rose awaiting their turn in the marginal panels of
Columkiller, chugged in their three ballotboxes, then set apart for
such hanging committees, where two was enough for anyone,
starting with old Matthew himself, as he with great distinction
said then just as since then people speaking have fallen into the
custom, when speaking to a person, of saying two is company
when the third person is the person darkly spoken of, and then
that last labiolingual basium might be read as a suavium if who-
ever the embracer then was wrote with a tongue in his (or per-
haps her) cheek as the case may have been then) and the fatal
droopadwindle slope of the blamed scrawl, a sure sign of imper-
fectible moral blindness; the toomuchness, the fartoomanyness

of all those fourlegged ems: and why spell dear god with a big
thick dhee (why, O why, O why?): the cut and dry aks and wise
form of the semifinal; and, eighteenthly or twentyfourthly, but
at least, thank Maurice, lastly when all is zed and done, the pene-
lopean patience of its last paraphe, a colophon of no fewer than
seven hundred and thirtytwo strokes tailed by a leaping lasso —     
who thus at all this marvelling but will press on hotly to see the
vaulting feminine libido of those interbranching ogham sex up-
andinsweeps sternly controlled and easily repersuaded by the
uniform matteroffactness of a meandering male fist?
    Duff-Muggli, who now may be quoted by very kind arrange-
ment (his dectroscophonious photosensition under suprasonic
light control may be logged for by our none too distant futures
as soon astone values can be turned out from Chromophilomos,
Limited at a millicentime the microamp), first called this kind of
paddygoeasy partnership the ulykkhean or tetrachiric or quad-
rumane or ducks and drakes or debts and dishes perplex (v. Some
Forestallings over that Studium of Sexophonologistic Schizophre-
, vol. xxiv, pp. 2-555) after the wellinformed observation,
made miles apart from the Master by Tung-Toyd (cf. Later
Frustrations amengst the Neomugglian Teachings abaft the Semi-
unconscience, passim
) that in the case of the littleknown periplic
bestteller popularly associated with the names of the wretched
mariner (trianforan deffwedoff our plumsucked pattern shape-
keeper) a Punic admiralty report, From MacPerson's Oshean
Round By the Tides of Jason's Cruise
, had been cleverly capsized
and saucily republished as a dodecanesian baedeker of the every-
tale-a-treat-in-itself variety which could hope satisfactorily to
tickle me gander as game as your goose.
    The unmistaken identity of the persons in the Tiberiast du-
plex came to light in the most devious of ways. The original
document was in what is known as Hanno O'Nonhanno's un-
brookable script, that is to say, it showed no signs of punctua-
tion of any sort. Yet on holding the verso against a lit rush this
new book of Morses responded most remarkably to the silent
query of our world's oldest light and its recto let out the piquant

fact that it was but pierced butnot punctured (in the university
sense of the term) by numerous stabs and foliated gashes made
by a pronged instrument. These paper wounds, four in type,
were gradually and correctly understood to mean stop, please
stop, do please stop, and O do please stop respectively, and
following up their one true clue, the circumflexuous wall of a
singleminded men's asylum, accentuated by bi tso fb rok engl
a ssan dspl itch ina, — Yard inquiries pointed out → that they
ad bîn "provoked" ay Λ fork, of à grave Brofèsor; àth é's Brèak
— fast — table; ; acùtely profèššionally piquèd, to = introdùce a
notion of time [ùpon à plane (?) sù ' ' fàç'e'] by pùnct! ingh oles
(sic) in iSpace?! Deeply religious by nature and position, and
warmly attached to Thee, and smearbread and better and Him
and newlaidills, it was rightly suspected that such ire could not
have been visited by him Brotfressor Prenderguest even under-
wittingly, upon the ancestral pneuma of one whom, with rheuma,
he venerated shamelessly at least once a week at Cockspur Com-
mon as his apple in his eye and her first boys' best friend and,
though plain English for a married lady misled heaps by the way,
yet when some peerer or peeress detected that the fourleaved
shamrock or quadrifoil jab was more recurrent wherever the
script was clear and the term terse and that these two were the
selfsame spots naturally selected for her perforations by Dame
Partlet on her dungheap, thinkers all put grown in waterung-
spillfull Pratiland only and a playful fowl and musical me and
not you in any case, two and two together, and, with a swarm
of bisses honeyhunting after, a sigh for shyme (O, the petty-
bonny rouge!) separated modest mouths. So be it. And it was.
The lettermaking of the explots of Fjorgn Camhelsson when he
was in the Kvinnes country with Soldru's men. With acknow-
ledgment of our fervour of the first instant he remains years most
fainfully. For postscrapt see spoils. Though not yet had the sailor
sipped that sup nor the humphar foamed to the fill. And fox and
geese still kept the peace around L'Auberge du Père Adam.
    Small need after that, old Jeromesolem, old Huffsnuff, old
Andycox, old Olecasandrum, for quizzing your weekenders come

to the R.Q. with: shoots off in a hiss, muddles up in a mussmass
and his whole's a dismantled noondrunkard's son. Howbeit we
heard not a son of sons to leave by him to oceanic society in his
old man without a thing in his ignorance, Tulko MacHooley.
And it was thus he was at every time, that son, and the other
time, the day was in it and after the morrow Diremood is the
name is on the writing chap of the psalter, the juxtajunctor of a
dearmate and he passing out of one desire into its fellow. The
daughters are after going and loojing for him, Torba's nice-
lookers of the fair neck. Wanted for millinary servance to
olderly's person by the Totty Askinses. Formelly confounded
with amother. Maybe growing a moustache, did you say, with
an adorable look of amuzement? And uses noclass billiardhalls
with an upandown ladder? Not Hans the Curier though had he
had have only had some little laughings and some less of cheeks
and were he not so warried by his bulb of persecussion he could
have, ay, and would have, as true as Essex bridge. And not Go-
pheph go gossip, I declare to man! Noe! To all's much relief
one's half hypothesis of that jabberjaw ape amok the showering
jestnuts of Bruisanose was hotly dropped and his room taken up
by that odious and still today insufficiently malestimated note-
snatcher (kak, pfooi, bosh and fiety, much earny, Gus, poteen?
Sez you!) Shem the Penman.


Allah - the one and only God in the religion of Islam + eanach (anokh) (gael) - marsh, fen + Ana + ana (Turkish) - mother + Bismillah: 'In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate' (the opening words of almost all the suras of the Koran).

allmerciful + mazi (Turkish) - olden times; past tense + mazi (gr) - together + "Original title [of Necronomicon] Al Azif being the word used by the Arabs to designate that nocturnal sound (made by insects) supposed to be the howling of demons. Composed by Abdul Alhazred, a mad poet of Sanaa, in Yemen, who is said to have flourished in the time of the Ommiade Caliphs, circa A.D. 700." (H. P. Lovecraft, The History and Chronology of the Necronomicon).

halo - to surround, encompass, or invest with a halo (the circle or disk of light with which the head is surrounded in representations of Christ and the Saints).

rill - a small stream; a brook, runnel, rivulet; Phonetics. Used attrib. to designate a fricative produced by forcing air through a groove-like aperture between the tongue and the roof of the mouth.

unhemmed - not hemmed; unconfined, unrestrained

uneven - not smooth or level; irregular, broken, rugged + Lord's Prayer: 'Hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven'.

manifesto - a public declaration or proclamation, usually issued by or with the sanction of a sovereign prince or state, or by an individual or body of individuals whose proceedings are of public importance, for the purpose of making known past actions, and explaining the reasons or motives for actions announced as forthcoming + mama - mother + festa - a feast, festival + According to the magical tradition, there are some four thousand "names" of the Goddess Sekhmet. These names, sometimes also referred to as "Epithets," describe various aspects and attributes of of the Goddess, are "Titles" accorded Her, refer to events and places connected to Her, or relate to Her in some other way. The "Names" are thus valuable just as biographical materials, but they also have uses of much greater importance. This is true because each of the Names is represented by another Name or Word of Power. These "Words of Power," or HEKAU, have many uses in doing the Work of Sekhmet, including relating to the Goddess and, for example, facilitating the practice of meditation ...They were, in fact, not "words" at all in conventional sense but sacred sounds accompanied in each case by an image, a posture, gestures, rhythms and vibrations and still other accompaniments, having only a single significance and giving rise to no associations which might dilute the "Word's" power. (Robert Masters: The Goddess Sekhment).

memorialize - to preserve the memory of, to be or supply a memorial of

disjointed - consisting of separated or ill-connected parts; disconnected + William Shakespeare: Hamlet I.5.188: 'The time is out of joint'.

FDV: Untitled as her memorial it has been named gone by many names in many times: Pro Honafrio, The Groans of a Briton, An Apology for a Husband, Can you excuse him, The [only] true account [[all] about] Mr. Earwicker & the Snake by an honest woman of the world who can only tell the naked truth about a dear man and all his conspirators how they tried to fall him by putting it all around [Lucalizod] by a mean sneak about E -- and a dirty pair of sluts, showing to all the unmentionableness falsely accused [about the redcoats]."

Augustus, Caius Julius Caesar Octavianus (63 B.C-A.D. 14) - first Roman emperor, a triumvir along with Mark Antony and Lepidus. His Greek name was Sebastos. His wife was Livia + Augusta (l) - "Highness": title of emperor's wife, mother, daughter, sister; [city of] Augustus: name of several towns.

angustissimus (l) - narrowest, closest; most majestic, most venerable

Sebastos (gr) - Venerable, Reverend, August: Greek equivalent of Latin Augustus + 'Sabean Trilogy' by Frank G. Ripel: 1) "La Magia di Atlantida", which involves Southenerom: La Fonte del Necronomicon; 2) "La Magia Rossa", wich involves Liber Legis and Liber Ahbh 3) "La Magia Stellare", including Necronomicon.  

rockaby - hushaby

booby - an awkward foolish person, dope; breast + Rockabye Baby, in the Tree Top (nursery rhyme).

relic of old decency (Dublin Slang) - souvenir of better times

anastasis (gr) - rising again, rising up (from the dead), resurrection + stessa (it) - herself.

knock down + kneel down (knighthood ceremony)

duddy - ragged, tattered

arise + arís (Irish) - again

Golden One - title of Hathor, Egyptian mother goddess of love, women and the dead

silver wedding - the twenty-fifth anniversary of a wedding + selver (Danish) - silver.

amour - love, affection (obs.) + amour (fr) - love + Sir Amory Tristram, first Earl of Howth.

icy - resembling ice, extremely cold (of demeanour, character, speech, etc.)

Siseule, Icy - Mr O Hehir says, Irish for "Cecilia" and a name for a hen + seul (fr) - alone, lonely + Isolde.

saith - 3d. sing of say

"Sawyer" is a tree standing in a stream, and Peter means "rock." In a sawing-pit, there is a top sawyer and a bottom sawyer. Colloquially, a top sawyer was one prominent in society on politics + Peter Sawyer supposedly founded Dublin, Georgia. The "strame" in question is probably the Oconee, first mentioned on Page 3. It runs south of Dublin in Ireland and is also the name of a river in Georgia.

til (Danish) - to

strame (it) - litter + strame (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - stream + stam (Dutch) - bole of tree, stem of tree, trunk of tree.

ik (Dutch) - I + ik doop (Dutch) - I baptise.

dico (l) - I say + dik (Dutch) - fat, bulky, thick.

et tu [Brute] (l) - and even you [Brutus] + James Joyce: Et Tu, Healy (Joyce's poem on Parnell's death).

mihi (l) - to me + mishe/tauf (motif).

birthplace - the place where a person (or fig. a thing) is born + birthright (Esau).

bite - a piece bitten off (usually to eat), a mouthful

hesternus (l) - yesterday + Swift's two Esthers (Stella and Vanessa).

morra (Portuguese) - die + marry.

woebegone - exhibiting great woe, sorrow or misery

brewer - one who brews; spec. one whose trade is to make malt liquors + Hebrew

waterman - a man employed in the supply or distribution of water; e.g. a water-carrier, a turncock or fireman, a man engaged in the irrigation of water-meadows, or in pumping + Waterman - American fountain pen. 

brayn = brain - to conceive in the brain (obs.); to furnish with a brain.

arc-en-ciel (fr) - rainbow

flee - to run away from, hasten away from; to quit abruptly, forsake

chink - a fissure caused by splitting, a crevice; an opening in a joint between boards.

Flur (ger) - floor

Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis (l) - "Collected [Works] on Irish Matters": collection of Irish historical documents published 1770 by Vallancey (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

Swift: 'The Drapier Letters'

Britoness - a female Briton + 'Groans of the Britons' - a letter of plea for assistance against the invading Saxons, sent by Britons to Aëtius, the Roman leader in Gaul, A.D. 446.

peopler - one who peoples or causes the peopling of a country; a colonizer; an inhabitant + 'Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper' (nursery rhyme).

popolino (it) - the lower classes + Huguenots' poplin industry in old Dublin.

hus (Danish) - house

hosebond = husband (obs.) + Hosenband (ger) - trouserbelt, garter.

plethoric - full to excess, overstocked, overloaded; swollen, inflated, turgid.

"My Husband's a Journey to Portugal Gone" is the air of T. Moore's ''Ne'er Ask the Hour, What Is It to Us" + hans baad (Danish) - his boat.  

ark - a chest, box, coffer, close basket, or similar receptacle + A + (Noah's Ark).

needlework - work done with the needle; sewing, embroidery, or fancy work + Cleopatra's Needle - the popular name of three ancient Egyptian obelisks re-erected in London, Paris and New York City.


Abraham and Sarah

The Campbells are Coming (song)

parlormaid - a female domestic servant + pyramids.

placeat vestrae [majestati] (l) - may it please Your [Majesty] + Papa Westray, one of the Orkney Islands.

"Nothing short of divine vision or a new cure for the clapp (sic) can possibly be worth all the circumambient peripherization" - Ezra Pound's comment about Finnegans Wake.

portentos (Portuguese) - portent, omen + portentum (l) - sign, omen; monster + portentosus (l) - full of monsters + Over There (song): 'Oh, potatoes they grow small... Oh, I wish I was a geese'.

gonder = gander

The Gipsy's Warning (song): 'Gentle maiden, trust him not'

When the myrtle of Venus joins with Bacchus's vine - line from song "To Anacreon in Heaven" (air: Star-Spangled Banner).

myrtle - a plant of the genus Myrtus (N.O. Myrtaceæ), esp. M. communis, the Common Myrtle, a shrub growing abundantly in Southern Europe, having shiny evergreen leaves and white sweet-scented flowers, and now used chiefly in perfumery. The myrtle was held sacred to Venus and is used as an emblem of love + Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice. 

Bacchus - the god of wine; hence, wine, intoxicating liquor.

waive - to abandon, leave, remove, banish + Wife, Children and Friends (song): 'Pledge me high'.

chiltern - rel. to chalky, sandy and loamy soils of England; proper name of a range of hills (Chiltren Hundreds) + children

ormod - without spirit, despondent + ORMOND QUAY - North side of Liffey + oremus (l) - let us pray.

queue - a number of persons ranged in a line

granny - a stupid person, 'old woman' + Grania and Finn Mac Cool.

I, he, etc. would fain - gladly, willingly, with pleasure

quatrevingt dix (French) - ninety (literally 'eighty ten')

ceterum (l) - the rest, for the rest + (20 + 90 + 1 = 111).

John Maddison Morton: Box and Cox + Boxer Rising of 1900 - last Chinese peasant rising.

House of the Golden Stairs - brothel in Shanghai

[618.25-.26] [626.12] [628.05]

Little Annie Rooney (song): 'She's my Annie, I'm her Joe' + Po (ger) - buttock + Po river, Italy.

Osiris was also known as 'First (or Foremost) of the Westerners'

The Great Mosque of Mecca contains the Kaaba (named for its resemblance to a die or cube) and the well Zemzem (Zamzam), by legend the well from which Hagar drew water for her son, Ishmael + Lane-Poole: The Speeches & Table-Talk of the Prophet Mohammad xxi: 'Zemzem, the God-sent spring which gushed from the sand when the forefather of the Arabs was perishing of thirst'.

Zigzag Hill (Chufu) - ducal capital. Confucius and his mother moved to a village near the Chufu after his father's death.

Confucius was born in dry cave called 'The Hollow Mulberry Tree'

taal - tale; the Dutch word for language, speech

a tale of a tub - an apocryphal tale, a 'cock and bull' story + taub (ger) - deaf.

log (lug) (gael) - pool from which a river rises + logarithm of anything to base L.

Napper Tandy - United Irishman, 1740-1803

tip the (or a) wink - to give a wink to a person as a private signal or warning + napiwek (Polish) - tip, gratuity.

naughty little + motyl (Polish) - butterfly.

dancing girls + dant (Slang) - prostitute + Danzig, Poland.

przeszyć (Polish) - to pierce + Persse O'Reilly.

The Wren, the Wren, The king of all birds (song) + orel (Pan-Slavonic) = orzeł (Polish) - eagle (found on Polish national emblem) + olbrzym (Polish) - giant.

interior monologue + Minne (ger) - (courtly) love.

extorreor (l) - be parched + exterior

monolith - a single block of stone, esp. one of notable size, shaped into a pillar or monument

Thomas Moore: song Drink to Her [air: Heigh Ho! My Jackey]

Thomas Moore: song If Thou'lt Be Mine [air: The Winnowing Sheet]

winnow - to waft, diffuse (poet.) + winnow sheet - a sheet set up under the winnowing basket or machine to catch any seed which falls.

nuance - a slight or delicate variation or difference in expression, feeling, opinion, etc; a shade of colour + VICTORIA NYANZA - Lake (nyanza) Victoria, in central Africa, the source (through the Albert Nynaza) of the White Nile + ní h-annsa (Irish) - not hard (formula for answering riddles)

Ahn (ger) - ancestor, grandfather

daisy - a familiar and favourite flower of the British Isles and Europe generally + "Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do": lyrics from 'Daisy Bell' by Harry Dacre, 1892 + Da's a Daisy - Dad's a daisy, "daisy" being slang for 'the best' + da (Russian, Serbian) - yes.

handsel - a gift or present (expressive of good wishes) at the beginning of a new year, or on entering upon any new condition, situation, or circumstances, the donning of new clothes, etc.; originally, deemed to be auspicious, or to ensure good luck for the new year, etc.

Barbara, St - patron of armorers, gunsmiths, gunners, thunderstorms + Barbarossa or Frederick I of Germany (1152-90) - German emperor who sleeps in a cave (like Finn, Arthur) and will come again at his country's need. He was a determined opponent of Adrian IV. 

barrel organ - an instrument used by street musician, a church organ

rank - a row of people + rag, tag and bobtail.

[Anima mea tristis] usque ad mortem (l) - [My soul is sorrowful] even unto death (Christ's words in Gethsemane: Matt. 26:38)

Jumbo and Alice - two famous pachyderms of London Zoo, one of which was sold to America; Mrs Conway (Dante Riordan) and her wandering husband (who had gone to South America, taking his wife's fortune with him) called each other 'Jumbo' and 'Alice' + song: 'Jumbo said to Alice: "I love you"' (refers to Jumbo, a famous elephant bought by P.T. Barnum from London Zoo and shipped to America in 1882, to the English public's dismay).

anisette - a liqueur flavoured with aniseed

Ophelia - the name of the heroine of Shakespeare's play Hamlet. Like St Kevin's Cathleen or Nuvoletta, Ophelia drowned herself because of male coldness to her.  

culprit - prisoner at the bar; he who is arraigned for a crime or offence; the accused + O felix culpa (l) - "O happy sin" (medieval hymn on Adam's "fortunate fall" that resulted in incarnation) + cul (French) - arse.

My Old Dutch (song) + Dansk (Danish) - Danish.

whisht - hush, silence; sush + Walter Pater: The Renaissance: 'She is older than the rocks on which she sits' (Da Vinci's Mona Lisa).

jewel of Asia + Ayesha - best-loved wife of Mohammed, married when she was nine and he over fifty + 'And they call me the jewel of Asia' (song): "He call'd her the jewel of Asia, of Asia, of Asia, But she was the Queen of the Geisha, the Geisha, the Geisha".

Lapp - one of a nomadic people, inhabiting the north of Scandinavia.

Finn - an individual of a people in North-Eastern Europe and Scandinavia + Finnegan's Wake, chorus: 'Lots of fun at Finnegan's Wake'.

buckling - a young buck; a smoked herring + How Buckley shot the Russian General.

William Shakespeare: Macbeth II.3.115: 'Look to the lady'

The historian J. L. Motley wrote "The Rise of the Dutch Republic." 

Bastille + Postille (ger) - book of family sermons.

of opening the mouth of the 2 ways (notebook 1930) Budge: The Book of the Dead (pamphlet) 10: 'ancient funerary works, such as the "Book of Opening the Mouth," the "Liturgy of Funerary Offerings," and the "Book of the Two Ways"'.

I have not stopped water when it should flow (notebook 1930) The Book of the Dead ch. CXXV (quoting from Budge): deceased is addressing Osiris, reciting a long list of things not done: 'I have not stopped water [when it should flow]'.

attraente (it) - attractive + (notebook 1930): 'I know the 42 names of ye' The Book of the Dead ch. CXXV (quoting from Budge): deceased is addressing Osiris: 'I know thee, and I know thy name, and the names of the Forty-Two who live with thee in the Hall of Maāti, who keep ward over sinners'.

tortor - a torturer, tormentor; an executioner; torture + Tartar.

TORY ISLAND - Island, 7 miles off North coast of County Donegal; ancient haunt of pirates, esp. "Balor of the Baleful Eye," who had one eye whose glance could kill. The island was noted for its various clays, used for heat-resistant pottery. 

trait - treat

galaxia (l) - galaxy (a luminous band or track, encircling the heavens irregularly, and known to consist of innumerable stars, perceptible only by means of the telescope; the Milky Way) + gala (gr) - milk.

milchcow - a cow 'in milk', a cow giving milk or kept for milking; a source of regularly accruing gain or profit; esp. a person from whom money is easily drawn.

abbey - a monastery of religious persons secluded from the world + Abbey and Gate Theatres, Dublin.

Crow Street Theatre, Dublin (18th century; opened to rival Smock Alley Theatre)

lude - noise, clamour + rift in the lute (phrase) - small defect marring general result + ludus (l) - game, play + ludo (l) - I play, I act + in the nude.

smock - a woman's or child's loose dress or blouse resembling a smock-frock in shape + Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin (18th century) + Mookse/Gripes (motif).

aunt (Slang) - prostitute + Ondt/Gracehoper (motif).

clodhopper - a clumsy heavy footed person

horoscope + Joyce's note: 'Isis revives O he begets Horus'  Budge: The Book of the Dead (pamphlet) 16: 'before Osiris was laid in his tomb, his wife Isis, by means of her magical powers, succeeded in restoring him to life temporarily, and made him beget of her an heir, who was called Horus'.

old sire - an old man, an aged sire + Osiris.

dead to the world - unconscious or fast asleep, unaware of the external world; drunk

Waterloo + GLEN OF AHERLOW - Traditional refuge of hunted men (in caves in the Galtee Mountains) County Tipperary. Song: 'In the Glen of Aherhow' + Waterlow, Sir Ernest Albert (1850-1919) - English painter, famous for "Galway Gossips." 


suk (Danish) - sigh

two steps forward, one step back - a catchprase reflecting on an anecdote about a frog trying to climb out of a water well; for every two steps the frog climbs, it falls back by one step, making its progress arduous + (*VYC*, *IJ*).

columbus - explorer, discoverer + columba (l) - dove, pigeon + Saint Colmcille (Columba).

gage - a pawn, pledge, security + Gage Street, Hong Kong - brothel area.

crany - cranium, skull + crany (Slang) - clerk.

savings - a sum of money saved

Triones (l) - the constellation of the Wain, i.e. Ursa Major and Ursa Minor + trio (*VYC*).

bottle washer - one who washes bottles; one who looks after affairs (humorous) + battle watchers.

totty - a girl or woman, esp. a 'good time' girl + totties (Dublin Slang) - girls; prostitutes.

duet (*IJ*)

deer = dear - dear one, darling


terris = terrace - a table land


thee (Dutch) - tea

torso - the trunk of a statue, without or considered independently of head and limbs; also, the trunk of the human body + Thomas Moore: song: O'Donohue's Mistress: 'Of all the fair months, that round the sun'.

glen - a mountain-valley, usually narrow and forming the course of a stream + Humpty Dumpty (nursery rhyme): 'All the king's horses and all the king's men'.

O'Donough - air toT. Moore's "Song of O'Donohue's Mistress." O'Donohue's white horses are white waves on a windy day. According to legend, O'Donohue appears every 7th year on Mayday, on the lakes of Killarney 

stitch - a sharp sudden local pain, like that produced by the thrust of a pointed weapon; esp. (now only) an acute spasmodic pain in the intercostal muscles, called more fully a stitch in the side.

mom - mother + 'You're the cream in my coffee... I'd be lost without you' (song).

husky - one that is husky (burly, robust) or powerful; an Eskimo of Labrador

hustings - court of common pleas; the proceedings at a parliamentary election

lift - to steal

Norsker (Danish) - a Norwegian

torsk (Danish) - cod

poddle - to walk with short, unsteady steps, to toddle + PODDLE RIVER - Flows North into Liffey, underground from Harold's Cross until it emerges from a pipe in the wall of Wellington Quay. Its junction with the Liffey formed the harbour called by the Dan settlers Dubh-linn on Black Pool.

pierced + Persse O'Reilly

ardour - heat of passion or desire, vehemence, ardent desire

Battle of Tannenburg, 1410 + tonno (Italian) - tuna-fish.

boob - a stupid awkward person, simpleton, dope + Samuel Lover: The Angel's Whisper (song): 'A baby was sleeping, its mother was weeping'.

mower - one who cuts grass, etc., with a scythe; a jester, a mocker + (angel of death).

reap - to cut (grain, etc.) with the sickle, esp. in harvest

swish - to move with a swish, a hissing sound + wish


TOMMEN-Y-MUR - Near Festiniog, Wales; site of Roman camp on the Roman road running generally parallel to the shore of Cardigan Bay + Mohr (ger) - moor +  melodies from Tommy Moore, i.e. Irish Melodies by Thomas Moore.



Braut (ger) - bride + Brautschauer (ger) - man looking for bride + breeches.

mimic - 'play-acting', mummery (obs.); mimicry, imitation (rare.)

meg - woman, country girl; penny + The Mime of Mick, Nick and the Maggies [219.18-.19].

pictorial - a journal of which pictures are the main feature

periodical - a magazine or miscellany, the successive numbers of which are published at regular intervals (as weekly, monthly, etc.)

Stationer's Hall - the hall of the Stationer's Company (one of the Livery Companies of the City of London, founded in 1556, comprising booksellers, printers, bookbinders, and dealers in writing materials, etc.), at which a register of copyrights is kept + Stationers' Hall, Dublin.

Ziegfeld, Flo - American showman who put on the Follies yearly from 1907 to 1931 in New York City + Sieg (ger) - victory. 

homme (fr) - man

faux pas - a false step, fig.; a slip, a trip; an act which compromises one's reputation, esp. a woman's lapse from virtue + faut pas (fr) - must not.

Genesis - the first in order of the books of the Old Testament, containing the account of the creation of the world.

suspended sentence - (Law) a sentence which is imposed but remains in suspense provided that the offender commits no further offence within a stipulated period + (end and beginning of Finnegans Wake).

Lord Byron: 'Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage'

lo - Used to call attention + Thomas Moore: song: As Slow Our Ship.

thunderbolt - Applied to a person noted for violent or destructive action; one who acts with furious and resistless energy.

Smith, Captain John (1579-1631) - president of the English colony in Virginia. His life was saved by Pocahontas.

sauvage = savage - fierce, ferocious, furiously angry + LA BELLE SAUVAGE - Famous London coaching inn off Ludgate Hill. Pocahontas stayed there 1616-17 when she came to London with her husband John Rolfe, but the name antedates her visit. Brougham's burlesque "La Belle Sauvage" (about Pocahontas) was performed on the opening night of the Gaiety Theatre (Dublin), 27 Nov 1871.  

honteuse (fr) - shameful

welkin - the sky, the firmament; Considered as the abode of the Deity, or of the gods of heathen mythology + velikan (Russian) - giant.

dochka (Russian) - little daughter

Marianne - the name of a Republican Secret Society formed in France after the coup of 1851 to restore a Republican Government; hence a familiar name for the Republican form of Government and, by extension, a personification of the French Republic + McGilligan's Daughter Mary Ann (song).

Fingal - Finn's name in Macpherson's Ossian poems. Fingal is a Scottish hero who comes to Ireland and fights the Danes. The Irish called certain Norse invaders, fingal or fingall, meaning "fair stranger" + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin says people living north of Howth are 'popularly known as Fingallians' + J. Fenimore Cooper: The Last of the Mohicans.

egg - to provoke or goad to action, incite, encourage

stock exchange - group of people organized to provide an auction market among themselves.

dutiful - rendering the services, attention, and regard that are due

customs - the duties levied upon imports as a branch of the public revenue + CUSTOM HOUSE - One of Dub's great Georgian buildings, the CH fronts the Liffey (CH Quay). Built 1781-1791, it was burned in May 1921 during the Troubles ("levelling of all customs by blazes"), later restored. Among other pieces of sculpture, there are carved stone heads over the doorways, representing Irish rivers (all male except for that of Anna Liffey). Joyce kept a picture of the Liffey head in his Paris flat.

miction - urination + mission

pick me up - something that stimulates or restores, tonic + Charles Dickens: The Pickwick Papers.

peter - penis, a prison cell

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

pimp - one who provides means and opportunities for unlawful sexual intercourse.

measly - poor, contemptible, of little value + misadventure - an adventure that goes wrong.

lice - pl. of louse + 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' + lice (fr. slang) - prostitutes.

Vokes Family - performers in music-halls and pantomimes, noted for agility and good humor. 

spread eagle - a representation of an eagle with wings raised and legs extended (heraldic); a person secured with the arms and legs stretched out esp. in order to be flogged + SPREAD EAGLE - An 18th-century corset shop in the Coombe Peter: Dublin Fragments, Social and Historic 154: 'in the Coombe, under "The Spread Eagle", ladies might obtain corsets of their liking'.

loosen - to undo, unfasten (bonds, a knot, or the like). Now usually: To render looser or less tight, to relax, slacken; Transf. and fig.: Now only in the phrase to loosen (a person's) tongue, and in certain poetical or rhetorical uses (? after Shelley).

corset + curses + cursitor (Slang) - pettifogging attorney.

Maggie (Slang) - whore + strap - an elongated leather strip (or a strip of similar material) for binding things together or holding something in position; fuck (Slang) + magistrates.

Popovich, Alesha - a hero of the Kiev epic cycle + Popo (ger) - buttocks + fett (ger) - fat.

Hawkeye (or Natty Bumpo) - hero of Cooper's Leatherstocking Tales, which include The Last of the Mohicans

cotch = catch

See Naples and then die

als het U belieft (Dutch) - if it pleases you, I beg you

felon - villany, wickedness, baseness (obs.)


Delvin river

renter - to sow Cloth after a particular manner, to fine-draw + reenter

Liffey river

vuggy - rel. to vug (a small cavity in rock lined with cristaline layer of different composition from the surrounding rock), full of cavities + (diminutive of Earwicker).

This is the house that Jack built (nursery rhyme): 'that ate the malt'

Abraham, Sarah, Isaac

neuter - neutral, sexless, neither active or passive + Newton, Sir Isaac (1642-1727) - English natural philosopher, author of the Principia and Universal Arithmetic. 

Brahm - the supreme god of post vedic Hindu mythology, persuaded Buddha to teach the law

taulke = talk + taught him common sense.

nibble - to take little bites, to eat or feed in this fashion; the act or fact of nibbling, an instance of this, esp. on the part of a fish at a bait + An apple a day keeps the doctor away (proverb) + (advertisement for laxative).

bowel + James Joyce: A Portrait II: 'Uncle Charles... would seize... three or four American apples and thrust them generously into his grandnephew's hand... and say: - Take them, sir. Do you hear me, sir? They're good for your bowels' + (notebook 1924): '*A* apples for bowels' + (Eve's apple).

Arthur Guinness, Sons and Company, Ltd

airy - lively, merry, gay; light, delicate

Berber - a name given by the Arabs to the aboriginal people west and south of Egypt

Blut (ger) - blood + Dukas: Ariane and Barbe-bleu (opera; story by Perrault).

amy - friend, a lover

porter - a kind of beer of a dark brown colour and bitterish taste

huffy - puffed up with pride, conceit, or self-esteem; haughty, arrogant

chip bread - to pare it by cutting away the crust (obs.) + ead - the same + heads.

brace - a pair, a couple

umbella (l) - umbrella + + *IJ* and *VYC*.

canes + Cain/Abel (motif)

hoved (Danish) - head + Lord of Howth and Grace O'Malley.

festoon - a chain or garland of flowers, leaves, etc., suspended in a curved form between two points + manifestations.

College Green, Dublin

call on - to allure, incite, to encourage the growth of; bring on

Washington, George (1732-99) - 1st president of the United States.

honorary - holding a title or position conferred as an honour, without emolument, or without the usual duties, obligations, privileges, etc.

L.S.D. - abbreviation for 'pounds, shillings, and pence'; hence often used = 'money' + Messrs Earwicker, Ltd.

nugget - a rough lump of native gold

sloppy - splashed or soiled with liquid; messy

slut - a woman of a low or loose character; a bold or impudent girl + *IJ* - PICTURE

unmentionability - underpants, and (chiefly joc.) underwear, esp. women's.

raincoat - a coat worn as a protection against rain; used attrib. of someone or something thought to be lewd or unseemly + redcoat - British soldier + {Earwicker’s privates [3 bits of male genitalia?] and a pair of girls [ALP’s labia], and some accusations about the use of a condom (raincoat)}.

FDV: The proteiform graph itself is a polyexigetical piece of scripture. There was a time when naif alphabetters would have written it down the tracing of a pure deliquescent recidivist possibly ambidexterous, snubnosed, probably, and having a fairly profound rainbowl in his (or her) occiput. Closer inspection of the bordereau would however reveal a multiplicity of personalities inflicted on the provoking document and a prevision of virtual crime or crimes might unwarily be made before any suitable occasion for it or them had presented arisen. But under the very eyes of inspection the inspector the traits which feature the sympathetic page chiaroscuro coalesce, their contrarieties eliminated in a stable somebody, as by the providential warring of housebreaker on with heartbreaker, & of dram drinker with freethinker society our social something bowls along bumpily through generations, more generations & still more generations. Who in hell wrote the durn thing anyway? Standing, seated, on horseback, against a partywall, below zero, by the use of quill or style, with perturbed or pellucid mind, accompanied or the reverse by mastication interrupted by visit of person to scriptor or of scriptor to place, rained upon or blown around, by a regular racer from the soil or a whittlewit laden with the loot of learning?  

proteiform - changeable in form, or assuming many various forms, like the fabled Proteus; protean, multiform, extremely variable or various + Ei (ger) - egg + In Greek mythology, Proteus is an early sea-god, one of several deities whom Homer calls the "Old Man of the Sea", whose name suggests the "first", as protogonos is the "primordial" or the "firstborn". He became the son of Poseidon in the Olympian theogony (Odyssey iv. 432), or of Nereus and Doris, or of Oceanus and a Naiad, and was made the herdsman of Poseidon's seals, the great bull seal at the center of the harem. He can foretell the future, but, in a mytheme familiar from several cultures, will change his shape to avoid having to; he will answer only to someone who is capable of capturing him. From this feature of Proteus comes the adjective protean, with the general meaning of "versatile", "mutable", "capable of assuming many forms".

graph - a kind of symbolic diagram in which a system of connexions is expressed by spots or circles, some pairs of which are colligated by one or more lines; a visual symbol representing a phoneme or a segment or feature of speech; esp., a letter, or one of its occurrent forms, or a combination of letters.

polyhedron - a solid figure contained by many (i.e., usually, more than six) plane faces + "There are references to a Haunter of the Dark awaked by gazing into the Shining Trapezohedron, and insane conjectures about the black gulfs of chaos from which it was called... Of the Shining Trapezohedron he speaks often, calling it a window on all time and space, and tracing its history from the days it was fashioned on dark Yuggoth [Pluto], before ever the Old Ones brought it to earth." (H. P. Lovecraft: The Haunter Of The Dark)

scripture - the sacred writings of the Old or New Testament, or (more usually) of both together; the study of the Bible and the Christian religion as a school subject; In generalized use: Written composition.

naif - naive, neutral, artless  

alphabetarian - one learning his alphabet, or the mere rudiments of any subject; a beginner; an abecedarian; also, one who studies alphabets + Bett (ger) - bed.

tracing - drawing, delineating, marking out; concr. That which is produced by tracing or drawing; the procedure of making a list of all the headings under which a given item occurs in an index or catalogue.

deliquescent - Humorously. Dissolving (in perspiration); Chem. That deliquesces; having the property of melting or becoming liquid by absorption of moisture from the air; Biol. Melting away in the process of growth or of decay; Bot. Branching in such a way that the main stem or axis is, as it were, dissolved in ramifications + delinquent.

recidivist - one who relapses (to fall back into wrong doing or error); esp. one who habitually relapses into crime.

ambidextrous - able to use both hands alike; fig. More than usually dextrous, or clever

snub nosed - having a nose that is short and turned upward at the tip; fig. Stumpy; short and broad at the front; abbreviated.

occiput - the back or hinder part of the head

hardily - boldly, stoutly, courageously

entomophilous - pollinated by insects + entomo- - Occurring with sense 'insect' in many compounds + entomos (gr) - [a thing] cut in pieces + entoma (gr) - insects (pl.) + philos (gr) - friend, lover + entomophilos (gr) - lover of something cut into pieces; insect-lover + entomologist - a zoologist who studies insects.

sexmosaic - Biol., an individual some of whose cells are of one sex and the rest of the other + sexual mosaic or chimaera - organism with some male parts, some female.

nymph - an insect in that stage of development which intervenes between the larva and the imago + nympheusis (gr) - bridal, marriage.

chimera - a horrible and fear-inspiring phantasm, a bogy; an unreal creature of the imagination; in Greek mythology, fire-breathing female monster with a lion's head and a goat's body and a serpent's tail, daughter of Typhon.

Orion - in Greek mythology, a giant and very handsome hunter who was identified as early as Homer with the constellation known by his name. His first name was Urion because his birth was caused by three gods making water on a bull's hide. Like Medard, he was associated with rain. 


lief - dear, beloved; leaf

sault - leap, jump + salt

sensory - belonging to sensation; carrying or transmitting sensation

to be coupled with - to interact with, to be influenced in (its) behaviour by

God's truth - the absolute truth

bewilder - to confuse in mental perception, to perplex, confound

effluvia - Chiefly applied to the (real or supposed) outflow of material particles too subtle to be perceived by touch or sight; emanations + some moths emit sexual attractant odours at night.

Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye (song): 'and guns and drums'

fondler - one who fondles (here, something which fondles); a lover who gently fondles and caresses the loved one.

forceps - an instrument of the pincers kind, used for seizing and holding objects + forceps (Slang) - hands + (earwig's forceps).

persequor (l) - to follow perseveringly, to pursue + stella (l) - star + persequestello (l) - to follow a star + Persse O'Reilly + Stella [& Vanessa] (Swift).

vanessa - a genus of butterflies (brightly colored) + In Works and Days, Orion chases the Pleiades. Canis Minor and Canis Major are his dogs, the one in front is called Procyon. They chase Lepus, the hare, although Hyginus says some critics thought this too base a prey for the noble Orion and have him pursuing Taurus, the bull, instead → "It is significant that the Greeks, who were unable to fathom the real meaning of the Mysteries, became, as Gerald Massey described them, "mere mystifiers" having lost touch with the physiological gnosis upon which the Mysteries were based: The Greeks could not master the system of Egyptian mythology, and the hieroglyphics were to them the dead letter of a dead language ... What Herodotus knew of the mysteries he kept religiously concealed ... What Plato had learned made him jealous of the allegories to which he did not possess the clue. Outside their own mysteries the Greeks stood altogether outside of the subject. They, as their writers allege, had inherited their mythology, and the names of the divinities, without knowing their origin or meaning. They supplied their own free versions to stories of which they never possessed the key. Whenever they met with anything they did not understand, they turned it the more effectively to their own account ... Nothing could be more fatal than to try to read the thoughts of the remoter past through their eyes..." (Kenneth Grant: Aleister Crowley and the Hidden God).

flore - floor + from flower to flower.

chameleon + kidout'iun (Armenian) - science, knowledge.

wherein - in which (place, material thing, writing, etc.); where

madenakrout'iun (Armenian) - literature, bibliography + keroution (gr) - horn + Mother Nation.

lour - lower; Chiefly of the clouds, sky, a tempest, etc.: To look dark and threatening + lour (Armenian) - news.

lore - that which is learned; learning, scholarship, erudition. Also, in recent use, applied to the body of traditional facts, anecdotes, or beliefs relating to some particular subject.

herou (Armenian) - far, distant

kisher (Armenian) - night + notte (it) - night.

hasard = hazard + hazar (Armenian) - thousand + 1001 (The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night).

arere - arear (to rise up, to set up, erect); arrear

grope - to attempt to find something by feeling about as in the dark or as a blind person

zero hour - the hour when something is at its lowest ebb; the hour from which the time of day is measured + zereg (Armenian) - day.

pou - pull + pou (Armenian) - owl + poor  

giaour - infidel, unbeliver, one outside the muslim faith + Lord Byron: 'The Giaour' + gouyr (Armenian) - blind.

salve - to clear up, solve, explain

aught - anything whatever; anything

eyesore - something permanently offensive to the sight; a cause of annoyance, offence, or vexation; an object of dislike or disgust + aysôr (Armenian) - today + Orion could walk on the waves because of his father [Poseidon]; he walked to the island of Chios where he got drunk and attacked Merope, daughter of Oenopion, the ruler there. In vengeance, Oenopion blinded Orion and drove him away. Orion stumbled to Lemnos where Hephaestus — the lame smith-god — had his forge. Hephaestus told his servant, Cedalion, to guide Orion to the uttermost East where Helios, the Sun, healed him; Orion carried Cedalion around on his shoulders. Orion returned to Chios to punish Oenopion, but the king hid away underground and escaped Orion's wrath. 

amazing + amousin (Armenian) - husband.

bordereau - a detailed statement, especially one containing a detailed listing of documents or accounts; spec. that which Capt. A. Dreyfus (convicted of treason in 1894 and declared innocent in 1906.) was accused of transmitting.

a multiplicity of - the great number of, the very many or numerous

inflict - to afflict, assail, trouble (a person) with something painful or disagreeable; to thrust upon

prevision - foresight, foreknowledge; a prophetic or anticipatory vision + FDV: Closer inspection of the bordereau would however reveal a multiplicity of personalities inflicted on the provoking document and a prevision of virtual crime or crimes might unwarily be made before any suitable occasion for it or them had presented arisen.  

virtual - that is so in essence or effect, although not formally or actually; admitting of being called by the name so far as the effect or result is concerned.

trait - a stroke made with pen or pencil; a short line; a touch (in a picture)

chiaroscuro - the style of pictorial art in which only the light and shade, and not the various colours, are represented; fig. Used of poetic or literary treatment, criticism, mental complexion, etc., in various obvious senses, as mingled 'clearness and obscurity', 'cheerfulness and gloom', 'praise and blame,' etc.

coalesce - to unite or come together, so as to form one

warring - The action of the verb

housebreaker - one who breaks open and enters a house with intent to commit robbery + FDV: But under the very eyes of inspection the inspector the traits which feature the sympathetic page chiaroscuro coalesce, their contrarieties eliminated in a stable somebody, as by the providential warring of housebreaker on with heartbreaker,

dramdrinker - one addicted to drinking drams (a small draught of spirituous liquor), a tippler.

freethinker - one who refuses to submit his reason to the control of authority in matters of religious belief.

bowl along - to move on wheels + FDV: & of dram drinker with freethinker society our social something bowls along bumpily through generations, more generations & still more generations.  

bumpily - in a bumpy (causing or giving bumps or jolts, full of difficulties) manner.

experienced a jolt (notebook 1924) Freeman's Journal 21 May 1924, 7/7: 'Girl's Sad Fate': 'Did you experience any jolt in the quarter-mile about where the accident took place? No, everything was perfectly smooth'.

prearranged - arranged beforehand + (notebook 1924): 'life a series of prearranged disappointments'.

semper (l) - always + simple

oxhouse - a house for the sheltering or stabling of oxen + *E*'s hump + Hebrew letters: aleph means 'ox', beth means 'house', gimel means 'camel' → simple as ABC.

baron (Armenian) - Mr

lousadour (Armenian) - light-giver + Lucifer.

Hagel (ger) - hail + Hegel (1770-1831) - German philosopher + khaghal (Armenian) - to play + FDV: Who in hell wrote the durn thing anyway?

durn - damn, damned

mountebank - an impudent pretender to skill or knowledge, a charlatan; (quasi-adj.) That is a mountebank, characteristic of a mountebank + FDV: Standing, seated, on horseback,  

party wall - a wall which divides two adjoining properties having half of its thickness on each property.

quill - the feather of a large bird (usually a goose) formed into a pen by pointing and slitting the lower end of the barrel.

style - Antiq. An instrument made of metal, bone, etc., having one end sharp-pointed for incising letters on a wax tablet, and the other flat and broad for smoothing the tablet and erasing what is written.

turbid - mentally confused, perplexed, muddled; disturbed, troubled + FDV: against a partywall, below zero, by the use of quill or style, with perturbed or pellucid mind,

pellucid - perceiving clearly, mentally clear; able to be seen through with clarity

mastication - biting and grinding food in mouth so it becomes soft enough to swallow

seer - a magician; one to whom divine revelations are made in visions

scribe - a copyist, transcriber of manuscripts + Joyce's note: 'scribe' + Flood: Ireland, Its Saints and Scholars 106: 'The position which the artist and the craftsman held in society, is an indication of how the arts were loved and esteemed in Ireland. The title of scribe is frequently used in our ancient literature to enhance the dignity of a bishop'.

site - the situation or position of a place, town, building, etc., esp. with reference to the surrounding district or locality; Archæol. A place containing the remains of former human habitation; an excavation + FDV: accompanied or the reverse by mastication interrupted by visit of person to scriptor or of scriptor to place,

atwixt - between

trike - tricycle, tricyclist + *IJ* and *VYC*

rightdown - complete, thorough + Gilbert and Sullivan: The Gondoliers, song: A Right Down Regular Royal Queen.

racer - one who races or takes part in a race; a scalpel, razor; a race-horse + racy of the soil (phrase) - characteristic of Irish.

pained - affected with pain (physical or mental), hurt, distressed + two-paned - spectacled.

whittle - to cut thin slices or shavings from the surface of (a stick, etc.); to cut or shape wood with a knife.

laden - loaded, burdened

loot - goods (esp. articles of considerable value) taken from an enemy, a captured city, etc. in time of war; also, in wider sense, something taken by force or with violence; booty, plunder, spoil + FDV: rained upon or blown around, by a regular racer from the soil or a whittlewit laden with the loot of learning?  

FDV: Now, patience, And remember patience is the great thing. And above all things we must neither be nor become impatient. Think of all the patience possessed by both Bruce Brothers & the their Scotch spider. If after years and years of research a sage solemnly tells us that the great one is 3 syllables less than a name his own surname, that the ear of Earwicker was the trademark of a broadcaster and his wicker the local cant for an aeronaut patent then as to this radio-oscillating epistle epiepistle to which we must ceaselessly return what where exactly at present is he who is the man the bright soandso who is able to give us the dinkum oil? 

momentum - impetus gained by movement + moments

Confucius [master Kung] repeatedly inculcates the need of patience and thoroughness: "Do not be desirous of having things done quickly; do not look at small advantages! Desire to have things done quickly prevents their being done thoroughly. Looking at small advantages prevents great things being accomplished." (Analects, bk. xiii., c. xvii.) And the slow but solid achievement which attends this course is thus portrayed: "The way of the superior man may be compared with what takes place in travelling, when to go to a distance we must first traverse the space that is near and when in ascending a height we must first begin from the lower ground." (Doctrine of the Mean, C. xv., v. 1.)

codex - a manuscript volume: e.g. one of the ancient manuscripts of the Scriptures (as the Codex Sinaiticus, Alexandrinus, Vaticanus, etc.), or of the ancient classics + Crow: The Story of Confucius, Master Kung 156: (ancient China's) 'strict puritanical rules of propriety'.

kapros (gr) - fruit, corn; profit + Carp Primus - son of Confucius (anticipating other sons, Carp Secundus, etc.)

sinking fund - a fund formed by periodically setting aside revenue to accumulate at interest, usually for the purpose of reducing the principal of a national, municipal, or company's debt. Sinking funds were established by the British Government in 1716, 1786, and 1875 for reducing the National Debt.

conjoint - united, combined, conjoined

The eighth Robert de Bruce (1274-1329) revived his grandfather's claim and became king of Scotland in 1306. His brother Edward (d. 1318) was killed while fighting to make himself effective king of Ireland + Robert Bruce learned to be patient after watching spider climb wall.

incorporated - included as part of a whole

Scotch - of, belonging to, or native to, Scotland + FDV: Think of all the patience possessed by both Bruce Brothers & the their Scotch spider.

Elberfeld horses (including 'Clever Hans') tapped out the answers to simple sums with their hooves, and were exhibited in the years before WW I; (Elberfeld: City in NW Germany).

delve - to dig; to make laborious search for facts, information, etc., as one who digs deep for treasure.

tubthumper - a violent or declamatory preacher or orator + tubthumper (Slang) - parson.

kinedoun (Armenian) - tavern + kini (Armenian) - wine.

k'ahana (Armenian) - priest

giardiniere (it) - gardener

méar (Irish) - finger

mesanger - messenger + meas (Irish) - act of measuring + maison (fr) - house + misen (Armenian) - the meat + manoug (Armenian) - child + meatmonger + manager.

darn - damn + darnal (Armenian) - to return.

barbar - barbarian + barbar (gr) - sound, to Greeks, of all languages other than Greek (the word 'barbarian' supposedly derived from Greek, expressing the 'stammering' sound of foreign languages ('ba-ba')) + barbar (Armenian) - language, dialect, speech.

carriage house - a coach house + karejour (Armenian) - beer + Carrageen - a type of edible seaweed, also known as Irish moss.

ascendant - ancestor + FDV: If after years and years of research a sage solemnly tells us that the great one is 3 syllables less than a name his own surname,

Yes - and less (Joyce's note) → Corkery: The Hounds of Banba 214: 'The Price': '"Could you have a place ready in an hour's time?" "Yes, certainly, in less"'.

fionn (Irish) - fair

aforetime - formerly

broadcaster - an apparatus for broadcasting radio or TV programs; a device for cowing seeds by scattering it over the ground.

wicker - a pliant twig or small rod, usually of willow, esp. as used for making baskets and various other objects.

jargon - a barbarous, rude, or debased language or variety of speech; a 'lingo'.

ace - As the ace at dice was the lowest or worst number, ace was frequently used for bad luck. But in some games at cards, the ace is the most valuable, and hence the 'ace of men' the perfection or highest + FDV: that the ear of Earwicker was the trademark of a broadcaster and his wicker the local cant for an aeronaut patent

patent - a licence to manufacture, sell, or deal in an article or commodity, to the exclusion of other persons.

as to - as it regards, so far as it concerns, with respect or reference to

epistle - a communication made to an absent person in writing; a letter + epi- - Used in prepositional and advb. senses, 'upon, at, or close upon (a point of space or time), on the ground or occasion of, in addition' + epi epistoles (gr) - about a message, upon a letter + FDV: then as to this radio-oscillating epistle epiepistle

samite - a rich silk fabric worn in the Middle Ages, sometimes interwoven with gold

Kohle (ger.) - coal + Kohl - black colouring agent.

gallnut - a swelling that forms on the bark of an oak tree after it has been stung by an insect laying its eggs. Tannic and gallic acids contained in gallnuts can be soaked out in water, the gall solution forming the basis of ink.

brickdust - powdered brick; a tint or colour resembling that of brickdust + ancient Chinese wrote on silk with mixture of brick dust and water as substitute for ink.

ceaselessly - without ceasing, incessantly

whereabouts - interrog. About where? In or near what place, part, situation, or position? + where in Sam Hill (U.S. phrase) - where in the world (19th century).

Tophet - the place of punishment for the wicked after death; the place of eternal fire; hell (heb.) + Shem, Ham and Japhet.  

glor (Armenian) - round + sokh (Armenian) - onion + sol (l) - sun.

tooraloo - goodbye

Aladdin + abaodan (Armenian) - refuge, sanctuary + Wyndham Lewis called Ulysses 'an Aladdin's cave of incredible bric-à-brac'.

sagacity - acuteness of mental discernment; aptitude for investigation or discovery; keenness and soundness of judgement in the estimation of persons and conditions, and in the adaptation of means to ends + k'aghak' (Armenian) - city, town.

slip  - to give quietly or slyly

dinkum oil - the truth + slip us the dinkum oil (Australian) - tell us what it all means, tell us the truth + Joyce's note: 'give me the dinkum oil'.

naysayer - one who refuses or oposes

FDV: To conclude purely negatively from the positive absence of political allusions hatred and its _____ that it cannot ever have been the work pen product of a man or woman of that period & those parts is as unjust as it would be to conclude from the nonpresence of inverted commas on any page that its compiler was constitutionally incapable of misappropriating the actual words of others.  

odia (l) - hatreds, grudges (pl.)

unlooked for - unexpected, unanticipated

leap at - to exhibit eagerness for, to jump at + Look before you leap (proverb).

tantamount - equivalent

infer - to draw a conclusion or inference; to reason from one thing to another

constitutionally - by virtue of one's constitution (of mind or body); by constitution, naturally

misappropriate - to appropriate to wrong uses; chiefly, to apply dishonestly to one's own use

cant - a portion, nook, niche + Kant, Immanuel (1724-1804) - German philosopher + Kante (ger) - corner, edge + kant (Dutch) - side. 

quest - any inquiry or investigation made in order to discover some fact + questio (l) - complaint + kwestie (Dutch) - question.

a dime a dozen - so plentiful as to be almost worthless

ornery - ordinary

josser - fellow, chap

fortyish - being about 40 years old, looking forty years old

flatulent - affected by gas in the intestine, likely to fart; pompous, self important, pretentious

ratiocination - analysis, reduction to elements

syncopation - Gram. Contraction of a word by omission of one or more syllables or letters in the middle.

elucidation - the action or process of elucidating, throwing light upon, making plain or intelligible + FDV: Has anyone, it might with profit some cloudy evening be asked quietly suggested, ever looked sufficiently longly upon an env a stamped addressed envelope.

Feng-Yang - birthplace of Hung Wu, the founder of the Ming dynasty + Finnegan + Kung family, descendants of Confucius.


son of the gun - fellow + Crow: The Story of Confucius, Master Kung 104: (Lao-tsze told Confucius) 'He who is only the son of another has nothing for himself, for he owes all to his father'.

Crépieux-Jamin: Les Éléments de l'Écriture des Canailles 5-8: stresses the importance of examining the inscription of the address on the envelope as part of a graphological analysis of a love letter to compensate for the bias caused by the emotional state of the individual writing the letter.

admittedly - by general admission, confessedly

husk - outer covering, shell + FDV: Admittedly it is but a covering;

Crow: The Story of Confucius, Master Kung 49: 'A Chinese historian has pointed out that though almost all men are imperfect in one or two of their features, Master Kung even in this showed his superiority for he was imperfect in all'.

Where Are You Going, My Pretty Maid (nursery rhyme): 'My face is my fortune, sir, she said' + FDV: it bears an economic classification:

civil and military tailor (notebook 1923)

plague - trouble, a couse of irritation or distress

tuck - to thrust or put away (an object) into a close place where it is snugly held or concealed

flap - part of the envelope (turnover) + FDV: its character is the civil clothing of whatever purepassionpallid or nudity or plaguepurple nakedness it may or may not contain.

sore - painful, grievous; severe, stern, hard

circumstantiate - to place in certain circumstances; to give circumstantial evidence for + FDV: Yet to concentrate solely on the psychological content or even the mental configuration of any document to the neglect of the facts which circumstance it is as hurtful to good sense (and let us add, good the best taste)

intro - introduction

elaborative - capable of elaborating, tending to elaborate + elaborate - worked out in much detail, minutely careful, highly finished.

ancestral - of or inherited from ancestors

upstairs - at the top of, on a floor or in a room reached by, a flight of stairs; in one of the upper stories of a house.

straightaway - without hesitation or dalay

run off - to run away, to run away with someone (as in an elopement) + FDV: as were the indian someone or other when perhaps presented by a friend of his to a lady of the latter's acquaintance straightaway to vision her in unapparelled naturalness

plump - directly, at once, straight, without hesitation or circuitous action; directly facing in position.

in one's naturals - in a perfectly naked state

blinkard - one that blinks with or as if with weak eyes, one who has imperfect sight; a stupid or obtuse person.

etiquette vital in ancient Chinese society (frequently mentioned in The Story of Confucius, Master Kung)

evolutionary - evolutional, coming about as a result of the principles of evolution + FDV: deliberately closing his eyes to the fact that she was after all wearing some definite articles of clothing,

inharmonious - lacking in harmony of parts

captious - disposed to find fault, cavil, or raise objections; fault-finding, cavilling, carping.

a trifle - in a small degree, a little

Lewis: Time and Western Man 81: 'the local colour, or locally-coloured material, that was scraped together into a big variegated heap to make Ulysses' + FDV: inharmonious, a captious one might say, or not strictly necessary, or a little irritating but still suddenly full of local colour & personal colour perfume,

coincidental - occupying the same place or portion of space, having the same nature, character, or value + FDV: suggestive of much more, capable of being stretched if need were, their parts capable, even, of being separated for closer comparison by the careful hand of an expert.

Mr Best in Ulysses keeps saying: 'don't you know' + {without considering how clothes she is wearing fill out some parts of her body and flatten others, and are able to be parted for better survey by the deft hand of the expert}

clothier - a maker of cloth, one engaged in the cloth trade

rere - rearwards

contemplate - look at, inspect, study

FDV: Who in his heart doubts either that the facts of feminine clothing are there and that the feminine fiction, stranger than the facts, is there at the same time, and that one may be separated from the other, that both may then be contemplated simultaneously & that each may be considered in turn apart from the other successively?

artifact - anything made by human art and workmanship; an artificial product. In Archæol. applied to the rude products of aboriginal workmanship as distinguished from natural remains.

fend - to make an effort, strive or try to do something; to defend + FDV: Let then the facts speak in their own favour.  

Crow: The Story of Confucius, Master Kung 34: 'what is now called the Yellow River... was nameless... It was the river, the only river that required consideration'.

Crow: The Story of Confucius, Master Kung 37: (for Chinese, the sea was) 'a symbol of oblivion. The fact that the brine-laden water... gave them this wonderful salt, which river water could not provide, probably added to the mystery' + {The river [ALP] wanted salt, so she went to the sea}

Brian O'Linn (song) + Bruin + brine + {This is how she met HCE [Brian O’Lynn]}

Crow: The Story of Confucius, Master Kung 34: (for Chinese, China) 'was not a country but the country'

dindin - dinner + dried bear's paw a delicacy in ancient China + zinzin (motif) + {Then the country wanted HCE [Behan] for his sin and then dinner and got it}

bounding - a leaping or springing, esp. in an elastic way

abounding - overflowing or plentiful supply

surly - churlishly ill-humoured; rude and cross; 'gloomily morose' + surely

clovery - like clover or abounding in clover + meanings of Chinese names of China: 'Under Heaven', 'The Flowery Kingdom', 'The Middle Kingdom'.

overarch - to form an arch over


saint + Ireland, isle of saints and sages (phrase).

stern - severe, strict, hard, grim, harsh

chuckler - a worker in leather, cobbler; one who chuckles + FDV: It was wont to be wittily wagged by the stern chuckler Mahappy Mahapnot that Lucalizod was the only place in the world where the possible was always the improbable and the improbable the inevitable.

mayhap - perhaps, maybe + Mahaffy, Sir John Pentland (b. 1839) - Irish classical scholar, Wilde's mentor, wit, who, according to Mr Atherton, said Dublin was where the possible was the improbable and the improbable was the inevitable. 

lutra (l) - otter + lutron (gr) - ransom (pl. = lutra) + lutra (Albanian) - fine, fit + (flower conservatory).

conservatory - the faculty and students of a school specializing in one of the fine arts; a glass covered building to house or conserve plants, more elaborate than a greenhouse.

ultimum aut nullum (l) - last or nothing + ultio aut nullum (l) - revenge or nothing + ultë (Albanian) - low + naltë (Albanian) - high.

madh (Albanian) - big

valley of tears - the world regarded as a place of trouble, sorrow, misery, or weeping + 'This vale of tears' is the world and the suffering that life brings + vaal (Dutch) - faded, sallow, ashen.

verdure - the fresh green colour characteristic of flourishing vegetation; greenness, viridity + verdhë (Albanian) - yellow.

Phoenix park + Phaiton - "Shining One", son of Helios (sun) who drove his father's chariot (i.e. sun) too near the Earth, scorching the surface and falling to his death, struck by a bolt from Zeus + paiton (Albanian) - car.

tambel (Albanian) - milk

tay - tea; a case, sheath, outer covering + Crow: The Story of Confucius, Master Kung 39: (in ancient China) 'There were no teapots, for tea was a beverage enjoyed by the barbarians living much further south'.

drame - tragicomedy + {whose greenness only yellows when Phaeton parks his car – the sun – too close, and the tea-coloured Liffey is the dream of would-be Ophelia’s}

Ophelia - the name of the heroine of Shakespeare's play Hamlet. Like St Kevin's Cathleen or Nuvoletta, Ophelia drowned herself because of male coldness to her + drainô (Greek) - to desire + trendafille (Albanian) - rose.

proverbial - addicted to the use of proverbs; that has passed into a proverb

Holy and Undivided Trinity


me kenë (Albanian) - if, seeing that + ken (Hebrew) - yes.

Zot- (ger) - obscenity + Zoti (Albanian) - God + zot (Dutch) - fool + zot (Hebrew) - this, that (feminine).

question + Quiztunes - United States radio programme + William Shakespeare: Hamlet III.1.56: 'To be, or not to be - that is the question'.  

havermout (Dutch) - oatmeal porridge

hit the nail on the head - to come at the very point of the matter, to say or do exactly the right thing.

in for - involved in some coming event, etc. from which no escape is possible; finally committed or destined to do or suffer something.

sequentiality - the quality of being sequential (forming a sequence)

possible - that which is possible

grub - to take food, eat

lock - a quantity (usu. a small one) of any article esp. hay or straw; a handful

Aristotle (in a tragic plot Aristotle prefers a sequence of probable impossibles to one of improbable possibles) + FDV: This implies a sequentiality of impossible probables improbable possibles but though possibly nobody who has read up his subject probably in Aristotle will applaud the sentiment or sentence for utterly impossible as are all these events they are probably as like those which happened took place as any other which never took place at all are ever likely to be.


go out of one’s way - to make a special effort (to do something)

unbiassed - not unduly or improperly influenced or inclined; unprejudiced, impartial + boia (it) - executioner + boje (Albanian) - colour.

amen + Hahn (ger) - rooster + ahn- (ger) - suspect.

FDV: About that hen, first. Midwinter was in the offing when a poorly clad Shiverer, a the mere merest bantling, observed a cold fowl behaving strangely on the fatal dump at the spot called the orangery when in the course of its deeper demolition it unexpectedly threw up certain fragments of orange peel, the remnant of an outdoor meal of some unknown sunseeker illico in a mistridden past.

original sin - hereditary sin inherited from sinful choice of the first man of the human race + to hen (gr) - the One, the origin of all things.

midwinter - the middle of the winter

kuur (Dutch) - cure (noun); also, whim, vice or trick + kuura (Finnish) - hoarfrost + kura (Slovenian) - hen.

in the offing - about to happen

Primavera (Italian) - Spring (season) + prandverë (Albanian) - spring.

pril (Dutch) - (very) early + Prill (Albanian) - April.

kishë (Albanian) - church + {bells chiming the hour [111.07-.08]} + kisha (Serbian) - rain + {birds singing life’s sad old song}

sweet song + sahat (Albanian) - hour + Love's Old Sweet Song (song).

shiverer - one that shivers

mere - nothing short of (what is expressed by the n.); absolute, entire, sheer, perfect

bantling - a young or small child, a brat

fowl - a domestic cock or hen

midden - a dunghill, manure-heap, refuse-heap

chip - anything worthless or trifling + Impey: Origins of the Bushmen 49: mentions a prehistoric 'chip instrument factory'.

kopron (gr) - dung + Impey: Origins of the Bushmen 45: mentions pottery with a 'conical bottom'.

dump - a pile or heap of refuse or other matter 'dumped' or thrown down

orangery - a place appropriated to the cultivation of orange-trees; spec. a structure or building in which orange-trees are reared and kept, where the climate does not allow them to be cultivated in the open.

a busman’s holiday - a holiday in which one does the same thing as one does at work

limon - a fine sandy soil; lemon + limun (Serbian) - lemon + limon (fr) - mud + limen (l) - threshold.

throw up - to produce or provide

orangepeel - the rind of an orange, esp. when separated from the pulp + [003.23]

sunseeker - one seeking a sunny place for a holiday or to live in

illico (l) - there, than; in that place, on the spot + all

priestridden - managed or controlled by a priest or priests

FDV: What child but little Kevin would ever in such a scene in such despondful weather in the desponful atmosphere of such biting cold have found a motive for future sainthood saintity by euchring the discovery of the Ardagh chalice by another innocent on the seasands near the scene of the massacre of most of the jacobiters.

Strandlooper - a member of a people, related to the Bushmen and Hottentots, living on the southern shores of S. Africa from prehistoric times until the present millennium; a vagrant + strandlooper (Dutch) - beach-walker; a collective name for the various kinds of sandpiper, stint, dunlin, knot and sanderling.

peepy - drowsy, sleepy; characterized by peeping

despond - depression or dejection of spirits through loss of resolution or hope


trouver (fr) - to find + (notebook 1923): 'child (found chalice in potatofield)' Flood: Ireland, Its Saints and Scholars 112: 'A child playing on the sea-shore near Drogheda found the Tara Brooch, and a boy digging potatoes near the old Rath of Ardagh in Limerick found the Ardagh Chalice'.

strate = strete - street + street (Anglo-Irish) - backyard (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation: strate) + In Acts 9:11, the Lord says to Ananias, "Arise, and go to the street which is called Straight," (to restore Saul's sight). "The Street which is called Straight" is the motto of C. T. M'Cready's Dublin Street Names.

strete (obs) - estreat, extract, a true copy of an original

saintity (obs) - sanctity

euchre - a game at cards, of American origin, played by 2, 3, or 4 persons, with a pack of 32 cards (the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 of each suit being rejected). A player may, if he pleases, 'pass' or decline to play, but if he undertakes to play, and fails to take 3 tricks, he or his side is said to be 'euchred' and the other side gains two points. The highest cards at Euchre are the knave of trumps and the other knave of the same colour; the other cards used rank as in whist. There are various modifications of the game, as Railroad Euchre, played with the usual 32 cards and an extra blank card called 'the joker', or 'imperial trump', which is superior to all; (v.): to outwit an opponent in the card-game of Euchre.

Ardagh Chalice - large, two-handled silver cup, decorated with gold, gilt bronze, and enamel, one of the best-known examples of Irish ecclesiastical metalwork. It was discovered in 1868, together with a small bronze cup and four brooches, in a potato field in Ardagh, County Limerick, Ireland + Joyce's note: 'Ardagh Chalice (two handled)' Flood: Ireland, Its Saints and Scholars 112: 'The Ardagh Chalice is an almost unique example of the two-handled chalice used in the earliest Christian time'.

heily - haughty, proud; highly + heilig (German, Dutch) - holy + holy

whilst - while

clamour - to shout, or utter loud and continued cries or calls; to raise an outcry for; to seek, demand, or call importunately for + (notebook 1924): 'pious clamour'.

wheedle - to entice or persuade by soft flattering words

reeraw (Anglo-Irish) - fuss, confusion, clamour, revelry (from Irish: rí-rá) + Reerasta, Tipperary, where Ardagh chalice found.

puteter (Danish) - potatoes + peut-être (fr) - perhaps, maybe + Pute (ger) - turkey-hen + Tipperary potatoes.  

purple patch - a brilliant or ornate passage in a literary composition (after L. purpureus pannus).

massacre - the unnecessary indiscriminate killing of human beings; a general slaughter + Childermas (28 December) celebrates Herod's massacre of the Holy Innocent children [110.35].

Boucicault: 'I've a Terrible Lot to Do Today' (song)

goddam = goddamn - damn; the utterance of this phrase + Goddam (French) - Englishman (derisive, from 'Goddamn').

stick and stour (stone) - Often used to signify all a person's goods and chattels + sticks and stones.

stank - p. od stink; pond, pool, a ditch containing water, dam + stank (Dutch) - stench.

Jacobite - in British history, a supporter of the exiled Stuart king James II (Latin Jacobus) and his descendants after the Revolution of 1688; The movement was strong in Scotland and Wales, where support was primarily dynastic, and in Ireland, where it was mainly religious + Jacob's Biscuits (Dublin).

FDV: The bird of promise in the case was the hen of the Doran's and what she was scratching looked uncommonly like a goodishsized sheet of letterpaper originating from Boston (Mass) of the eleventh of the fifth to dear which proceeded to mention Maggy well and everybody athome is general health and well and the a lovely face of some born gentleman and with a parcel of cookycakes for tea well and it was must now close a grand funeral Maggy and hopes to hear from with love & four kiss crosses [from loving] from a large looking stain of tea. The stain, & that of tea, marks it at once as a genuine relique of old Irish MS poetry.

quinque- - five + quinquaginta (l) - fifty + quinquagenarius (l) - a fifty-year old + Quinquegentiani - "Of Five Cities": a people in Cyrenaica (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake). 

Tertius (l) - "Third": Roman proper name + terzo (it) - third + terzi (Turkish, Albanian) - tailor.

sermi (Albanian) - silver

hane (Danish) - cock + hane (Albanian) - inn + hen exhibition.

klokken (Danish) - o'clock + klokken tolv (Danish) - twelve o'clock + klukke (Danish) - to cluck.

zigzag + zog (Albanian) - bird; young.

goodish - rather considerable (as in number or extent)

sheet - an oblong or square piece of paper or parchment, esp. for writing or printing; spec. one of the pieces of definite size (varying according to the kind) in which paper is made + Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: The House by the Churchyard, ch. 53: 'The sod just for so much as a good sized sheet of letter-paper might cover, was trod and broken'.

transcript - a written copy + tranship - to transfer from one ship to another + Boston Evening Transcript - a daily afternoon newspaper in Boston, Massachusetts published from July 24, 1830 to April 30, 1941.

Edgar Allan Poe - (b. Jan. 19, 1809, Boston, Mass., U.S.--d. Oct. 7, 1849, Baltimore, Md.), American short-story writer, poet, critic, and editor who is famous for his cultivation of mystery and the macabre.

from first to last - from beginning to end, throughout + (31.01.) + An early Joyce's note reads: "on the N[orth] E[ast] slope of the dunghill the slanteyed hen of the Grogans scrutinized a clayed p.c. [postcard] from Boston (Mass) of the 12th of the 4th to dearest Elly from her loving sister with 4 ½ kisses." 

hate (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - heat + the heat turned the milk.

houten (Dutch) - wooden + Van Houten's Dutch Cocoa.

general election - an election of representatives thouroughout an entire country + erections + FDV: of the eleventh of the fifth to dear which proceeded to mention Maggy well and everybody athome is general health

wedding cake - traditional cake served to the guests at a wedding reception after a wedding. It is usually a large cake, multi-layered or tiered, and heavily decorated with icing, occasionally over a layer of marzipan or fondant, topped with a small statue representing the couple + FDV: and with a parcel of cookycakes for tea

funeral + FDV: well and it was must now close a grand funeral Maggy and hopes to hear from

muggy - marked by warm dampness, humid

Several of Paul's epistles close: 'Salute one another with a holy kiss' (Romans 16:16, I Corinthians 16:20, II Corinthians 13:12) + holê polis (gr) - entire city.

hole-and-corner (phrase) - secret, clandestine, underhand

wholly - completely, totally

pee - 'P'

ess - 'S'

Joyce's note: 'white ants eat ban - God's name' (the dash is apparently a minus sign) → Holland: The Story of Mohammed 62: (of a parchment written against Mohammed) 'When the parchment was unrolled, it was found that most of it had been eaten away by white ants, and the rules of the Ban were unreadable. An Arab historian relates that the only word which was still visible was the name of God'.

affectionate - loving, fond, tenderly-disposed

tache - a spot, stain, blotch + THE REVERED LETTER

tch - an utterance of this exclamation (used to express vexation) + chai (Pan-Slavonic) - tea + FDV: and hopes to hear from with love & four kiss crosses [from loving] from a large looking stain of tea.


overcautious - too cautious + cautelousness (obs) - craftiness; wariness + cautel (Middle English) - crafty device, deceit, cunning; caution, precaution; a direction for the proper administration of the sacraments (especially in 'Cautels of the Mass') + kautos (gr) - boiling.

master builder - one who is skilled in the art of building, an architect. Chiefly in rhetorical use or fig. context + Henrik Ibsen: The Master Builder + bilker - one who practises cheating.

mark off - (Engin. and Shipbuilding): to mark (an object) with lines to serve as a guide for subsequent cutting, machining, alignment, etc.; to represent (a dimension or detail) on an object in this way.

on the spur of the moment - suddenly, without thinking + on the spot - straightway, at once + FDV: The stain, & that of tea, marks it at once as a genuine relique of old Irish MS poetry.

relique = relic - a surviving trace of some practice, fact, idea, quality, etc.

pottery - pottery-ware, earthenware + Brook, Charlotte (d. 1793) - authoress who published in 1789 ("with somewhat effusive apologies for leaving her pianoforte and needlepoint") 'Reliques of Irish Poetry' + The 'reliques' are poems in the Irish character with translations in English verse, including poems about Cuchulain, Deirdre, Finn + peasant poetry.

ladylike - resembling what pertains to a lady + Lydian - the designation of one of the modes in ancient Greek music, characterized as soft and effeminate.

languishing - pining with love or grief + Lydia Languish, in Sheridan's 'The Rivals', wrote letters to herself (so did Molly Bloom).

{written as a letter to one’s self}

how - an artificial mound, tumulus, or barrow; care, anxiety, trouble, sorrow (obs. dial.)

photoist - photographer

worth one’s salt - worth the money that one is paid; efficient or capable + chemicals - a substance obtained or used in chemical operations.

tip - to give private or confidential information

teaser - something difficult to solve or decide about

grotesquely - comically incongrous or absurd, bizzare + FDV: Any photoist worth his chemicals will tell you that if a negative melts while drying the resultant positive will be a grotesque distortion of values, tones & masses.

milkwhite horse [262.22] + Ulysses.9.84: 'Horseness is the whatness of allhorse' (parody of Aristotle).

tip - a place or receptacle into which earth or rubbish is tipped or shot, a dumping-ground

missive - a written message, a letter

turb - a number of individuals or units gathered together; a group of trees + turf

keep off the grass - a notice frequently posted in a park or garden to which the public are admitted; also used fig. as a warning not to take liberties, encroach, or interfere + wisp - to rub (esp. a horse) with a wisp, to twist into a wisp + (wipe the letter with a sod of turf).

boucher - a treasurer, cashier; butcher (obs.) + {Kate's midden} + FDV: This freely is what must have happened to that missive unfilthed by the sagacity of a slant eyed hen.

sagacity - keenness and soundness of judgement in the estimation of persons and conditions, and in the adaptation of means to ends.

Love Me Little, Love Me Long (song)

FDV: The heat Heated residence for who since nobody knows when in the orangeflavoured mound had gro partly dissolved the first impression and caused some features palpably near nearer us to be swollen up most grossly while the farther back we seem to get the more we need the loan of a lens to see as much as the hen saw. Wonderfully well this explains the double nature of this gryphonic script and while its ingredients stand out with stereoptican relief we can see peep tour beyond the figure of the scriptor into the subconscious writer's mind. 

orange flower - the white flower of the orange-tree + flavoured - having a specified flavour

obliterate - to blot out (anything written, figured, or imprinted) so as to leave no distinct traces.

to start with - 'to begin with', at the beggining

palpably - clearly, obviously, manifestly

pecker (Slang) - penis; nose

grossly - excessively, flagrantly; indelicatly, indecently

wiggle - to proceed with twisting and turning movements, to wriggle

lens - spec. A lens or combination of lenses used in photography

" the hen saw. Wonderfully well this explains the double nature of this gryphonic script and while its ingredients stand out with stereoptican relief we can (speep) ^tour^ beyond the figure of the scriptor into the subconscious editor's mind" [Joyce eventually forgot to incorporate the paragraph in the confusion created by his own method of writing (Dirk Van Hulle, 12 December 2000)]. 

pure and simple - mere, simple + puling - spiritless, whining, of a feeble or sickly nature.

bethink - consider + Samuel Beckett.

stump - the portion of the trunk of a felled tree that remains fixed in the ground

beech - a well-known forest tree

poultry - domestic fowls collectively

gee up - a command to a draft animal to move ahead

girly - girlish + girly girly - a girl, a little girl.

quad - quadruplet

gospeller - one of the four evangelists

Targum - each of several Aramaic translations, interpretations, or paraphrases of the various divisions of the Old Testament, made after the Babylonian captivity, at first preserved by oral transmission, and committed to writing from about 100 a.d. onwards.

ZINGARI CRICKET CLUB - A London club (zingari, It. "gypsies") whose touring side's annual visit to Dublin during the Horse Show week in August was the occasion for a gala ball at the Lodge in Phoenix Park + zingari (it) - gypsies.

Schulerin (ger) - girl student + shooler (Anglo-Irish) - vagrant, wanderer, beggar (from Irish: siubhlóir).

peck - unit of dry capacity equal to 1/4 bushel (0.36 cubic meters); food, grub; a kiss like a bird's peck + cup

kindling - easily combustible material, an act of igniting + kindness

auld - old + Auld Lang Syne (song): 'We'll tak a cup of kindness yet for the sake of Auld Lang Syne.

kindly - of good nature or natural qualities, kind hearted + Joyce's note: 'lead kindly hen' Freeman's Journal 25 Jan 1924, 9/2: 'Lunacy Grows': 'meeting of the Joint Committee of the Grangegorman Mental Hospital... A Member - Lead kindly light. Mr Daly - Yes, let us have some light on the subject'.

fly - the action of flying

moult - periodic shedding of the cuticle in arthropods or the outer skin in reptiles

hatch - the production of young from an egg

socio- - social, sociological

sound as bell - perfect or without fault

volucrine - rel. to birds

normalcy - state of being normal, normality

propagate - to produce as offspring, procreate, reproduce, breed

hoosh - to boost, lift

fluff - light, feathery stuff, such as the downy particles that separate from dressed wool

din - a loud noise

genesic - pertaining to genesis or origin

gammon - ridiculous nonsense suited to deceive simple persons only; 'humbug', 'rubbish'

auspice - a favorable omen; a sign or token given by birds

golden age - the first and best age of the world, in which, according to the Greek and Roman poets, mankind lived in a state of ideal prosperity and happiness, free from all trouble or crime.

vengeance - the act of avenging oneself or another + with a vengeance - with great force or violence; in an extreme degree; to an unusual extent.

dirigible - a dirigible balloon or airship + (fly) [.10].

ague - a malarial fever; an acute or violent fever (obs.) + age + egg.

rejuvenate - to restore to youth; to make young or fresh again

the white man's burden - responsibility of the white for the coloured races + (moult) [.10].

sublime - supreme, perfect

incubation - the action of sitting on eggs in order to hatch them + (hatch) [.11].

lioness - the female of the lion + lioness (Slang) - prostitute.

dishorn - to remove the horns from + Joyce's note: 'dishorn' Freeman's Journal 10 Jan 1924, 7/6: 'Letters to the Editor': 'I would like to draw the attention of the public to the grossly cruel practice of dishorning aged cattle' + (lioness without mane, ram without horns).

discipular - of, belonging to, or of the nature of, a disciple

publicly - openly, in public

flank - the fleshy part of the side of an animal or a man between the ribs and the hip

fleece - the woolly covering of a sheep or similar animal + (agreement in the nest) [.11].

assuredly - certainly, surely

gloom - an indefinite degree of darkness or obscurity; painful or depressing darkness + (notebook 1924): 'gloompourers'.

grouse - to grumble

weekday - a day of the week other than Saturday or Sunday

bleak - cold, chilly + Poe: The Raven: 'bleak December'.

Janiveer - January + Guinevere + (notebook 1924): 'bleak Janiveer'.

palmy days - triumphant, flourishing days

waste - waste or desert land

oasis - a fertile spot in the midst of a desert

biddy - an adult female domestic fowl; Irish maid-servant + Belinda

when Biddy Doran looks at literature (Joyce's note) Collins: 'The Doctor Looks at Literature' (published in 1923 by George H. Doran Company; contains a chapter on Joyce, whom the author had met in 1921).

mere - exclusive of or considered apart from anything else, bare

marcella - an English cotton fabric + Ulysses.16.850: 'Marcella the midget queen'.

midget - an extremely small person


master of arts - a recipient of master's degree + mistress - a female teacher (now only of music, drawing, etc.) + mistress of Arthur.

hearsay - information received by word of mouth, usually with implication that it is not trustworthy

amorous + anomos (gr) - lawless, iniquitous

toga virilis - the white toga of manhood assumed by boys of ancient Rome at the end of their 14. year + James Joyce's 'Stephen Hero' mentions McCann's review, including a lady's verses, 'The Female Fellow': '(a swallowflight of song)... signed "Toga Girilis"'.

teasy - inclined to tease, annoying + tea stain + tear.

cop - a heap, mound, tumulus + copy + copë (Albanian) - piece.

fist - handwriting

nasibus (l) - to, for or by noses (dat. abl. pl.)

note - to notice or observe with care

jotty - of the nature of jottings or fragmentary notes + song: The Jolly Young Waterman (temperance song).

watermark - a distinguishing mark or device impressed in the substance of a sheet of paper during manufacture, usu. barely noticeable except when the sheet is held against strong light.

MAGASIN DU BON MARCHÉ - Paris deptartment store, 7th Arrondissement; bon marché, Fr. "bargain" + (Our Lady of the Department Store). 

ar (Albanian) - gold + ari (Hebrew) - lion + ari (Malay) - poisonous snake + ari (Albanian) - bear + Erin.

lumi- - formed by irradiation + lumë, lumi (Albanian) - river.

fol = fool + me fol (Albanian) - to speak.

falemi nderës (Albanian) - thank you

nadje (Albanian) - (in the) morning + {And what a river of language as she speaks to her friends, with her thankyou’s and morning greetings.}

astro (gr) - star + {As a straw [before her mouth] will show, she is a windbag, and struts about showing the red of her vigorous hair and the fantastic set of curls she has.}

shaw = show + Shaw, George Bernard (1856-1951) - Irish playwright, who in 1924 said in print that the dirt of Ulysses was true to Dublin as he knew it, and should not be suppressed: "If a man holds up a mirror to your nature and shows that it needs washing-not whitewashing-it is no use breaking the mirror. Go for soap and water." This explains why, so often in FW, Shaw is anagrammed to "wash." It is not demonstrated below but GBS is firmly tied to Harriet Shaw Weaver (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake).

blague - to talk pretentiously and usu. inaccurately, lie bastfully; humbug

rect - erect (v.)

rudis (l) - stick, rod, staff + rudess (fr) - rough.

robur - a very hard-wooded variety of oak + robur (l) - strength, anything strong.

shew - show

frizette - a band of small curls, usu. artificial, worn on the forehead + grisette (fr) - young workingclass woman.

razzle dazzle - to dazzle, daze, 'bamboozle' (to deceive by trickery, to mystify, confound)

graith - clear, plain + graithe (Irish) - business, duty + great.

unconcernment - unconcern + coutrement = accoutrement - apparel, outfit, equipment + uncouth.

postmortem + post modern + mantua - a loose gown, worn by women in 17 - 18th c + post- (l) - after + Mantua (l) - birthplace of Vergil + Lewis Carroll: Through the Looking-Glass ch. VI: 'Humpty Dumpty': 'it's like a portmanteau - there are two meanings packed up into one word'.

glassery - glazier's work and materials + glossaries

Latins + lapin (fr) - rabbit.

grig - a small person or creature, dwarf + Greeks

not on your life - not on any account, by no means + nutting - gathering of nuts + Nut - Egyptian sky-goddess, laid cosmic egg.

dobar dan (Serbian) - good afternoon + grobar (Serbian) - grave-digger + Graber (ger.) - graves + Grabar - Old Armenian, the classical Armenian language (used from the 5th to the 19th century). 

allemande (fr) - German + ARMENIA - ancient country in West Asia; now a landlocked mountainous country in Eurasia between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea + Armenian etymologists + Adam.

Darius - 6th-century Persian king, defeated at Marathon + darya (Persian) - sea + C. Marius (l) - conqueror of Jugurtha, seven times consul + Dariiamauish (Elamite) - Darius [mentioned in Meillet & Cohen: Les Langues du Monde 290n, as part of an inscription of Artaxerxes II Memnon (the son of Darius II)].

zov (Armenian) - sea + orti (Armenian) - son + mazerov (Armenian) - with hair, by the hair + merav (Armenian) - he is dead + Merovignian.


plate = plat - plain, straightforward, downright = plat and plain

flat - absolute, downright, plain

sine (l) - without + shine, tu, re, ine, ashikne (Ainu - original language of Japan) - one, two, three, four, five + shine ainu (Ainu) - one man + ainu utara (Ainu) - men.

kik (Danish) - peep + e kik an (Ainu) - you are beaten, you are struck.

ainu anakne (Ainu) - the man + Genesis 2:18: "And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him'. 

anakar (gr) - to the head, upward + anax (gr) - lord, master + Anakes (gr) - "The Lords": Castor and Pollux + Anacharsis (gr) - Scythian sage c. 600 B.C. (one of the Seven Sages) + anacair (anekir) (gael) - affliction, distress + anak (Malay) - child, young of beasts (or birds, plants).

tutu - granny, grandpa + tutus (l) - guarded; safe, secure + Ulysses.18.536: 'titties' + two twos making four and three ree rees (*IJ*, *X* and *VYC*).

on the other hand - Used (besides the physical sense 4) to indicate two contrasted sides of a subject, circumstances, considerations, points of view, etc. + rand (Dutch) - edge, rim.

asking + ashke (Ainu) - hand (related to Ainu ashikne: five).


forrarder - dial. comp. of forward + {she feels that one fact is plain, that a man out alone has no right to have a peep at anyone other person, especially if they have titties at the front and the rear is similarly shaped as the front}

exin (l) - from there, thence

kingking (Malay) - lift up a leg (as a dog does) + kangkang (Malay) - (sit or stand) with legs wide apart.

mesdames - pl. of madame + daim (French) - fallow-deer, buck + Mesdames, Mesdemoiselles, Messieurs, s'il vous plaît (fr) - Ladies, Young ladies, Gentlemen, please.

Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais II.108: 'Rabelais dit marmouselle, pour jeune fille' (French 'Rabelais says marmouselle, for young girl').

messrs = messieurs - pl. of mr. + cerf (fr) - deer.

silva (l) - woodland

Schwanz (ger) - tail (penis) + Schwan (ger) - swan + she wants.

ischt (Swiss German Pronunciation ) = ist (German) - is

God's truth - the absolute truth + (penis strut) + Trut (ger) - turkey.

kapak kapak (Albanian) - little by little

Don't mince matters, but speak plainly; It's of no use mincing matters, or making secrets, is it? (from English-Albanian dictionary of Idioms) + minzë (Albanian) - pupil of eye.

foully - in a foul manner, lewdly, wickedly

black and white - writing, print; sharply divided into good and evil groups or sides + plak (Albanian) - old.

smut - a black mark or stain; a smudge. Also fig. + smût (Albanian) - sick.

two (*IJ*)

feeble - a feeble person; weakedness; a weak point + foible - a behavioral attribute that is distinctive and peculiar to an individual; a weakness or failing of character.

harlots + apple charlotte - a dish made of apple marmalade covered with crumbs of toasted bread.

model girl - a woman, who is employed to display clothes by wearing them + moll (ger) - minor (music) + molle (Albanian) - apple + vogel (Albanian) - small + Vogel (German) = vogel (Dutch) - bird.

spisse (l) - thickly, closely; rapidly + specially + piss.

peach - to inform against, betray + péché (fr) - sin + pee.

honey - A term of endearment: Sweet one, sweetheart, darling

camelia - a moderate strong red + camélia (fr) - prostitute.

pants - drawers; underpants, panties, or shorts worn as an outer garment + Honi soit qui mal y pense (Motto of the Garter) - Evil Be (to Him) Who Evil Thinks of This.

truthful - sincere; accurate and sincere in describing reality

A double n (Ann) + Dublin.

treestone - a precious stone having tree-like markings + Tristan (*Y*) + tree/stone (*C*/*V*)

Isolde (*I*) + ysol (Welsh) - consuming, devouring.

mons - pl. of mon (man, abbr. of monsieur); mountain (*E*) + mons Veneris (l) - "Mound of Venus": prominence above the pubic bones in women + (of a man held down by tent pegs).

tent peg - one of the (usually wooden) pegs, with a notch at the upper end, to which when stuck in the ground the ropes of a tent are fastened + Ancient Arabs believed mountains kept the earth steady, as pegs do a tent (mentioned in Koran 78:7)

pal - a close friend + PAL

Waterloo + (while his crazy friend was loose on the run).

on the run - in flight esp. in order to escape the police

Cad (Behan)

badman - outlaw, desperado

Venis = Venice + 14th century rivalry between Genoa and Venice led to defeat of former + Venus.

kathairo (gr) - to cleanse

take charge - to assume care, custody, command or control

waxwork - work executed in wax

pardonnez-moi (fr) - excuse me

ich bin frisch (ger) - I am fresh + frisch (ger) - fresh + frech (ger) - insolent + bin so frei (ger) - permit me.

bey (Turkish) - Mr, sir

jiggery pokery - humbug, nonsense

talk turkey - to talk plainly and honestly exp. about practical matters + talk turkey (U.S. Slang) - talk business.

meet to - in close contact with + mate to mate.

mate (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - meat

nichil - nothing, naught + nihilists + Mick/Nick (motif).

browned - made brown + Bruno

nolens (l) - unwilling + Nola

devilish - excessively, exceedingly

now and again - sometimes

habes aures at num videbis? (l) - you have ears and you will not see?

habes oculos ac manipalpabat? (l) - you have eyes and [he/she] touched by hand + Vulgate Psalms 113:5-7: 'Oculos habent et non videbunt. Aures habent et non audient... Manes habent et non palpabunt' (Latin 'Eyes have they, but they see not. They have ears, but they hear not... They have hands, but they handle not').

slant - glance + to take a slant at (U.S. Slang) - to take a look at [(notebook 1924): 'take a slant at'].

Sullivan, The Book of Kells 4: (of the Book of Kells) 'in the year 1006... "the large Gospel of Colum Cille"... was stolen by night from the greater church at Kells, and found, after a lapse of some months, concealed under sods'.

FDV: Let us now draw nearer to it since it has after all met with misfortune & see all there is to be seen.

tombstone - a stone or monument of any kind placed over the grave of a deceased person to preserve his memory.

anxious - full of desire and endeavour; solicitous; earnestly desirous (to effect some purpose)

pleace = please + E.A. Wright: Select Letters of Saint Jerome: introduction, xiii: 'Cicero wished to please everybody, Jerome wished to please no one'.

everybody + Lord Avebury introduced Bank Holidays and wrote The Pleasures of Life + stone circle near Averbury.

jolly - very + Glælig Jul (Danish) - Merry Christmas.

a year - every year, yearly, per annum + 'Christmas comes but once a year, and when it comes it brings good cheer' (song).

joist - a beam, timber + joy + Joyce + bourgeois (as opposed to worker [.34]) + tree/stone (motif): joist (tree), mason (stone) [.34].

unctuous - oily, greasy; characterized by spiritual unction (in later use esp. of an assumed or superficial nature); complacently agreeable or self-satisfied.

nope - definitely not, no + bobby - policeman + nobody  

terribly sorry + Ulysses.3.385: 'Aquinas tunbelly'.

time to go home again

see eye to eye - to agree + aye - yes.

nose to nose - closely face to face, directly opposite + noes - pl. of no.

Nemci (Serbian) - Germans + Nemc (Albanian) - Austrian, Hungarian, German.

Bucharest - capital of Romania + búkur (Albanian) - beautiful + rahat (Albanian) - quiet.

mal (Albanian) - mountain + milicija (Serbian) - police + Malaysia.

Belgrade - Serbian BEOGRAD ("White Fortress"), capital of Serbia + FDV: One cannot help noticing that some about half of the lines run from E to W, others from N to S.

tot - a note, jotting or comment written down

Schuppe (ger) - [fish]scale + nisteln (ger) - nestle + shqupni (Albanian) - Albania (Pronunciation 'schtschupni').

incunabula - books produced in the infancy of the art of printing; spec. those printed before 1500; the earliest stages or first traces in the development of anything + incunabula (l) - cradle.

cardinal points - the four points of the horizon (or the heavens) which lie in the direction of the earth's two poles (cardines), and of sunrise and sunset respectively, the north, south, east, and west points.

for all that - notwithstanding (that), although

ruled - according to rule, regular; marked with parallel stright lines + (cradle).

traced - outlined, drawn, written

doubtful points (Joyce's note) Crépieux-Jamin: Les Éléments de l'Écriture des Canailles 194: 'the hesitant and slow writing of an idiot of little education... Since he does not know how to spell, he stops at almost every word, resting the pen, in the meantime, on the paper, whereby the points where there should be none'.

pretty - ingeniously or cleverly made or done

checker - a chess-board; a chequered pattern; marking like that of a chess-board.

lampblack - a pigment consisting of almost pure carbon in a state of fine division + Sullivan, The Book of Kells 60: 'The black is lamp black, or possibly fish-bone black'.

blackthorn - a walking-stick or cudgel made of the stem of blackthorn tree + FDV: These ruled lines along which the traced words can run, march, walk, stumble in comparative safety seem to have been first of all drawn in a pretty checker with by using lampblack & a blackthorn.  

crossing - a drawing of lines across, intersection, making of the sign of the cross; opposing, blocking of thwarting.

homeborn - home produced

shillelagh - an Irish cudgel of blackthorn or oak

calligraphy - beautiful or fair writing as a product; handwriting generally

savagery - the condition of being wild or uncivilized

barbarism - absence of culture; uncivilized ignorance and rudeness + Sir George Birdwood: Sva (1910), xxi: 'there must be wars, and in the earlier stages of the evolution of humanity from savagery to barbarism... there was war in heaven; Michael and his angels, against the Dragon and his angels'.

cannier - comp. of canny (clever, knowing, wise)

domestic economy - the administration of the concerns and resources of any community with a view to orderly conduct and productiveness + domesticus (l) = oikonomikos (gr) - pertaining to the house + FDV: Such crossing is antechristian though the explanation may be geographical geodetic quite as easily as domestic economic.

thitherways - in that direction + Anne Hathaway - wife of William Shakespeare.

end to end - with the ends in contact, lengthwise (in the direction of the length, longitudinal) + "ox-turning": writing alternate lines in opposite directions, description and imitation of boustrephodon.

litter - odds and ends, fragments and leavings lying about, rubbish + Budge: The Book of the Dead lxxiv: (of Osiris) '"the god who is the lord of the ladder"' + letters + "and
with larrons o'toolers clittering up and tombles a'buckets clottering down."

slitter - to slide, glide + Slattery's Mounted Foot - Percy French's song about comic Irish peasant warriors, extravagant in heroic wish, cowardly in act (in the song they come down from the mountains, go up again). 


Japhet + opet (Serbian) - again.

tham - them; that; the + Ham.

Hum. Lit. = Humaniores Literae (l) - Humane Letters, the Humanities + Hamlet.

sand - sand used to dry wet ink marks

pounce powder - a fine powder, used to prevent the ink from spreading in writing over an erasure or on unsized paper, and also to prepare the surface of parchment to receive writing; a fine powder, dusted over a perforated pattern sheet to transfer the design to the object beneath.

papier buvard (French ) - blotting paper (related to French buveur: drinker) + (notebook 1924): 'drinking paper' + Crépieux-Jamin: Les Éléments de l'Écriture des Canailles 221: 'le lecteur peut aisément se procurer un spécimen d'écriture floue en écrivant lui-même sur un papier très légèrement humide, ou buvard' (French 'The reader can easily obtain a sample of indistinct writing by writing on very slightly damp paper, or on blotting paper').

vet - a veterinary surgeon; a doctor of medicine (slang.); veteran + vet (Albanian) - person.

hang in - to persist in spite of adversity (as of a boxer app. facing defeat); to hold out or endure; also, to wait around + Anhanger (ger) - trailer (a rail or road car designed to be drawn along by a motor vehicle); adherent + hângër (Albanian) - to eat.

sot - one who commonly or habitually drinks to excess, a soaker + Aussatz (ger) - leprosy, itch + sot (Albanian) - today.

social - a social gathering or party esp. one held by members of a club or association



ftoftë (Albanian) - cold

odë (Albanian) - room

cheery - in excellent spirits, lively + qiri (Albanian) - candle + chair + sherry.

splutter - to scatter ink in writing + splintered - broken into splinters; shattered.

carraig (korig) (gael) - rock + karrigë (Albanian) - chair, seat.

dorcha (durukhe) (gael) - dark + darkë (Albanian) - supper, dinner.

drisheen - a kind of sausage made from sheep's blood, milk, and seasoning + duisin (dishin) (gael) - dozen + dish + -een (Anglo-Irish) - (diminutive).

ve, voe (Albanian) - egg

God's quantity - a large amount, an abundance + gotë (Albanian) - drinking glass, tumbler.

raki (Albanian) - brandy

portogal (Albanian) - an orange

buk = book + bukë (Albanian) - bread.

sofa - a long, stuffed seat with a back and ends or end, used for reclining + sofër (Albanian) - table, dining table + sefer (Hebrew) - book.

softball - a soft globule of sugar formed (e.g. by dropping into water) as a means of testing that the mass of sugar being boiled has reached a certain stage; a game closely resembling baseball that is played on a smaller diamond and with a ball that is larger and softer.

motër, motra (Albanian) - sister + mother + {like in the detective stories mother used to tell us as children}

babies + bir (Albanian) - child; son + bije (Albanian) - children; daughter.

nippy (Slang) - a Lyons' tea-shop girl + nip (Albanian) - nephew.

Messer (ger) - knife + mbesë (Albanian) - niece.

acquire - to receive

accretion - the adhesion of external matter or things to anything so as to increase it

whilst - while + FDV: Then, in addition to the original sand, pounce powder or soft rag, it has acquired accretions of terricious matter while loitering in the past.

terra (l) - earth + Tiresias - in the Odyssey, a blind Theban soothsayer who, like Bloom, was both a man and a woman (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake).

teatime - the customary time for tea, late afternoon or early evening

terminal - a final syllable, letter, or word; a termination

tag - label, epithet; a final curl, twirl or fluorish added to a letter, the tail end + Tag (ger) - day + it is considered unlucky for an actor to say the tag (last speech of a play) at rehearsal.

mummer - one who mutters or murmurs

cosy - sheltering, keeping warm, in which one is warm and comfortable; warmly intimate or friendly; sentimental.

brown study - gloomy meditation

to oneself - to or at one's own disposal, free from the approaches or action of others

thumb print - the impression or mark of the inner surface of the top joint of the thumb, made with ink or otherwise upon a receptive surface.

trade mark

trait - a stroke made with pen or pencil; a short line

artless - constructed without art or skill, rude, clumsy; unartificial, natural, simple + Portrait of the Artist.

establish - to introduce and secure the identity or position of (a character, set, etc.).

complexus - an interwoven complicated aggregate of parts, an complicated system

active v agitated (notebook 1924) Crépieux-Jamin: Les Éléments de l'Écriture des Canailles 211: (of a handwriting sample) 'One could not find a better example of the difference between agitation and activity'.

battle of the Boyne - (July 1 [July 11, New Style], 1690), a victory for the forces of King William III of England over the former king James II, fought on the banks of the River Boyne in Ireland. James, a Roman Catholic, had been forced to abdicate in 1688 and, with the help of the French and the Irish, was attempting to win back his throne.

FDV: The teastain is a study in itself and its importance in establishing the identity of the writer complex (for if the hand was one the minds were more than so) will be appreciated by remembering that after in the time before & after the battle of the Boyne it was the custom not to sign letters always.

consonant - an alphabetic or phonetic element other than a vowel

say it with (som.) - to express one's feelings, make one's point by use of (that thing), esp. in the phr. say it with flowers.

missile - largesse (consisting of sweets, perfumes, etc.) thrown by the Roman emperors to the people.

arabesque - to ornament in arabesque (a species of mural or surface decoration in colour or low relief, composed in flowing lines of branches, leaves, and scroll-work fancifully intertwined).

scalding - that scalds, scalding hot

souchong - any of several Chinese black teas

taper - a wax candle

cat’s paw - the paw of a cat; one used by another to accomplish his purposes, dupe; ground ivy.

clove - the dried flower bud used as a pungent aromatic spice + 'clove' is derived from French clou: nail + drinkers used to chew a clove to mask breath + (cloves traditionally said to resemble the nails of the Cross).

coffin nail - cigarette

champ - to make a biting and chewing action or movement with the jaws and teeth

have a lark - to have a frolicsome adventure, a spree + The Lark in the Clear Air (song).

in the clear - unencumbered; free from trouble, danger, suspicion, etc.

into the bargain - over and above what is agreed or might be anticipated, besides

habit - fashion or mode of apparel, dress

full dress - the more elaborate apparel proper to a public ceremony, a dinner or evening party

undress - ordinary dress, a loose robe (gown)

footwear - shoes + FDV: For why sign when every word, letter, penstroke, space, is a perfect signature in its own way. A person is known more by his personality, habits of dress, movements, response to appeals for charity rather than by his or her boots.  

TIBERIAS - Town on Western shore of the Sea of Galilee, on Lake Tiberias (where Jesus divided the loaves and fishes and walked on water; John 6). Founded in 2nd decade of 1st century AD and named after the emperor Tiberius, it became the chief center of rabbinic scholarship, where the Jerusalem Talmud was edited. The Massonite scholars in Tiberias introduced the "points" for vowels in Hebrew script.  

incest - the crime of sexual intercourse or cohabitation between persons related within the degrees within which marriage is prohibited.

salacity - lustfulness, lecherousness

gerontophil - loving old people, esp. old men; desiring sexual relations with old people.

tenderloin - the tenderest or most juicy part of the loin of beef, pork, etc.

hint at - to make a slight but intelligible suggestion of

softnosed  - (of a bullet) made of soft material that expands on impact + hardnosed (U.S. Slang) - tough, practical.

peruse - to read through or over; to read thoroughly or carefully; hence (loosely) to read.

mayhem - needless or willful damage + mayhap - maybe.

erogenous - sexually sensitive or stimulating + erroneously - otherwise than is the fact.

spoon - pl. Without const.: Sentimental or silly fondness; an instance of sentimental love-play + it's a case of spoons with them (phrase) - they are sentimentally in love.

prostituta in herba (l) - exposed on the grass, a prostitute in the grass + prostituta in verba (l) - unchaste in words, foul-spoken + prostituta in erba (it) - budding prostitute (literally 'prostitute in the grass').

dinky - neat, pretty; small + Joyce's note: 'dinky pinks (drink)'.

pink - pink colored clothing; a hole or eyelet punched in a garment for decorative purposes.

deliberatively - in a deliberative manner; with deliberation, deliberately (obs.)

summersault = somersault


perpetual curate - in Ireland, an assistant Roman Catholic clergyman + curate - in Ireland, a barman.

soutane - cassock

one, two, three, and away!

gingerly - extremely cautious or wary

balm - fragrant oil or ointment used for anointing

whereupon - upon what, for what reason, at what, about or concerning what

Grace O'Malley + Where have you been Grace O’Malley and were you chased my child?

are you [chaste?] / By whom? (Joyce's note) (MS 47473-044v-045, MT: have you been chaste, | my child? by whom ^+be who+^, father? | JJA 46:348-9 | Feb-Mar 1925 | I.5§4.*3+ | FW 115.20-1 [Robbert-Jan])

potential - possessing potency or power; potent, powerful; possible as opposed to actual

wider - widow; whither; wither + und so weiter (ger) - and so forth.

grisly - ugly; grizzly (grey, greyish) + mir grusige alte Sieche (Swiss German) - we nasty-minded old fellows.

sykos (gr) - a ripe fig + psychos (gr) - cold, coldness + psychoanalysis (Sykos on 'alices).

unsmiling - not smiling

Alice from 'Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland'

Jung, Carl Gustav (1875-1961) - Swiss analytical psychologist who read Ulysses "without one smile" (Letters, III, 261-62). Jung said Ulysses showed Joyce had a schizophrenic mind. Lucia Joyce was Jung's patient briefly, in 1934.

Freude (ger) - joy + Freud.

penumbra - a partial shade or shadow

procure - to obtain (women) for the gratification of lust

oracular - of mysterious portent; ominous, portentous + ocular - rel. to the eye.

compression - the action of compressing, pressing together, squeezing + auricular confession + impression

in camera - in the judge’s chamber; in private, secretly, privately

virgate - to branch in diverging lines, bearing many small twigs

undemonstrative - restrained or reserved in expression of feeling

hold up - to maintain one's position or state; raise, lift

contumacy - stubborn resistance to authority + to hold the contumacy - to perform quarantine.

settle (a person's) hash - to reduce to order; to silence, subdue; to make an end of + hash - chopped food.

all abroad - confused and unable to understand

adverb - a word that modifies or qualifies an adjective, verb, or other adverb.

pudenda - the external genital organs of a human being and esp. of a woman + -scope - a means for viewing (microscope) + skopos (gr) - wathcer; object of sight + {innocent looks of the sort she gets from Father Michael are really akin to a ‘pudendascope’ [i.e. he imagines her naked]}.

neurastenia - functional nervous wakness

nympholept - one who is inspired by a violent enthusiasm, especially by a passion for an unattainable ideal; adj. Inspired by such enthusiasm + nympholeptos (gr) - caught by nymphs: raptured, frenzied.

typus (l) - figure, image

endocrine - hormonal, secreting internally

pineal - rel. to the pineal gland (which secretes melatonin in various mammals and is concerned with photo-periodicity and circadian rhythms; disease leads to hypersexuality).

inverted - turned upside down, reversed in position or order

parentage - derivation or descent from parents, esp. in reference to the particular parent or parents; 'birth', lineage.

prepossessing - causing an agreeable first impression, pleasing; creating prejudice

priapic - preoccupied with phallus, suggesting a phallus + Priapus - son of Dionysus and Aphrodite, god of fruitfulness, represented as a phallus. 

congress - sexual union, copulation, coition

agnate - a relative whose kinship is traceable exclusivelly through males, any paternal kinsman.

cognate - a person related to another on the mother’s side

lubricious - slippery, smooth, slimy, oily; lascivious; voluble, glib (obs. rare.)

meiosis - a figure of speech by which the impression is intentionally conveyed that a thing is less in size, importance, etc., than it really is; Biol. The division of a diploid cell nucleus.

feeler - one who feels + fellow

fancy - to portray in the mind, to picture to oneself, to conceive, imagine + {And finally, she is a chronic nymphomaniac with a trauma in her past, with an urge towards the male erection and sexual union with her kin and feels quite slippery when she says she likes a particular man’s face}

mm - utterance of assent, reflection or satisfaction

in effect - in fact, so far as the result is concerned

singsing - a singing or ringing sound + Song of Solomon + zinzin (motif).

Pound, Ezra (1885-1972) - American poet, liked cats + arse + {as sweet as the song Solomon or as brusque as Ezra Pound} + Asar, Asari, Aser, Ausar, Ausir, Wesir, Usir, Usire or Ausare - Egyptian name, variously transliterated, of Egyptian god who, in Greek language, was called Osiris.

Kate (*K*) + Cad = The Dorans (Joyce's list of characters in I.2.)

mêtêr (gr) - mother + who's she---the cat's mother? - catch-phr. said to one (esp. a child) who uses the pronoun of the third person singular impolitely or with inadequate reference + HCE (cad's meeter).

Cad's Wife = Maggy (Joyce's list of characters in I.2.) + "Our cad's bit of strife (knee Bareniece Maxwelton)".

better half (Slang) - spouse → so, "half better" should be "the director, whom she had been meaning in her mind primarily to speak with... priest Mr Browne" + Sodality Priest = Shem *C* (Joyce's list of characters in I.2.).

Teacher = Lily Kinsella (Joyce's list of characters in I.2.) + "hushly pierce the rubiend aurellum of one Philly Thurnston, a layteacher of rural science and orthophonethics..."

"...during a priestly flutter for safe and sane bets at the hippic runfields of breezy Baldoyle" 

shooting up - sprouting, sudden or rapid growth + show up - to put in an appearance.

Bolshevism - the doctrines and practices of the Bolsheviks + How Buckley shot the Russian General (motif).

Schott - according to Mr Ellmann, Joyce's "no 1 pupil" in Trieste. "What's he like?" "A horseface," Joyce said. In FW, Schott becomes Joyce, lectured to by Professor Jones or Wyndham Lewis + Schotten (ger) - Scots + Baum (ger) - tree.

Red Terror - the persecution of opponents by the Bolsheviks after the Russian revolution

White Terror - applied to the counter-revolution that followed the Red Terror

fund - source of supply; a permanent stock that can be drawn upon; a stock or sum of money

in fine - to conclude or sum up; finally, in short

Spartacus - leader of Roman slave revolt, a hero in Communist hagiography; name used by German revolutionaries, 1918.

intercellular - situated between or among cells + {the letter is an ancient message from a cell of slave rebels}

cornered - driven into a corner; forced into an awkward or desperate position + Thou Art Not Conquered Yet, Dear Land (song).

dead hand - the influence of the dead on the living or of the past on the present; an oppressive and retarding influence.

froggy - rel. to or resembling frogs; French + foggy

dew + 'The Foggy Dew' - song about Easter Rising.

The Dying Soldier (song): 'Sweeter far for thee to die'

We Shall Rise Again (song): 'In Dublin's fair city'

'Twas on a Glorious Easter Day (song): ''Ere one more year is o'er'

turn coat - to change sides + tourn = turn.

We Shall Rise Again (song): 'From Swords to the sea'

merge - to plunge or dip in a liquid; to sink and disappear, to be swallowed up and lost to view, lose character or identity by absorption into something else.

My Old Howth Gun (song)

Bishop O'Dwyer and Maxwell (song): 'Then answer made the brave O'Dwyer'

est modest in verbos (l) - there is limit in words

whoso - whoever

fornix - something resembling an arch + fornix (l) - arch, vaulted chamber + Phoenix Park.

Magazine + makeus (Finnish) - sweetness + make us sin + By the Magazine Wall, zinzin, zinzin (motif).

curate - In Ireland, a spirit-grocer's assistant, a barman + Times Literary Supplement 18 Jun 1914: review of Joyce's Dubliners: 'The reader's difficulty will be enhanced if he is ignorant of Dublin customs; if he does not know, for instance, that 'a curate' is a man who brings strong waters' (Deming: The Critical Heritage 60).

strong water - distilled liquor, any form of alcoholic spirits used as a beverage

dinna - do not + The Letter: don't forget + "What means the saloon slogan Summon In The Housesweep Dinah?"

there's many a slip between the cup and the lip - it is easy to spill what you are drinking, it is easy to make mistakes.

The Letter: all at home's health

ausland (ger) - foreign countries

The Letter: the last of the first

wedding cakes + Kate - a pet form of Katherine + Kate (Slang) - prostitute + The Letter: lovely present/parcel of cakes.

The Letter: unto life's end

milkman + mike - Irishman + The Letter: the heat turned the milk.

sweetheart - darling + tart - girl or woman (endearingly); a prostitute

punch - to deliver a sharp blow or forward thrust at; esp. to strike with the closed fist + {enough to make Mike punch the hell out of his twin Nick}

hell-hated - hated or abhorred as hell + hate (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - heat.

nicky - dim. of Nicholas + Mick/Nick (motif).

boost - a push upward, a lift, help, encouragement; boast

lingo - A contemptuous designation for: Foreign speech or language; language which is strange or unintelligible to the person who so designates it.

gasp - to catch the breath with open mouth

churchwarden - a lay honorary officer of a parish or district church

metaphysician - one who is versed in metaphysics

in a row - one after another

advokette = advocate + advokaat (Dutch) - barrister.

voyou (fr) - guttersnipe

semi-voyelles (fr) - semivowels

langue (fr) - language; tongue


dentelle (fr) - lace + dentals.


Furz (ger) - break wind, fart

pythagorean - rel. to Pythagoras

sesquipedalian - a sesquipedalian (of many syllables) word + sesquipedalia - a very long word (a foot and a half long). 

pan- - all, complete + episteme (gr) - knowledge + panepistemon (gr) - all-knowing + panepistemion (gr) - body of all knowldege.

apically - at or towards the apex + apices (l) = pl. of apex - long mark over a vowel; point of a single letter; shape of a letter.

Volapuk - an artifical international language based largely on English

gromwell - the common name for any of the plants of the genus Lithospermum + grom (Russian, Serbian) - thunder + growled + Cromwell.

ichabod - exp. of regret for departed glory + Ichabod ("inglorious") - so named (1 Samuel, 4) because "The glory has departed from Israel." 

Habakkuk - Old Testament book

hapax legomenon (gr) - [a thing] once said, said only once; unique example of a word (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

stile - an arrangement of steps, rungs, or the like, contrived to allow passage over or through a fence to one person at a time,while forming a barrier to the passage of sheep or cattle; barrier.

slated - covered with slate or slates (a thin, usually rectangular, piece of certain varieties of stone, used especially for the purpose of covering the roofs of buildings).

dwelling house - a house occupied as a place of residence, as distinguished from a house of business, warehouse, office, etc.

sacking - material for sacks, a coarse fabric

coarse - ordinary, common, base (in the depreciatory sense of these epithets) + horsecart + (furtive couples).

hath = have + (love was, is, and will be).

wear and tear - wearing or damage due to ordinary usage, deterioration in the condition of a thing through constant use or service + tare and ages! (Anglo-Irish phrase) - (mild expletive).

shawl - to cover with a shawl, put a shawl on (a person)

like a thief in the night (phrase)

lief - beloved, dear, agreeable, precious + Carl Böhm: 'Still wie die Nacht, tief wie das Meer, soll deine Liebe sein!' (song): 'Still as the night, deep as the sea, should thy love be!' (part of John McCormack's repertoire).

Iseult of Ireland (also Iseult the Fair, La Bella Iseult) + Chaire, ô chaire Eleutheria (Modern Greek) - Hail, O hail, Freedom! (last line of Greek national anthem).

hearer - one who hears, listener; a judge; a disciple

brave - a brave man, warrior; excellent, bravo! (int.) + None but the brave deserves the fair (Dryden: 'Alexander's Feast') + Here is Isolde the fair, and Tristan brave. 

4-stage Viconian cycle: thunder, auspices, burial, ricorso + {The cycle of love begins with their lightning glances, to the cries of their love-making, to the solemnity of their graves, where the waters flow on for evermore}

Feuer (German) - fire + agus (Irish) - and + aria (Italian) - air.

jorden (Danish) - the earth + (a mixture of 4 elements: fire, air, earth, water).

godson - a boy whom one has sponsored at baptism + Genesis 6:2: 'the sons of God saw the daughters of men'.

manday - the labor of one man in one normal working day

clap - noisy talk, chatter; the loud explosive noise of thunder + (thunder like a smack on the backside) + chap.

fore - before, former + fair + 4-stage Viconian cycle (thunder, marriage, death, ricorso).

lot - that which is given to a person by fate or divine providence esp. one's destiny

grün (ger) - green

whiskers - the hair that grows on an adult man's face; formerly commonly applied to that on  the upper lip, now called moustache, and sometimes to (or including) that on the chin (beard); now usu. restricted to that on the cheeks or sides of the face + 'There was an old man called Michael Finnegan, He grew whiskers on his chin again The wind came up and blew them in again Poor old Michael Finnegan. Begin again...' (song).

yunesse - youth + Henri Estienne: Les Prémices, épigramme cxci: 'Si jeunesse savoit; si vieillesse pouvoit': 'If youth but knew; if age but could' + June (summer).

Jule (winter)

stolo (l) - branch, twig + stola (gr) - long upper garment worn by women + stolion (gr) - small garment + Tell Me the Old, Old Story (song).

qui (fr) - who + quiqui (fr. dialect) - chicken + (stuttering).

quinet - a wedge + "A beautiful sentence from Edgar Quinet" (Letters, I, 295) + Quinet, Edgar (1803-75) - French historian, translator of Vico, associate of Michelet.

Michelet, Jules (1798-1874) - French historian, friend and collaborator of Quinet, translator of some of Vico. 

Giambattista (Vico)+ jambe (fr) - leg.

Bruno, Giordano (he was burned at the stake) + brûler (fr) - to burn.

in order that + ut (l) - in order that.

so as to

Universal - an artificial language


idiom - a form of expression, grammatical construction, phrase, etc., peculiar to a language + Idiom Neutral - an artificial language.

sordo (l) - quiet, dumb + sordo (sp) = surdus (l) - deaf + mutus (l) - dumb + (deaf-and-dumb language).

florilingua (l) - flower language

Sheltafocal (Shelta) - word of Shelta + Shelta - a secret jargon of the tinkers still spoken in G.B. and Ireland (deformed Gaelic).

flay - a fright; to frighten, scare, terrify

concubine - a woman who cohabits with a man without being his wife; a kept mistress + con (French slang) - vulva + cuba (Spanish slang) - vulva

prostitute + tutu - a ballet skirt + the pros and cons.

street arab - a homeless vagrant (usually a child) living in the streets + Strasse (ger) - street.

Persse O'Reilly


nozze (it) - wedding + naughty + No, No, Nanette (musical comedy of 1920s).

trip - to tread or step lightly or nimbly; to fall in to an error, to make a mistake or false step.

palmy - bearing or worthy to 'bear the palm', triumphant, flourishing + palmy days (Shaksperian phrase).

spurt - sudden burst (of activity), spout + spitfire - that spits fire, a slight eruption or explosion.

kindle - to begin to burn, catch fire, burst into flame

oft - often

souffle (French) - draught + tauf [.11]

peat - vegetable matter decomposed by water and partially carbonized by chemical change, often forming bogs of large extent, whence it is dug or cut out, and 'made' into peats (convenient for use as fuel) + petti(coat)s.

the tea is wet (Anglo-Irish phrase) - the tea is ready (also euphemism for sexual intercourse) + thee (Dutch) - tea + (the 'teapot' is kept wet for him).

sitos (gr) - grain, bread, food

talk + Tolka river, Dublin

tib - girl, lass, prostitute + till Tibbs his eve (Anglo-Irish phrase) - forever (from Anglo-Irish: Tibb's Eve: never) + {they have then talked together forever}

revelous - given to or marked by revelling (riotous or disorderly merry-making or festivity).

aye - always, continually; yes, certainly

Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais I.425: 'mourut de la mort Roland... C'est-à-dire de soif' (French 'died the death of Roland... namely of thirst').

kick the bucket - to die + buck - to oppose, fight against.


millium (l) - (backformed pseudo-sing of millia) a thousand; a Roman mile

millenion (l) - (backformed fake-G sing of millenia) a thousand years

not give two hoots - not give a damn, not to care at all + *IJ* and *VYC*

three cheers - three successive cheers in unison freq. for someone or something + jeer - sneer + (notebook 1924): '3 cheers for the green, white & gold (3 blotches)' (last two words not crayoned).

brew - the action, process, or result, of brewing; the beverage, etc. brewed + Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue (song).

rob Peter to pay Paul - to take away from one person, cause, etc. in order to pay, or confer something on, another; to discharge one debt by incurring another + Peter Stuyvesant (1592-1672) - Dutch governor of New Amsterdam + Pieter (Dutch) - Peter.

NEW YORK CITY - First colonized by the Dutch West India Co in 1624; in 1626 Peter Minuit bought Manhattan Island from the Indians. The tiny settlement was called Fort Amsterdam, later New Amsterdam + Amstel river (in Amsterdam, which is named after the river).

poule - a promiscuous girl or young woman; prostitute + Sankt Pauli - brothel district of Hamburg.

Rome spelt his end

dine off - to take dinner

sooth - truth, verity + died off South America.

frier - a chicken suitable for frying; obs. form of friar + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais I.313: 'donner le moine, complétant les verbes antérieurs tromper et décevoir, y a le sens d'attraper' (French 'to give the friar, alongside the earlier verbs to cheat and to deceive, has the meaning of to entrap').

kettle (Slang) - vulva + Catholic.

old world - rel. to the Old World or continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa, as opposed to the New World or America; rel. to the old world or ancient order of things; belonging to, or characteristic of, early or bygone times.

epistola (l) - letter

weathering - the action of the atmospheric agencies or elements on substances exposed to its influence; the discoloration, disintegration, etc. resulting from this action; stormy weather, a storm +  4-stage Viconian cycle: thunder, marriage, burial, providence.

comble - culuminating point, acme; to load, overload + F. comble in same sense = L. cumulus - heap, pile, heap above the full measure, crown + combler (fr) - heap up, fill up.

versch (Dutch) - fresh

all hours - unusual hours

cupan te (kupan te) (gael) - cup of tea + tay (Anglo-Irish Pronunciation) - tea.

hotting - pres. part. of hot (to warm, heat)

me - my

souser - a thorough drenching or soaking + saucer - a dish or deep plate.

caldo (it) - hot

Dutchy - Dutchman, German; characteristically Dutch + Dutch oven - a large pot heated by surrounding it with fuel, and placing hot coals on the lid; also slang, a person's mouth.

hovel - an open shed; a rude or miserable dwelling-place; a wretched cabin

tole = told

tail = tale + a tale of a tub - an apocryphal tale; a 'cock and bull' story (obs.)

toon = town; tune + toon (Dutch) - toe.

kapnomancy - prophesy by looking into smoke

infusionism - the doctrine that the soul is preexistent to the body and is infused into it at conception or birth + (tea-leaves are used for divination; tea is an infusion) + { it may be akin to divination using tea leaves and smoke}

right as trivet - quite all right esp. when compared with what might be expected or an earlier condition + trivet - a three-footed stand or support = tripod.

wee - extremely small, tiny    

charter - a legal document written (usually) upon a single sheet of paper, parchment, or other material, by which grants, contracts, and other transactions are confirmed and ratified.

lot - a number of persons or things of the same kind, or associated in some way + FDV: While we may [have our irremovable] doubt doubts as to the whole sense of the text, the meaning of any phrase in it, the meaning of every word deciphered and interpreted we can must not have any doubts as to its authorship and authoritativeness.

decipher - to make out the meaning of (anything obscure or difficult to understand or trace).

unfettered - unrestrained, unrestricted

Irish Independent (newspaper)

vaunt - to put forward boastfully

dubiosity - doubtfulness, uncertainty, ambiguity

authorship - the origin of a literary production

holus bolus - all at once, altogether + Joyce's note: 'holusbolus'.

authoritativeness - definite quality

brindisi (it) - a toast + cease - ceasing, stoppage + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais II.15: 'Brinde, verre à porter des toasts, aujourd'hui toast... et le mot remonte, comme son correspondant italien brindisi, à l'allemand dialectal ich bring dir's, je te porte (le verre) à ta santé' (French 'Brinde, a glass for toasting, nowadays a toast... and the word derives, like the corresponding Italian brindisi, from the German dialect ich bring dir's, I bring you (the glass) to your health').

beaker - a large drinking vessel with a wide mouth, an open cup or goblet + bickerings on that point + (sound of glasses clinking against each other in a toast).

bottler - a worker that puts up goods in bottles + Butler family, Earls of Ormonde.

on the face of it - on a merely superficial view, prima facie; obviously, plainly

volt - to turn or roll over; (a horse is said to) volt when raries or stands upright + voltiger (fr) - perform on horseback.

desultory - skipping about, jumping or flitting from one thing to another; irregularly shifting, devious; wavering, unsteady + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais I.81: 'Les chevaux desultoires de Gargantua (souvenir de Pline) sur lesquels il avait "apprins à saulter hastivement d'un cheval sur l'autre sans prendre terre" voisinent avec son habileté à voltiger' (French 'the desultory horses of Gargantua (a reminder of Pliny) on which he had "learned to jump hastily from one horse to the other without touching ground" relate to his competency at equestrian vaulting').

hold one's horses - used esp. in imper. (hold your horses!) = be patient, hold on! + to change (swap) horses in midstream (while crossing a stream) - to change one's ideas, plans, etc., in the middle of a project, progress, etc.

roughshod - Of horses: Having shoes with the nail-heads projecting; chiefly fig. in phr. to ride roughshod over, to domineer or tyrannize over, to treat without any consideration.

baffle - confusion + Buffalo Bill or William Cody (1846-1917) - Indian fighter, wild-west showman + FDV: Though apparently & to a rough mind this document is a thing once for all done & there you are somewhere and finished in a certain time be it a day or a year or even supposing it should turn out to be a long stretch of goodness only knows how many days or years.

{the letter was finished in a certain timeframe, although no-one knows in how many days or years it took}

telephone directory - a book containing an alphabetical list of the names, addresses, and numbers of telephone subscribers.

coccolanius (l) - scarlet butcher + coccolana (l) - scarlet wool ("though your sins be as scarlet... they shall be as wool" Isaiah 1:18) + cocco (it) - the apple of one's eye + coccolare (it) - to cuddle + lanius (it) - butcher.

Gallotaurus (l) - Gaul-bull + gallotaurus (l) - cock-bull + gallus (l) - cock + taurus (l) - bull + (Cock and Bull story).

there you are - used to emphasize the finality or unchangeable nature of a fact, situation... =  there it is + FDV: But anyhow somebody [somewhere sometime] wrote it, wrote it down all, wrote it all down and there it is, full stop.

potable - fit or suitable for drinking, drinkable + possibly.

wer tiefer trinkt (ger) - he who drinks more

at the back of one's mind - in the underlying or remote part of one's mind + Bacchus + bakbook (Hebrew) - flask, bottle + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais II.30: 'temple de la Dive Bouteille, dont la dame d'honneur est Bacbuc (nom hébreu de la bouteille)' (French 'temple of the Divine Bottle, where the maid of honour is Bacbuc (the Hebrew word for bottle)') + REFERENCE 

downright - direct, straightforward, not circuitous; plain, definite

there it is - expressing resignation to an unpleasant fact + FDV: Ah yes but one who deeply thinks will always bear in his mind that this downright there you are & there it is is only all in his eye.

in one's (mind's) eye - in one's mental view, in contemplation + all my eye! - nonsense!

soferim - teacher (Jew.) + soferim (Hebrew) - writers, scribes + sovereign + suffering.

Babel - the city and tower, of which the attempted construction is described in Genesis xi, where the confusion of languages is said to have taken place + lebhabh (Hebrew) - heart + Bible.

dormerwindow - a projecting vertical window in the sloping roof of a house

gossip - a person, mostly a woman, of light and trifling character, esp. one who delights in idle talk; a newsmonger, a tattler.

cry from the housetops - to make public, to proclaim so that everyone knows

writing on the wall - an event, decision, etc. that is a sign or warning of future ruin (Belshazzar's feast, Daniel 5)

hue - to depict, describe vividly

mod = mood + Mod (Old English) - mind, spirit + mob.

mote - to argue, discuss + møte (Norwegian) - meet.

'noun' denotes a person, place or thing

allê (gr) - other, another + All (ger) - universe, space + FDV: All Every single person place & thing was moving, changing [every part of the time]:

hobbly - rough, uneven + gobble - to swallow hurriedly in large mouthfuls, esp. in a noisy fashion. 

Turkery - the Turkish religion or practice; Islam (obs.) + goddamned turkey + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais II.10: 'La turquerie - une turquerie conventionnelle et fantaisiste - continue à défrayer les comédies de Rotrou et de Molière' (French 'The turquerie - a conventional and a fantastical turquerie - continues to play an entertaining part in the comedies of Rotrou and Moliere') + turquerie - a fashion for imitating aspects of Turkish art and culture in Western Europe in the 16th to 18th centuries.

inkhorn - a small portable vessel (originally made of a horn) for holding writing-ink

pot - ink pot + FDV: the travelling inkpot, the hare & turtle, pen & paper, the continually more & less intermisunderstanding minds of the anticollaborators,

collaborator - one who works in conjunction with another or others; esp. in literary, artistic, or scientific work.

inflected - Gram. Of a word: Varied in the terminations to express varied grammatical relations

changeably - with constant change or variety

vocable - capable of utterance

script - a kind of writing, a system of alphabetical or other written characters + FDV: the variously inflected, differently pronounced, otherwise spelled, changeably meaning words themselves vocable scriptsigns.  

holp - help + so help me God - the customary formula in a solemn oath.

Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais I.236: 'Roy Petault... L'Hostel du Roy Petaud où chascun est maistre... Ce roi Pétaud est, à notre avis, tout simplement le Roitelet... dans le patois: Roi pétaud, c'est-à-dire péteur' (French 'King Petault... The Hotel of King Petaud where everyone is master... This king Petaud is, in our opinion, simply the Wren... in dialect: King petaud, namely farter').

jacinthinous - of the colour of jacinth, dark purple + hyakinthos (gr) - blue flower from blood of youth, Hyakinthos; the color blue + hyacinth.

bar - an obstruction, obstacle, barrier; a narrow marking, as a stripe or band

ball - a globe or globular body

wriggle - a sinuous or tortuous formation, marking, etc.; a wriggling or meandering course.

juxtaposed - placed side by side, adjacent + Joyce's note: 'juxtaposed linked by speed spurts of' Crépieux-Jamin: Les Éléments de l'Écriture des Canailles 212: 'Slow writing yields 124 letters a minute, despite the inhibition accompanying the juxtaposed layout... As soon as the movement accelerates, at 152 lettres, the ligatures appear'.

jotting - something jotted down, a brief hasty note or sketch

by spurt - in or with brief unsustained or spasmodic efforts; fitfully, spasmodically

thankful - grateful


dung fly - two winged fly that breed in dung + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais I.394: 'vers le soir... alba di tafani, l'aube des mousches, le soir... "some three or four hours after sunne-rise". C'est l'heure où le soleil est dans toute sa force et où les taons piquent avec le plus d'âpreté' (French 'towards evening... alba di tafani, the dawn of flies, the evening... "some three or four hours after sunrise". It is the hour when the sun is at its most powerful and when the gadflies bite with the most harshness') + {hour of the opening of the dung heap [and the birth of consciousness]}

dried - deprived of moisture + Joyce's note: 'written on in ink' ('in ink' not clear)

scrap of paper - Applied contemptuously to a document containing a treaty or pledge which one does not intend to honour + FDV: We ought to be deeply thankful that we have even a [written on with now dried ink] piece of paper after it all & cling to it as with drowning hands.  

take it or leave it - expression of indifference or a refusal to bargain, compromise, etc.

leaf - to turn over the pages

luft = left

let the cat out of the bag - to make known something that was secret esp. to make it known accidentally and at a wrong time + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais I.314n: '"Les pêcheurs diéppois ne parlent jamais dans leurs bateaux ni de prêtres ni de chats"' (French 'The fishermen of Dieppe never speak in their boats of either priests or cats').

coigning - coigns collectively + coign (Archaic) - corner-stone + corners.

by all means - in every way possible

terracotta - a hard unglazed pottery of a fine quality; a brownish red of various shades + terra (l) - earth, ground + concussa (l) - shaken + terra concussa (l) - shaken earth + Kuss (ger) - kiss + terra firma (l) - solid earth + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais I.296: (16th century military rite of kissing the ground and throwing earth over the left shoulder before charging the enemy) 'l'acte de baiser la terre... une marque d'obéissance passive envers un supérieur... l'expression de l'humiliation chrétienne' (French 'the act of kissing the earth... a sign of passive obedience to a superior... the expression of Christian humbleness').

worse luck - unfortunately

flung - p. of fling

home plate - Baseball. The plate at the apex of the diamond at which the batter stands, and which must be touched by the base runner before a run is scored + omoplate - shoulder blade + homoplatys (gr) - equally flat all over + Plato (b. 427 B.C.) - Greek philosopher.

all the while - during the whole time

philophoseia (gr) - love of light + phôs (gr) - light + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais I.304: 'la forme filofol, équivoque analogue à la fine folie, pour philosophie' (French 'the form filofol, an equivocal analogue of a fine madness, for philosophy').

forsake - to abandon, leave entirely, withdraw from + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais I.303: 'le terme saige-fol... répondant à celui de morosophe, épithète... que Rabelais donne à "l'unicque non lunaticque Triboullet"' (French 'the term saige-fol... corresponding to morosoph, epithet... that Rabelais gives to "the unique not lunatic Triboullet"') [i.e. French sage-fol: a wise fool, a jester].


please the pigs - please the fates, if circumstances permit, if all's well

Strick (ger) - rope, halter + Joyce's note 'strictly between ourselves this will never do'.  

that will do - that is sufficient + Francis Jeffrey's review of Wordsworth's Excursion in the Edinburgh Review: 'this will never do'.

frow - woman, wife, housewife + fowl.

flair - liking, taste, enthusiasm + flair (French) - sense of smell.

playful + Fell (ger) - skin + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais I.387: 'Cette locution escorcher le renard, pour rendre gorge à la suite d'un excès de boisson... Ecorcher la peau d'une bête aussi mal odorante provoque tout simplement la nausée... To spew, cast, vomit (especially upon excessive drinking)... En anglais... to flay the fox' (French 'This expression to flay the fox, for vomiting after an excess of drink... flaying the skin of such a bad-smelling animal simply provokes nausea... To spew, cast, vomit (especially upon excessive drinking)... In English... to flay the fox').

fetor - a strong offensive smell, stench

calamite - a fossil plant, of which the stems are found in jointed fragments + calamus (l) - reed, cane; reed-pen + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais I.118: 'Calamite, pierre d'aimant... de l'ital. calamita' (French 'Calamite, lodestone... from the Italian calamita').

columis (l) - unhurt, safe + columitas (l) - safety

calamitous - disastrous, distressful; full of distress, affliction, or misery.

scrutinize - to examine methodically and with close attention

indignant - inflamed at once with anger and disdain

whip - the instrument of flagellation + loop - something having the shape of a loop, e.g. a line traced on paper, a part of a written character + lash - a stroke with a thong or whip + FDV: Who that in scrutinising marvels at the indignant whiplashloops,

prudently - with prudence, circumspection, discretion, or practical wisdom; discreetly, wisely

bolted - closed and fastened with a bolt, fettered + FDV: the so prudently bolted and or blocked rounds,

reminiscence - an expression, feature, fact, etc., which recalls something else + FDV: the touching reminiscence of an incomplete trail or dropped final,  

round - approximately correct, exact only to the nearest 10, 100, 1000, ... + (notebook 1924): 'a round 100l' (i.e. £100).

whirligig - to whirl or spin round + whirligigs (Slang) - testicles.

gloriole - an indication of light around the head or body of a cacred personage, aureole + FDV: the gossipy threadreels, the whirligig glorioles which ambiembellish the majuscule of Earwicker,

preface - to stand in front of, to precede, herald

illegible - that cannot be read; esp. of written characters: Undecipherable

airy - light, delicate, graceful in fancy or conception; lively, sprightly, merry

plume (fr) - feather + flight - the path followed by an object moving through space.

TIBERIAS - Town on Western shore of the Sea of Galilee, on Lake Tiberias (where Jesus divided the loaves and fishes and walked on water; John 6). Founded in 2nd decade of 1st century AD and named after the emperor Tiberius, it became the chief center of rabbinic scholarship, where the Jerusalem Talmud was edited. The Massonite scholars in Tiberias introduced the "points" for vowels in Hebrew script.  

ambi - both (ambivalent) + ambi (l) - on both sides + embelish - to beautify with adventitious adornments; to ornament.

majuscule - a large letter + Sullivan: The Book of Kells 16: 'large uncial and minuscule combined, initial letters of a highly ornamental character',

baffling - bewildering, that defeats skill or endeavour

chrismon - a christian monogram and symbol formed of the first two letters "x" and "r" of the greek word for Christ + (notebook 1924): 'trumpet Xri = Chrismon' Sullivan, The Book of Kells 18: 'verse 38 of the 27th chapter of St. Matthew, "Tunc crucifixerant XPI cum eo duos latrones" ("Then were there two thieves crucified with him"). The "XPI," which seems to belong to the sentence, is... probably only the mediæval note-mark composed of the monogram of "Christi," which was arbitrarily used to call attention to remarkable passages. It was known as the Chrismon' (Matthew 27:38).

trilithon - an ancient stone monument consisting of two upright megaliths carrying a third as a lintel [(notebook 1924): 'trilithons'].

= archaic letter representing SS

watchwise made (Joyce's note) → Crépieux-Jamin: Les Éléments de l'Écriture des Canailles 260: (of handwriting) 'l'ovale est tracé à l'envers, dans le sens des aiguilles d'une montre' (French 'the oval is drawn the other way round, clock-wise').

sigla - letters (esp. initials) or other characters used to denote words; abbreviations or marks of abbreviation.

fondly - affectionately, lovingly, tenderly

tautologically - in a tautological (identical) manner

consort - a husband; a partner, companion, mate (obs.)

cathay - one of the tartar race in northern china, broadly: Chinese + Kate + Alfred Lord Tennyson: Locksley Hall: 'Better fifty years of Europe than a cycle of Cathay'.

a week or two - a moderate space of time + tick - a moment, second, instant.

SIANG-CHANG-KIANG - River (kiang) in central China + Hsiang-kang (Chinese) - Hong Kong.

san-shih-erh (Chinese) - thirty-two (in Chinese French Romanisation 'erh' is 'eul')

ninth from the twentieth - eleventh

Blavatsky: Isis Unveiled 32: discusses Hindu cycles of history, all based on 432,000 years + Saint Patrick landed in Ireland in A.D. 432.

inn - a dwelling-place, habitation, abode, lodging; a hostelry or hotel; sometimes, erroneously, a tavern which does not provide lodging + village inn = sigla for HCE (*E*)

'apsidô (gr) - to arch + *A*

multiplication sign - the sign × placed between two quantities to denote their multiplication

marking - a mark or pattern of marks, natural or artificial

crossroads - the place of intersection of two roads; a point at which two or more courses of action diverge; a critical turning-point + crossroads ahead - sigla for X (four masters).

pothook - to curve into the shape of a pothook ("S", a hook in the form of "S" for hanging pots over an open fire) + *C* - symbol for Shem.

gibbet - Sc. A chimney crane for hanging a pot over the fire

fourwheeler - a one horse carriage with four wheels, a vehicle with four wheels

bucker - one that leads filled vegetable or fruit sacks in the field; a horse given to bucking + {a square like a horse’s field [for town or book or container]}

*T* - original siglum for Tristan, superseded by *Y* [created by merging of *C* (Shem, Cain) and *V* (Shaun, Abel)) a.k.a. Shem-Shaun or Magrath or Cad].  

blind alley - an alley closed at one end; a cul-de-sac; also fig., a course of action that fails to effect its purpose or from which there is no resultant benefit + *I* - siglum for Isolde (resembles blind alley roadsign).

plot - an area or piece (of small or moderate size) of ground; a plan or scheme for the constitution or accomplishment of anything.

Mors - Latin goddess of death + Champ de Mars - a large public greenspace in Paris, France, located in the seventh arrondissement, between the Eiffel Tower to the northwest and the École Militaire to the southeast. The park is named after the Campus Martius ("Mars Field") in Rome, a tribute to the Roman god of war. The name also alludes to the fact that the lawns here were formerly used as drilling and marching grounds by the French military.


interior - something that is within, inner part of a thing + interior monologue + FDV: the monology of its the interiors,

cudgel - a short thick stick used as a weapon; a club + (notebook 1924): 'some blame Him & more - the soot' ('Him' not clear).

soot - a black carbonaceous substance or deposit consisting of fine particles formed by the combustion of coal, wood, oil, or other fuel.

unthank - to unsay or recall one's thanks to

pees - pl. of pee - letter "p", urine, pea + Joyce's note: 'swollen pees as often as not'.

awry - displaced, disordered, disarranged; crooked, distorted

as often as not - very often, usually

kew - thank you (short) + Sullivan, The Book of Kells 36: 'This page of the genealogy... contains a string of Q's with which are intertwined a number of droll and impish figures in various grotesque positions, with legs tucked under their arms, and tongues protruding'.

Ohr (ger) - ear + FDV: the pardonable confusion, owing to which at times the swollen pees with their caps awry are quite often as not kews with their tails in their mouths,

pew - a fine stream of breath forced through an aperture in the lips; a thin stream of air + A serpent with its tail in its mouth appears on the Tunc page of the Book of Kells (Sullivan, The Book of Kells plate XI) + pe (Hebrew) - mouth (a letter shaped like semicircle with an incurving tail).

Pat - a nickname for an Irishman

curt - Of words, sentences, style, etc.: Concise, brief, condensed, terse

witty - cleverly amusing, 'sparkling', smartly facetious or jocular

Watte (ger) - cotton wool + (W).

dash -  "-"; a stroke of a pen esp. when drawn through a word to cancel it


Just right Heavenly' (Joyce's note)

trim - fit, competent, proper, suitable

trite - worn out by constant use or repetition, devoid of freshness or novelty + (T).

splutter - Of a pen: To scatter ink in writing; to utter hastily and indistinctly [Joyce's note: 'splutter']

petulance - redeness, peevishness, insolence, insolent behaviour or speech + FDV: the sudden petulence of a capitalised middle, the curt witty dashes never quite at the truth letter.

cunningly - with knowledge employed to conceal facts or designs; craftily, artfully

maze - labyrinth

confused - mingled so as to be indistiguishable; blended, mixed + Joyce's note: 'confused' Crépieux-Jamin: Les Éléments de l'Écriture des Canailles 187: (the caption of a figure) 'Inharmonious, discordant and disparate, imprecise, confused, unorganised, slovenly writing of an idiot'.

drapery - cloth or textile fabrics collectively

bee - "b" + knows not a B from a bull's foot (phrase).

dumb show - pantomime; in medieval theatre, mimed preamble summarising play's action + dumm (ger) - dumb.

commoner - one of the common people

pronominal - of, pertaining to, or of the nature of a pronoun; serving to indicate things, instead of naming them (obs. rare.)

fun fair - a fair (or that part of a fair) which is devoted to amusements and side-shows + funeral

engrave - to carve (an inscription, figures, etc.) upon a surface

retouch - to touch again with a view to improving; to amend or improve by fresh touches.

pudden = pudding

Very like a whale: in Hamlet, Polonius says this about a cloud.

farce - In cookery: To stuff (an animal, a piece of meat) with force-meat, herbs, etc. (obs); To amplify (a liturgical formula) by the insertion of certain words; to provide (an epistle) with a 'farse' or interpolated vernacular comment.

pemmican - a preparation made by certain North American Indians, consisting of lean meat, dried, pounded, and mixed with melted fat, so as to form a paste, and pressed into cakes; extremely condensed thought, or literary matter containing much information in few words.

nuzzle - to poke or push with the nose in or into something. Also fig.; to burrow or dig with the nose.

trillion - a very large number, 1 000 000 000 000

noddle - the head as the seat of the mind or thought. (Colloq., and usually with playful or contemptuous suggestion of dullness or emptiness.)

sink or swim - Used spec. in reference to the ordeal of suspected witches [to put (a person suspected of witchcraft) to the ordeal of being immersed in water, the proof of innocence being that the person sink]; hence fig. = 'whatever may happen'.

Huysmans: A Rebours 265: 'Le roman... deviendrait une communion entre un écrivain magique et un idéal lecteur': 'The novel should be a communion between a magic writer and an ideal reader'.

insomnia - inability to sleep; sleeplessness

raddled - ruddled, reddened as if with a red ocher color + (notebook 1924): 'raddle' Sullivan, The Book of Kells 47: (of a pigment used in the Book of Kells) 'of red hæmatite of an earthy nature, such as is termed raddle, there is a plentiful supply in the County Antrim' + (Joyce often used a red crayon on his Finnegans Wake notebooks and manuscripts).

obeli (l) - critical marks shaped like spits placed opposite spurious passages in text + (notebook 1924): 'red obeli = E O E' Sullivan, The Book of Kells 24: 'Attention is drawn to the error by four obeli in red, running down the middle of the page between the lines, and others round the margins, and red lines about the corners'.                     

cayennepepper - a very pungent powder obtained from the dried and ground pods and seeds of various species of Capsicum + pepper castor - pepper-shaker, a small vessel for sprinkling pepper.

misalignment - the condition of being out of line or improperly adjusted; bad alignment

magger = maggot

trifle - a matter of little value or importance; a trivial, paltry, or insignificant affair

supercilious - haughtily contemptuous in character or demeanour [(notebook 1924): 'supercillious'] + supercilium (l) - eyebrow, a circumflex accent mark.

crisscross - to intersect or cross repeatedly + The Letter: four crosskisses.

ees - pl. of "e" + Greek ees = epsilon (gr) - small letter "e": "e" but with top loop open + superciliouslooking Greek ees = eta (gr) - long Greek vowel "e" transliterated by a circumflexed "e": "ê".

cowardlike - like, or after the manner of, a coward; cowardly

perched - seated as a bird upon a perch, set up on a high point

out of date - no longer in vogue or fashion or suitable to the time, obsolete, antiqued

hawk - to chase or hunt game with a trained hawk

send owls to Athens - to 'carry coals to Newcastle', to take a commodity where it alredy abounds + (notebook 1924): 'Ferre noctuam Athenas owls to Athens coquilles à S Michel'.

geegee - horse, racehorse + gee - "g".

jesiutically - in jesuitical manner (deceitful, dissembling), with cunningly dissembled policy

Occident - the west

Ostrogothic - rel. to East Goths + (notebook 1924): '*E* ostrogoth'.

kakography (gr) - bad writing (not in accordance with the way in which words are conventionally written)

affected - influenced, acted upon, physically or materially

Etruscan - of or belonging to ancient Etruria or its people; absol. the language of the Etruscans

stable - Of a language: Having fixed meanings + (notebook 1924): 'Etruscan tabletalk *C*'.

the learning betrayed in almost every page (notebook 1924) Kinane: St. Patrick 12: (quoting a letter of approbation from the Bishop of Ross) 'The care, the learning, the deeply religious spirit, betrayed in almost every page'.

The Letter: unto life's end

headstrong - not easily restrained, directed by ungovernable will

pencraft - the craft or art of the pen + paltry - worthless, insignificant + (horsepower) + 1132.

ghimel - the 3d letter of the Hebrew alphabet, "g" (means 'camel') + Matthew 19:24: 'It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God'.

eye - Typog.: The enclosed space in the letters d, e, o, etc.

iota - "i" (Greek alphabet) + Sullivan, The Book of Kells 1: (beginning of introduction) 'Its weird and commanding beauty; its subdued and goldless colouring; the baffling intricacy of its fearless designs; the clean, unwavering sweep of rounded spiral; the creeping undulations of serpentine forms, that writhe in artistic profusion throughout the mazes of its decorations; the strong and legible minuscule of its text; the quaintness of its striking portraiture; the unwearied reverence and patient labour that brought it into being; all of which combined go to make up the Book of Kells, have raised this ancient Irish volume to a position of abiding preeminence amongst the illuminated manuscripts of the world'. 

sinistro- - left + gyro - ring, circle + sinistrogyro (l) - I turn around to the left + FDV: Then a sudden sinistrogyric return to some sore point in the past [a word here so cunningly hidden a ______ nest of maze like a fieldmouse in a nest of coloured ribbons]

throne - a seat or position of dominion or supremacy


muddy - turbid or foul with mud; not clear in mind, confused, muddled

terranean - rel. to the earth + Mediterranean (Sea)

damn - to affirm to be guilty, condemn, to pronounce to be bad

agglutinative - forming derivative or compound words by putting together constituents each of which expresses a single definite meaning.

Figures called 'King', 'Queen' and 'Knave', are called court (i.e. coat) or picture-cards + ganz kurz (ger) - quite short + koorts (Dutch) - fever.

doublefold - twofold + Doppelvau (ger) - letter W.

flop - right, just, exactly + rightdown - complete, thorough.

(squatting defecator)

fretful - irritable, peevish, ill-tempered; impatient, restless

fidget - a condition of vague physical uneasiness, seeking relief in irregular bodily movements

ef - "f"

digamma - the sixth letter of the original Greek alphabet, looks like 'F', sound value of 'W' + horns of a dilemma (phrase).

born a barbarian

unfashionable - out of date, outmoded, not in fashion, distorted

lips + lapsus linguae (l) - slip of the tongue.

hetairos (gr) - minion + hetaira - Greek courtesan; demimondaine + Joyce's note: 'heterosexual'

boldfaced - type with a thick or 'fat' face (example) [Joyce's note: 'boldface']

wrongheaded - stubborn in adherance to wrong opinion or principles, perverse

Claudian - characteristic of emperors who belonged to patrician gens (Tiberius, Caligula, Nero and Claudius) + Claudius - Roman emperor (41-54 AD); studied Etruscan and was the last person known to have been able to read it; introduced into the Latin alphabet three new letters, including F for the consonantal V.

worthwile - being worth the time spent

thorought - everywhere in, in every part of

papyrus - an ancient manuscript or document written on papyrus

revise - Typog. A revised or corrected form of proof-sheet; a further proof submitted by the printer after having made the required corrections, alterations, or additions + insertion mark F frequent in Finnegans Wake manuscripts.

stalk - to walk cautiously or furtively, to pursue (as game) stealthily and often under cover for the purpose or killing

broods = 3d. sing of brood - to ponder, think anxiously or moodily upon.

verbiage - abundance of words without necessity or without much meaning; excessive wordiness + foliage.

gaunt - abnormally lean, as from hunger; haggard-looking; tall, thin, and angular in appearance

diapered - having the surface or ground diversified and adorned with a diaper (lines crossing diamond-wise) pattern + Joyce's note: 'diaper' Sullivan, The Book of Kells 39: 'Diaper work is occasionally introduced to brighten small spaces lying between the larger designs'.

window - a transparent panel on envelope, through which the contents can be seen.

margin - the space on a page between the extreme edge and the main body of written or printed matter, often partly taken up with notes, references, illuminations, or the like.

basque - the continuation, formerly of a doublet or waistcoat, now only of a lady's bodice, slightly below the waist, forming a kind of short skirt

byleaf - dried leaf of laurel (used in cooking)

aflutter - in a flutter, agitated

fling - to throw, cast, toss, hurl

inhibit - to have inner hinderance to conduct or activity + Joyce's note: 'inhibited' Crépieux-Jamin: Les Éléments de l'Écriture des Canailles 188: 'inhibition and its graphological expressions'.

shoestring - a string or tie used to fasten or lace a shoe

= [letter] S (cyrilic C) reversed; a critical mark placed in a MS before a verse which is to be transposed; antisigma (gr) + Sullivan, The Book of Kells 10: 'The symbol... known in Irish MSS. as "head under the wing" or "turn under the path"... indicates that the words immediately following it are to be read after the end of the next full line' (the symbol looks like a vertically-stretched capital C).

protoparent - forefather

ipsissima verba - the precise words used by a writer or speaker

nondescript - something not hitherto described + (notebook 1924): 'nondescript ferntail' Sullivan, The Book of Kells 41: 'Thus a branch of foliage is frequently seen to evolve from between the open jaws of a nondescript, while at the same time the tail of the beast presents the appearance of a trefoil or lance-shaped leaf'. 

arbutus - deep pink to purplish pink color + (notebook 1924): 'arbutus caithne 2 years Cainapple' Freeman's Journal 9 Jan 1924, 8/5: 'By the Way': 'The arbutus tree is now displaying its beauty in its native districts of Cork and Kerry... The tree is one of Nature's curiosities, yielding leaf, flower, and fruit at the same time. "Caithne," its Irish name, suggests two years old, and may have reference to the fact that the fruit takes two years to develop... The "Cainapple," as it is termed locally, has not a very palatable taste'.

paleographer - an archeologist skilled in paleography (study of ancient handwriting and the practice of deciphering and reading historical manuscripts).

leak - to let (water, etc.) in or out through a leak

thatch - straw or similar material with which roofs are covered

James Joyce: The Mirage of the Fisherman of Aran: 'He... wears a big black hat with a wide brim'.

whispering (Joyce's note) + {man from Arran whispering through a hole in his hat}

ARAN ISLANDS - Islands off Galway Bay: Inishmor, Inishmaan, Inisheer

keen - to utter the keen, or Irish lamentation for the dead; to wail or lament bitterly

kin - kindred, related

high pitched - of high pitch acoustically, of lofty tone or character

distorted - twisted out of shape + when Irish is written in Roman characters, the dot placed above a letter to indicate aspiration is removed and an extra 'h' is added.

aich - "H"

droll - unintentionally amusing; queer, quaint, odd, strange, 'funny'

jaywalk - to cross a street carelessly or at an inappropriate place + (notebook 1922-23): 'jaywalker' + "J".

eye - the enclosed space in the letters d, e, o, etc. + "J" and "I" interchangeable in Latin.

plough - to furrow as by ploughing; to gash, tear up

halve - half

principial - initial, primary, original, standing at the beginning

medial - middle; (of a letter, etc.) occurring in the middle of a word + in Arabic, the shape of a letter varies according to its initial, medial, final, or isolated position within the word.

jim - a pound, a pound note + jimjams - delirium tremens + jimjams (Slang) - fidgets + jim - name of Arabic letter "J" + James Joyce.

sahib - sir, master + Ranji ("Jam Sahib") - Rajput cricketer, played for England, made over 3,000 runs. 

pipless - having no pips, seedless

threadworm - a worm of threadlike form, parasitic in the human rectum, chiefly in children

frank - not practising concealment; ingenuous, open, sincere

capricious - guided by whim or fancy rather than by judgement or settled purpose

underlining (also called underscore) - one or more horizontal lines immediately below a portion of writing, originally used in hand-written or typewritten documents to emphasise text + FDV: the innocent exhibitionism of those capricious underlinings,  

serpentine - something (as a line) that winds sinuously; a representation of a serpent esp. as a symbol or an ornament + Sullivan, The Book of Kells 56: 'The frequently recurring presence of serpentine forms all through the decorations of the manuscript has given rise to the suggestion that these forms are in some way connected with the worship of ophidian reptiles'.

banish - to send or drive away, expel, dismiss imperatively + FDV: [those exotic serpentines [since] properly banished from our scriptures, [the toomuchness and toomanyness of its four legged ems,]] the penelopean patience of the paraphe tailed by a leaping lasso — who thus at this marvelling will not go press on to see the feminine vaulting ambition sex libido of those interbranching sex upsweeps up&insweeps continually sternly controlled and led easily repersuaded by the uniform udeviating course matter of factness of a cold meandering male fist.    

waterhead - a body of water kept at a height for supplying a mill, etc.; the height of such a body of water, or the force of its fall (estimated in terms of the pressure on a unit of area). Sometimes, the bank or dam by which such water is kept up + Wetter (ger) - weather.

righthead - rightness + righthanded - having the right hand or arm stronger or more useful than the left.

don - to dress (a person) in a garment; refl. to dress oneself + (fair lady on a cockhorse).

cockhorse - something (as an adult’s knee or a hobbyhorse) on which a child may sit astride as if on a horse + nursery rhyme 'Ride a Cock Horse, to Banbury Cross, See a fair lady, upon a white horse'.

insolence - impertinently insulting behaviour

morosity - the state or quality of being morose (sour-tempered, sullen, gloomy, and unsocial)

uncoil - to unwind, to take out of a coiled state

spirally - in a spiral manner + Joyce's note: 'spiral' → Sullivan: The Book of Kells 1: 'the clean, unwavering sweep of rounded spiral; the creeping undulations of serpentine forms that writhe in artistic profusion through the mazes of its decorations'.

lacertine - resembling a lizard, lizardlike + Joyce's note: 'lacertine' → Sullivan: The Book of Kells 21: 'The entire composition forms one of the most striking instances of lacertine convolution and colour to be found in the volume'.

pressure (Joyce's note) Crépieux-Jamin: Les Éléments de l'Écriture des Canailles 188: 'Energy manifests itself in writing by the quickness of the movements and the pressure of the hand'.

ungainly - awkward, clumsy, ungraceful

sculpt - to create by shaping stone or wood or any other hard material, to sculpture

selfsounding - sounding by itself, creating its own sound + lit. Selbslaut (ger) - vowel (literally 'self-sounder').

black art - the art of performing supernatural acts by intercourse with the spirits of the dead or with the devil himself, magic, necromancy + ARTS: writing, music, painting, sculpture, black arts.

podatus - the tenor in medieval choral music; in Gregorian chant, a figure indicating that a single syllable is to be sung as two notes, the lower first.

dumbfounder = dumbfound - to strike dumb; to confound, confuse; to nonplus.

uproarious - characterized by uproar, noisy + opera, aria + arioso - a lyrical manner of setting a text in an opera, cantata or oratorio.

cannons + canon, fugue  

skelter - to dash along, hurry, rush, scurry + fugue - a polyphonic composition constructed on one or more short subjects or themes, which are harmonized according to the laws of counterpoint, and introduced from time to time with various contrapuntal devices + subterfuge - something intended to misrepresent the true nature of an activity.

studious - giving careful attention, heedful + Sullivan, The Book of Kells 27: (of the unknown date of The Book of Kells) 'the page that should have told its story is unfortunately no longer there').

copyst - someone employed to make written copies of documents and manuscripts

grasp - to become completely cognizant of or acquainted with, to comprehend

restraint - the act of controlling by restraining someone or something, a rule or condition that limits freedom

lubricous - slippery, smooth, oily; characterized by lust, lewd, wanton, salacious or lecherous

conjugation - the action of joining together or uniting + The Letter: the last of the first + (last sentence of Finnegans Wake joins first).

mate - to join suitably with; to associate, couple; to copulate, engage in sexual intercourse

gravediggers (William Shakespeare: Hamlet) + William Shakespeare: Hamlet I.2.180-181: 'The funeral bak'd meats Did coldly furnish forth the marriage tables'.

secondbest - one that is below or after the best + Shakespeare left Anne his second-best bed by inserting sentence in draft of will + (Shakespearean adultery).

bun - a sort of cake + beds; puns

interpolation - to alter or enlarge (a book or writing) by insertion of new matter; esp. to tamper with by making insertions which create false impressions as to the date or character of the work in question.

Butterbrot (ger) - piece of buttered bread + Jarl van Hoother + Howth.

cod[ex] (l) - book made of bound pages (not a scroll): abbreviation used in scholarly textual studies.

pap[yrus] (l) - a papyrus MS: abbreviation used in scholarly textual studies + pap (Dutch) - porridge.

brek[fast], lun[ch], dinn[er], sup[per] - imitations of abbreviations used in scholarly textual studies

Battle of Boyne, 1690

scholiast - one who writes explanatory notes upon an author; esp. an ancient commentator upon a classical writer

hungrily - in the manner of someone who is very hungry

mishear - to hear wrongly

deadman - corpse + deadman (Slang) - baker.

toller - a person who rings church bells + toll

muffin bell - a bell rung by a seller of muffins [(notebook 1924): 'muffinbell']

ampersand - "&" + ampersands (Slang) - the posteriors + (four ampersands [111.11-.16]).

glimpse at - to cast a passing glance + glypho (fut. tense glypso) (gr) - to carve, cut out with a knife + glyphe (gr) - a carving, cut-out inscription.

scribbler - one who scribbles or writes hastily or carelessly

vocative case - that case of nouns, adjectives, or pronouns, which in inflected languages is used to express address or invocation

lapse - a 'slip' of the memory, the tongue, the pen, or the understanding; a slight error, a mistake; a decline to a lower state or degree, a fall

accusative - the case which follows prepositions implying motion towards, and expresses the object of transitive verbs, i.e. the destination of the verbal action

aphasia - loss of speech, partial or total, or loss of power to understand written or spoken language, as a result of disorder of the cerebral speech centres

slip - a mistake or fault, esp. one of a slight or trivial character, inadvertently made in writing, speaking, etc. + step by step

slipper - a light and usually heelless covering for the foot; one who slips

misnomer - to misname

ar - "R" + Sullivan, The Book of Kells 47: 'A preference is also shown for the capital R - obviously for greater clearness'.

bellical - pertaining to war, warlike + ars bellica (l) - the art of war.

hieroglyph - a hieroglyphic character; a figure of some object, as a tree, animal, etc., standing for a word

kettledrum - (also known as timpani) musical instrument in the percussion family. A type of drum, it consists of a skin called a head stretched over a large bowl traditionally made of copper, and more recently, constructed of more lightweight fiberglass.

oddsbobs - a mild oath (god’s body) + God's bones! - (oath).

wrast = wrest

red handed - fresh from the commission of murder or homicide; having the hands red with blood

hallowed - sanctified, blessed, consecrated, dedicated

rubric - written in red, a direction for the conduct of divine service inserted in liturgical books (printed in red)

truce - cessation or absence of hostilities; peace + truth

booty - plunder, spoil, gain; a prize + beauty

oremus pro Romulo (l) - let us pray for Romulus

fane - a temple

pinnacle - a small ornamental turret, usually terminating in a pyramid or cone, crowning a buttress, or rising above the roof or coping of a building

porter - a person employed to carry luggage and supplies; doorkeeper, someone who guards an entrance

within an aim's ace (Anglo-Irish) - very near, almost (from Middle English ambs ace: double ace, lowest throw in dice) + within an ace of - on the very point of, within a hair's breadth of + aim - the act of aiming, or pointing the course of anything, the direction of a missile.

quatrain - a set of four persons (nonce-use.); a stanza of four lines, usually with alternate rimes

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam - the title that Edward FitzGerald gave to his translation of a selection of poems, originally written in the Persian language and of which there are about a thousand, attributed to Omar Khayyám (1048–1123), a Persian poet, mathematician and astronomer. A Persian ruba'i is a two line stanza with two parts (or hemistechs) per line, hence the word "Rubaiyat", (derived from the Arabic root word for "4"), meaning "quatrains".

arse - ass, buttocks; sexual intercourse + Rubaiyat, page 1 (Fitzgerald's translation): And if the Wine you drink, the Lip you press, / End in the Nothing all Things end in--Yes- / Then fancy while Thou art, Thou art but what / Thou shalt be--Nothing--Thou shalt not be less; (Literal): If with wine you are drunk be happy, / If seated with a moon-faced (beautiful), be happy, / Since the end purpose of the universe is nothing-ness; / Hence picture your nothing-ness, then while you are, be happy!

ROE'S DISTILLERY - Roe and Co, distillers, were at 157-159 Thomas Street; the premises are now incorporated in Guinness's Brewery. There seems to be no record of a major fire at Roe's + Fire at Marrowbone Lane Distillery, Dublin, ca. 1860; whiskey ran down gutters in Cork Street. 

jig jog - to bounce jerkily up and down in proceeding

dicebox - the box from which dice are thrown in gaming, usually of the form of a double truncated cone

whang - a loud sharp vibrant or resonant sound; to attack vigorously, to strike or beat vigorously + Whang the Miller - character in 'The Citizen of the World' by Oliver Goldsmith.

royal - noble, splendid, first-rate. Also (chiefly U.S. colloq.) used as an intensifier

bluid - blood + blyad' (Russian) - whore.

ooman - woman + 'Queen'

rouge - a fine red powder used as a cosmetic to give an artificial colour to the cheeks or lips; the red colour in the game of rouge et noir (a game at cards, so called because the table at which it is played has two red and two black diamond-shaped  marks, upon which the players place their stakes according to the colour they favour).

lobsters are red when boiled

lock - a tress. In pl. often = the hair of the head collectively

rossy = rosy (a.) + rossy (Anglo-Irish) - impudent girl, brazen woman.

O'Mara, Joseph - Irish tenor, sang Tristan + Omar Khayyam. 

villain - deficient in courtesy or good breeding, boorish + King William II of England was known as William Rufus due to his red face.

rufus - a countryman; a nickname for a red haired person

spoil five - a round game of cards which is said to be 'spoiled' if no player wins three out of a possible five tricks + {Matthew leads a red six, Mark plays a red queen, Luke plays a red king, but Johnny trumps it with the five of spades, the highest trump in spoil five}

spud - a digging or weeding implement of the spade-type + spade - ª

trump - a playing-card of that suit which for the time being ranks above the other three, so that any one such card can 'take' any card of another suit.

whack - a vigorous stroke with a stick or the like

kisser (Slang) - mouth

K.M. - King's Messenger; Knight of Malta

tunc (l) - then + anagram of 'cunt'.

aisle - a passage-way in a building (esp. a theatre, cinema, etc.)

cruciform - of the form of a (right-angled) cross; cross-shaped + The Letter: four crosskisses.

basium (l) - a kiss + basia (l) - kisses (of a passionate sort)

oscula = osculum - a kiss + Joyce's note: 'osculum (cheek)'.

overcarefully - excessively careful

scrape away - to remove (an outer layer or something adhering) by drawing across the surface the edge of some instrument

tenebrous - dark, mysterious, obscure

Tunc page (Tunc cruciferant XPI cum eo duos latrones (l)) - Then were crucified CHRI with him two thieves (Mark 27:38): wording of the Tunc page of the Book of Kells + XPI[CTOC] = CHRI[STOS] (gr) - "Anointed": Christ + The Tunc page of the Book of Kells (Sullivan, The Book of Kells plate XI) is composed a serpentine capital T followed by UNCCR and a smaller U (top third), a line reading CIFIXERANT (centre quarter), and the words XPI CUM EO DU-OS LATRONES arranged in two triangles with apexes touching to form a Saint Andrew's Cross (bottom half) PICTURE

Book of Kells - illuminated gospel book (MS. A.I. 6; Trinity College Library, Dublin) that is a masterpiece of the ornate Hiberno-Saxon style. It is probable that the illumination was begun in the late 8th century at the Irish monastery on the Scottish island of Iona and that after a Viking raid the book was taken to the monastery of Kells in County Meath, where it may have been completed in the early 9th century.

squad - a small number of men, a subdivision or section of a company, formed for drill or told off for some special purpose + On the Tunc page of The Book of Kells (Sullivan, The Book of Kells plate XI) there are three small rectangular panels cut into the margins, each containing the heads and shoulders of five figures in profile.

crucial - very important + cruciarius (l) - pertaining to the cross + Rosicrucians.

panel - a distinct piece or portion of some surface usually contained in a frame or border

Saint Columba (7 December 521 - 9 June 597), sometimes referred to as Columba of Iona, or, in Old Irish, as Colm Cille or Columcille (meaning "Dove of the church") + 'The Book of Kells', also known as 'The Book of Columba' Sullivan, The Book of Kells 4: 'the famous Book of Kells, or as it is often called the Book of Colum Cille'.

chug - to move with a sound characteristic of a steam engine + choked

ballot box - a box in which voting ballots are deposited, or from which, in drawing lots, small balls are taken out

set apart - to lay aside; to get rid of, to dismiss from one's consideration

hanging committee - a committee having charge of the managing of pictures in an exhibition

degree awarded with distinction - acknowledgement of excellence awarded to candidates in some examination

Two's company, three's a crowd (proverb)

labio- - the lips +

lingua (l) - tongue + labiolingualis (l) - pertaining to the lips and tongue.

basium (l) - a (passionate) kiss

suavium (l) - a kiss + Joyce's note: 'basium (lips) suavium (tongue)'.

with tongue in one’s cheek - saying something that one does not seriously mean

embracer - one who embraces, one who adopts (a doctrine, religion, etc.)

droop - to hang or sink down + (notebook 1924): 'lines drooping ends' Crépieux-Jamin, Les Éléments de l'Écriture des Canailles 185: 'The line begins to droop and droops more and more until the end of the letter'.

dwindle - to become smaller and smaller, to shrink + Joyce's note: 'droopadindle' ('a' not clear).

slope - upward or downward inclination; deviation from the horizontal or perpendicular

blarned (Joyce's note) → Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 247n (sec. 245): 'There exists also a word blarned, a blending of blamed and damned (darned)'.

scrawl - something scrawled; a hastily and badly written letter, a careless sketch

imperfectible - incapable of being made perfect + Joyce's note: 'imperfectible' Crépieux-Jamin: Les Éléments de l'Écriture des Canailles 271: 'handwriting specimens of a girl of 13, depraved enough to disturb all who come close to her. Her character is one of the worst and people bitterly complain of her laziness, her disobedience, her lies and her stubbornness, which make her appear incorrigible'


morally blind *C*' (Joyce's note) → Crépieux-Jamin: Les Éléments de l'Écriture des Canailles 301: (after discussing physical blindness) 'Intellectual or moral blindness is no less essential to help us form our judgements of character'.

em - "M"


D" + dia (Irish) - god (Pronunciation 'djee-e')

why O, why (Joyce's note)

cut and dry - in accordance with a plan, prepared and arranged in advance; ordinary, routine



semifinal - next to the last

Greek alphabet has 18 simple letters plus 6 compound additional letters: th, ph, ch, ks, ps and ô (=oo) + Ulysses has eighteen chapters, The Odyssey has twenty-four books.

Maurice Darantière - printed Ulysses in Dijon, 1922, as Mr Halper points out. Darantiere is the last name in Ulysses.  

zed - "Z" + said

Penelopean - rel. to the web or weaving, or time-gaining policy of Penelope + 'Penelope' (end chapter of Ulysses).

paraph - a flourish made after a signature, originally as a kind of precaution against forgery

colophon - the inscription or device, sometimes pictorial or emblematic, formerly placed at the end of a book or manuscript, and containing the title, the scribe's or printer's name, date and place of printing, etc.

stroke - a mark or dash made by a single movement of a pen + (notebook 1924): '5 strokes to 1 letter' Crépieux-Jamin: Les Éléments de l'Écriture des Canailles 193: 'It is not rare to come across a single letter traced with several strokes of the pen' + 732 pages in first edition of 'Ulysses'.

tail - to follow like a tail

lasso - a long rope of untanned hide, from 10 to 30 yards in length, having at the end a noose to catch cattle and wild horses.

will - out of the way, astray, gone away

vaulting - leaping upwards, that vaults or leaps

libido - a sexual desire, emotional or psychic evergy + (notebook 1923): 'Is - her libido' → Mordell: The Erotic Motive in Literature 161: (of Troilus in Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde) 'The fear that he experienced at day, that his sweetheart would be lost to him - the anxiety that his libido would be repressed, become an anxiety dream'.

interbranch - occuring between branches

ogham - a system of alphabetic writing found in the British isles (5 th. century) [Joyce's note: 'ogham']

sweep - movement with sweeping, effortless, gliding motions (sweep with a broom or as if with a broom)

repersuade - to persuade again

meandering - that meanders, flexuous, winding

duff - buttocks + duff (Anglo-Irish) - black + Muggli (ger) - (little mosquito).

dekter, dektos (gr) - a receiver + skopeo (gr) - to watch + phoneeis (gr) - vocal, sounding + scophony - a propriety name for a television system + Scophony system of supersonic light control - mechanical forerunner of television tube.

photosensitive - responding to light in some way

supra- - above, higher + supersonic - rel. to the sound waves inaudible to the human ear (>20.000 Hz); supersonic speed.

look for - to seek, to search for + log - a record of performance, to enter details.

turn out - expel, evict, to drive out

chromophilos (gr) - color lover + 'omos (gr) - same, common.

centime - 1/100 francs

micro- - small, minute + amp - ampere (abbr.); amplifier + microamp - small unit of current.

paddy - Irishman, policeman + to go easy (on or with) - to use sparingly; to act cautiously, to proceed with caution + William Carleton: Paddy-Go-Easy + happy-go-lucky.

Ulyssean - characteristic of, or resembling, Ulysses in craft or deceit, or in extensive wanderings + ulykke (Danish) - misfortune, accident.

tetrachoric - rel. to method of statistical correlation between variables that do not admit of exact measurement + tetracheirikos (gr) - four handed + tetracheir (gr) - having four hands (like an ape).

quadrumane - four handed, ape like (in destructiveness)

duck and drake - idle play, reckless squandering

dot and dash - ". -" (Morse alphabet)

perplex - perplexity, entanglement + FDV: Duff -Moeggli called this kind of partnership the Odyssean or heterochiric complex from after the wellinformed observation that in the case of the littleknown periplic poem popularly associated with that name a Punic admiralty report has been cleverly capsized & refloated by then saucily reissued as a dodecanesian baedeker of an every-place-tale-a-treat-itself variety which should amply could hope to satisfy the gander as well as the goose.

forestalling - anticipation, the action of appropriating beforehand + Vorstellungen uber das Studium (ger) - conceptions of the study.

studium - study (a seat of learning, university)

sexophone - an imaginary musical instrument resembling a saxophone and producing sexual sensations + sexo- (l) - sex + phono- (gr) - sound + logistikos (gr) - skilled in calculating + sexophonologistikos (l-g) - skilled in calculating sex sounds.

schizophrenia - a mental disorder occurring in various forms, all characterized by a breakdown in the relation between thoughts, feelings, and actions, usu. with a withdrawal from social activity and the occurrence of delusions and hallucinations [Joyce's note: 'schizophrenia'] + phrenesis - inflammation of the brain or of its membranes, attended with delirium and fever; brain fever.

wellinformed - well equipped with information, fully furnished with knowledge

master - Used for: A work (of painting or sculpture) by a master + Master Kung + Jung + Freud.

cf. - L. confer 'compare' 

abaft - back, behind, in the rear

passim - indication that something in the book can be found at many places

periploos (gr) - circumnavigation, account of a coasting voyage + periplus - Latinization of an ancient Greek word, periplous (contracted from periploos), literally "a sailing-around; a circumnavigation, a sea voyage around a coastline, a record of such a voyage.


wretched - living in a state of misery, poverty or degradation; unhappy

mariner - a sailor, seaman + Samuel Taylor Coleridge: 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner'.

tria (gr) - three

Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais I.167: 'Chapeau à prunes sucées... en forme de noyau ou d'amande' (French 'Sugar-plum hat... in the form of a nut or an almond').

shop keeper - a merchant who owns or manages a shop

Punic - belonging to Carthage; Carthaginian + Les Pheniciens et l'Odyssee (1902-1903) - a book by Victor Berard with thesis that the Odyssey is based on Phoenician periploos of the western Mediterranean, in Homer's time unknown to the Greeks.

admiralty - the department of the British government that once had control over all naval affairs; a court exercising jurisdiction over all maritime cases

Macpherson, James (1736-96) - Scottish "translator" of Ossian's poems, whose hero is Ossian's father, Fingal on Finn MacCool.

Jason's voyage in the Argo to the Black Sea in quest of the Golden Fleece.

capsize - to upset, overturn (esp. on the water)

saucily - disrespectfully, impudently

republish - to publish again

dodecanesian - rel. to Dodecanese islands in the Agean

baedeker - guide book, handbook + Baedecker's guidebooks to European cities and countries.

treat - something highly enjoyable; a great pleasure, delight, or gratification

tickle - to excite agreeably; to give pleasure or amusement to + FDV: a Punic admiralty report has been cleverly capsized & refloated by then saucily reissued as a dodecanesian baedeker of an every-place-tale-a-treat-itself variety which should amply could hope to satisfy the gander as well as the goose.

me - my

game of goose - a game played with counters on a board divided into compartments, in some of which a goose was depicted (obs.) = fox and geese + goose (Slang) - prostitute + guza (Serbian) - arse, buttock.

FDV: The identity of the persons in the complex came to light in a curious way. The original document was what is known as unbreakable script tracery, that is to say, it had no signs of punctuation of any kind. On holding it to the light it was seen to be pierced or punctuated (in the university sense of the word) by numerous dots cuts and gashes inflicted made by a pronged instrument. These paper wounds, four in type, were gradually understood to mean stop, please stop, do please stop, and O do please stop respectively and investigation showed that they were provoked by the fork of a professor at the breakfast table professionally trying piqued to introduce tempo into [a plane] surface by making holes in space. Deeply religious by nature it was correctly suspected that such anger could not openly have been directed against the ancestral spirit of her who one openly respected by him once a week as our first boys' best friend and when it was at last noticed detected that the fourth or heaviest gash was most more frequent where wherever the script was clear and the term terse and that these were the exact places carefully selected for her perforations by Dame Partland Partlet on the dunghill reluctantly the theory of the jabbering ape was abandoned hotly dropped and its place usurped by that odious & even now today insufficiently despised person notetaker, Jim the Penman.

unmistaken - that can not be mistaken  

TIBERIAS - Town on Western shore of the Sea of Galilee, on Lake Tiberias (where Jesus divided the loaves and fishes and walked on water; John 6). Founded around 20 CE and named after the emperor Tiberius, it became the chief center of rabbinic scholarship, where the Jerusalem Talmud was edited. The Massonite scholars in Tiberias introduced the "points" for vowels in Hebrew script + Tiberius, Roman emperor (A.D. 14-37) at time of Christ's crucifixion. 

duplex - orig. U.S. A house made up of two dwelling units + duplex (l) - twofold, double + (Oedipus complex).

devious - deviating or swerving from the straight way + FDV: The identity of the persons in the complex came to light in a curious way.

Hanno the navigator (fl. 500 B.C.) wrote an account of a voyage along the west coast of Africa. Inscribed on a tablet in the Phoenician tongue, it was hung in the temple of Melkarth. The primary source for the account of Hanno's expedition is a Greek translation, titled Periplus, of a tablet Hanno is reported to have hung up on his return to Carthage in the temple of Ba'al Hammon whom Greek writers identified with Kronos + hanno o non hanno (it) - they have or have not.

unbrookable - unendurable, unbearable + Brook, Charlotte (d. 1793) - authoress who published in 1789 ("with somewhat effusive apologies for leaving her pianoforte and needlepoint") Reliques of Irish Poetry; The "reliques" are poems in the Irish character with translations in English verse, including poems about Cuchulain, Deirdre, Finn.

script - a particular orthography or writing system + FDV: The original document was what is known as unbreakable script tracery, that is to say, it had no signs of punctuation of any kind.  

punctuation - the practice, art, method, or system of inserting points or 'stops' to aid the sense, in writing or printing; division of written or printed matter into sentences, clauses, etc. by means of points or stops + Sullivan, The Book of Kells 35: 'We find, as a fact, in the Book of Kells, many consecutive lines... where there is no trace of punctuation at all' + 'Penelope' chapter of 'Ulysses', has no punctuation.

verso - a left hand page + Joyce's note: 'recto/verso' → Sullivan: The Book of Kells 10: 'From fol. 20 R. to 26 V.' [.36] [124.02]

rush - grasslike plants growing in wet places and having cylindrical often hollow stems (used for burning; also ellipt., as in rushlight: primitive candle, rush dipped in grease) + rushlight (Slang) - liquor + "Bygmester Finnegan, of the Stuttering Hand, freemen's maurer, lived in the broadest way immarginable in his rushlit toofarback for messuages before joshuan judges had given us numbers or Helviticus committed deuteronomy..."

James Henry Breasted is generally acknowledged as a scholar of great merit, and a brilliant writer whose works had a great popular appeal; his 'A History of Egypt' had been through eight printings by March, 1923. Joyce seems to have been more interested in another of Breasted's works, 'Development of Religion and Thought in Ancient Egypt' (1912). In this book Breasted attempts to trace religious and intellectual progress from the earliest times to Christian days in Egypt. In a book which was considered "epoch making in its significance for the history of human thought" (Wilson, p. 141), he develops the thesis that the Mosaic ethical tradition originated thousands of years before Moses in the solar religion of Heliopolis. The importance of the book lies in its comparative treatment of the Mosaic tradition, hence the play on "book of Moses". The Judeo-Christian heritage is traced back to worship of the sun, "the world's oldest light" (Mark L. Troy - ''Mummeries of Resurrection'')

Massey, Gerald: Ancient Egypt The Light of the World + (sun).

recto - a right side page

piquant - that stimulates keen interest or curiosity; pleasantly stimulating or disquieting [(notebook 1924): 'piquant fact'].

pierce - to penetrate, or run through or into (a substance), as a sharp-pointed instrument does

puncture - to pierce with a sharp point; spec. To mark (the skin) with punctures; to tattoo + FDV: On holding it to the light it was seen to be pierced or punctuated (in the university sense of the word) by numerous dots cuts and gashes inflicted made by a pronged instrument.

stab - to make a hole through something; a wound produced by stabbing

foliated - shaped like a leaf or leaves, ornamented like leaves

gash - to make a cut or deep slash in any material object; a cleft in any object, such as would be made by a slashing cut + gash (Anglo-Irish) - concluding ornamental curved flourish made with a pen.

pronged - furnished with or having prongs + prong - a projecting spur of any natural object (esp. of one with several such), as a tooth, a deer's horn, a rock, etc.

1920s joke about a young lady being petted by a man and exclaiming: 'Stop!!!! Please stop!!! Do please stop!! O do please stop! O do please!! O do!!! O!!!!' + Sullivan: The Book of Kells 35: 'Speaking of the early Irish manuscripts generally... three dots (:.) mark a period; two dots, a comma; (..,), a semicolon; and one dot at half the height of the letters, a comma' (not the system used in the Book of Kells, though).

circumflex - bend or bending round, circuitous, winding  

sinle minded - frank, honest, open, having but one aim or purpose

asylum - a secure place of refuge, shelter, or retreat; a sanctuary or inviolable place of refuge and protection for criminals and debtors, from which they cannot be forcibly removed without sacrilege; a benevolent institution affording shelter and support to some class of the afflicted, the unfortunate, or destitute (e.g. a 'lunatic asylum').

accentuated - emphasized, strongly marked

bits of broken glass and split china

the Yard - short for 'Scotland Yard'

inquiry - research, investigation, query, question



áth (Irish) - ford

é (Irish) - he + at the breakfast table + Oliver Wendell Holmes: The Professor at the Breakfast-Table (taunted Muggletonians [123.21] for only accepting criticism from people professing Muggletonianism).

pique - to stimulate or excite to action or activity; to instigate or provoke, esp. by arousing  envy, rivalry, jealousy, or other passion.


punct - point; to prick, pierce + Punkt (ger) - period, point + puncting - pricking, piercing.

holes + FDV: These paper wounds, four in type, were gradually understood to mean stop, please stop, do please stop, and O do please stop respectively and investigation showed that they were provoked by the fork of a professor at the breakfast table professionally trying piqued to introduce tempo into [a plane] surface by making holes in space.

Old Italian writing placed 'i' before an 's' followed by consonant (e.g. Italian ispazio: space) + (notebook 1924): 'hole in space' + Kenneth Grant: "The star is 'hole in space' through which the energies (shaktis) pour".

thee (Dutch) - tea + thé (fr) - tea (teastain; letter end, FW end, Tristan)

smørrebrød (Danish) - an open-faced sandwich, buttered bread + bread and butter - a slice of bread and butter; the means of living; spec. Of or pertaining to the age when bread-and-butter is extensively consumed; boyish, girlish; esp. school-girlish.


new laid - Of eggs: Newly or freshly laid + newlaid eggs.

ire - wrath, anger; air

visit - to inflict hurt, harm, or punishment upon (a person); to avenge, or inflict punishment for (wrongdoing) on or upon (also in, into) a person.

Brotfresser (ger) - bread-eater; professor (jocular) + Brotprofessor (ger) - Schiller's term for pedant just working for bread and butter + professor

prender - the power or right under the law of taking a thing without its being offered + Prendergast, Reverend Patrick (d. 1824) - last lord abbot of Cong. He kept the Cross of Cong in an unlocked cupboard. A valuable collection of Irish manuscripts was left by him on his table once, and when he returned, his tailor had cut them up for measures. The destructive professor of 124.7-15 is Shaun-as-Wyndham Lewis whose Time and Western Man contains a chapter called "Time Upon the Social Plane in Philosophy".

underwit - silly, sensless, foolish; a poor or inferior kind of wit + unwittingly.

pneuma - universal spirit, vital soul; spirit, soul + pneuma (gr) - wind, air, breath + FDV: Deeply religious by nature it was correctly suspected that such anger could not openly have been directed against the ancestral spirit of her who one openly respected by him once a week as our first boys' best friend

rheuma - a non-specific term for medical problems affecting the joints and connective tissue + rheuma (l) - flow, flux + rheuma (gr) - that which flows, current, stream.

venerate - to pay honour to (something) by a distinct act of reverence

cockspur - a horny modification of the skin at a cock’s leg used in fighting

common - a common land or estate; the undivided land belonging to the members of a local community as a whole. Hence, often, the patch of unenclosed or 'waste' land which remains to represent that.

apple of someone’s eye - a person who is most dear to the person specified

A boy's best friend is his mother (proverb)

by the way - along the side of the road, in the course of journey; incidentally, a casual comment

peer - to look narrowly, esp. in order to discern something indistinct or difficult to make out

fourleaved - having four leaves

shamrock - a plant with trifoliate leaves, used (according to a late tradition) by St. Patrick to illustrate the doctrine of the Trinity, and hence adopted as the national emblem of Ireland.

quadrifoil - having four leaves, an ornament having four radiating leaflets or petals + Sullivan, The Book of Kells 36: 'the dots of which the puctuation is formed are... almost always square in shape, or quadrilateral - not round... here may perhaps be found an additional argument for ascribing a later date to the Book of Kells' (e.g. 9th century instead of 6th century) + Joyce's note: 'trefoil' Sullivan, The Book of Kells 28: 'the Kells Manuscript is full of foliageous forms such as the trefoil and the vine'.

jab - an act of jabbing, an abrupt blow with something pointed

recurrent - happening again and again + FDV: and when it was at last noticed detected that the fourth or heaviest gash was most more frequent where wherever the script was clear and the term terse

term - a word or phrase used in a definite or precise sense in some particular subject, as a science or art

terse - freed from verbal redundancy; neatly concise

selfsame - precisely the same + FDV: and that these were the exact places

perforation - the action of perforating, boring through, or piercing

Dame Partlet - a word used as the proper name of any hen; also applied, like 'hen', to a woman; heroine of Chaucer's "Nun's Priest's Tale" + FDV: carefully selected for her perforations by Dame Partland Partlet on the dunghill

dung heap - a heap of dung, a dung hill

Wasserung (ger) - watering, dilution + spiel- (ger) - play + grown in praty-land (Ireland) only: Shamrock (S); fowl: Hen (H); mi in fixed-do system of solmisation: E (E); not you: Me (M); case ending: -US (US) = SHEMUS [.17] [.21] [.27].

praties (Anglo-Irish/Hiberno-English) - potatoes

swarm - a body of bees which at a particular season leave the hive or main stock, gather in a compact mass or cluster, and fly off together in search of a new dwelling-place, under the guidance of a queen.

bees + bisse (Danish) - hooligan + bis (French) - a second time, twice; an encore + Biss (ger) - a bite + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais II.322: 'rire comme un tas de mouches' (French 'to laugh like a heap of flies').

bonny - comely, beautiful + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais II.353: (of euphemistic appellations for the devil) 'le Petit bonnet rouge' (French 'the Little red bonnet').

modest - Of women, their attributes and behaviour: Governed by the proprieties of the sex; decorous in manner and conduct; not forward, impudent, or lewd.

Camhelsson, Fjorgn - Finn MacCool, 'in mock Gaelic and Old Norse'

kvinne (Danish, Norwegian) - woman + Queen's County - County Leix + {exploits of Finn MacCool when he was in the old woman’s country [Ireland] with his soldiers}

fervour - passion, vehemence, intense zeal

first instant - first of this month

yours most faithfully

spoil - goods, esp. such as are valuable, taken from an enemy or captured city in time of war; In spoil-five: A drawn game + {the basket, and Letter’s tea stain}

Norwegian Captain (a later story)

sup - a small quantity of liquid, a sip, drink

foam - to form foam, to be angry, rage + Robert Louis Stevenson: 'Home is the sailor, home from the sea, And the hunter home from the hill'.

fox and geese - a game played on a board with pegs, draughtsmen, or the like + Fox and Geese - district of Dublin.

L'Auberge du Père Adam (fr) - Father Adam's Pub [003.01]

Rome, Jerusalem, Antioch, Alexandria - 'the four-fold Apostolic See' + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais II.353: (of euphemistic appellations for the devil) 'le Vieux Jérôme' (French 'the Old Jerome') .

huffsnuff - a conceited person quick to take offence + Sainéan: La Langue de Rabelais II.402n: (quoting Cotgrave) 'Lifrelofre, a huff-snuff, swag bellie, puff-bag. A word coined in derision of the Germans and Swissers' + Ephesus.

ANTIOCH - Ancient city on the Orontes River, now Antakya in Turkey; a very early center for Christian missionary activity. 


quiz - to question, interrogate (a person)

weekender - someone who vacations on a weekend

shoot off - to pass swiftly and suddenly from one place to another, rush, dart

hiss - a sharp continuous spirant sound such as is emitted serpents, 's'

muddle up - to mix up blunderingly, to confuse together

mishmash - a confused mixture; a medley, hodgepodge, jumble

dismantle - to strip (dress or covering), divest; to take apart into its constituent pieces, disassemble

Noah (drunk, Genesis 9:21)

howbeit - however it may be, be that as it may, nevertheless, however + Comyn: The Youthful Exploits of Fionn: 'howbeit, we heard not a son to leave by him'.

oceanic - rel. to ocean or Oceania + A version of Comyn's The Youthful Exploits of Fionn published by Ossianic Society, Dublin.

old man - father + Comyn: The Youthful Exploits of Fionn: 'in his old man' (old age).

ignorance - the fact or condition of being ignorant, want of knowledge + {Ossianic Society tells how he had not a son of sons by him in his old age and ignorance}

Comyn: The Youthful Exploits of Fionn: Tulcha MacCumhall, Finn's brother

Comyn: The Youthful Exploits of Fionn: There were tears of blood 'every time' and a vomiting of blood 'the other time'

lit. trans. an la bhi ann (gael) - that day, on that day + the day was in it (Anglo-Irish) - that day, on that day.

morrow - morning; the next following day + Comyn: The Youthful Exploits of Fionn: 'on the morrow' (literally 'after the morrow').

Diarmaid (Dermot) - disintegration of Fianna begins when handsome Diarmaid elopes with Gráinne (Grace), a king's daughter whom Finn, as an old man, wishes to marry. Later, when Diarmaid is wounded, Finn lets him die for lack of water + Diarmaid Mac Murchadha (d'irmid' mok murukhu) (gael) - Freeman son of Murchadh ("sea-warrior"); anglic. Dermot Mac Morrough, Leinster king who invited Anglo-Norman invasion, and who abducted Dervorgilla, wife of Tiernan O'Rourke. 

an ainm atá ar fear scríobhtha na saltrach (Irish) - is the name of the man who wrote the psalter (literally 'is the name is on the writing man of the psalter').

psalter - The Book of Psalms, as one of the books of the Old Testament + Comyn's The Youthful Exploits of Fionn were probably taken from the Psalter of Cashel.

juxta- - near, by the side of, immediately adjacent + juncture - the action of joining together, joint + juxtajunctor (l) - a harnesser-together.

pass out of - to issue from, leave + Comyn: The Youthful Exploits of Fionn: 'out of each desert into its fellow'.

Comyn: The Youthful Exploits of Fionn: 'daughter': woman


Comyn: The Youthful Exploits of Fionn: Torba, one wife of Finn's father.

millinary - rel. to millenium (1.000 years) + military

Tommy Atkins - a name for the typical private soldier in the British army + totty - dazed, fuddled; a little child + totty (Dublin Slang) - girl; prostitute.

formella (l) - a little mould for baking in + Formel (ger) - formula + formell (ger) - formal + formerly

confound - to mix up in idea, erroneously regard or treat as identical, fail to distinguish

another + a mother.

amusement - musing, mental abstraction, reverie (obs.)

billiard ball - solid ivory balls for playing billiards

up and down - to and fro, here and there, thoroughly, completely, bluntly, directly; very steep, perpendicular

ladder - an appliance made of wood, metal, or rope, usually portable, consisting of a series of bars or steps fixed between two supports, by means of which one may ascend to or descend from a height; lather (for shaving).

Hans - a familiar abbreviated form in German and Dutch of Johannes, John; hence, a German or Dutchman + Hans de Koerier (Dutch) - Shaun the Post + (not *V*) [.17] [.23]

laughing - laughter + According to Ben Jonson, Shakespeare had 'smalle Latine and lesse Greeke'.

cheek - cool confidence, effrontery, impudence + to have the cheek (to do anything) - to have the 'face', audacity or effrontery.

bulb of percussion - the convex protuberance on the fractured surface of a flint + The Encyclopædia Britannica vol. II, 'Archaeology', 344d: 'If it were possible to determine with precision what were the peculiarities of the flint... thus altered by natural agencies, it would be easy to separate them from others purposely made by man... Even the one feature that is commonly held to determine human agency, the "bulb of percussion," cannot be considered satisfactory'.

It is as true as Essex Bridge (Dublin phrase)

pheugô (gr) - I go (Pronunciation 'févgo') + Joseph + Japhet [.14] [.23] + (not *Y*) [.14] [.23]

I swan to man - I swear to God + menô (gr) - I stay

jabber - rapid and indistinct or unintelligible talk, gabble, chatter, gibberish + Lewis Carroll: Through the Looking-Glass ch. I: 'Looking-Glass House': 'Jabberwocky' + FDV: reluctantly the theory of the jabbering ape was abandoned hotly dropped  

amok - in a violently raging manner + among

shower - to wet with shower + hovering - that hangs poised in the air + flowering.

chestnut + Hanno's Periplus: "In this gulf was an island, resembling the first, with a lagoon, within which was another island, full of savages. Most of them were women with hairy bodies, whom our interpreters called 'gorillas'. Although we chased them, we could not catch any males: they all escaped, being good climbers who defended themselves with stones. However, we caught three women, who refused to follow those who carried them off, biting and clawing them. So we killed and flayed them and brought their skins back to Carthage. For we did not sail any further, because our provisions were running short."

hotly - eagerly, hastily, ardently

odious - causing or exciting hatred or repugnance, disagreeable, offensive, repulsive

FDV: and its place usurped by that odious & even now today insufficiently despised person notetaker, Jim the Penman.

snatcher - one who snatches, a thief, a kidnapper + Joyce's note: 'notesnatcher' MS 47473-39, TsILS: that odious and still today insufficiently despised ^+malestimated+^ note taker ^+snatcher,+^ Shem the penman | JJA 46:337 | Feb-Mar 1925 |

kakke (gr) - human ordure, shit + kak (gr) - letter K + kak (Dutch) - shit + cac (kok) (gael) - excrement + kak vy pozhivaete, moy chërny Gospodin? (Russian) - how are you, my black sir?

pfui - an exclamation of contempt or disgust + foei (Dutch) - fie! for shame!

bosh - int. Stuff and nonsense! Humbug!

poteen - Whisky distilled privately in Ireland

penman - a person who writes or copies for another, clerk, scribe; author + Jim the Penman - nickname of James Townshend Saward (fl. 1831-56). This respectable English barrister forged £100,000 worth of checks + THE DELIVERY OF THE LETTER